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Handbook for Collectors, plates, LARGE PAPER, 150 copies printed, uncut, 1897, imperial 8vo. (468) Schulze, £4 16s. 6711 Wordsworth (William). Grace Darling, first edition, presentation copy from W. Wordsworth, jun. to the Rev. Thomas Hutchinson, unbound, not published, Carlisle, printed at the Office of Charles Thurnam, n. d., 8vo. (443)

Denham, £11

[The only other copy that has been sold by auction realised £32 in Mr. Crampon's sale.-Catalogue. This is not quite accurate, a copy having sold for £6 6s. in December, 1896. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xi., No. 389. -ED.]

The following books were sold by. Hodgson's on July 8th. The sale, which occupied four days, contained a number of important works, which, however, have been previously reported in this volume of BOOK-PRICES CURRENT at prices which do not differ materially from those realised on the occasion in question.

6712 Hill (T.) The Profitable Arte of Gardening, now the thirde time set forth, woodcuts of Mazes, etc., Imprinted at London by Henrie Bynneman, 1574-An Hospital for the diseased, wherein are to be founde most excellent and approved Medicines gathered by T. C., Edwarde White, n. d., 2 vol. in 1, black letter, old calf, small 4to. (173) Pickering, £10 155. 6713 Old Tracts. Peacham (H.) The Worth of a Peny, or A Caution to Keep Money, 1664—The Triumph of Truth, frontispiece, 1663-The Isle of Pines, frontispiece, 1668Brief Account of Mr. Valentine Greatraks, portrait by Faithorne-Life of Deval, 1669--Life and Death of Monsieur Du Vall, 1670, and others, in 1 vol., small 4to. (149) Pickering, £24 IOS. 6714 Shakespeare. Mr. William Shakespear's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies. Published according to the true original copies. Unto which is added Seven Plays never before printed in folio, portrait by Martin Droeshout, with Ben Jonson's verses, the fourth edition, old calf, with the bookplate of Sir T. Peyton, Bart., of Hackbeech Hall, Norfolk, London, printed for H. Herringman, E. Brewster, R. Chiswell and R. Bentley, at the Anchor in the New Exchange; and at the Crane, and Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard, and in Russell Street, Covent Garden, 1685, folio (279) Edwards, £96

[The above, with the exception of a few slight defects, is a clean and genuine copy of the fourth folio edition, measuring 13% inches by 9 inches.-Catalogue.]

The following were sold, inter alia, by Christie, Manson & Woods on July 25th:—

6715 Gould. Birds of New Guinea and the Papuan Islands (com

pleted by Dr. Bowdler Sharpe), 320 coloured plates, 5 vol., morocco extra, with borders of gold, gilt edges, 1875-88, folio (92) Quaritch, £46 6716 Gould. Birds of Asia, 530 coloured plates, 7 vol., morocco extra, with borders of gold, gilt edges, 1850-83, folio (93) Sotheran, £48

6717 Gould.

Birds of Australia, with the Supplement, 681 coloured plates, 8 vol., morocco extra, with gold borders, gilt edges, 1840-69, folio (94) Bumpus, £128 6718 Gould. The Trochilidæ, or Humming-Birds, with the Supplement, 416 coloured plates, 6 vol., morocco extra, with borders of gold, gilt edges, 1849-87, folio (96) Bumpus, £20 6719 Gould. The Mammals of Australia, 182 coloured plates, 3 vol., morocco extra, with borders of gold, joints, gilt edges, 1863, folio (97) Quaritch, £36

[A second copy realised the same amount.-ED.] 6720 Gould. Birds of Great Britain, 367 coloured plates, 5 vol., morocco extra, with borders of gold, gilt edges, 1873, folio (98) Quaritch, £50 6721 Spitzer. La Collection Spitzer, with 338 reproductions, chiefly in colours, and 800 illustrations of the Works of Art in this celebrated collection, in 6 portfolios, LARGE PAPER, Paris, 1890-92, 4to. (128) J. Bumpus, £54

[JULY 28TH, 29TH AND 30TH, 1902.]



(No. of Lots, 771; amount realised, £6,766 8s. 6d.)

(In this instance the order of the Catalogue is followed.-ED.)

(a) The Property of Mr. James Ward, of Nottingham.

6722 Bailey (P. J.) Festus, a Poem, first edition, presentation copy, with autograph inscription on title, " From the Author, 1839," with poem on his 85th birthday by G. Obryne inserted, original cloth, Pickering, 1839, 8vo. (3)

Maggs, £2 6s.

6723 Horatius Flaccus (Q.) Opera, Pine's edition, 2 vol., engraved throughout, second issue, with inscription on fly-leaf, "George Lane Blount dono dedit Jonathan Davies, D.D., 1774," and given in 1844 to Lord Denman, etc., old English tooled morocco, broad gold borders on the sides, g.e., 1733-7 (15) Walford, £4 17s. 6d. 6724 Watts (Isaac). Divine Songs attempted in easy Language

for the Use of Children, "Out of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings thou hast perfected Praise" (Matt. xxi. 16), first edition, portrait by Vertue inserted, contemporary old English morocco, g. e., well preserved, Printed for M. Lawrence at the Angel in the Poultry, 1715, 8vo. (24) Pearson, £155

[Unique, the only copy known of this most interesting and popular little volume. Of the early editions, the second published the following year, 1716, only one solitary copy is known, the earliest in the British Museum is that of ninth edition, 1728, and of this only two or three copies are known. The above is a presentation copy from the author, with the autograph inscription as follows, "To Mrs. Elizabeth Abney I. W." The volume is dedicated to

Mrs. Sarah


Mrs. Mary and
Mrs. Elizabeth


6725 Watts (I.) Smith (J.) The Magistrate and the Christian, or The Virtues of Public and Private Life Exemplified in the Character of Sir Thomas Abney, with an Elegiac Poem by Isaac Watts, 1722, 8vo. (25) Pearson, £7 6726 Newcastle (Duchess of). Life of the Thrice Noble Prince William Cavendishe Duke of Newcastle, morocco, g.e., 1667, folio (46) Maggs, £295. [Note on fly-leaf, "Given me by the Duke off Newcastle A. Stanhope." "Given to Oswald Mosley, Esq., C. A. C. Stanhope."-Catalogue.]

The Property of an Amateur.

6727 Haedus (P.) De Amoris Generibus, first edition, large copy, with a few MS. notes on the margins, old French morocco extra, g. e., Tarvisii Gerardus de Flandria, 1492, 4to. (99) Quaritch, £2 25. 6728 Platea (Francisci de). Opus Restitutionum Usurarum et Excommunicationum, printed in a peculiar roman type, 32 lines to a page, initial letter on first leaf in colours and gold, and rubricated initials throughout, vellum, Venetiarum, Nicolao Truno, 1472, 4to. (116) Maggs, £3 35. 6729 Johannes Rosenbach de Heidelberg. Constitucions fetes per lo illustrissimo e serenissimo senyor Rey don Ferrando Rey de Castella de Arago, etc., gothic letter, with the woodcut arms of Catalogue on first leaf, and woodcut border on A 11 and numerous initial letters, and printer's mark on last leaf, vellum (Hain 5669), (Barcelona, N. Spindeler), 1494, folio (126) Leighton, 18 55. 6730 Biblia Aureum, printed in a bold gothic letter, rubricated initial letters, clean copy, calf, Nurembergæ, F. Cruszner, 1481, folio (134) Maggs, £4 12s. 6731 Platina (i.e., B. Sacchi). De Honesta Voluptate et Valitudine, large copy, but first four leaves stained, half morocco, y. e., first edition with a date of this early Cookery Book, Venetiis, 1475, folio (138) Quaritch, £5_5s. 6732 Chronycle of Englande, with the Frute of Tymes, The

Descrypsyon of Englande, black letter, printed in double columns, a fragment of 76 leaves, with Caxton's large device on the last leaf, some leaves defective, Westmestre, by Wynken de Worde, 1497, folio (151)

Andrews, £4 2s. 6d. 6733 Livius (Titus). Historiæ Romanæ, Decades III., large copy, with the large initial letters illuminated in gold and colours, oak boards, covered with stamped calf, Tarvisii, J. Vercellensis, 1485, folio (155) Leighton, £10 6734 Sallust. Here begynneth the famous Cronycle of the Warre, which the Romayns had against Iugurth, translated by Alexander Barclay, preest at the commandement of Thomas Duke of Norfolke, black letter, the Latin in Roman type, woodcuts on title and first leaf, the latter of the author presenting his book to the Duke of Norfolk, blank margin of title repaired, and a few leaves at beginning stained, calf (one cover loose), Richarde Pynson, n. d., folio (159) Pickering, £23 10s. 6735 Spenser (E.) The Faerie Queen-The Shepheard's Calendar, together with the other Works of England's Arch-Poët, collected into one volume, woodcuts, first complete edition of the works, calf, g. e., by Rivière, H. L.. for M. Lowndes, 1611-9-12, folio (160) Cockerell, £9 6736 Bonifacius VIII. Pont. Max. Liber Sextus Decretalium Editio Princeps, printed upon vellum, in gothic letter, double columns, with commentary surrounding the text, wanted the last 37 leaves, sold not subject to return, a fine volume, with decorations on first page, and the initials throughout painted in red and blue, vellum, Mogunt, industrie est consummatum per Johannen Fust et Petrum Schoiffer de Gernsheim, 1465, die 17 mensis decemb, royal folio (164)

Cockerell, £40

[Some doubt having arisen as to whether this copy really belonged to the edition of 1465, it was sold as returnable provided that such should prove not to be the case.-ED.] 6737 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true original copies. The Second Impression. Imperfect, commences with King John and ends with the Winter's Tale, p. 303, a sound volume, size 124 by 8%, sold not subject to return, half calf, T. Cotes for R. Allot, 1632, folio (170) Leighton, £7 IOS. 6738 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true original copies. The Third Impression. Commences on B. ii. (5 preliminary leaves frayed), ending with Cymbeline complete, p. 877, corner off page 17 and page 97 torn, otherwise a sound volume, size 12% by 8%, sold not subject to return, calf, rebacked, does not contain the Spurious Plays, 1663 (?), folio (171)

Tregaskis, £22 6739 Duns Scotus (Johannes). In quartum Librum sententiarum opus Anglicanum, gothic letter, printed in double columns, 150 lines to a page, Norimberg, Koberger, 1474-Clementis

Constitutiones una cum apparatu J. Andree, gothic letter, Basil., M. Wensler, 1476, oak boards covered with stamped pigskin, fine specimens of early printing, the volume measures 151⁄2 by 11, in 1 vol., folio (180) Leighton, £4 4s. 6740 Augustinus (S.) De Civitate Dei, printed in roman type, large clean copy (size 13% by 8%), rubricated initial letters, limp vellum, with ties, Rome, Sweynheym et Pānartz, 1470, folio (183) Leighton, £36 10s. 6741 Gregorius (S.) Nova Compilatio Decretalium, gothic letter, printed in double columns, partly on vellum and paper, surrounded with the commentary, large historiated initial letter, illuminated in gold and colours, etc., the other initial letters rubricated throughout, russia gilt, g. e., from Roscoe's library, Mainz, P. Schoeffer, 1473, folio (184)

Maggs, £20 1OS. 6742 Hieronymus (Sancti). Epistolæ, vol. ii., rubricated capitals, with ornamentation on the sides and illuminated initial letter, border and arms in the Italian style, a few leaves stained and a few MS. notes on the margin, otherwise a fine copy, calf gilt, with ornamental gilding on the sides, g.e., Roma, in domo magnifici viri Petri de Maximo, 1468, folio (186) Tregaskis, £18 5s. 6743 Silvestre (J. B.) Universal Palaeography, by F. Madden, 296 lithographed facsimiles, 2 vol. of text and 2 vol. folio of plates, half morocco gilt, g. e., Bohn, 1850, 8vo. and imperial folio (193) Tregaskis, £15 5s. 6744 Anne de Bretagne. Le Livre d'Heures de la Reine Anne de Bretagne traduit du Latin et accompagné de Notices inédites par l'Abbé Delaunay, 2 vol., illuminated in gold and colours in imitation of the original, morocco extra, with the Queen's arms inlaid in colours on the side, etc., clasps, g. e., the translation in half morocco, g. e., enclosed in a wood case, Paris, Curmer, 1861, royal 4to. (194) Sabin, £19 6745 Vallance (A.) The Art of William Morris, with Reproductions from Designs and Fabrics printed in colours from the originals, etc., portrait and plates, uncut, 1897, folio (196)

Shepherd, £9

The Property of Mr. Alexander Howell.

6746 Bourrienne (M. de). Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, portraits, 4 vol., original cloth, uncut, Bentley, 1836, 8vo. (198) Quaritch, £2 10s. 6747 Blavatsky (H. P.) Isis Unveiled, a Master-key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology, portrait, 2 vol., 1884, 8vo. (199) Sotheran, Li 6s. 6748 Adventures of a Post Captain, by a Naval Officer, coloured plates by Williams, half calf, J. Johnson, n. d., 8vo. (201) Sabin, £2 14s. 6749 [Lewis (M. G.)] The Monk, a Romance, 3 vol., first edition, original marbled calf, an autograph letter from the author to his mother inserted, 1796, 8vo. (207) Denham, £4 18s. 6750 Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings, illustrations,

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