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copy, large painted initial letter and rubricated capitals throughout, half russia, Mediolani, C. Valdarfer, 1475, 8vo. (470) Leighton, £6 15s. 6502 Brome (R.) Five New Playes, first edition, 2 or 3 leaves shaved, portrait by Cross, original calf, 1654, 8vo. (6) Pickering, £8 10s. 6503 Burton (Sir R. F.) The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, edited by L. C. Smithers, 12 vol., 70 illustrations by A. Letchford, uncut, 1897, 8vo. (182) F. Ford, £4 18s. 6504 Cartwright (Thomas). An Admonition to the Parliament, black letter, portion of BIII. torn away, From my Chamber in London this 30 Sept. in anno 1572-An Exhortation to the Byshops to deale Brotherly with theyr Brethren, 8 leaves, black letter, n.d.-A Second Admonition to the Parliament, black letter. 64pp., n.d. (1572)—Certaine Articles Collected and Taken (as it is thought) by the Byshops out of a little boke entituled, An Admonition to the Parliament, with an Answer to the same, black letter, six lines in verse on title, "The Printer to the Reader," and 7 verses of 4 lines each on back of title, "To the Prelacie," "Imprinted we know where and whan judge you the place and you can, J. C. J. S." (8 leaves), stained, otherwise good copies, curious old English gold stamped binding, with crowned portrait of Queen Elizabeth in the centre of each side, and underneath the name of "Elizabeth Slack," with ties, in 1 vol. (589)

Sotheran, £31

[A very curious and interesting volume. The last piece described above is supposed to have been printed at Wandsworth, near London.-Catalogue.]

6505 Chapman (G.) The Whole Works of Homer, in his Iliad

and Odysses, engraved title mounted, and printed title to the Odysses, but not the engraved title, two leaves in the Introduction (loose) supplied from another copy, morocco extra, g. e., sold not subject to return (1616), folio (694)

Leighton, £5 5s.

6506 Coleridge (S. T.) The Fall of Robespierre, an Historic Drama, first edition, with MS. list of Dramatis Personæ, etc., morocco, g. t., Cambridge, 1794, 8vo. (646)

6508 Coleridge (S. T.)

Denham, £2 10S. 6507 Coleridge (S. T.) Fears in Solitude, written in 1798, during the Alarm of an Invasion, to which are added France, an Ode, and Frost at Midnight, first edition, morocco, g. t., 1798, 4to. (647) Maggs, £7 155. Christabel, Kubla Khan, a Vision-The first edition, with half-title, morocco, g. t., Quaritch, £1 195. 6509 Coleridge (S. T.) Zapolya, a Christmas Tale in two parts, the Prelude entitled The Usurper's Fortune," and the Sequel entitled "The Usurper's Fate," first edition, morocco, g. t., uncut, 1817, 8vo. (649) Quaritch, £1 14S.

Pains of Sleep,

1816, 8vo. (648)

6510 Coleridge (S. T.) Sibylline Leaves, a Collection of Poems,

first edition, with half-title, LARGE PAPER, morocco, g. t., uncut, 1817, 8vo. (650) Dobell, £45s. 6511 Coleridge (S. T.) On the Constitution of Church and State, first edition, morocco, g. t., uncut, 1830, 8vo. (651)

Shepherd, 10s. 6512 Coxe (Archdeacon William). Historical and Biographical Works and Travels, complete set, best editions, with portraits, plates and maps, 24 vol., full calf gilt, y. e., uniform, 1784-1829, 4to. (489) Hutchins, £6 5s.

[Memoirs of Sir R. Walpole, 3 vol.-Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough, 3 vol.-Bourbon Kings of Spain, 3 vol.-Correspondence of Duke of Shrewsbury, etc.-Travels in Russia, Sweden, etc., 3 vol.-Tour in Monmouthshire, 2 vol.-Memoirs of Horatio Lord WalpoleMemoirs of the Right Hon. H. Pelham, 2 vol.-House of Austria, 3 vol.—Travels in Switzerland and Grisons, 2 vol. -Russian Discoveries between Asia and America.—Catalogue.]

6513 Dallaway and Cartwright.

History of the Western Division of the County of Sussex, 3 vol., maps and plates, scored russia, the last vol. in boards, uncut, 1815-19-30, imperial 4to. (1003) Walford, £26 6514 Davis (John). The Seaman's Secrets, wherein is taught the three kindes of Sayling, also an Horizontall Tyde-Table, black letter, diagrams, sewed, J. Dawson, 1633, 4to. (592) Stevens, £3 8s.

6515 Defoe (Daniel). The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, frontispiece, first edition, W. Taylor, 1719-The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, being the Second and last part of his Life, folding map, second edition, ib., 1719, old calf, 8vo. (899)

Pickering, £245 6516 Delgasto (M.) A Joyfull New Tidynges of the goodly Victory, that was sent to the Emperour, from the noble Capitayne Marequis Delgasto. Shewing how and in what Manner all the Frenchmen that were in Italy, with all theyr Captaynes, be overcome and destroyed by the Valeant Prince Salerne, etc., translated by the Printer (John Mayler) from Doutch for Jhon Ghonghe, black letter, woodcut on A ii., morocco, blind tooled sides, Imprynted in Botulphe Lane at the Sygne of the Whyte Beare by Jhon Mayler for Jhon Ghonghe, n. d., 8vo. (352) Quaritch, £30 6517 Evelyn (J.) Memoirs, with Diary and Private Correspondence, edited by W. Bray, 5 vol., portrait, uncut, 1827, 8vo. (3) Maggs, £3 13s. 6518 Frankau (Julia). Eighteenth Century Colour Prints, an Essay on Certain Stipple Engravers and their Work in Colour, 52 coloured plates, uncut, 1900, imperial folio (566) G. H. Brown, £16 10s.

6519 Gay (J.) Fables, first edition, engravings by Van der Gucht and others, half calf gilt, 1727, 4to. (490) Pickering, £2 2s. 6520 Guillim (J.) A Display of Heraldry and Treatise of Honour,

best edition, frontispiece, portraits and numerous coats-ofarms, clean copy, in old calf, 1724, folio (1068) Hill, £5 6521 Havell (William). A Series of Picturesque Views of the River Thames, 13 large_coloured plates, from the original drawings, half bound, T. McLean, 1818, folio (878)

Edwards, £17 5s. 6522 Heywood (Thomas). Pleasant Dialogues and Dramas selected out of Lucian, Erasmus, Textor, Ovid, etc., stamp on dedication leaf "Duplicate Bridgewr. Liby.," in the original vellum, 1637, 8vo. (11) Pickering, £6 15s.

6523 Jerrold (B.) Life of George Cruikshank, 2 vol., illustrations, calf extra, g. t., uncut, by Rivière, 1882, 8vo. (256)

Rimell, £3 5s. 6524 Johnson (Dr. S.) Works, with Essay on his Life and Genius by Murphy, 12 vol., portrait, calf gilt, m. e., contents lettered, 1823, 8vo. (568) Maggs, £3 3s. 6525 Jonson (Ben). The Comicall Satyre of Every Man out of his Humor, first edition, soiled and headlines cut into, half calf, 1600, 4to. (63) Pickering, £122 6526 Jonson (Ben). Works, 2 vol., first edition, engraved title by Hole, both vol. imperfect at end, some leaves stained, sold not subject to return, old rough calf, 1616-40, folio (1023) Edwards, £7 2s. 6d. 6527 Jonson (Ben). Works, with Notes and Memoir by W. Gifford, 9 vol., best edition, portrait, calf gilt, 1816, 8vo. (578) Quaritch, £6 6528 Keats (John). Criticisms and Essays on his Works from Magazines, Books, etc., morocco, gold borders on sides, uncut, interesting collection, in 1 vol., 8vo. (664) Leighton, £3 35. 6529 Killigrew (Mrs. Anne). Poems, first edition, large copy, mezzotint portrait painted by herself and engraved by Beckett, old calf, panelled sides, 1686, royal 4to. (987) Sabin, £40 6530 Knox (Captain John). Historical Journal of the Campaigns in North America for the years 1757 to 1760, 2 vol., portraits and map, rough calf, 1769, 4to. (525) Edwards, £8 15s. 6531 Kyd (Thomas). The Spanish Tragedy, with the Pittifull Death of Hieronimo, woodcut on title, stained, half calf, A. Mathewes, 1623, 4to. (65) Pickering, £6 15s. 6532 La Fontaine (J. de). Fables Choisies, mises en vers, 4 vol., portraits of La Fontaine and J. Oudry, plates after Oudry, engraved by Baquoy, Chavillet, Cochin, Fessard, Lemire, Prévost, Tardieu and others (wanted the index to vol. 3), half morocco gilt, g. e., 1755-59, folio (874) Perry, £12 6533 Lamb (C.) Elia, first edition, with half-title, in the original boards, uncut, Printed for Taylor and Hessey, 93, Fleet Street and 13, Waterloo Place, 1823, 8vo. (661)

Sabin, £20 10S. 6534 Lamb (Charles). Works, 2 vol., first collective edition, original calf, C. and J. Ollier, 1818, 8vo. (740)

R. B. Johnson, £4 10s.

6535 Latham (J.) A General History of Birds, Io vol., numerous coloured plates, half russia, Winchester, 1821-4, 4to. (602) Palmer, £3 1OS. 6536 Lawes (The) and Statutes of the Stannarie of Devon, black letter, woodcut title slightly shaved, with arms on back and last leaf, V. Simmes, 1600-The Exposicions of the Termys of ye Law of England, and the Nature of the Wryttys wyth dyvers Rulis and Pricyples of ye Law, as well out of ye Bokys of Master Lyttelton, as of other Bokys, etc., black letter, in English and Norman-French, with the printer's mark on both sides of the last leaf, a few MS. notes on the margins, in 1 vol., old calf, n. d., folio (1034)

Leighton, £16 5s. 6537 Leslie and Taylor. Life and Times of Sir Joshua Reynolds, with Notices of some of his Contemporaries, 2 vol., portraits and illustrations, 1865, 8vo. (569) Quaritch, £3 145. 6538 Lever (Charles). Works, with numerous illustrations by H. K. Browne and George Cruikshank, library edition, 18 vol., calf extra, uncut, t. e. g., Chapman and Hall and Routledge, 1872, etc., 8vo. (395) Leighton, £9 5s. 6539 Lhoyd (H.) The Historie of Cambria, now called Wales, by D. Powell, black letter, woodcut title inlaid, woodcuts, russia (joints cracked), R. Newberie and H. Denham, 1584, 4to. (502) Palmer, £3 18s. 6540 Lhoyd (H.) The Historie of Cambria, now called Wales, corrected and augmented by D. Powel, black letter, woodcut title and woodcuts, russia, blind tooled, g. e., R. Newberie and H. Denham, 1584, 4to. (61) Ridler, £7 15s. 6541 Lloyd (Charles). Poems on the Death of Priscilla Farmer, by her grandson (contains Sonnet by S. T. Coleridge), first edition, half morocco, Bristol, 1796, folio (694*) Perry, £9 6542 Manning (O.) and Bray (W.) History and Antiquities of Surrey, folding maps, plates, some additional ones inserted, 3 vol., half calf, 1804-14, folio (78) Leighton, £18 6543 Marston (J.) Tragedies and Comedies collected into one volume (vi. Plays with separate titles), good copy, calf, r. e., A. M. for W. Shearns, 1633, 8vo. (7) Pickering, £10 5s. 6544 Massinger (P.) The Duke of Millaine, a Tragedy, first edition, dedicated to Lady Stanhope, stained and some leaves shaved by the binder, half calf, 1623, 4to. (66)

Pickering, £3 5s. 6545 Massinger (P.) The Bond-man, an Antient Storie, as it hath been often acted at the Cock-Pit in Drury Lane, first edition, title defective, and two or three headlines shaved, half calf, 1624, 4to. (67) Pickering, £3 105. 6546 Massinger (P.) Plays, with Notes Critical and Explanatory by W. Gifford, 4 vol., portrait, calf gilt, m. e., contents lettered, 1813, 8vo. (567) Quaritch, £2 35. 6547 Moore (T.) Lalla Rookh, an Oriental Romance, first edition, LARGE PAPER, proof plates by Westall, morocco extra, blind and gold tooling on the sides, broad gold tooled joints, silk linings, g.e., 1817, 4to. (688) Pickering, £7

£2 155.

6548 Motteux (P.) Beauty in Distress, a Tragedy, title soiled, half calf, 1698-Rochester (Earl of). Valentinian, a Tragedy, title soiled and backed, half calf, 1685 (62) 6549 Naval Chronicle, containing a General and Biographical History of the Royal Navy and Original Papers on Nautical Subjects, complete from the commencement, 40 vol., with many portraits, engravings of sea fights, etc., half calf, 1799-1818, 8vo. (454) Edwards, £9 15s.

6550 Naval Achievements of Great Britain from the year 1793 to 1817, coloured portraits of Lord Nelson and Earl Vincent, and atlas of 55 coloured plates of naval engagements, etc., half bound, n. d., 2 vol., folio (560) Edwards, £11 15s. 6551 Naval and Martial Achievements of Great Britain, 17931817, 2 vol., upwards of 100 coloured plates, morocco, tooled sides, g. e., Jenkins (1817), imperial 4to. (240)

Maggs, £17 6552 Newgate Calendar (The New and Complete), or Malefactors' Universal Register, by W. Jackson, 6 vol., plates, half calf, Hogg, n. d., 8vo. (267) Pickering, £3 155. 6553 Nichols (J.) Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century and Illustrations of Literary History, with Index, 16 vol., portraits, original boards, uncut, 1812-36, 8vo. (28)

Maggs, £7 10s. 6554 North (Hon. R). Lives of Francis Dudley and Dr. J. North, edited by Roscoe, 3 vol., portraits, uncut, 1826, 8vo. (27) Maggs, 1 16s. 6555 Paxton (Sir J.) Magazine of Botany and Register of Flowering Plants, 16 vol., coloured plates, the first 8 vol. half calf gilt, g. e., the remainder half morocco, g. e., 1834-49, 8vo. (465) G. H. Brown, £6 10s.

6556 Pepys (S.) Memoirs, Diary and a Selection from his Private Correspondence, edited by Lord Braybrooke, 5 vol., portraits, uncut, 1828, 8vo. (2) Sotheran, £2 125. 6557 Picart (B.) The Ceremonies and Religious Customs of the various Nations of the Known World, 6 vol., plates, old russia, gilt back, 1733-7, folio (91) 6558 Portraits des Grands Hommes, Femmes Illustres et Sujets Mémorables de France, portraits (one missing) and plates in colours, uncut, Paris, chez Blin, s. d., 4to. (522)

Ridler, £4

Sabin, £19 5s. 6559 Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archæology, vol. i., Nov., 1878, to vol. xxiii., Dec., 1901, bound in 19 vol., plates and facsimiles, half calf, uncut, 1879-1901, 8vo. (154) Hill, £6 17s. 6d. 6560 Raynalde (Thomas). The Birth of Mankinde, otherwise named the Woman's Booke, black and roman letter, title within woodcut border, woodcuts, calf, T. Adams, 1604, 4to. (498) Chadwick, £3 15s.

6561 Richardson (Samuel). History of Sir Charles Grandison, 7 vol., first edition, original calf, Printed for S. Richardson, 1754, 8vo. (935) Pickering, £6 10s.

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