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Died.] At firmingham, 54, Miss Mary Farror.—24, Mr. Charles Haywood, merchant, eldest son of Mr. Haywood, of Bordesley-green.--21, Joseph, third son of Mr. G. Parsons, of King Alfred's-place.—74, Mrs. Ann Robottom.–58, Mr. John Dutton, late of the Nova-Scotia-gardens.—63, sincerely regretted, Mrs White, of Windsorstreet.—Mrs. March, of Lancaster-street.— 87, Mrs. Elizabeth Minshew.—68, Mrs. Bromley, widow of Mr. B. dancingmaster.- The wife of Mr. Broadbent, of Smallbrook-street.—78, Mr. John Cookes, of Newhall-street.—35, Mr. John Phillips, jo. having left a large family to lanent his death.-63, Mrs. Belcher.—Mrs. Hall, of High-street.—Greatly regretted, 70, Mrs. Hall, of the Parade.-63, Mr. Thomas Astbury, of Snow-hill.—Mr.William Goode, auctioneer, of New-street.-78, Mr. Thomas Smith, of Deritend.-49, Mrs. Elizabeth Grew, wife of Mr. John G. button-maker. –83, Mrs. Sarah Bryan, of Bartholomewstreet.—58, Mr. William Wilkes, of Broadstreet.—90, Mrs. Homb!ower, wife of Mr. Joseph H.-Mr. John Johnson, of Moseley. -—84, Mir. Edward Wilimore.—Mr. Thos. Mantle, of the Seven Stars' Tavern.-Mr. Thomas Cook, of the Rose and Crown. —Mrs. Rebecca Stanley, 85–74, Miss Catherine Blackham.–64, Mrs. Aum Rock, of Birmingham Heath.-107, Mr. Plant, gardener; he enjoyed his faculties perfect to the last.—Mr. John Boole, of the Upper Priory.-At Spark Brook, 81, Mr. Francis Mole.—At Edston, near Wooton, Mr. James Moore–At Compton Verney, 92, Mr. Robert Green, nearly fifty years steward to Lord Willon; hty de Broke.-At Nuneaton, 77, Mrs. Ann Izon. At Castle Bromwich, sincerely regretted, 86, Mir. Thomas Warren, formerly an emiment auctioneer, of Birmingham. His life was honorable and his end tranquil. At lekhield-house, after a lingering illness, 26, Robert Coales Wooley, eldest son of Janies Woolley, esq. banker, of Birmingham1.-At Henley, Frances, daughter of the late John Bree, esq. of Beauale.--At Willenhall, 73. Mr. J. Whitehouse.—64, James Wyatt, esq. many years an eminent banker in Coventry. At Coventry, suddenly, much lamented, Mr. Charles ''wigg, of Kenilworth.-Mr. |Pratt, maltster, of Little Park-street.—Mrs. Horsesali, wife of Mr. T. H.-Mrs. Watson, formerly at Berkswell.—Mits. Dudley, wife of Mr. D. shoemaker.—66, Mrs. Treen.— Much regretted, Mr. Neslin Crump, of West Orchaid.-74, Mrs. Bromwich, of Bishop-street. At Warwick, 62, Mr, Evans.—Mrs. Jane Bryan.-At Rugby, Mrs. Mary Caldecott. SHRO PSHE RE. The inscription on the triumphal arch to be erected at the entrance to the Marketplace, proposed and agreed to, is to be alizred to the purport or effect following:-o

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nant-General of his Majesty's Forces, &c. &c.;
was one of the representatives of this borough
in Parliament, in the year of our Lord

MoccCxiv. when this Triumphal Arch and

Market were erected by voluntary contribution, as a lasting memorial of the sense entertained by this town and neighbourhood, of the distinguished part which he has borne in the late glorious successes of the Allies, which have destroyed the overwhelming predominancy of France, and raised this country to an uneaampled height of glory.”

1600l. has already been raised for this pur

pose.--We entertain doubts in regard to the just application of the word glory to a war founded on no greater necessity than appeared in Lord Whitworth's official correspondence; but, as a tribute to the Shropshire hero, we shall be happy to present this local trophy to our readers as soon as it is determined on. Married.] Richard Harper, esq. of Stokecastle, to Mrs. Symonds, of Sibdon castle. William Downes, esq. of Shipton, to Maria, second daughter of Richard Collins, esq. At Newport, Mr. Francis Norton, of Bishop's-castle, to Miss Humphreys. At Ciunn, E. Jones, esq. of Kencoed, near New town, to Miss Bryan, eldest daughter of the late R. Bryan, esq. of Little-hall. Mr. S. Heighway, jun. of Broseley Wood, to Mrs. Combes, daughter of the Rev. J. Cope, of Bridgnorth. Died.] At Shrewsbury, 38, Mrs. Warton, midwife.--Mr. T. Williams, of Milk-street. --Captain Palmer, of Swan hill.—78, Mr. Whitefoot, of the Trench-lane, formerly of Condover.—Mrs. Clowes, relict of Samuel Clowes, esq. late of Spotborough-hall.-Mrs. Betton, wife of Mr. John Betton, of the Wy!e Cop.–13, Francis, son of the late Mr. Philip Oare, maltster.—79, Mrs. Elizabeth Pryce, of the Abbey Foregate.-At Euchmarsh, 99, John Russell, esq.-At Ludlow, Mr. George Whittal, grocer.—At Ashford, near Ludlow, Jonathan Green, esq.--Deeply regretted, 39, Mr. Joseph Cascott, of Abbotts Bettom.—At Stourbridge, where he was visiting, Thomas Corser, esq. of Bridgenorth.--At Long Stanton, 70, Mrs. Chidley, wife of Mr. Joseph Chidley.-At Leighton, 73, deservedly lamented, Mr. Abraham Ward.-At the Folley, near Bishop's-castle, Mr. Morris Simmons.—At Lushcote-mill, 84, Mr. Richard Corfield.-At Long, 93, Mr. Hopton.-At Edgmond, Mr. Wm. Rose.—At Bictoa Heath, Miss S. Howell.—At Rose Gough, Mr. William Rose.--At Eaton Constantiue, Mr. Thomas Smith.-At Pitchford, 73, Mrs. Hall.—At Bradley-hall, 64, Mr. Richard Taylor.—At Chetmarsh, near Bridgnorth, 90, Mr. J. Dudley, clerk upwards of fifty-one years; he made his own coffin nearly twenty years ago. Suddenly, Col. J. Hill, of the Shropshire. - yeomanry

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yeomanry cavalry, eldest son of Sir John bridge, and Mr. Joseph Wainwright, of

Hill, bart. of Hawkstone, in the county of Salop, and brother to Sir Rowland Hill. He was the eldest of five brothers, all of whom have devoted their lives to the service of government. WorkCESTERSHIRE. Married.] Mr. Thomas Evans, of Kidderminster, to Miss Ann Hillman, second daughter of the late Mr. John Hillman, of Hagborough. At Kidderminster, William Burton, esq. fourth son of the late Sir Charles fourton, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Skey, esq. of Spring Grove. William, only son of Richard Dudley, esq. of Tundle-house, near Dudley, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of William Lewis Davies, esq. of Southampton place, Eustomsquare. Died.] In the Tything, near Worcester, 88, Mrs. Tomkyns, relict of Thomas Tomkyns, esq. late of Buskenhill. Miss West, sister to the late Alderman West, and aunt to the celebrated H. West Betty, esq. the late Young Roscius. At Dudley. Mr. George Parker, ironmaster.—At Droitwich, Mr. Reynolds, surgeon.—Lately, at Oxford, Mrs. Pigot.—At Hales Owen, 77, Mr. John Bradley, a truly homest man. At Blake-brook, near Kidderminster, 74, Matthew Jefferys, esq. a distinguished orna. ment of society, and much esteemed for the strength of his understanding, the integrity and benevolence of his heart, and the general excellence of his character. Lately, after a severe illness, which he bore with exemplary patience, Mr. Thomas Welch, of Stourport, Worcestershire. His loss is deeply lamented by all with whom he was acquainted. At Kinfare, near Stourbridge, Miss Darby, much regretted.—At Northfield, Mrs. Carpenter, relict of Mr. C.—At the

Talbot-hotel, Stourbridge, Miss Ambler, of

Hagley.-At Bewdley, 87, Mrs. Boston.— Rose Erasmus Lloyd, esq., surgeon of the Worcester militia, which situation he had filled for twenty-one years.-At Martley, Mrs. Nurse, wife of Mr. N.; and, on the day of her funeral, Mir. Nurse was taken ill, and died.—At Forton, 86, Mrs. Harculas.-At G. Hampton,71, Mils. Lunn.-At Saintbury Grounds, Mrs. Cooper.-John Foliott, esq. of Lichill.—At Norton-lodge, 71, 'I'hos. Bird, esq. attorney, of Worcester.—At Ashford, Jonathan Green, esq.-At Springbank, John Dallaway, esq.-At Upton Sngdsbury, 61, Mr. J. Woodward-At Oldswinford, 89, Mr. Geo. Kendal.-At Worcester, 72, Mr. Jos. Wheeler. HEREFoRoshi RE AND MONMoUTH. The late meeting of the Hereford-hire Agricultural socii, was mumerously attended. Many fine bulls were exhibited, and premiums were voted to Mr. Grayeuer, efthe Parks, Mr. Thomas Jeffries, of Pem

King's Caple, for his four-year old bull. Died.] At Hinton, 59, W. Downes, esq. formerly a solicitor of Gloucester. At Peterchurch, aged, Miss Delahoy, At Cum, 69, Mr. Maddy. At Ross, Mr. Daniel Pearce.—85, Mr. Joseph Hardwick. At Hay, W. Grizier, aged 110 years. At Lower Bullingham, 37, Mr. W. Cooke.-At Belston, Mr. James Mathews. At Mansell, Mr. Gardiner.—At Cradley, 99, Mrs. Ann Roberts, At Hereford, Mrs. Watkins, wife of Benjamin W. esq. much regretted. . At Cleeve, near Ross, Anne, wife of Philip Jones, esq. daughter of the late William Hutcheson, esq. of Dowry-square, and a lineal descendant of the Man of Ross. At Monmouth, 88, Thomas Hollings, esq. mayor in 1802.-Mrs. Jones.--Mr. I. Cope. At Wainypwill, 95, Mrs. M. Ambrose. At Blackbrook, Master Briggs.--At the Morr, Mr. Powles.—At Chepstow, 84, Mifs. Jase Thomas.-Miss Mary Taylor, a parformer on the tenor-viol. At Ragland, 54, James Greene, 6 sq. of Turton Tower, Leicestershire, G LOU CESTER3 HIRE, A chapel is about to be built at Cheltenham, in aid of the established church. A subscription for the relief of the poor of Ireland, has been very judiciously set on foot at Clifton. The names of Lord i}\inally, Mrs. Landevese, and Mr. Makro, appear for 10], each. Perhaps the poor of no country in the world, stand more in need of a liberal subscription than the Irish poor. The Bristol Samaritan Society have published a report of its useful benevolencies, and it appears that its expenditure of last year exceeded 450l. The Gloucester, Lying-in Society, since its establishment in 1793, has relieved 1223 women; yet the subscriptions scarcely amount to 40s. per annum ! Surely the ladies who frequent Cheltenham would soon double its funds, if the Gloucestershire ladies coutinue backward in their stopport. A permanent subscription library has been established at Tewkesbury. The anniversary of the birth day of the late Mr. Fox, was celebrated in the accustomed manner at Bristol, by a numerous meeting at the Brish tavern. At the tables presided C. A. Elton, esq. and Sir Henry Protheroe. Among the company present were ord Boyder, T. Well, of Lulworth Castle, G. Blount, — Bodenham, - Chadwick, T. Castle, Michael Hinton Castie, G. E. Sanders, i \, , Sanders, Thomas Māorgan, Joseph Shuti, M. M. Coates, and Robert Bruce, esq.s. the Rev. Michael Miaorice, Captains Fei is rs, Brailsford, aud Andrew Smith, and thany - 2 B 3 oiliar. 184

other gentlemen of respectability. . An able, manly, and well-timed speech of Mr. M. CoATFs, has been read with interest throughout the nation ; and we regret our inability to make room for it. Married.] The Rev. W. L. Glover, to Miss Rebecca Cooke. Dr. Dyer, to Miss M. S. Lowe, both of Bristol.-Mr. Daniel Boit, to Miss M. A. Squibb, both of Bristol. Samuel Burdge, esq. of Pawlett, to Mrs. Crandon. The Rev. D. G. Wait, to Miss P. Morgam, of Bristol. Mr. Isaac Thomson, of Hawkesbury Upton, to Miss Jane Phelps, of Sopworth. Arthur Forbes, esq. to Miss Caroline Armitage, of Burton. Died.] At Bristol, 79, Mr. W. Roberts, of Park-place.—Mrs. Ash, of Union-street. –75, Mr. W. Rice.—Mrs. Bennett.—68, Mrs. M. Jenkins.—Rear Admiral George Gregory, in Portland-square.—76, Mrs. Franklyn, of Prichard-street.—71, Mrs. Allen.—76, John Cottle, esq.-Mr. John Rose, printer.—80, Sir John Durbin, an alderman of Bristol.—Miss Strode, late of Temple Cloud.—Mrs. Frances James.— 72, Mrs. Hester Farmam.—Lewis Fisher, esq. merchant.—75, Mr. John Hutchins, a man of uncommon worth.-Mrs. Poole, of St. James’s, Barton.—Miss Mary Bowen.—In Castle Green, Thomas Haynes, esq.-In Tinker's Close, Mr. Bowles.— Mr. Shaw, St. Michael's Hill.–Miss C. B. Yox.–69, Mrs. Ann Hopton, of Redcliff Hill.–Mrs. Kirby, G. P. O.-Miss Mary Bally.—Mrs. Mary Jones, Horse Fair, 78. —Dr. Hooper, of Castle-street.-94, Mrs. M. Cole.—78, Mrs. Sarah Ford, distiller. —Mr. Thomas White, of Merchant-street. At Wotton, Mrs. Pike.-At Tetbury, Mrs. Paul.-At Dursley, John Wizard, esq. At Ashton, Miss Morgan.-At Marsfield, Mrs. Woodward.--At Stroud, Mr. W. Tauner.—Mr. Benjamin Bird. At Thornbury, 71, K. Grove, esq. late of i\ristol Bridge.—At Liston Hill, Mrs. Bryant.—At Westbury, Miss Eliza Sturge. –At Huchcote, \}rs. Colchester.—-At Bourton, 71, Mrs. Ashwin, an exemplary character.—At Frampton, 88, Richard Bond, esq.—52, Mir. John Pearce, statuary.—At Side Farm, Mits. Lyne.—At Brockwear, 19, Thomas, son of Captain Moxley.—At Aideries, Mrs. Ann Hale. At Gloucester, Miss H. Washbourn, of Westgate-street.—Miss Elizabeth Griffiths. At Southam, 71, Richard Baghott De la Bere, esq. brother of Thomas Baghott De la Bere, esq. of that place. The knighfly family of De la Bere accompanied the Norman conqueror, and obtained a settlement at Kinnersley, iierefordshire, where they resided in great splendour. In the course of the intermediate centuries, they were connected with families of the

Oxford–Bucks and Berks.

[March 1, highest rank—the Earls of Hereford, the Talbots, &c. At Staunton, Mr. Thomas Crimp.–Mrs. Arnold.—At Sevenhampton, 99, Mrs. E. Panter.—At Yate, Mrs. Goodenough. At Upton, 76, Mrs. Howell, of Carmarthem.—At Stone, Miss Sarah Wolferston. At Beach, 51, Mr. John Welton, after 12 years confinement to his bed. At Cockbury, 81, Mr. R. White. At Grect,78, Mrs. Heavens.—At Winchcomb, Mrs. Ireland, and Mr. Joseph Pardington.—82, Mr. Samuel Heaven, of Procester.— At Colscombe, Mr. John Mason.--At Kingscote, Mr. Newnham. At Winstone, Mr. John Haviland, and Mrs. Qkey.—At Chipping Campden, Edward Cotterill, esq. solicitor. At Cheltenham, 77, Mrs. Hayward.— Peter Touchet, esq. of Herts, and formerly of Radragove.-Mrs. White Melville, of Strathkinness. At Tewkesbury, 64, Mr. Orme, late of Upton.-Mrs. Fletcher, and Mrs. Hart, sisters.-Miss Webb.-Mr. Lloyd. OXF or DS his in E. Some writer has taken up one of the valuable columns of the Oxford Herald, in defending the University against a supposed charge of ours, in relation to the Herculanchm WłSS.; but he, in truth, was combating a phantom of his own creation, and no feeling or suggestion of ours. We regretted the delay, but charged no one as the cause. Died.] At Oxford, 63, in High-street, John Parsons, esq. aiderman, and formerly twice mayor of the city of Oxford. His memory will be cherished with espect, and his loss is generally and sincerely aniented. -46, Mr. William Bunting, of Jesus College.—80, Mrs. Pettipher, of St. Ebbe's. -At Littlemore, Mr. Robert Saunders, of Broad-street.—87, Mr. 'i homas Rooke, of St. Giles's.-Mrs. Davis, at the Chequer inn.-Mr. Harry Hillier, of Magdalen parish.-13, Miss Priscilla Dodson.-Thomas, eldest son of Thomas R. Walker, esq.-87, Joseph Austin, of St. Giles's.-94, Mrs. Carpenter, of All Saints.-In Holiwell, 70, Mrs. Chapman, relict of the Rev. Joseph C. D.D. late President of Trinity college. —Mr. Hawkins, of Trinity college. At Yarnton, Mrs. Cooper.—At Little Bourton, 75, Somerville West. At Little Haseley, 69, Mr. John Billing. At Great Milton, Mr. John Kent, sur. geon of the Oxford militia. At Banbury, Mr. Joseph Enock.-Mrs. Isaac, of Baubury.—Mr. E. Cropley, of Banbury. BUCKS AND BERRS. Married. At Biddesdon Park, the Rev. W. Cobbo!t!, vicar of Lelborne, to Miss Maria Mabbot, of Southcot Lodge. D. Ludgate, esq. of Eton, to Miss C. piraq

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Died.] At Abingdom, 81, Edward Thornhill, of Kingston Lisie, esq. one of the oldest magistrates and deputy lieutenants. 96, Mrs. Hester Taylor, of East Hagbourn.—At Woodside, Old Windsor, Miss L. M. Leake.-At Newbury, 66, J. Gramtham, esq.-At Cholsey, La. Enraght, esq. At Hugondon Green, 87, Mrs. Marg. Wooler.—At Purley Hall, the Rev. H. Wilder, LL.D. rector of Sulhaan, and a magistrate of Oxford and Berks. At Denham, Mrs. M. Whitfield, relict of George W. esq. of Southwark. At Olney, 80, Mr. J. Gredah, many years an emment writing master. At High Wycombe, 76, Mr. Almuty. —Al Great Brickhill, Mr. J. Cherny, sen. —At Stonehili, 70, Mrs. Dewe. At Medgham, the Rev. P. Gill, rector of Tidmarsh.—At Maidenhead, 20, Mrs. J. E. Langdom.—At Buckingham, Mr. W. Ovitts.-At Southampton, J. Dean, esq. many years a magistrate, and the receivergeneral of the county of Berks. - BER) S AN id HERTS. Married.] T.Thornhill, esq. of Kingston Lisle, to Miss Eliz. Baron, of Bemilam. The Rev. G. Davys, to Miss M. A. Mapletoft, of Anstye, Herts. J. Pryor, esq. of Luton, to Miss Sarah Fowler, of Toddington. At Tring, the Rev. J. Rees, to Miss A. Sutton. Died.] At Hertford, Mr. E. Stallibrass. –86, Captain W. Thompson, formerly in the Jamaica trade.—At Moor Park, 79, R. Williams, esq. He is ascertained to have died in possession of freehold and personal property considerably above half a million sterling; the whole of which, with the exception of 50,000l. to his second son, and a suitable provision for his widow, during her life, is left to his eldest son, Member for Dorchester.-At Turvey, 55, Mıs. Mather, wife of B. M. esq. At St. Alban's, 73, John Kentish, esq. 70, the Rev. Sir Philip Monoux, rector of Sandy and Tempsford. NORTHAMPTON SHIHRE. The snow accumulated on the borders of Northamptonshire and Warwickshire to a height altogether unprecedented. In the neighbourhood of Dunchurch, and for a few miles round that place, the drifts exceeded the height of twenty-four feet. The amount of tonnage, in 1813, on the Grand Junction Canal, was 163,390%. 12s. which was greater than the tonnage of the preceding year by 26,479. *Iarried.] The Rev. J. K. Hall, A.M. of Kettering, to Miss Fry. Mr. James Poweil, of Whitecross-street, London, to Phoebe, daughter of S. Sharman, esq. of Wellingborough. Died.] At Great Houghton, Charlotte, wife of the Rev. Richard Williams, rector of Markfield."

At Uffington, 86, Mrs. Brumhead, of Belmisthorpe. At Wakerley, 68, the Rev. S. Hunt, rector of that parish, and also of St. George's, in Stamford. At Whilton, 61, the Rev. William Lucas Rose, rector of that parish, and vicar of East Hadnon. At Long Brickley, 74, Mrs. Eliz. FreeIłłań. - CAMPRI sig ESHIRE AND HUNTS. Married.] At March, Mr. Joseph Sabertom, join. of Chatteris, to Miss Skeels, daughter of Thos. S. esq. of Stonea. At Wisbech, Mr. R. Underwood, to Mrs. Stanton. Edw. Greene, esq. of St. Ives, to Miss A. W. Allpress, of Thorny Abbey. Died.] At Lawston, Mrs. Ann Haylock. At Paxton, 87, R. Reynolds, esq. At Cambridge, 60, Mr. Haman James. –28, Mr. Charles Pratt.-Mr. Tinney, apothecary.—Mirs. Fiske, wife of the Kev. Robert F. rector of Fulbourn.—Mirs. Gordon, widow of Mr. Henry G. chapel clerk to Trinity College.—In the 87th year of her age, Ajrs. Nicholson, widow of Mr. J. N. formerly a well-knowl, bookseller in this town. At Lynn, Mrs. Gardner. — 64, Mrs. Blankett.—15, Mr. F. Davisou.-Mr. Oxley, merchant. At St. Ives, 76, Mrs. Smith, formerly of the Crown, Huutingdon. At Huntingdom, Mrs. Crisel.-45, Mr. Francis Davison, carpenter. At Wisbech, 73, Mr. chief constable. NORF() tak. Mr. Rigby, the eminent surgeon of Norwich, has recently printed, for local circulation, a very able appeal on the subject of vaccination, in which he remarks on the still great number of victims to the small-pox. Nothing but an act of parliament will get the better of the prejudices which have been artfully excited among the vulgar. Murried.] The Rev. G. Holley, of Holme, to Miss E. A. Slewood, of Knighton. John Morton, esq. to Miss Mary Browne, of Thrigley Hall. Mr. Candier, surgeon, of G. Yarmouth, to Miss Walker, of Walpole. Mr. E. D. Alton, of Diss, to Miss E. Freeborn, of G. Mapsestead. Died.] At Norwich, 51, Mrs. Purday.— 79, Mr. John S utilgate.—80, Mrs. Black. —Mrs. Geldert, S.F.—Mr. Chas. Lay, atto Hey-a aw.—89, Mr. H. Thurlow.— 48, Mrs. Staff—Mr. Stephen Mathews.91, Mrs. Ann Hawkins.—Mrs. English, of St. Stephen's, Mr. Halton, of St. Mary’s. At Sclathy Hall, 68, the Countess 1)owager Home, a woman of the most amiable character and benevolent practices. At

Robert Lee,

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At Great Coggleshall, Mr. E. Wood.— .

At Horting, near Rochford, Mr. IX. Phillops.-At Leyton, 74, Mrs. M. Mason.—At Moyn's Palm, 58, Mr. G. Rallings.

At Chelmsford, 58, Mr. William Knight, one of the society of *. Distinguished by strict integrity and great benevolence of disposition, his loss will be much felt by a numerous somily of survivors.

h ENT,

A confederate of a notorious stock jobbing London Morning Paper, came to the Ship Iliu at Dover, between one and two in the morning on the 31st, wet, as he said, from jumping out of the boat that brought him irom France. He called hintself Colonel Walter de Dornberg, and had the impudence to send an express to Admiral Foley in the bowlis, to request he would communicate his arrival by telegraph to London, and the News—that Napoleon was sain by the Cossacks,—Paris in flames, &c. &c. Fortunately Admiral F. was on his guard ; but the miscreant got off in a post-claise and four, and entered London with white cockades, &c. producing the desired effect on the funds. He disappeareil somewhere between St. Paul's and Temple Bar.

- Ramsgate pier has suffered much da

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