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6810 Sabadino overo Sabbadino de gli Arienti (Giov.) Settanta Novelle, woodcuts and initial letters, folios i. and iii. in facsimile, russia gilt, g. e., sold not subject to return, Venet., 1510, folio (553) Leighton, E11 155. 6811 Drayton (Michael). Poly-olbion ... digested into a Poem, in 2 parts, first edition, engraved frontispiece by W. Hole, portrait of Prince Henry and folding maps (contained the printed title and table not in all copies), bound in 2 vol., calf, part i. in the original binding, preserved in a lined case, 1613-22, folio (562) Sabin, £44 1OS. 6812 Lancelot du Lac. Le premier volume (et le second et le tiers), de Lancelot du lac nouuelemet imprime a Paris, 3 vol. in 1, lit. goth., woodcut initials, with the last leaf containing Petit's mark, morocco super extra, g. e., Paris, pour Phelippe le Noir, 1533, folio (566) Quaritch, £29 6813 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queen--the Shepheard's Calendar-together with the Works of England's ArchPoet, first collected edition, clean copy in panelled calf, H. L. for Mathew Lownes, 1611, folio (567)

Pickering, £13 10S. [A second copy, in the original calf, realised £12 10s. (Lot 579).-ED.]

6814 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Workes, newly printed, with divers Addicions, including the Siege of Thebes, by John Lydgate, black letter, woodcut and numerous initials, imperfect at beginning, a leaf defective, sold not subject to return, old calf, Jhon Kyngston, 1561, folio (568) Peach, £3 12s. 6815 Drayton (Michael). Poems, collected into one volume, with sondry Peeces inserted, never before imprinted, portrait by Hole, slightly torn, and engraved title, W. Stansby for J. Smethwicke, 1619–The Battaile of Agincourt, fought by Henry the fift of that name, King of England, etc., first edition, with portrait by Hole, William Lee, 1627, in i vol., original mottled calf gilt, m. e., folio (584)

Pickering, £25 10s.

6816 Jonson (Ben). Workes (vol. i.), first edition, engraved title, wanted the portrait by Vaughan, old calf (rebacked), William Stansby, 1616, folio (585) Dobell, £19 6817 Jonson (Ben). Workes, 2 vol., portrait and engraved title, a clean and sound copy in calf, 1640, folio (586)

Pickering, £11 5s. 6818 Detaille (E.) Types et Uniformes. L'Armée Française, texte par Jules Richard, 346 illustrations, papier du Japon, 2 vol. in 16 portfolios as published, Boussod, Valadon, 1885-9, folio (593) Maggs, 13 10s. 6819 Detaille (E.) Types et Uniformes. L'Armée Française, the series of 344 plates printed on papier du Japon, without text, only 100 sets issued, complete in 16 portfolios as published, Boussod, Valadon, 1885-9, folio (594) Maggs, £7 6820 Speciale missarum secundum chorum herbipolensis, printed

in double columns, red and black, in a large gothic letter. with two large woodcuts (coloured), one representing the

Crucifixion (defective), initial letters in blue and red, old binding, g. e., with biblical subjects painted on the edges, 1495, folio (597)

Quaritch, 417 6821 More (Syr Thomas). Utopia, black letter, first English edition,

frontispiece, wanted two leaves of the Epistle, signature Gi, and sheets G and H misplaced, calf, sold not subject to return, London, by Abraham Vele, 1551, 8vo. (609)

Sabin, £13 155. 6822 Pope (Alexander). The Rape of the Lock, a Poem, plates by L. Du Guernier, calf gilt, B. Lintott, 1714, 8vo. (620)

Quaritch, £36 6823 Arabian Nights. The Book of the Thousand Nights and a

Night, translated from the Arabic by Captain Sir R. F.
Burton, reprinted from the original edition, and edited by
L. C. Smithers, “Library Edition,” 12 vol., original cloth,
t. e. g., 1894, 8vo. (626)

Rimell, £3 us. 6824 Watts (Isaac). Horæ Lyricæ. Poems, chiefly of the Lyric

kind, first edition, a few leaves stained, original binding (broken), on p. 242 are 2 MS. alterations, 1706, 8vo. (638)

Quaritch, £59 (On the fly-leaf the following interesting letter written by Isaac Watts : “To Mr. Samil Say. Dear Sir, Accept of this first labor of the press, this ventrous Essay of Poesie in so Nice and censorious an Age: forgive as you read, peruse as a friend, design to be pleased and not to Judge. And if you can (without too much abuse of your judgement) (recommend it to the world]”—this has been erased"you will help to free me from some obligations under wch ye Bookseller has put ye.

“ Timorous Author, Your friend, “Deck 28th, 1705."

“I. Watts.

- Catalogue.) 6825 Goldsmith. The Comic Romance of Monsieur Scarron, trans

lated by Oliver Goldsmith, 2 vol., first edition, in the original calf, London, W. Griffin, 1775, 8vo. (639)

Pickering, £2 175. 6d. 6826 Horæ. Ces presentes Heures a lusaige de Rome, etc., lit.

goth. (lettres bâtardes), printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders of biblical subjects and figures, grotesques, hunting scenes, etc. (all uncoloured), also 13 large woodcuts of spiritual subjects within borders, and 36 small woodcuts of saints, etc., all, with the initials and details, illuminated in gold and colours in a superior manner, a few borders shaved at the top, vellum, g.e., Paris, G. Anabat pour Gillet et G. Hardouyn, n. d. (Almanack, 1508-12), (643)

Rylett, £16 1os. [The illuminated work is unusually good, notably the two full-page pictures facing each other. Produced before 1510, as Anabat died in that year. Brunet wrongly describes it as having 84 leaves, though he gives the signatures

correctly, making 8o leaves.- Catalogue.] 6827 Quadragesimale novum Editum ac predicatum a quadam

fratre minore de observantia in inclita ciuitate Basiliensis
de filio prodigo, etc., lit. goth., with 18 woodcuts and armorial
printer's mark, all free from colouring, some wormholes,
1 or 2 headlines cut into, large copy, Impressum Basilee,
per Michaelem Furter, 1495 (644)
Belin, £11 5s.

[The first edition. The woodcuts are very good examples of the style that prevailed at Basil before the influence of Holbein. The Didot copy, coloured, sold for 290 francs.— -Catalogue.]

6828 More (John, Preacher at Norwich). A Table from the beginning of the World to this day, wherein is declared in what year of the World everything was done, both in the Scripture Mentioned and also in Prophane Matters, woodcut title, interleaved throughout, and filled with MS. additions and continuation to 1667 in a very neat hand, limp vellum, John Legate, printer to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1593 (648) Cotton, £5 155.

[The MS. notes throughout this volume are very copious, and introduce much new and original matter especially connected with the Reformation and political affairs to 1667. There are some interesting references to America.— Catalogue.]

6829 Keats (John). Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes and other Poems, first edition, half calf, 1820, 8vo. (649)

Dobell, £6 6830 Goldsmith (O.) The Citizen of the World, or Letters from a Chinese Philosopher residing in London to his Friends in the East, first edition, 2 vol., an immaculate uncut copy in the original boards as issued, London, printed for the Author, and sold by J. Newbery, etc., 1762, 8vo. (650) Waring, £95 6831 [Watts (Isaac).] A Treatise of Humane Reason (by Ma. Clifford, Esq.), Isaac Watts' copy, with his autograph "I. Watts, 1705, pret 8d," with 72 pp. of MS. in his autograph relating to the book and its author on the fly-leaves, and MS. notes throughout the volume also by Watts, original calf, H. Brome, 1675, 8vo. (651) Cockerell, £25

["J. Wilton, March, 1749-50. Bott at ye sale of Dr. Watts' Library for the sake of ye Doctors pious and useful remarks." "This book I had from Mr. Wilton the Father of my Friend Dr. Wilton, and I wish it to be preserved with care, S. P. . . . Most of the notes I printed with my Notes on Dr. Johnson's Life of Watts, S. P.”—MS. Notes on fly-leaves-Catalogue.]

6832 Hora. Heures a lusaige de Paris tout au long sans requirir, etc., lit. goth., red and black, long lines, printed upon vellum, with 10 full-page woodcuts and many smaller ones, and initials, painted and illuminated, wanted a i., ii. and viii., and several other leaves, contains 103 leaves in all, old French morocco gilt, g. e., not subject to return, Paris, Gillet Hardouyn, s. d., 8vo. (653) Quaritch, £16 6833 Savonarola (H.) Operetta motta divota Sopra e dieci Comādamenti de dio diritta alla Madonna, etc., 30 leaves, roman

letter, long lines, with two outline woodcuts, paper wrappers, Firenze, 1495, 4to. (659)

Quaritch, £36 6834 (Lamb (Charles).] The King and Queen of Hearts, with the

Rogueries of the Knave who Stole the Queen's Pies, 14 illustrations, and a vignette from designs by William Mulready (plain), 2 leaves slightly defective, original printed wrapper, Printed for M. J. Godwin & Co. at the Juvenile Library, Skinner St., Snow Hill, 1818, 12mo. (662)

Sabin, ts [An edition with a different date from the only two other known impressions, which recently sold for £220 and £240

respectively.- Catalogue. See Index.-Ed.] 6835 Lamb (Charles). John Woodvill, a Tragedy, by C. Lamb, to

which are added Fragments of Burton, the author of the Anatomy of Melancholy, first edition, original boards, uncut, ex-libris of “Tourle" in cover, Printed by T. Plummer for

G. and J. Robinson, 1802, 8vo. (663) Maggs, £10 55. 6836 Amadis de Gaule. Tresor de tous les Livres d'Amadis de

Gaule, 2 vol., morocco, the sides and back covered with a gold tooling of oval compartments, in the centre of the obverse side a shield charged with three fleurs-de-lis on a bend, and on the reverse a similar shield with three lilies and the motto “Expectata non Eludet,” g. e., by Clovis Eve, in good preservation, purchased at the sale of the library of Robert Southey in May, 1844, à Lyon, 1582, 8vo. (664)

Perry, £32 (Bound probably for Marguerite de Valois de Saint Rémy. Vol. i. being imperfect at the end, the lot was sold not subject to return. A copy of the sale catalogue of Robert Southey's library (priced), in which the above work

occurs (No. 40), accompanies the lot.--Catalogue.] 6837 Geographical Playing Cards. A pack of 51 Geographical

Cards, wanted title, containing small views of cities, including New York, South America and the principal cities of Europe and the East (H. Brome, 1676), 8vo. (664*)

Sabin, £3 125. 6838 Testament (The New), now translated out of the Original

Greeke, woodcut title, B. Norton and J. Bill, 1627– The Third Part of the Bible (after some Division), containing 5 excellent Books, most commodious for all Christians, it., 1626–Whole Booke of Psalmes in Meeter, by T. Sternhold and J. Hopkins, with apt Notes, Stationers' Co., 1627, bound in 2 vol. dos-a-dos, in white silk, embroidered in flowers in relief in silver and various coloured threads by the nuns of Little Gidding (?), with the original silk ties and silk bag, in a perfect state of preservation, 16mo. (665)

Maggs, £26 1os. The Property of an Amateur. 6839 Butler (S.) Hudibras, the Second Part, first edition of the

genuine first issue, with leaf of imprimatur, original calf, T. R. for J. Martyn and J. Allestry, 1664, small 8vo. (666)

Maggs, £20 10s.

6840 Carew (T.) Poems (Coelum Britannicum, a Masque at Whitehall, in the Banquetting house, on Shrove-Tuesdaynight, the 18 of February, 1633, with separate title), half morocco extra, g. e., J. D. for Thos. Walkley, 1640, 8vo. (667) Pickering, £10 5s. 6841 Milton (J.) Poems, both English and Latin, compos'd at several times, printed by his true copies. The Songs were set in Musick by Mr. Henry Lawes, first edition, fine impression of the very rare portrait by W. Marshall (the margins intact), generally cut into, large copy, with only two or three numbers of leaves shaved by the binder, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, Ruth Raworth for H. Moseley, 1645, 8vo. (669) Maggs, £85 6842 Milton (J.) Paradise Regain'd, a Poem in IV. Books, to which is added Samson Agonistes, first edition, with leaf of Licence facing title, separate leaf of Errata at the end, portrait inserted inside front cover, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, J. M. for John Starkey, 1671, 8vo. (672)

Denham, £29

6843 Vaughan (Henry, Silurist). Silex Scintillans, or Sacred Poems and Private Eiaculations, first edition, engraved title, with leaf in verse facing, autograph of Robertus Roger, and F. Bindloss, original calf, J. W. for H. Blunden, 1650, 8vo. (673) Pickering, £21 6844 Suckling (Sir J.) Fragmenta Aurea, a Collection of all the Incomparable Peeces (Plays and Poems), and published by a Friend to perpetuate his Memory, first edition, a few headlines shaved, portrait by Marshall, half morocco extra, g. e., H. Moseley, 1646, 8vo. (674) Pickering, £7 10s. 6845 Brathwaite (R.) The English Gentleman, first edition, frontispiece by Vaughan, in compartments, with draft of the same, original calf, 1630, 4to. (675) Pickering, £10 6846 Cowley (Abraham). Poetical Blossomes by A. C., first edition, with the portrait at the age of 13, by Vaughan, defective at foot and fore-edge, portrait by Faithorne pasted inside of cover, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, B. A. and T. F. for Henry Seile, 1633, 4to. (676) Pickering, £35

6847 Fage (Mistris Mary). Fames Roule, or The Names of Our dread Soveraigne Lord King Charles, his Royall Queen Mary and his most hopefull posterity together with the Names of the Dukes, Marquesses, etc. of England, Scotland and Ireland, Anagrammatiz'd and expressed by Acrosticke lines on their names (to the number of 420), p. 178 shaved by the binder, half morocco extra, g. e., R. Oulton, 1637, 4to. (677) Pickering, £8

6848 Dryden (J.) A Poem upon the Death of his late Highness, Oliver Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, first edition, shaved in the headline, morocco extra, with gold ornaments in centre sides, g. e., W. Wilson, 1659, 4to. (678) Pickering, £1 4s. 6849 Dryden (J.) The Conquest of Granada by the Spaniards, in

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