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(No. of Lots, 1738; amount realised, £3,537 6s.)

6628 Alpine Journal (The), a Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation, by Members of the Alpine C vol. i. to xix., vol. xx., Nos. 147-53, 3 odd numbers and Catalogue of the Library, unbound, 1864-1901, 8vo. 383 W. Ford.

6629 Armstrong (W.) Gainsborough and his place in English A 62 photogravures and 10 lithographic facsimiles in colo Heinemann, 1898, folio (228) E. Parsons, £85 6630 [Barker (M. H.)] Greenwich Hospital, a series of Na Sketches, descriptive of the Life of a Man-of-War's Ma by an Old Sailor, first edition, with coloured etchings George Cruikshank, original impressions, half morocco 1826, 4to. (512) Braun.

6631 Beaumont (Fr.) and John Fletcher. Comedies and Traged never printed before, first edition, portrait of Fletcher Marshall (bottom margin shaved), old calf, H. Robinson and H. Moseley, 1647, folio (881) Dobell, £17 6632 Bell (Malcolm). Edward Burne-Jones, a Record and Revies. portrait and numerous illustrations, uncut, t. e. g., isso limited to 390 copies, 1892, 4to. (137) Shepherd, £3 + 6633 Besler (B.) Hortus Eystettensis, medallion portrait, e graved titles and about 360 plates, best edition, with

7 plates of the Classis Hyberna often wanted, veli (Norimberga), 1613, large folio (1281) Wesley, £31ts 6634 Blake (William). Songs of Innocence, first edition, 15 leaves printed on both sides of the paper, before Blake ot templated the issue of the "Songs of Experience,” three of which are incorporated in this edition, and when issue. together in vol. in 1794, were then printed for the firs time on one side of the paper only; this copy, to be que complete, should include "A Dream, Little Girl Lost and Little Girl Found," occupying 4pp. on 2 leaves, unbourd The Author and Printer, W. Blake, 1789, 8vo. (396) E. Parsons, £19 108 6635 Boccaccio (G.) Il Decamerone, 5 vol., portrait, engraved titles and 110 plates and vignettes by Gravelot, Boucher Cochin and Eisen, half russia, uncut, Londra (Paris, 1-5′′ 8vo. (272) Cox, £5 6636 Boydell (J. and J.) History of the River Thames, 2 vol., a th 76 large engravings of the most famous scenery, seats mansions, etc. on its banks, coloured like drawings, with an extra title in vol. i., "Views and Scenery on the River

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6535 Latham (J.) A General History of Birds, 10 vol., numerous coloured plates, half russia, Winchester, 1821-4, 4to. (602) Palmer, £3 108. 6536 Lawes (The) and Statutes of the Stannarie of Devon, blark letter, woodcut title slightly shaved, with arms on back and last leaf, V. Simmes, 1600-The Exposicions of the Terms of ye Law of England, and the Nature of the Wryttys wyth dyvers Rulis and Pricyples of ye Law, as well out of ye Bokys of Master Lyttelton, as of other Bokys, etc., blark letter, in English and Norman-French, with the printer's mark on both sides of the last leaf, a few MS. notes on the margins, in vol., old calf, n. d., folio (1034) Leighton, £16 55 6537 Leslie and Taylor. Life and Times of Sir Joshua Reynolds. with Notices of some of his Contemporaries, 2 vol., portra s and illustrations, 1865, 8vo. (569) Quaritch, £3 145 6538 Lever (Charles). Works, with numerous illustrations by H. K. Browne and George Cruikshank, library edition, 18 vol., calf extra, uncut, t. e. g., Chapman and Hall and Routledge, 1872, etc., 8vo. (395) Leighton, £9 ÷ 6539 Lhoyd (H.) The Historie of Cambria, now called Wales, by D. Powell, black letter, woodcut title inlaid, woodcuts, russ (joints cracked), R. Newberie and H. Denham, 1584, 410 (502) Palmer, £3 185 6540 Lhoyd (H.) The Historie of Cambria, now called Wales corrected and augmented by D. Powel, black letter, woodcut title and woodcuts, russia, blind tooled, g. e., R. Newberie and H. Denham, 1584, 4to. (61) Ridler, £7 155 6541 Lloyd (Charles). Poems on the Death of Priscilla Farmer. by her grandson (contains Sonnet by S. T. Coleridge, first edition, half morocco, Bristol, 1796, folio (694*) Perry, La 6542 Manning (O.) and Bray (W.) History and Antiquities of Surrey, folding maps, plates, some additional ones inserted. 3 vol., half calf, 1804-14, folio (78) Leighton, Eve 6543 Marston (J.) Tragedies and Comedies collected into one volume (vi. Plays with separate titles), good copy, calf, r. e. A. M. for W. Shearns, 1633, 8vo. (7) Pickering, £10 38 6544 Massinger (P.) The Duke of Millaine, a Tragedy, first edition, dedicated to Lady Stanhope, stained and some leaves shaved by the binder, half calf, 1623, 4to. (66)

Pickering, £3 55 6545 Massinger (P.) The Bond-man, an Antient Storie, as it hath been often acted at the Cock-Pit in Drury Lane, first edition, title defective, and two or three headlines shaved half calf, 1624, 4to. (67) Pickering, £3 10s 6546 Massinger (P.) Plays, with Notes Critical and Explanatory by W. Gifford, 4 vol., portrait, calf gilt, m. e., contents lettered, 1813, 8vo. (567) Quaritch, £2 35 6547 Moore (T.) Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance, first edition. LARGE PAPER, proof plates by Westall, morocco extra, blind and gold tooling on the sides, broad gold tooled joints, silk linings, g.e., 1817, 4to. (688) Pickering, L

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