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1814.] Emperor, with his sister and suite, proceeded on to the splendid residence of the Marquis of Buckingham, at Stowe; but the King of Prussia returned to London by Oxford. From Stowe, the imperial party came back to London, by Aylesbury, where they had a view of the late retreat of Louis XVIII. Married.] At Oxford, Mr. Dafters, to Miss E. Saúnders. Died.] At Oxford, on the 22d ult. 68, the Re'. Joseph White, D. D. Canon of Christ Church, Regius professor of Hebrew, and Landian professor of Arabic in the University; and rector of Melton, in Suffolk. Dr. W. is succeeded in the Hebrew chair, and the prebend of Christ Church, by the Rev. Richard Lawrence, LL.D. The Laudian Arabic professor. ship is conferred by election on the Rev. T}r. Winstanley, principal of St. Alban's Hall, and Camden professor of History. r. White was born of humble parents, in sloucestershire. From his parents he inherited a serious temper, and employed such time as could be spared from his employment in his father's profession, that of

..a weaver, in reading such books as fell in

his way. The youth's attainments at last attracting the notice of a gen:!eman of the neighbouihood, he patrosized him and sent Thim to Wadham College, in Oxford. In February, 1773, Mr. W. took the degree of M. A. and by the advice of Dr. Moore, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, applied to the study of the Oriental angliages. In 1775 he was appointed Laudian professor of Arabic, on entering on which office he pronounced a masterly oration, soon afterwards pointed, on the utility of the Arabic tongue in theological stoodies; by which many were induced to devote thenselves to that branch of literary occupation, formerly much neglected. In 1774 He became a fellow of his college: in 1773 he published the Philoxenian Syriac version of the four gospels, from the manuscripts given by Đr. Gloucester Ridley, to New College. In November, 177 , Mr. W. preached and printed a discourse recommending, but hitherto unsuccessfully, a revision of the English translation of the Old *Testament: about the same time he was appointed one of the preachers of Whitehail Chapel. In 1780 Mr. W. published “a Specimen of the Civil and Military Institutes of Timmour or Tamerane,” translated from the Persian. In Easter term r. W. was appointed to preach the Bampton lecture the next year. In preparation for this enterprise, he purposely consulted with the learned Mr. Badcock, then settled as a dissenting minister in South Molton, in Devonshire; a circumstance which, upon the death of Mr. B: in 1788, occasioned certain discussions, by which a temporary cloud was drawn over the reputation of the lecturer, on the score *** . . . . . . - - -

Bucks and Berks—Northampton.

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of candour in the acknowledgment of important services received from his deceased friend. In consequence of his eminent reputation as an able defender of the Christian faith, Mr. W. was appointed, by Lord Thurlow, then Chancellor, to be a prebendary of Gloucester; soon after which he took the degree cf H). D. About 1790 Dr. White vacated His fellowship by marriage, and accepted a college living in Norfolk, where he usually passed some months. Ia the parsonage house he erected a printing press, furnished with Oriental types, to be employed in printshg the Syriac Old Testament; his man and maid servant laboured at the press, while Mrs. W. assisted her husband in the work of composition. Dr. W. afterwards published a learned work, called “A gyptiaca,” relative to sundry antiquities of Egypt; also an edition and version of the account of that country, by an Arabic writer, Abdullatif. Dr. W. af. terwards published a highly useful work, called a “Digtessaron,” or the history of our Saviour, in the original expressions of the four evangelists, corrected and collated with each other.—Mr. Big Well, 49 years clerk of St. Aldate's.--Mor. Barratt, sincudraper. At Witney, Mrs. Dolicy. At Standi:ke, 30, Benjamin Bartlett Tillstone, csq.—At Draycot, 69, Mrs. Hawes.—At Badgmore, Joseph Groote esq.-At Blenheim, 85, J. Farley, boatman for 48 years to the Doke of Marlborough; he was at Lisbon during the dreadfu earthquake in 1755–At Thame Park, 62, Mr. Randolph. BUCKS AND E E R KS. Married.] At White Waltham, Jieut.Col. G. B. Fisher, Royal Artillery, to Miss Eliz, Rawlings. Died.] At Abingdon, 73, the relict of Joseph Tomkins, esq. a lady of a benevolent disposition. At Farringdon, Mr. Herbert, sen, snr. geon.—At Badgmere, near Henley, J.Grote, esq.-At Peterley-house, 54, Mrs. Lloyd, wife of the Rev. T. F. NORTHAM PTONSHIRE. A new bridge is to be built over the Nen at Northaropton, an: the present bridge taked away; the lower part of Bridge-street is consequently to oe widened. Application is now before parliament for authority to carry these improvements into effect. The independent congregation at Kettering have lately presented to the Rev. Mr. Toller, who has been their minister npwards of 30 years, the sum of one tagusand pounds, as a mark of their respect and vegerätion. IHarried.] At Peterborough, Lieut.-joi. Booges, Essex militia, to Miss M. J. Jack. son, of London. . . Died.] At Peterborough, 77, Mr. B. Vin ter, apothecary. At 40 andle, 70, Mr. S. Rowlett.—At Milton, 29, Mr. T. Clarke, of Burbage, be4 E 2 ing

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ing the seventh of his family carried off in their bloom. cAMPRIDGE AND HUNTs. Married.] At Cambridge, the Rev. T. Carr, to Miss E. Farish.--T. Fiske, esq. to Miss Harriet Fisher.—Mr. Harding, of Pembroke Hall, to Miss Watson, of Balsham.—Mr. Muriel, surgeon, of Ely, to Miss Humphreys, of Cambridge. Mr. T. Hall, of Stapleton, to Miss M.A. Ivatt, of Cottenham. Died.] At Cambridge, 56, Mr. J. Cooper. —The Rev. J. Wilkinson, B.D. fellow and tutor of Corpus Christi-college.—Mrs. Rarker.—15, Miss M. Eliza Watson. At Huntingdom, Miss F. Slow.—45, Mr. Alderman Stamford. At Stilton, Mr. Deacon, solicitor. At Little Mordem, 64, the Rev. S. Grisdall.—At Barnwell, 75, Mrs. Gates.—Mrs.

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ESSEx. Married.] At Saffron Walden, J. Litch Martin, esq. to Miss Hollingworth, of Kensington. At Westham, T. Dix, esq. of London, to Miss Cath. Algar, of Stratford. The Rev. H. Jones, vicar, to Miss Helen Carstairs, of Stratford Green. ... * - Died.] At Colchester, the relict of the Rev. Archdeacon Waller.—64, R. Richardson Newell, M.D. much regretted. - - At Chipping Ongar, 75, J. H. Turner, esq.-At Upminster, 100, Mrs. Eliz. ; widow; she enjoyed the use of all her

ties till within a few days of her o: - |

Porringham-hall, Mrs. Wilson, and, a few. days after, her husband Mr. W.-At Hedingham, 43, Mr. S. Bridge.—At Great. Parndon, 94, the relict of J. Johnson, esq. of Blackheath.-At Halstead, 47, o: Parsonson. - KENT. Such is the existi tercourse between England and the contiment, that fourteen bye-boats are fitting out at Dover for the accommodation of passengers. Regulal packets will, it is expected, be also established between Dover and Os. tend. The king's packets sail from Dover on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Satur. day; two go with the early mails, and two with the late and foreign mails, The speculations on the hop-duty, for this year, have commenced; it is now laid at 110,000l. - ' '. A woodcock's nest, with four young ones, was lately discovered in a wood at Langley; and an attempt was made to preserve them, but they all died in less. week. A rare instance of the woodcock and the cuckoo being visitors in this island at the same time. *...*- - Married.]. At Canterbury, Robt.. nau, esq. to Miss S. Wharrey. .." . Joio 4. ."

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ng or the expected in


F.Turner—J. Wise, esq. of Maidstone, to
Miss Ellwood.
At Maidstone, Mr. Cooke, surgeon, to
Miss Georg. Hudson, Thornham.
At Margate, Mr. John Fagg, to Miss Ma-
ry Adams.
At Sandwich, Mr. Coleman, of Deal, to
Miss Eliz. Hoile.
At Deptford, R.A. Gray, esq. of London,
to Mary; and J. Consens, esq. of London,
to Caroline, daughters of T. Standfield, esq.
At W. Malling, T. Dudlow, esq. to Miss
H. Simmons.
At Eltham, Mr. J. Miller, to Miss E. Lu-
cas, of Lee-place.
Died.] At Canterbury, the Hon. Mrs.
Moyston, sister of the late Lord Teynham.
—Miss Hooper, of Ramsgate.
At Chatham, 82, Mr. Acworth.-Mrs.
Anderson.—39, Mrs. Mary Bond.
At Dover, 82, Mrs. Rutley.
At Aylesford, Mr. Wm. Groombridge.
At the Mote near Maidstone, 16, Miss
Harriet Cholmondeley.
At Maidstone, Mrs. Feverstone,—Mrs.
Tate.—Mr. W. Barmett.—Mrs. Evans.
At Folkestone, Mrs. Brown.—Mrs. Hodg-
man.-83, Mrs. Greaves.—76, Mrs. Hill.
At Woolwich, the wife of Lieut.-Colonel
RJnett, Royal Artillery.
At Margate, Mrs. Watson.
At Littleburn, 86, the wife of S. Maple,
who had a single lock of hair growing from
her head measuring 7 feet 9 inches. Kentish
Chronicle.—At Chilham, 82, Mr. Pilcher,
found drowned in a small rivulet.—At
Lewisham, 63, Wm. Hall Timbrel, esq.-
At Chart Sutton, 92, Mrs. Claddish.--At
Ditton, Mrs. El. Shepherd.-At Little-
bourn, 47, Mr. Rich. Williams, formerly
wax-chandler to his majesty in London.—
At Chartham, 35, Mrs. El. Noyes.—At
Throwley, 47, Mr. Steph. Ashbee,_At

Newington, near Sittingbourne, 63, Mr. T.

Andrews. - Sussex. Married.] At Arundel, Mr. Cranstone, mercer, to Miss Turner. At Brighton, Mr. G. A. Wigney, grocer, to Miss Wolmshurst. Died.] At Brighton, 80, Lady Emily Harvey.-Capt. H. Merricks, West Sussex militia. At Chichester, Miss Roberts.

At Petworth, 85, Mrs. Purser, 60 years in the serviee of the Earl of Egremont.—At

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At Fareham, Jas. Ainge, esq. to Miss Louisa Cath. Ridge. Died.] At Gosport, Mr. Cooper.—Mrs. Chaplain. At Southampton, at a very advanced age, the Rev. Sir Robt. Hughes.—Miss Eliza Lintott.—86, Mrs. Bagenal.--89, Chalomer Ogle, esq.-Mr. W. Stéele, wine merchant. At Portsmouth, Mr. Terry.—At Ryde, Mrs. Mary Lowe.--In Haslar-hospital. Capt. Lyall, of the R.N. lately returned from captivity in France.—65, Mrs. Allen, of . Portsea.-Mrs. Penny, formerly of Bishop's Waltham. At Petersfield, on his return to his seat in the Isle of Wight, 74, Sir Nash Grose, knt. late one of the judges of the court of King's Bench. He had scarcely entered the room at the inn when he fell on a sopha and expired. Sir N. G. was a native of London. He was admitted of Lincoln's Inn in 1756, and after eight years' practice at the bar was called to the degree of serjeant. ... On the death of Serjeant Glynn he took the lead in the court of Common Pleas, and in 1786 he was raised to a seat in the court of King's Bench, soon after which he was knighted. On account of his age and infirmities he lately resigned his judicial station. At Andover, 80, J. Reeves, esq. verderer of Windsor Forest, and a magistrate of Hampshire. WILTShir E. At the late meeting of theWiltshire Agricultural Society, prizes were awarded to three shepherds for their skill and care in rearing lambs. The first reared 252 lambs from 255 ewes; the second 384 lambs from 400 ewes; and the third 601 lambs from 617 eves. Married.] At Salisbury, Mr. Willis, of Winchester, to Mrs. White. At Wilton, Mr. John Sutton, to Miss Harriet Curtis. . R. Matthews, esq. of Shawhouse, to Miss Mary Henley, of Lyneham. At Corsham, Mr. Carpenter, to Miss Manley. Died.] At Salisbury, Mr. R. Gatehouse. —The Rev. Mr. Bedwell, of Odstock, 104, he could read the smallest print without glasses. At Devizes, Sir George William Farmer, bart. of Clairville, . Sussex. , Travelling through that town in a one-horse chaise with a lady, the carriage came in contact with a waggon; by the shock, both were thrown out, and so severely injured, that Sir G. died in a week; the lady is doing well. At his seat at Dauntsey, the Earl of Pe. terborough. At Wilton, Miss Sarah Chisman, of Wareham. * . At Barefield, z2, the Rev. T. Rawlings. —At Sherston, Mr. Ward, of Bristol, to

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578 Aliss Aume Tanner.—At Mcłksham, 76, Mr. Croom.—At Chivnall, Mr. Barncs.At Laycock, Mr. W. Tayler. So Yo ER SETS : 1 RE. he mayor of Bristol not having fixed the assize of bread, the different bakers made loaves of a proportionate weight of flour, to be sold at one shilling, at six-pence, &c. This mode was judged to be preferable to the old system, as competition among the bakers would thus be promoted, for the public benefit. French prisoners, to the number of 300 each day, marched from Stapleton, on their route for Portsmouth to be embarked. The majority of them were unwilling to admit of any drawback from the fame of Bonaparte; bat they unanimously concurred in expressing their gratitude for the treatment they had received from the people of England. The first annual meeting of the Bath Sunday-school Union was held on the 7th ult. in New King-street chapel. By the report read, it appeared that eighteen new schools had been ately established, in which 1500 poor children were instructed. The . Sunday-schools belonging to the dissenters and methodists in Bath, now forming a part of the Union, are attended by 1000 children. Particular thanks were given to Dr. Pole for his address on teaching adults to read. The iniabitants of Frome have petitioned Parliament against the bill “for the better relief and settiemcnt of the poor.” They object particularly to that clause which coafers a settlement on a person residing a certain number of years in a parish without receiving relief. The poor rates of Frome were last year 6,000!.; and, from the number of its manufacturers, it is conceived that 700 additional families will become chargeable, should the bill pass into “a law. Married.] At Bristol, J. Middleton, esq. of London, to Miss Poole.—J. Dean, esq. to Miss M. Johnson.—Lieut. Col. T. Lewis, Monmonth Militia, to Miss M. Daniel.— William Francis, esq. of Londom, to Miss C. Stockdale.—Mr. Willsbridge, to Miss

M. Nott.—Mr. Joseph Hammam, to Miss

C. Ward.—At Stratton, William Mercer,
esq. to Miss Fanny Gray.
At Taunton, Mr. Robert Johnston, of
London, to Miss Drake.
At Frome, Mr. William Jones, to Miss
At Bishops' Hull, J. Buncombe, esq.
solicitor, of Taunton, to Miss Capon.
Died.] At Bath, 75, Walter Lacon, esq. of
Linley Salop.–The Rev. W. Friend, thirty
years a preacher of the independents, 70.—
Lady Clerke, wife of the Rev. Joseph
Townsend, rector of Pewsey, Wilts.-24,
Miss Davy, of Exeter.—81, Mrs. Mary
Coulshard.-Mrs. Gordon. -
At Bristol, 66, Mrs. Sainsbury.—83, Mr.
Joseph Hale.—80, Mrs. Mary Beer—Mrs.


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solicitor, to Miss Jane Beauford. At Biddeford, J. Hammett, esq. to Miss Reb. Morrison, of Yeo Wale. ". .

Mr. Robert Willis,



At Ottery St. Mary, Mr. Saml. Evans, *: Mary Wakeford. F. C. Perry, esq. of Donnington, to Marianne, youngest daughter of the late Capt. Hawker, R.N.

At Heavitree, the Rev. Jas. Duke Coleridge, to Sophia, daughter of Thomas Stanhope Badcock, esq. of East Wonfordhouse. Died.] At Exeter, the wise of J. Campion, esq.-82, Mr. Sam!. Jacobs.-Mr. J. Easterbooke; for whom, and his family, a subscription had been made, in conside. ration of his dying state when a rested and sent to jail.-15, Richard, son of J. Pidgeley, esq.-The Rev. Wm. Bowless.-21, Mr. J. H. Harris.-Mr. J. Baile, who was chief magistrate in 1795.

At Plymouth Dock, 62, John Marshall, esq, banker: his death was occasioned by Maring a corn, which brought on a morti

cation.—By a fall froß his horse, Mr. Dawe, wine-merchant.—The wife of Mr. Baskerville, of the Custom-house. At Trehill, 82, John Ley, esq. many years deputy-clerk of the House of ComŁookls. At East Langstone-house, Tavistock, Wm. Sieman, esq. much regretted.

At Exmouth, 76, C. P. Guyon, esq. of Cornard, Suffolk. Bray, esq. of London.

At Dartmouth, Lieut. Wm. Beard, R.N.

At Okehampton, the Rev. H. A. Hole, vicar, rector of Chumleigh, and chaplain to the Prince Regent.

At Cullompton, 95, Mrs. Skinner. 2. At Stonehouse, Mr. T. Stephens.—Capt. Isaac Cotgrave, R. N. upwards of fifty years in the service.—19, Miss Gould, of Broadclist.

- . - CornwALL. Married.] At St. Clerc, the Rev. J. o, rector of Mawman, to Miss Mary Ope. %. St. Hilary, Mr. R. Moyle, surgeon, of Marazion, to Mrs. Hitchens. w At the Friends' Meeting-house, A. Tanner, to Mary Gregory, of Yatton, Died.] At Falmouth, 75, Mrs. Hooton. —Mr. R. Richards. At Fowey, Mrs. Jane Bennett. At Truro, Mr. F. H.ewis. ... " At Penzance, 41, Thos. Batten, esq.On his return from Lisbon, Stormont Flint, esq. senior examiner of the Audit ce. At Rosewarne, Mathew Vivian, esq. At Penhale, Mr. J. Martin. - - WALIES. The Rev. John Evans, vicar of St. Mary's, Cardigan, being in his 88th year, performed the whole duty of that church, on a late occasion, in English and Welsh. The distinguished painter Wilson, is buried at Mold, in Flintshire, with this inscription:—“ The remains of Richard Wilson, esq. Member of the Royal Academy of . Artists. . aged 69.”

Interred May 15th, 1793,

Married.] At TredyFawr, Cardigan, W. Russel Oldhall, esq., of Middle Temple, London, to Miss Willinos. .. At Beaumaris, H. Williams, esq. to Miss Jane Owen, of Seb'yotiro–War. R. H.lwyd, author of several works, to Räiss Binoley. Wm. Jones, esq., to Miss Ann Morgan, of Tailey, Carmartisen. At Llangavelach, G. Haynes, esq. of Swansea, to Miss Eaker. At sorden, Montgomeryshire, R. Blakeney, esq, to Miss Margaret Edwards, of Pintre. At Vaynor, E. HXavies, esq. of Garth, to Miss G. Jones, of Maesyvaynor, Brecon. At Court-y-Goilyn, Brecon, E. Browne, esq. of London, to Miss Davies. Lied.] At Lampeter, Suddenly, Charles Hassall, esq. of Tenby, an eminent surveyor. At Denbigh, 58, the relict of James Gordon, esq. and daughter of the late Sir John Giyane, bart. At Abergavenny, Mr. P. Harris. At Neath, Miss Cath. Morgan. At Swansea, the relict of Capt. Tedball, —Miss Francis Ayres. At Neath, Mr. Rees Rees. Aged 32, John Jones, esq. of Brynhir, Carnarvon. At Swansea, Mrs. Holbrook. At Carnarvon, 48, Mr. Price. At Carmarthen, 49, the wife of Mr. T. Thomas, hop-merchant. At Nacbuth, T. Howell, esq. solicitor. At Denbigh, Mrs. Wright, of Oswestry. At Wrexham, Mr. E. Bozley, papermanufacturer. At Llanarmon, the Rev. J. Williams, rector of Llandulus. At Penylan, Wm. Griffith Davies, esq. receiver general for Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan. At Bryngwyn, 70, Mr. Mat. Watkins.— . At the Hay, Radnor, 17, Miss Esther Whitcomb-77, the relict of T. Mitchell, esq. of Battle, near Brecon.--At Pen-yfai, 70, Mrs. Mary Davies.—At Ynyscedwin, much regretted, Mr. Pendrill.—At Allthreay, Flint, 18, Miss Ann Smith, At Coxhall, the wife of the Rev. W. Griffiths.--At Caen, Flint, 78, Edward Jones, esq.-At Egermond, 83, Mr. J. Beddoe.

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