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gilt edges, Paris, de L'Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1785, tora

4to. (869) 6583 Florio (John). Essayes of Montaigne (The Tudor Transi tion), 3 vol., buckram, uncut, 1893

4113 6584 Folk Lore Society's Publications, from 1878 to 1901, a co

plete set (with the exception of No. 20, The Handbook Folklore), 47 vol., cloth, uncut (1 vol. in numbers, with clos

case, and i sewed), 8vo. (595) 6585 Franklin (B.) The Way to Wealth, or Poor Richard 1:7

proved, portrait, LARGE PAPER, printed on vellum (on's copies so issued), morocco, gilt edges, Paris, 1795, 85m

(844) 6586 Vallance (Aymer). The Art of William Morris. A Record

with Reproductions in colours from designs by William Morris, facsimiles of the Kelmscott Type, portrait as many other illustrations, and a Bibliography by Tempe Scott (limited to 220 copies), buckram, uncut, Chinner Press, 1897, folio (600)

£10 6587 Whitman (A.) Masters of Mezzotint, 60 illustrations, LARGE

PAPER (only 50 copies so printed), half vellum, gilt trong uncut, 1898, 4to. (599)

(JULY 16TH, 1902.)



(No. of Lots, 343 ; amount realised, £930 is. 6d.)

6588 America. Les Nouvelles et Antiques merueilles, plus

traicté des douze Cesars, half calf (some leaves wormed. Paris, 1554, 12mo. (3)

Stephen, £1 10 [“ Le Livre des Nouvelles Isles" is on the discoveries r; Columbus, and the preface contains a reference to "Amers

Vespuce.”—Catalogue.] 6589 America. Narrative of the Transactions of the Fleet unde

the command of Lord Howe, Sir Henry Clinton, Eari
Cornwallis, calf, with ex-libris of Adam Smith, 1783, 810

Edwards, £2 175. had 6590 Aristoteles. De Animalibus lib. ix. interprete Theod. Gazr.

printed capitals, editio princeps, russia (some leave wormed), Impress Venet. per Johannem de Colonia, 14. folio (226)

Quaritck, 6591 Arnold (M.) The Strayed Reveller and other Poems, in: edition, cloth, 1849, 12mo. (6)

Maggs, :: 6592 Blagrave (John, of Reading). The Mathematical Jewel, shewing the making and most excellent use of a singular Instrument so called, woodcut illustrations by the author, original limp vellum, W. Venge, dwelling in Fleete Lane, over

against the Maidenhead, 1585, folio (235) Wesley, £6 6593 Boccaccio. The tragedies gathered by Jhon Bochas of all

such Princes as fell from theyr estates throughe the mutability of Fortune, translated by John Lidgate, Monke of Burye, black letter, woodcut title, russia (some headlines

cut into), John Wayland, n. d., folio (237) Leighton, £5 6594 Brooke (Fulk Grevill, Lord). Remains, being Poems of Monarchy and Religion, old calf, 1670, 8vo. (15)

Leighton, £1 175. 6d. 6595 Carr (J.) The Stranger in France, a Tour from Devonshire

to Paris, special copy, with the 12 aquatint plates coloured, half calf, 1803, 4to. (167)

Maggs, £2 2s. 6596 Cocker (E.) Arithmetick, Perused and Published by John Hawkins, portrait, calf, 1688, 12mo. (25)

Sotheran, £1 12s. 6d. [With autograph inscription on the back of portrait,

"John Clare's Book, 1811."-Catalogue.] 6597 Coleridge (S. T.) Poems, second edition, to which are now

added Poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd, half bound, uncut, 1797, 8vo. (27)

Maggs, £7 155. 6598 Combe (W.) Three Tours of Dr. Syntax, 3 vol., “ Miniature

Edition,” coloured plates, half calf, Ackermann, 1823, 12mo. (28)

Sotheran, £2 ios. 6599 Crowquill (Alfred). Guide to the Watering Places, 8 humorous

coloured plates by Crowquill and 9 views, first edition,

illustrated wrappers, n. d., 8vo. (32) Sabin, £i 175. 6d. 6600 Darwin (C.) Descent of Man, 2 vol., presentation copy from the author, cloth, 1871, 8vo. (34)

Maggs, LI 195. 6601 Dürer Society (The), with introductory Notes by Campbell

Dodgson, etchings, 4 portfolios, 1898-1901, imperial folio (255)

Maggs, £,6 155. 6602 Egan (Pierce). Life in London, or the Day and Night Scenes

of Jerry Hawthorn and his Friend Corinthian Tom, coloured plates by Cruikshank, original illustrated boards, uncut, 1822, 8vo. (40)

S. M. French, £15 6603 Esquemeling (John). Bucaniers of America, 4 parts in 2

volumes, portraits and plates, morocco extra, g. e., 1684-85, 4to. (152)

Cogswell, £:15 1os. [The second volume containing the fourth part is much scarcer than the first. It deals with Ringrose's “Voyage

of Captain Bartholomew Sharp.”—ED.] 6604 Fitzgerald (E). Six Dramas of Calderon, freely translated by

Edward Fitzgerald, first edition, cloth, uncut, W. Pickering, 1853, 8vo. (46)

Robson, £8 5s. 6605 Hakluyt (Richard). The Principal Navigations, Voyages,

Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, 3 vol. in

2, morocco extra, 1599-1600, folio (271) Sabin, £ 34 6606 Handel's “Messiah." Full Score in three volumes, the original calf binding (back repaired), in the writing of Handel's pupil and amanuensis, J. Christopher Smith (17121795). These volumes are one of the four full scores known to have been written by him. One of the copies is in the Hamburg Public Library (formerly in Mr. Schoelcher's possession), another belonged to the late Mr. H. B. Leonard, and another, the “Dublin” score, is at St. Michael's College, Tenbury, formerly the property of Sir F. Gore Ouseley, 1712-1795, folio (343)

Goldschmidt, 150 [This copy is believed to have been used by Handel at various performances, as is shown by the pencil-notes in the fly-leaf of each volume ; and, judging by the autograph signatures inside the covers, it appears that it was at one time in the possession of Dr. William Hayes (1707-1777).

Catalogue.) 6607 Haywood (Eliza). Works, consisting of Novels, Poems and Plays, 4 vol., calf, 1724, 8vo. (54)

Dobell, £2 18s. 6608 Herbarius (Germanice), printed in bold gothic type, with many

woodcuts (coloured by hand), old oak boards (some leaves in MS., sold not subject to return), Augspurg, 1485, folio (274)

Quaritch, £19 6609 Hissey (J. J.) Drive through England, illustrated by the

author, cloth, 1885, 8vo. (58) F. Edwards, £3 25. 6d. 6610 Johnson (C.) Chrysal, or Adventures of a Guinea, 12 coloured plates, 3 vol., boards, uncut, 1822, 12mo. (65)

Maggs, £2 8s. 6611 Jonson (Ben). Workes, portrait by Vaughan and engraved title, old calf, 1640, folio (280)

Dobell, £4 75. 6d. 6612 Keats (John). Poems, first edition, half calf, C. and J. Ollier, 1817, 12mo. (68)

Robson, £25 (With autograph inscription on the fly-leaf, “ John Clare,

Helpstone, 1820.”—Catalogue.] 6613 Keats (John). Endymion, a Poetic Romance, first edition,

half calf, Taylor and Hessey, 1818, 8vo. (69) Sotheran, £14

[With autograph inscription on the half-title, “John Clare,

Helpstone, 1821.”Catalogue.] 6614 Keats (John). Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes and

other Poems, first edition, half calf, Taylor and Hessey, 1820, 12mo. (70)

Dobell, £13 55. (With autograph inscription on the fly-leaf, “John Clare,

Helpstone, 1820.”Catalogue.] 6615 Lamb (Charles). Prince Dorus, or Flattery put out of

Countenance, a Poetical Version of an Ancient Tale, illustrated with a series of 9 coloured engravings, first edition,

original covers, M. J. Godwin, 1811, 12mo. (75) Sabin, £62 6616 Lamb (Charles). Works, 2 vol., first edition, original boards,

uncut, C. and J. Ollier, 1818, 8vo. (76) Dobell, £69

[With inscription on the half title of vol. 1 in the author's handwriting, “ For Mr. Clare, with C. Lamb's kindest

remembrance.”—Catalogue.] 6617 Lamb (Charles). Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the London Magazine, first edition, original boards, uncut, Taylor and Hessey, 1823 (77)

Stevens Em Brown, £88 [On the fly-leaf, “ Mr. John Clare with Elia's regards," in

the author's autograph.- Catalogue.] 6618 Lang (A.) Ballads in Blue China, presentation copy, cloth, 1883, 8vo. (81)

Sotheran, £ 2 ios. 6619 Parkinson (John). Paradisi in Sole. A Garden of all sorts

of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed up, woodcuts of plants, old calf (last leaf damaged), 1629, folio (297)

J. Russell, £45 6620 Pole (Cardinal). Reginali Poli Cardinalis Britanni, ad Hen

ricū Octavum Britanniæ Regem, pro Ecclesiasticæ Unitatis defensione, libri quatuor, morocco extra, g. e., Romæ, apud

Antonium Bladum (circa 1536), folio (299) Cogswell, £4 6621 Pope (A.) Works, 2 vol., portrait by Vertue (torn), calf, 1717-35, folio (300)

Maxstead, £2. 1os. 6622 Shakespeare (W.) Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, old calf, rebacked, Printed by J. Darby, 1723, 4to. (322)

Sotheran, £4 155. [The edition referred to by H. H. Furness in his Variorum Edition of “Hamlet,” the existence of which he doubted. It is presumably the edition of the “accurate Mr. John Hughes " noted by Theobald in his "Shakespeare Restored," the text conforming to those mentioned therein.-Cata

logue.] 6623 (Tennyson.) Poems by Two Brothers, first edition, original

boards, uncut, Simpkin and Marshall ; and J. J. Jackson, Louth, 1827, 8vo. (130)

Stevens & Brown, £39 6624 Voragine (Jacob de). Legenda Aurea Sanctorum, gothic letter.

with painted capitals, morocco extra, g. e. (MS. notes by Sir G. Ormerod respecting this edition), Colonia (U. Zell), 1483, folio (317)

Quaritch, £8 ios. 6625 Waller (Edmund). Poems, etc., written by Mr. Edmund

Waller, of Beckonsfield, Esquire, first edition, morocco extra, g.e., by Rivière and Son, Printed by T. W. for Humphrey Mosley at the Princes Armes in Pauls Churchyard, 1645, 8vo. (137)

Young, £14 155. 6626 Walpole (Horace). A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble

Authors, 2 vol., frontispiece and vignettes on titles, old morocco extra in style of Roger Payne, g. e., with David Garrick's bookplate in both volumes, 300 copies issued,

Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1758, 8vo. (139) Maggs, £8 6627 Yorkshire. The Costumes of Yorkshire, descriptions in Eng

lish and French, 41 coloured plates, including the 4 military which are generally wanting, half morocco, Printed by T. Bensley, 1814, 4to. (217)

Bain, £4 155.





(No. of Lots, 1738 ; amount realised, £3,537 6.)

6628 Alpine Journal (The), a Record of Mountain Adventure and

Scientific Observation, by Members of the Alpine Club, vol. i. to xix., vol. xx., Nos. 147-53, 3 odd numbers and Catalogue of the Library, unbound, 1864-1901, 8vo. (383)

W. Ford, £25 6629 Armstrong (W.) Gainsborough and his place in English Art,

62 photogravures and 10 lithographic facsimiles in colour, Heinemann, 1898, folio (228)

E. Parsons, £.8 5s. 6630 (Barker (M. H.)] Greenwich Hospital, a series of Naval

Sketches, descriptive of the Life of a Man-of-War's Man, by an Old Sailor, first edition, with coloured etchings by George Cruikshank, original impressions, half morocco gilt

, 1826, 4to. (512)

Braun, £2 6631 Beaumont (Fr.) and John Fletcher. Comedies and Tragedies,

never printed before, first edition, portrait of Fletcher by Marshall (bottom margin shaved), old calf, H. Robinson and H. Moseley, 1647, folio (881)

Dobell, £17 55. 6632 Bell (Malcolm). Edward Burne-Jones, a Record and Review,

portrait and numerous illustrations, uncut, t. e. g., issue

limited to 390 copies, 1892, 4to. (137) Shepherd, £3 4s. 6633 Besler (B.) Hortus Eystettensis, medallion portrait, en

graved titles and about 360 plates, best edition, with the Ź plates of the Classis Hyberna often wanted, vellum

(Norimberge), 1613, large folio (1281) Wesley, £3 18. 6634 Blake (William). Songs of Innocence, first edition, 15 leaves,

printed on both sides of the paper, before Blake contemplated the issue of the “Songs of Experience,” three of which are incorporated in this edition, and when issued together in 1 vol. in 1794, were then printed for the first time on one side of the paper only ; this copy, to be quite complete, should include “A Dream, Little Girl Lost and Little Girl Found,” occupying 4pp. on 2 leaves, unbound, The Author and Printer, W. Blake, 1789, 8vo. (396)

E. Parsons, £19 105. 6635 Boccaccio (G.) Il Decamerone, 5 vol., portrait, engraved

titles and 110 plates and vignettes by Gravelot, Boucher, Cochin and Eisen, half russia, uncut, Londra (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (272)

Cox, £5 55. 6636 Boydell (J. and J.) History of the River Thames, 2 vol., with

76 large engravings of the most famous scenery, seats, mansions, etc. on its banks, coloured like drawings, with an extra title in vol. i., “ Views and Scenery on the River

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