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[1163-1820), with Notes, etc. compiled by T. B. and T I

Howell, 33 vol., half russia, 1809-26, 8vo. (36) Roche, £ * * 6409 Corneille (P.) (Euvres, avec les Commentaires de Voltaire

12 vol., 2 portraits, and 23 plates after Moreau and Prudhuc engraved by Bosq, Berthet, Simonet, etc., calf gilt, ze, Paris, Renouard, 1817, 8vo. (40)

Quaritch, 3 ss 6410 Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshire, 3 vol., illustratiros.

many coloured or tinted, engravings of arms, etc. in toe text, half morocco gilt, t.e. g., 1870-81, folio (199)

Edwards, £4 125 6411 Dennistoun (James). Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, 310'

first edition, portraits and plates, original cloth, uncut, 1851, 8vo. (50)

Edwards, 2M 6412 Dryden (John). Works, edited, with Notes and a Life of the

Author, by Sir W. Scott, 18 vol., best edition, portrait, ca. gilt, Edinburgh, 1821, 8vo. (54)

Quaritch, £7 108 6413 Dugdale (Sir W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, per R. Docs

worth et Guliel. Dugdale, 3 vol. in 5, first edition, plates bo Hollar, King and others, morocco gilt, g. e., with the arms of Louis Henri Comte de Loménie on sides, over when are the initials s. (Sir Mark Masterman Sykes), 1655-61-3 folio (205)

Edicari's, se 6414 Edwards (S.) The Botanical Register of Exotic Plants a

Shrubs, continued by Dr. Lindley, vol. i. to xix., colours engravings, original impressions, calf gilt, 1815-33, 8:9 (57)

Quaritch, 117 los. 6415 Félibien (D). M.) Description de la Grotte de Versailles, 3

plates by Le Potre, Edelinck, etc., old morocco extra, giem

Paris, l' Imprimerie Royale, 1679, folio (210) Rimell, £5 5. 6416 Gould (John). The Birds of Great Britain, 5 vol., larse

coloured plates, half morocco gilt, g. e., Published by 12 author, 1873, folio (217)

J. Bumpus, 453 6417 Greene (Robert). Dramatic Works, to which are added his

Poems, edited, with Life and Notes, by Alex. Dyce, 2 vol calf gilt, m. e., by Hayday, Pickering, 1831, 8vo. (65)

W. Brown, £1 165. 6418 Hood (Thomas). Works, Comic and Serious, in Prose and

Verse, edited, with Notes, by his Son, 7 vol., portrat,

russia gilt, m. e., Moxon, 1862, 8vo. (68) Maggs, 1 ss. 6419 Houghton Gallery. A set of Prints engraved after the mest

capital Paintings in the Collection of Catherine II. Empress of Russia, late in the possession of the Earl (uf Orford, 28 views, plans, etc. of Houghton Hall, fine improsions of the portraits of Catherine II. by C. Watson, and of Sir Robert Walpole by James Watson, 128 (should be 12, engravings, and vignettes on the titles, half bound, binding broken, 1788, folio (222)

Rimell, 411 US 6420 Hunter (James). Picturesque Scenery of the Kingdom of

Mysore, 40 plates, engraved under the direction of E. Orme, and coloured like the original drawings, half russa 1805, oblong folio (223)

Roche, {

6423 La Fontaine (J. de).

6421 Jonson (Ben). Works, with Notes, critical and explanatory, and a Memoir, by W. Gifford, 9 vol., best edition, portrait, mottled calf gilt, m. e., 1816, 8vo. (75) Quaritch, £5 6422 Keats (John). Poetical Works, and other Writings, now first brought together, edited, with Notes and Appendices, by H. B. Forman, 4 vol., portrait and plates, morocco extra, uncut, t. e. g., 1883, 8vo. (76) Sotheran, £3 7s. 6d. Euvres, nouvelle édition, par C. A. Walckenaer, 6 vol., LARGE VELLUM PAPER, proofs before letters, and the etchings, half morocco gilt, uncut, Paris, 1822-23, 8vo. (80) Sotheran, £3 17s. 6d. 6424 Lechevalier (J. B.) Voyage de la Troade, 1785 et 1786, 3 vol., LARGE VELLUM PAPER, with atlas (imperial 4to.), morocco, g. e., 1802, 8vo. (83) Quaritch, £2 4s. 6425 Montaigne (M de). Essais de Messire Michel Seigneur de Montaigne, Chevalier de l'Ordre du Roy, et gentilhomme ordinaire de sa Chambre, 2 vol., calf, g. e., A. Bourdeaux, par S. Millanges, imprimeur ordinaire du Roy, 1580, 8vo. (240) Sabin, £65 6426 Newe Testamente, newlye corrected, Tyndale's Version, with Prologue, black letter. woodcuts (Lea Wilson, 20), wanted the title, 3 leaves defective, headlines and many side-notes cut into, a full page contains 45 lines, morocco gilt, g.e., sold not subject to return (1548?), 8vo. (245) Quaritch, £11 [The Lea Wilson copy wanted the title-page and kalender, and was otherwise imperfect.-Catalogue.]

6427 O'Donovan (John). Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, 4 vol., original subscription copy (0. Tyndall Bruce), uncut, Dublin, 1851, 4to. (95) Hill, £9 5s. 6428 Old Bailey Trials. Select Trials at the Sessions-House in the Old Bailey for Murder, Robberies, Coining, etc. [17201764], 8 vol., frontispieces, old calf and half calf, sold not subject to return, 1742-64, 8vo. (248) Pickering, £4 14s. 6429 Peele (George). Works, collected and edited, with Life, by Alex. Dyce, second edition, with Additions, 3 vol., calf gilt, m. e., by Hayday, Pickering, 1829, 8vo. (252)

Jackson, £2 125.

6430 Piranesi (J. B. F. e C. F.) Opere. Le Antichità Romane, 4 vol.-Monumenti degli Scipioni, no text-Sciographia Quatuor Templorum Veterum-De Romanorum Magnificentia et Architectura-Architettura Prospetive-Alcune Vedute di Archi Trionfali, etc.—Trofei di Ottaviano Augusto -Lapides Capitolini, etc.-Campus Martius antiquæ Urbis Antichita d'Albano e di Castel Gandolfo-Vasi, Candelabri, Cippi, Sarcofagi, etc., 2 vol.-Colonna Trajana-Colonna Antonina-Ruines de trois Temples Grecs à PestumVedute di Roma, 2 vol.-Statues Antiques-Teatro d'Ercolano-Diverse Manière d'Adornare i Cammini-Raccolta di alcuni Disegni del Barberi da Cento detto Il Guercino- Schola Italica Picturæ-Stampe Diverse-Peintures de la Villa Lante à Rome, etc. dessinées par

T. Piroli-Peintures du Cabinet de Jules Il. au Vaticr. dessinees par T. Piroli-Antiquités de la Grande Gree aujourd'hui Royaume de Naples, redigées et expliquées de A. J. Guattani, bound in 28 vol., Roman impressions of the plates, nearly uncut, half bound, Roma, 1778-1807, folio 110

Behn, 6431 Richardson (Samuel). Works, edited, with Life, by Eduard

Maugin, 19 vol., portrait, 1811-Correspondence, 6 von portraits, coloured frontispieces and facsimiles, calfs

m. e., uniform, together 25 vol., 8vo. (266) Bumpus, £753 6432 Rousseau (J. J.) Euvres complètes (par Sebast. Mercier,

l'Abbé Brizard, et de L'Aulnaye), 39 vol. in 38, LAR: VELLUM PAPER, with proofs of the plates, morocco extra g. e., by Simier, 1788-93, 8vo. (272)

Edwards, 120 6433 Scrope (William). The Art of Deer-Stalking . . . with some

Account of the Nature and Habits of Red Deer, firs: edition, with engravings and lithographs, after E. and C. Landseer, and by the author, a few of the plates spotted

original cloth, uncut, 1838, 8vo. (280) Pickering, £13 6434 Scrope (William). Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in

the Tweed, first edition, coloured and tinted plates, and numerous woodcuts, from paintings by Sir David Wilke E. and C. Landseer, etc., original cloth, uncut, 1843, 8vo (282)

Pickering, £14 155 [A short MS. note of the author inserted, and crest of

E. B. Venables inside cover.-Catalogue.] 6435 Seir-Mutaqharin, or View of Modern Times, from the ver

1118 to the year 1195 of the Hidjrah, containing the Reis of the Seven last Emperors of Hindostan and the Engs) Wars in Bengal, translated from the Persian of Seid. Gholam-Hossein-Khan, 3 vol., a large copy in old motted

calf, y. e., Calcutta, 1789, 4to. (338) Quaritch, £165. 6436 Shakespeare (W.) Plays and Poems, edited, with a Life

Glossarial Index, etc., by Edmond Malone, 21 vol., bes: edition, portrait, calf gilt, m. e., 1821, 8vo. (285)

Edwards, 26 155. 6437 Shakespeare (W.) Plays and Poems, “Valpy's Cabine:

Edition,” with Life, Glossarial Notes, etc., 15 vol., portrait and illustrations, half calf gilt, 1832-4, 8vo. (286)

Rimell, £3 ios 6438 Shakespeare (W.). Works, 12 vol., one of 50 LARGE PAPER,

numbered and signed copies, morocco extra, t. e. g., 1882-3. 8vo. (287)

Edwards, £5 ss. 6439 Shirley (James). Dramatic Works and Poems, now first

collected, with Notes by W. Gifford and Alexander Dyce. 6 vol., portrait, calf gilt, m. e., 1833, 8vo. (288)

Walford, £4 25. 6d. 6440 Slezer (John). Theatrum Scotiæ, first edition, arms of the

nobility on the letterpress and 57 folding plates, russia gzik, m. e., 1693, folio (422)

Hookins, £12 103

6441 Valpy's Delphin and Variorum Latin Classics, comprising the latest and best Text of each Author, various Readings, the Delphin Notes and Interpretation, and the whole of the Variorum Notes at the end of the volume, Literaria and copius Indices, etc., 129 vol (only), calf gilt, m. e., 1819, etc. (299) Quaritch, £12

[JULY 11TH, 1902.]



(No. of Lots, 248; amount realised, £1,680 19s. 6d.)

(a) Sir Daniel Cooper's Library.

6442 Alken (Henry). The National Sports of Great Britain, with Descriptions in English and French, engraved title and 50 coloured plates, first edition, half morocco, g. e., by Rivière, McLean, 1821, folio (123) Hornstein, £68

6443 Alken (Henry). National Sports of Great Britain (title in French only), with descriptions in English and French, engraved title and 50 coloured plates, half morocco, g. t., uncut, McLean, 1823, folio (125) Hornstein, £43 6444 Alken (Henry). The National Sports of Great Britain, 50 coloured plates, half morocco, g.t., 1825, imperial 8vo. (76) J. Bumpus, £26 10s. [The plates are the same as those in the folio editions of 1821 and 1823, but reduced in size.—ED.]

6445 Alken (Henry). A Cockney's Shooting Season in Suffolk, half morocco, g. t., uncut, the original wrappers preserved, by Zaehnsdorf, 1822, folio (124) Maggs, £16 6446 Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, coloured and other plates and woodcuts, 13 vol. (including the June Number for 1828), original half calf, emblematically tooled backs, uncut, Sherwood and Co., 1822-1828, 8vo. (2) Sabin, £67 6447 [Apperley (C. J.)] Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton, Esq., first edition, 12 coloured plates by H. Aĺken, morocco extra, g. t., the original front cover bound at the end, by Rivière, Ackermann, 1835, 8vo. (4)

Robson, £18 10s.

6448 [Apperley (C. J.)] Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton, Esq., second edition, 18 coloured plates by H. Alken and T. J. Rawlins, half morocco, g. t., Ackermann, 1837 (5) Maggs, £5 5s. 6449 Berners (Dame Juliana). The Book containing the Treatises of Hawking, Hunting, Coat-Armour, Fishing and Blasing



of Arms, as printed at Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde, 1496, facsimile reprint, with introduction by J. Haslewood, illustrations, morocco, g. e., 1810, small folio (80)

Maggs, £4 6s. 6450 Bewick (T.) General History of Quadrupeds, the figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick, first edition, morocco extra, g. t., uncut, 1790, 8vo. (8) Thorne, £3 175. 6451 Bewick (T.) History of British Birds, with Supplements, woodcuts by T. Bewick, first edition, 2 vol., royal paper, morocco extra, g. e., 1797-1804-1821, 8vo. (9)

Young, £6 2s. 6d. 6452 Bewick (T.) The Fables of Æsop and others, with designs on wood by T. Bewick, and thumb mark receipt, first edition, royal paper, half russia, uncut, 1818, 8vo. (10)

Thorne, £4 6453 Blundeville (Thomas). The Fower Chiefyst Offices belongyng to Horsemanshippe, black letter, woodcuts and woodcut titles, old calf, London, W. Seres, 1565-6, 4to. (84)

Quaritch, £12 6454 Carey (David). Life in Paris, comprising the Rambles, Sprees and Amours of Dick Wildfire of Corinthian Celebrity, and his bang up companions Squire Jenkins and Captain O'Shuffleton, in the French Metropolis, 21 coloured plates by George Cruikshank, and woodcuts, first edition, morocco, g. t., uncut, the original covers preserved, by Zaehnsdorf, J. Fairburn, 1822, royal 8vo. (12) Robson, £30

[This copy wanted the last leaf.-ED.]

6455 Egan (Pierce). Boxiana, or Sketches of Ancient and Modern Pugilism, portraits, 5 vol., morocco extra, g. t., uncut, with specimen wrappers and advertisements at end, by Rivière, 1818-29, 8vo. (22) Maggs, £24

6456 Egan (Pierce). Life in London, or the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and his excellent friend Corinthian Tom, 36 coloured plates by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, and woodcuts, first edition, morocco gilt, g. t., uncut, the original wrappers bound at the end, by Rivière, Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1821, royal 8vo. (23) Robson, £48 6457 Egan (Pierce). Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry and Logic in their pursuits through Life in and out of London, 36 coloured plates by R. Cruikshank, and woodcuts, first edition, morocco gilt, g. t., uncut, with a specimen cover preserved, by Rivière, G. Virtue, 1830, royal 8vo. (24)

Sabin, £59

6458 Egan (Pierce). The Life of an Actor, the Poetical Descriptions by T. Greenwood, 27 coloured plates by T. Lane, and woodcuts, first edition, calf extra, m. e., London, printed for C. S. Arnold, 1825, 8vo. (25) Hornstein, £5 12s. 6d. 6459 Egan (Pierce). Sporting Anecdotes, original and selected, portraits coloured and other plates by I. R. Cruikshank and S. Alkin, woodcuts, calf extra, m. e., the frontispiece shaved at foot, Sherwood, Jones and Co., 1825, 8vo. (26)

Edwards, £3 18s.

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