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OXFORDSIIIR E. The PRIZE compositions have been adjudged to the following gentlemen:— Latin Essay —De Ephororum apud Lareda monios Magistratu.--Mr. Renn Dickson Hampden, B.A. of Oriel college. English Essay—A Comparative Estimate of the Fnglish literature of the 17th and 13th Centuries. – Mr. Richard Burdon, B.A. fellow of Oriel college. Latin Worse--Geristanicus Caesar Varo Legionibusque supernia solvit.--Mr. Wm. Andrew Hammond, undergraduate, commoner of Christ Church, Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize. English Worse—Niobe.—Mr. John Leycester Adolphus, undergraduate, scholar of St. John’s college. A farmer called lately on a worthy magistrate of this city to pay his rent, and presented the whole sum required, when his landlord, taking into consideration the present very great reduction in the prices of grain, gencrously gave back fifty pounds of the rent he had received.—Oaford IIerald. The IDuchess of Oldenburgh having paid a visit of curiosity to Oxford, was received with every mark of attention, and shewn through its colleges, libraries, &c. Married.] Mr. Geo. Busby, of Cuddesdon Mill, to Miss Sarah Barker. At Milton, Mr. John Dewe, to Miss E. K. Rabolic. At Oxford, Mr. Jas. Jones, to Miss Jane Dusheld, of Sandford. At Blatchingdom, the Holi. and Rev. J. E. Boscawen, to Miss C. E. Annesley. Died.] At Oxford, Mr. Wm. Calcutt, of St. Aldate's.— Mr. Cha. Plice, and 75, Mr. Harris, both of $t. Thomas's.--44, Mr. Jas, Tyson, of St. Peter's, -Mrs. Martha Newman, of George Lane. At Cumner, 63, Mrs. Godfrey. — At Brize Norton, 75, Kors. Warnian.-At bennington, Mrs. Brocklesby, of Oxford.—At Henley, Mrs. Chūichill.—At Nuneham Courtney, Mrs. Webb. At Aylescot, John Lefevre Neate, esq. EU (or. S AND BEKRs. Married.] The Rev. J. Gorset, vicar of Datchett, to Miss Dorothea Lind, of Windsor. At Winslow, Mr. R. Biggerstaff, to Miss M. Gibbs. P. Balt!ett, esq. of Buckingham, to Miss Rebecca Goode. (:: Slackfriars. The Rov. John Cormack, minister of Stow, to Miss Helen Rose, of Holme. £33, d.] At Öakinghaiil, t.3, M. r. J. Waddy, lately of the Theatre Covent Garden, and for sierly of the Theatres Royal York and Hui;. At Woodley Lodge, near Reading, Mrs. Whebie, the lady of Jas. W. esq. and niece to the Earl of Shrewsbury. At Newport Pagnell, 61, Mrs. S. Iłill.— Mr. Stevens, of Hungerford.—At Abingdoil, 45, Thos. Goodail, esq. banker, and a

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much respected magistrate.—58, Mr. Wm. Appleby.—Mis. Eliz, Pain, of Sunninghill.—Mrs. Eliz. Lindsey, of West Hagbourne House. HEirtS AND BEns. Married.] Mr. Willson, of Hertford, to Miss Mary Ellis. - *Died.] At Watford, Mrs. Ehret,_At Revil End, John Smith, esq. NOIRT HAYi PTON SHIRE. The tonnage of the Grand Junction Camal in Miarch and April amounted to 37,400l. Married.] Mr. W. Sammon, of Walton Grounds, to Miss Penelope Taylor, of Monkshouse. Died.] At Helmdon, 41, the Rev. John I}rowne, rector of that place.—At Molton, 45, Mrs. Eliz. Barber. At Daventry, 26, Mrs. Corrall, wife of Mr. C. draper. At Northampton, 73, Mrs. Mary King. CAM BRIDGE AND HUNTs. Married.] Mr. R. Kemp, of St. Neot's, to Miss Mary Clarke, of Uppingham. Mr. John IFrancis, to Miss Harwood, of Cambridge, The Rev. Geo. I endal, to Miss Mary LCaton, of Feustautom. James Merest, esq. of Solham, to Miss Pearson, of Carlisle. Died.] At Whittlesea, 88, Tho. Ground, esq. a magistrate, and in 1790 sheriff of the countics of Cambridge and Hunts. At Huntingdom, 81, Mrs. Edis, of Stukeley.--Mrs. Mary Herbert, wife of W. H. esq. At Wisbeach, 75, Mr. T. Thompson. NORFOLK. A public dinner to celebrate the late events at Paris was given in the open air at Yarmouth on the 19th of April, to 8,000 people. The table extended three quarters of a mile in a direct line, and was covered with 9,623 pounds of beef, 1,300 plumpuddings, 8,200 penny loaves, 80 barrels of beer, 3,480 pipes, and 1,740 ounces of tobacco. Capt. Hedington, on the impress service at Lynn, lately received orders to pay off and dismiss the press-gang, which for so many years had excited the terror of the seafaring part of the inhabitants. It is inpossible to express the demonstrations of joy which took place on the occasion; even the British flag, from having been constantly displayed at the rendezvous, was toru piece-meal, and the staff burnt by the wives and families of the sailors who were thus liberated from the fear of being impressed.—Gedge's Bury Post. It is proposed to make the Yare navigable for sea-worthy vessels to Norwich. The Rev. T. L. MUNNINGs preserves turnips for use in March and April, by earthing them up in November and December. The populace at Norwich lately hung - several

several millers, farmers, and bakers, in
effigy, in that city, and in consequence the
subsequent market was thiuly attended,
and corn rose in price.
Married.] At Trettisham, Mr. J. T. Car-
ter, to Miss Bunn.
C. N. Bolingbroke, esq. of Norwich, to
Miss Errington, of Yarmouth. . .
Mr. Bowker, of Lynn, to Miss Taylor,
of Holt House.
Mr. Jas. Gall, of Banham, to Miss Eliz.
Edw. Paston, esq. of Appleton, to Miss
Lucy Stapleton, of Thorington Hall.
Died.] At Yarmouth, Mrs. Hannah Sy-
monds, wife of J. S. esq.-Mrs. Bowles,
wife of the Rev. R. H. Bowles.—Mr. Es-
dras Barber.
At Lynn, 81, Mr. W. Mowbray.--41,
Mr. J. Bryant, surgeon.-Mr. Robt. Rod-
well, wine-mierchant.
At Norwich, 68, Mrs. Amy Colkett-
83, W. Cutting, esq. sheriff in 1790.--84,
Mrs. C. Dyball.—44, Mr. D. Plummer.—
86, Mrs. Jane Stone.-Mrs. Webb.-78,
Mr. John Blackburn, stome-mason. ---12,
Mr. John Littleboy.—88, Mrs. Drummond.
At Kittlestone, 40, Mr. B. Cory, sur-
geom.—At Shipdam, Mrs. Wigg, much la-
mented for her many amiable qualities.—
At Docking, 71, Mr. W. Dunn.-At Box-
well, 64, the Rev. R. Sole, rector.—At
Hilgay, 75, Mr. O. Parsley.—At Worstead,
78, Mr. Robt. Coils.--At G. Dunham, 52,
Mrs. Demgar.—At Hapton Hall, 73, Mr.
Cha. Hart, S.F.—At Crostwick, 65, Mrs.
Ladell.—At Downham Market, Tho. Hol-
man, esq. an eminent solicitor.
Married.] Mr. Alexander, of Ipswich,
to Miss Jane Allen, of Hull.
Mr. J. Roper, of Hoxne Mills, to Miss
Mary Sberman, of Occold; and Mr. Roper,
of Lachford, to Miss Pearl, of Hoxne.
At Stratford, St. Andrew, Sam. Turner,
esq. to Miss Maly Newson.
At Ipswich, Mr. Ranson,
At Bury, Mr. J. R. Dewhurst, to Miss
C. Eagle.
At Sndbury, Geo. Lewis, esq. to Miss
Sophia Taylor, of Eye.
At Stradbrook, Mr. J. Garrod, to Miss
Mir. A. Gall, of Bury, to Miss Wood, of
At Hadleigh, Mr. Weeding, surgeon, to
Miss M. Chandler.
Died.] At Bury, 52, Mr. W. Middle-
ditch.-59, Mrs. Coe.—Mr. W. Cooper.
At Ipswich, suddenly, Miss Eliz. Batley.
—Miss Ann Bransley, daughter of Mr. B.
an emincint bookseller.—78, Mrs. Neale, re-
lict of Dr. N.
At Barwell, 73, Mrs. M. How, who had
been deranged 53 years.-At Westerfield,
53, Mr. S. Bacon.—At G. Horkesley, 52,
Mrs. C. Ambrose.-At Beccles, 47, Mrs.

to Miss

Starkie.—At Nayland, 56, Mrs. Parsons.
– At Halbrook Ilaii, Job Haunier, esq.
captain in the navy, and second son of Sir
W. H.-.'t Butes, Mirs. Farrow.—At
IKent well Hall, 74, Mrs. Moore.—At Mel-
ton, Mr. Benj. Smith.-At 8adb.iiy, 72,
Mr. Abr. Frost.
Seven maststers of Chelmsford and neigh-
bourhood, have been called upon by the
excise for penalties to the amount of
20,933l. 12s. 8d. alledged to be incurred by
them in the course of their trade—hist
which was offered to be mitigated to one
half, viz. 13,492i. 16s. 4d.—The maitsters
intend to appeal to the Court of Exchequer.
Jiarried.] At Wanstead, A. Hawlinson,
esq. of Yealand, Lancashire, to Miss Emma
At Dunmow, Mr.John Portway, to Miss
Mary Bull.
Mr. Daniel Miocre, of Ilford, to Miss
Dent, of Kirby Lonsdale, Westmoreland.
Divu.] At Woodford, 40, Mrs. Blunt.—
At Bobbingworth, Mr. J. Thurwood, after
an illness of near 17 years.--At Great Jyun-
mow, 96, Dowages lady Beaumont, ino-
ther of Sir Geo. B.-At Romford, 24, Mr.
Marshall. —At Stock, 78, Mrs. Ann Chet-
ward, relict of the Rev. Pilip C.—At
Donyland-place, 63, Mrs. Sebboriie.
Ix EN"I’. -
It appears, that as the Thames and Med-
way Canal are not strictly within the port
of London, coals may be had on its line
free from the London port duty.
Louis XVIII. made the following reply
to the addiess of the Corporation of Dover:
—“Gentlemen, I thank you fi om my heart
for this affectionate address. This being
the last town I shall be at in this country,
I beg, through your persons, to convey to
the good people of England my very grate-
ful thanks for the great kindness and civi.
lities I have uniformly received from them,
and to assure them it will ever be my study
to promote the utmost cordiality between
the two nations.”
All the French prisoners in the ships in
the Medway are sent home.
Lord Yarmouth, the Prince Regent, and
many other persons of distinction, attended
the King of France on board the royal
yacht at his departure.
The parish clerk of Sittingboine was
killed by the carriage of the King of
France, and another had his leg broke at
The proposed Canterbury Canal has
been abandoned, till the expected advan-
takes of the return of peace afford mole
certain prospects to the proprietors.
The government works at Chatham have
been ordered to be discontinued. Mooring
is preparing for 100 ships to lie in ordinary
in the Medway.
All the impress establishments on the
coast have been broken up.


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Married.] The Rev. Berj, Davies, rector of Stalissield, to Mrs. Sarah Dobrce. A. Thresher, esq. of Cliffe, to Miss Barn, of Boughton. Robt. Buchanan, esq. of Canterbury, to Miss S. T. Wharrey, of Selby. Mr. Hammerden Major, of Park House, to Miss S. A. Moore, of Langley. Mr. H. Loud, of Herne, to Miss Finnis, of Dover. Richard Edmeads, csq. of Wrotham, to Miss Taylor, of Plaxtol. John Dudlow, esq. of West Malling, to Miss H. Simmons, of Yalding. At Sandwich, Mr. C. Basdell, to Miss E. Burtenshaw. Died.] At Canterbury, 22, Mr. Edward Holmess.--70, Mr. Cave.—38, Mr. Walter Biond.—Mrs. E. Stapley.-Mrs. Mary Thweng.—70, Mr. John Collard.—Mr. J. W. Drow. At Chatham, 72, Mr. W. Meers.-Mrs. Dodd. . At Maidstone, Mrs. Mary Leary.—Mr. Neale, baker.—Mrs. Mitchell.—Mrs. Pine, of Ivy Hill.—Suddenly, Mrs. Carless, wife of the late Jos. C. esq. a well known magistrate near Birmingham. At Folkestone, Mr. John May.—Mr. Galloway.—19, Mr. John Major. At Margate, 82, Mrs. Chapman,—64, Mrs. Mary 1)ickens.’ At Ramsgate, 56, Mr. Foat. At Whitstable, 82, Mr. Carden. At Rochester, 77, Mrs. Busbridge, and two days after, 81, her husband. At Dover, Mrs. Pilcher.—Mir. Jolin Molland. At Brompton, 63, Rear-Adm. Sandys.At Stroud, 56, Thos. Hawkins, esq.-At Barham, 81, Jacob Sharp, esq.--Drowned at sca, 27, Mr. J. Surslem, of Margate.—At Sanding, of a malignant fever, three children of one family.—At Middle Dean, 95, John Cannon, esq.—At Wrotham Platt, Mr. John Burnett.—At Hoath, 65, Mr. T. Percival.—At Dunchurch, 69, Mr. Richard Francis, of a broken heart, occasioned by legal oppression.—At Bodding, 26, Mr. John Luck. — At Barmjet, 59, Stephen Amherst, esq. much lamented.—At Ashford, Mrs. Godfrey.—At Dandelion, Mrs. Staines.—At Charing, 68, Mrs. S. Tutty. At Sydenham, Geo. Prior, esq. many years an inhabitant of that village. The deceased (who was greatly attached to horticultural pursuits and to the training of ornamental trees,) had ascended a pair of high steps for the purpose of pruning a tree which hung over a deep fish-pond in his garden, when one of the branches, only half cut through, suddenly breaking, he was precipitated into the pond, and lost his life before he could be got out. He was about 75 years of age, a gentleman of considerable fortune and great respectability; and the neighbourhood have lost in him a valuable member of society, his family a

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[June 1, cheerful and affectionate friend, and the poor a generous and constant benefactor. SUSS Ex. Married.] Mr. Gilbert, to Mrs. Read, both of Chichester. At Brighton, T. G. Babington, csq. son of T. Babington, esq. M. P. for Leicester, to the Honourable Augusta Julia, fourth daughter of Sir G. N. Noel, bart. of Exton Park, and Baroness Barham. Died.] At Arundel, Mrs. Haynes, occasioned by fright at St. George's-fair fireworks.-Mrs. Morley. HAMPSHIRE, The Portsmouth Telegraph abounds in mctices which indicate the speedy return of the navy to a peace establishment. To curtail the public expences by every possible means onght now to be the unremitting endeavour of patriotic ministers. The last great expense will, we trust, be the proposed naval gala or royal review at Spithead, of fifty sail of the line, in presence of the foreign potentates who are about to visit England. Married.] Major-general Sir Thomas R. Dyer, bart. to Elizabeth, daughter of the late James Standerwick, esq. of Ovington House. W. Paxton Tervis, esq. to Sophia, only daughter of the late J. Kneller, esq. of Donhead-Hall. Mr. T. F. Gilbert, artist, of Portsmouth, to Miss Snelling. At Sopley, Mr. Edward Sabine, to Mrs. Daman. Mr. J. Beck, of Gordleton Mill, to Mrs. Ann Dale, of Passford Farm, near Lymington. Died.] At Portsmouth, in King's-Terrace, Mrs. Ferguson, wife of Capt. George Ferguson, R. N.—84, Mr. W. Grey, of Lake-lane, many years a resident of Gosport. — Mrs. J. Cuzens, of Cumberlandstreet, Portsea.—87, Mrs. Pearce, relict of the late W. P. esq. of Marlborough House. At Gosport, 70, Mr. Rich. Bermingham. —-At the Halfway-houses, Mrs. Martha Byles. – Mr. Moses Hart, a respectable inhabitant, of the Jewish religion. He possessed considerable learning in the eastern languages, and some years since came from Germany, by invitation, to superimtend the printing of a work in the Syriac tongue.— Mr. Stubbington, of the Jolly Sailor. At Southampton, 76, Mr. Tho. Mears, formerly an eminent surgeon and apothe. cary, and father of the corporation. o At Winchester, Mr. Thomas Pinnock, whose death was occasioned by the pressure of his boot, which brought on a mortifiCation, -

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- John, second son of J. Goodman, esq. bf Oare, to Sarah, second daughter of Edward Austin, csq. of Clapton. W. Washbourne, esq. of Maningford, to Miss Pinneger, second daughter of the late B. P. esq. of Woodhill Park. . Mr. Walter Flower, son of Mr. John F. to Miss Eliza Harris, of Salisbury. Died.] At Devises, Mrs. Vaizey.—Mr. John Lewis.-Mr. Rob. Whitchurch, youngest son of John W. esq. of Salisbury.— Mrs. Phillips, wife of Mr. Hemly P. of Bayton. At Salisbury, Mr. R. Catehouse, auctioneer, and many years first serjeant of mace to the corporation.—Miss Eliza P. Fisher, second daughter of S. F. esq. At Westbury, 82, Mrs. Jane Gibbs, the only surviving sister of the late Gainsford Gibbs, esq. of Heywood-house.--At Devizes, Mrs. Vince, wife of J. B. Vince, esq. Bellevue-house.—At Kingston Russell, Wm. Walter Raleigh, son of Sir Wm. Walter Yea, bart.—At Woodford, 37, Mr. Short, late of Allington. At Mere Park, Wilts. Mrs. Collins, 23, wife of Mr. H. Collins, jum. of Yeovil. SOMERSETSHIRE. The prices of the necessary articles of life have materially declined in the western counties. Veal, in Chard market, lately sold for 4d. per pound. Beef and mutton from 7d. to 7#d. Pork 64d. Potatoes 2s. a bag of three bushels; and best wheat 9s. inferior samples 7s.6d. and 6s. Butter 8d. per pound. Married.] At Bathwick Church, Major Macan, of the Bengal establishment, to Mrs. Oldfield. Died.] At Keynsham, 62, Mr. Whippie. —Mrs. Acres, near Walcot church.-At an advanced age, Mrs. Ann Lacy, of Frome. Her benefices were numerous, having bequeathed the dividends of 2000l. stock, for the better provision of some poor women in the alms-house in that town; and also the dividends of 2000]. stock to the other poor of the parish, payable on St. Thomas’ day for ever.—The Rev. John Palmer, of Compton Pauncefoot.—Mr. Jas. Bence, of the Crown Inn, at Kelston. He was riding home from Bath market, when the horse threw him, and either trampled on him, or kicked him. At Kelston, 70, the Rev. Wm. Friend, 30 years a preacher in connexion with the Independents. At Bagborough, near Taunton, 83, Edward .#. esq. formerly an eliminent Blackwell-Hall factor, and some years treasurer of St. Thomas's Hospital, in the Borough. He was the respected chairman of the committee of protestant dissenters 'for obtaining the repeal of the Test Laws, from 1782 to 1792, during which period his name and labours were honourably assodiated with those of Priestley, Price, Kip

pis, Lindsey, Towers, Russel, Dodson, and others. At Bath, Edw. Sheppard, esq. formerly a clothier, of Frome.—Tho. Brooks, esq.J. Franks, esq. of West Harling Park, Norfolk, and of Isleworth, Middlesex.-In Sydmey-buildings, 64, Mr. Barnard.—In the Vineyards, the widow of Mr. Chas. Russell; grief for the loss of an only child accelerated the death of this amiable woman.-Mrs. Mary Collier, widow of the late T. B. C. esq.-65, Lieut.-Gen. Bousou. Dolt SETS Hi RE. Married.] At Broad Chalk, Mr. Edward Godwin, of East Stower, to Miss Sarah Randall, of Gurston Farm. Died.] At Sherborne, greatly lamented, Mrs. Hillsar.—Mrs. Phillips, of Boyton, near Warminster.—Mrs. Tucker, wife of the Rev. J. T.-Deservedly lamented, Mrs. King, wife of Mr. J. K. of Leigh. DEVON SHIRE. The mayor, corporation, and principal inhabitants of Plymouth, have done themselves infinite credit by raising a fund, by subscription, for the relief of such English .."; late prisoners of war in France, as may be landed at that port. The annual sermon against cruelty to the brute creation, instituted by the Rev. Hz.NRY BRIN pley, was preached at the Cathedral this year by the Rev. Wm. Oxham. Married.] Mr. Geo. Fitz, of Totnes, to Miss Michelmore, of Ashburton. Mr. Jas. Palmer, of Martock, to Miss Ann Gifford, of West Lambrook. The Rev. Edw. Edgell, of West Alvington, to Elizabeth, daughter of Robt. Wilson, esq. of Purton. W. Law, esq. solicitor, of Barnstaple, ta Harriet, second daughter of the late John Bartlett. esq. of Whipton. Jas. Williams, esq. capt. in the 11th regf. of foot, to Frances, youngest daughter of John Bartlett, esq. . At Plymouth, T. W. Fox, esq. to Eliza, daughter of the late — Grigg, esq. of Plymouth. Died.] At Exeter, Mr. Sansom, chimamau.--91, Mrs. Snell.—In the Close, Mrs. Eliiott, widow of the late Ald. E.-At an advanced age, Mr. Wm. Floyde. At Exmouth, 9.4, Mrs. Vasiter.—Susan, daughter of Sam. White, esq. of Plymouth. —In St. Thomas's, Mrs. Mary Stoney. At Dawlish, the Rev. Geo. Chapman, vicar of Michel Iłever, in Ilampshire.—Mrs. itwe, post-office.—Suddenly, at Tiverton, much lamented, Miss Eliz. Sweet.--At Homiton, 51, deeply regretted, Peter Goullet, e31, late of Summeriand-place. At Sidmouth, 25, Miss Bucknell.–98, Mrs. Ann Stone.—76, Mr.Jas. Pixel, maty years organist of Barnstapie. CORNWALLA vile practice was detected and puuished lately at Truro. Juhn Rowe and . . Henry

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Henry Rundle, occupiers of nii!'s near that town, were convicted of mixing their flour with white chilia clay, which it was proved 1}ley ground down for the purpose, and were fined 10l. cach. Upwards of a ton of this clay was found in one room in the mill, besides 12 bags of flour, adititerated with it. It is ascertained that, within the last two years, upwards of 200 tons of clay have been vended to the public, mixed with flour, and certainly nothing could be better calculated for their purpose; for whom properly dried and pulverized, it equals in appearance the finest hair-powder, is quite soft to the touch, and not in the smallest degree gritty; neither has it any ill taste, but on the contrary improves the appearance of the flour with which it is mixed. Finding the imposition pass so readily, they gradually increased the quantity which they mixed with the flour they sold, until at length—one-fifth, and sometimes one-fourth of the whole was clay. The highly respected baronet, Sir J. Call, has announced his intention to reduce his rents to his tenants, in proportion to the decline in the prices of farming protice; and, on the same principlc, the wages of his numerous workmen, by the fair and equitable ratio of the price of provisions. Married.] At Helston, Humphry Grylls, esq. alderman of Helston, to Miss Mary ‘Frevenen, daughter of John Trevenen, esq. mayor of that town. Robert W. Fox, esq. of Falmouth, to Maria, daughter of Robert Barclay, esq. of Bury Hill. At Helston, the Rev. C. Bryan, rector of Wollaston, to Eilen, only daughter of the late Admiral Kempfhorne. Died.] The Rev. Thomas Robinson, vicar of Saint Hilary, and rector of Meno. At Truro, John Messer, esq. 74, leaving 30,000l. to his relatives. W.A.L.E.S. Maried.] At Selattyn, J. W. Eaton, esq. of, Denbighshire, to Miss Lloyd, of Swan-hill, Oswestry. At Llandewy, Radnorshire, Herbert Beavan, esq. of Clyro, to Miss Ann Jones, of Łlowes. At Lansanan, George Canning, M.D. of Denbigh, to Lucy Margaret, youngest , daughter of the late Piullip Yorke, csq. of Erthig. Died.] 52, Mr. Thomas Shaw, many years keeper of the hotel, Tenby. At Brecon, the Rev. John Wilkins, rector of Disserth, vicar of Breyntliss, and one of the magistrates of that county. Suddenly, 74, the Rev. James i)onne, of Irelongoed, Radnorshire. At Maes, Caio, 75, John Bowen, esq. His loss is sincerely regretted, and will long

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be severely felt by the neighbouring poor, to whom he was a constant and liberal benefactor. The lady of William Ford Protheroe, esq. of Ely-place, London, and of Stone-hall, in the county of Pembrokc. • . At Aberystwith, 62, Miss Cotten, formerly of Tottenham; she had just arrived from France, after 4 confinement of eleven years, from which she was liberated by the Cossacks. SCOTI,AN d. Died.] At Glasnakilty, Isle of Sky, at the advanced age of 127 years, Mary Innes, formerly a servant in the family of Glasmakilly. She lived to see the sixth generation, and retained the use of her facuities to the last. I RELAND, Married.] Ralph Ward Reid, esq. of Ciare-street, Dublin, to Eliza, scoond daughter of Joseph Atkinson, esq. of Welfield, and niece to Thomas Honeybourne, esq. of Woodhead, Staffordshire. Died.] At Dublin, 76, the Earl of Belvidere. INCIDENT AND DEATHS ABROAD. The plague has re-appeared at Goza, Damietta, &c. Died.] At Madras, W. J. White, esq. At Bayonne, Ensign W. H. Pitt, of the Coldstream Guards, eldest son of T. P. esq. of Wimpole-street. At Arangoul, near Quilon, in the East Indies, Major John Philip Winfield, of the 2d battalion of 11th regt. native infantry. Not less unfeigned than spontaneous will be the sorrow of those to whom this truly excellent and worthy man was known ; and while his friends have to lament his premature death, equally must his employers feel the deprivation the service has just sustained, in one of its brightest and most useful members. In testimony of the respect, esteem, and regard, in which his memory was held by the officers of his corps, a monument is to be erected by them at Shencottah, where his remains now rest. At Canton, in China,32, William Crowder, esq. captain of the Hon. East India Company's ship Lowther Castle, second son of John C. esq. of Brotherton. - In Spain, his Royal Highness the Prince of Conti, at the advanced age of 80, being born on the 1st of September, 1734. The court of France, it is expected, will go into mourning for him. At Tarbes, in the South of France, 28, Joseph Venable, esq. capt. 83d regt., foot, in consequence of drinking freely of cold water, when much heated. In Bengal, Charles Mullins, esq. surgeon of the royal navy. At Gibraltar, General Colin Campbell, Lieutenant-Governor of that fortress.

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