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6376 Ketham (Joannes de). Fasciculus Medicæ, etc., title with ornamental border, full-page outline Italian woodcuts

. figured and ornamental initials, etc., half bound, l'enet.

G. Arrivabenus, 1522, small folio (134) Quaritch, 11 6377 Laborde (J. B. de). Choix de Chansons mises en Musique.

portrait of Laborde, head of Marie Antoinette fronting to ii., plates by J. M. Moreau, 4 vol. in 2, morocco extra, g.e. by Lortic (934 by 6 inches), Paris, ches De Lormel, 1773 imperial 8vo. (135)

Robertson, :2 6378 Longus. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et Chloc

(traduit par J. Amyot), première édition, old French. morocco, with the devices of Dr. François Lapeyronnie fo: whom the book was bound), silk doublures, g. e. (Padeloup made-up copy of 2 editions, s. 1. (Paris, Quillau), 1718, sma. 8vo. (146)

Taylor, 113.55 6379 Missale ad Sacrosctē Romane Ecclesie Usum (cum Calen

dario), lit. goth.. printed upon vellum, red and black, with musical notes, large and small woodcuts and ornamenta! initials, comprising a full-page cut before the Canon, 1 of the Mass of S. Gregory, 30 large scenes in the Life of Christ, 164 small figures of male and female saints, 30 borders and hundreds of smaller initials and ornaments, as painted and highly illuminated in imitation of Anciens Manuscripts, the borders painted in flowers, animals, insects. arabesques, etc., oaken boards, velvet, g. e., with 8 old silver bosses, 2 centre pieces, clasps and catches, In alma Parisiorum academia impensis honestorum Virorum Simon Vostre et Thielmani Kerver, 1517, xx. Oct., folio (160)

Stephens, £210 [Only five or six copies appear to be known on vellum.

Catalogue.] 6380 Moreau le Jeune (J. M.) et Freudeberg. Première, Seconde

et Troisième Suites d'Estampes pour servir a l'Histoire de Moeurs et du Costume des François dans le dix-huitième Siècle (années 1774-6-83), 36 plates after Moreau and Freudeberg (A. P. D. R.), morocco extra, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Paris, Prault, 1774-77-83, imperial folio (168)

Koningsburg, £300 6381 Mystere. Le Mistere de la Conception, Nativite, Mariage es

annonciation de la benoiste Vierge Marie, lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), double columns, woodcuts and printers' device, inlaid throughout, within red lines and an outside woodcu: border, old French morocco extra, g. e. (Padeloup), Yemen.z copy, Imprimé nouvellement à Paris par Alain Lotrian a Denis Janot, s. d., 4to. (171)-Mystere. Sensuit la Resurrection de nostre Seigneur Jesu Christ par Personnages, comment il sapparut a ses apostres et a plusieurs autres, etc., lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), inlaid throughout, within red lines, and outer woodcut borders, woodcut on title and reverse of last leaf, old French morocco, g.e. (Padeloup, uniform with the preceding, Nouvellement imprimé à Paris par Alain Lotrian, s. d., 4to. (172)

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Ellis, £20

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morocco super extra, t. e. g., Paris, impr. de P. Didot l'Arm An ix., 1801, 4to. (205)

J. Bumpus, 22 6391 Restif-de-la-Bretonne (Ń. E.) Le Paysan Perverti-et La Par

sanne Pervertie--ou les Dangers de la Ville, édition orig:nale, plates, after Binet by Berthier, 8 vol., morocco extra, t. e.g., others uncut, by Rivière, La Haye et se trouot 1 Paris, 1776-84, small 8vo. (209)

Quaritch, £13 6392 Smirke. Illustrations to Don Quixote, 74 plates and 13

nettes, India proofs before letters, taken separately va LARGE PAPER without text, but with printed" list of the plates, half morocco gilt, g. e., Cadell, 1817, etc., impera folio (222)

Sabin, £7 jos. 6393 Tasso (Torquato). La Gerusalemme Liberata, printed upon

vellum (only 3 or 4 copies so printed), 2 vol., morocco extra, by Spachmann, Parigi, P. Didot il Magg, 1812, roza. 8vo. (232)

Stechert, 15 ios. 6394 Thevet (G. André). Les Singularitez de la France Art

arctique, woodcuts, library stamp on title, boards, Amer.. C. Plantin, 1558, small 8vo. (235)

Symes, £5 $. 6395 Turner (J. M. W.). Picturesque Views on the Southern Coas:

of England, original edition, LARGE PAPER, proof plates engraved by W. B. and G. Cooke, 2 vol., half morocca t. e. g., uncut, Arch, etc., 1826, imperial 4to. (239)

E. Parsons, £8 125. 60. 6396 Valentia. Aureum Opus regalium Privilegiorum Civitatis e:

regni Valentie cum historia Cristianissimi Regis Jacob ipsius primi conquistatoris, lit. goth.. large cut of Valencia arms on title, equestrian figure of S. James (some leaves stained and wormed, title margined), old Spanish call Valentiæ, Didacus de Gumiel, 1515, folio (240)

Cockerell, [Comprises a Chronicle of the Expulsion of the Moors

from Valencia, written in the Limousin dialect. - Catalogue.) 6397 Valta (Petrus Ludovicus, Episc. Revensi). Opusculum super

qualibet dictione Symboli Apostilici devote compositum. printed upon vellum, probably unique (16 leaves), full-length woodcut figure of S. Peter on reverse of title, and 70 large ornamental woodcut initials, modern morocco gilt, ge.. stamp of the Convent of S. Mariæ Majoris on title (Paris, impressit Badius ad idus Martias, 1515, small 4to. (242)

Cockerell, 415 Tos 6398 Vecellio (Cesare). De Gli Habiti antichi et moderni di diverse

parti del Mondo, libri due, prima edizione, full-length figures
within ornamental borders, attributed to Titian, woodcut
initials and vignettes, morocco extra, with the De Goncourts
monogram stamped in gold in centres, inside dentelles
g.e., by Chambolle-Duru, Venet., D. Zenaro, 1590, 8vo.

Pickering, 26 6399 (Verstegan (Rich.)] Theatrum Crudelitatum Hæreticorum

Nostri Temporis, editio prima, copperplate engravings, morocco, plain, inside dentelles, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Antw., A. Hubertus, 1588, small 4to. (246) Maggs, £1 18s.

6400 Vigerius (Marcus). Decachordum Christianum Julio II.

Pont. Max. Dicatum, title and 10 full-page woodcuts within ornamental borders, and 35 small cuts, all of scenes in the life of Christ, limp vellum, Jani, Hieron. Soncinus, 1507, folio (247)

Leighton, £4 6401 Virgilius. A Series of Engravings from the Ancient Vatican

Codex of Virgil (No. 3867), by P. Sancte Bartoli, 57 engravings on vellum, no title or text, Macarthy's seems to be the only other copy on vellum recorded, morocco (17–), 4to. (248)

Maggs, £8 6402 Vivaldus de Monteregali (Fr. Jo. Ludov., Ord. Pred.) Aureum

Opus de Veritate Contritionis, lit. goth.. full-page woodcut of S. Jerome, large figured woodcut initials and numerous ornamental ones, woodcut pointing hands in margins, old MS. notes, half calf gilt, a good large copy, Salutiis impressum Mandato et expensis Ludovici Marchionis Salutiarum per Gulliermos le Signerre fratres Rothomagenses, anno 1503, folio (249)

Cockerell, £9

[JUNE 23RD AND 24TH, 1902.]



(No. of Lots, 442 ; amount realised, £790 6s. 6d.)

6403 Adam (William). Historical Account of Blair-Adam Garden,

2 vol., folding plans and lithographic views, etc., presentation copy, with autograph letter of the author, calf gilt,

m. e., Privately printed, 1834, 8vo. (1) W. Brown, £3 4s. 6404 Ancient (The) and Modern British Drama, together 8 vol., calf, m. e., 1810-11, 8vo. (6)

Hill, £1 35. 6405 Beaumont and Fletcher. Works, edited, with Notes and a

Memoir, by Alexander Dyce, 11 vol., best edition, portraits, calf gilt, m. e., Moxon, 1843-46, 8vo. (13)

Sotheran, £9 175. 6d. 6406 Buffon (Leclerc de). Histoire Naturelle, générale et par

ticulière, redigé par C. S. Sonnini, 127 vol. (wanting vol. ii. and v.), with a double set of the plates (coloured and plain), russia, with delicately tooled morocco backs, 1799-1808, 8vo. (28)

Roche, £i ris. 6407 Cabinet (Le) des Fées. Ou Collection choisie des Contes des

Fées, 41 vol. in 21, plates by Marillier, half bound, m.e.,
Amst., 1785-89, 8vo. (32)

J. L. White, £1 16s. 6408 Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceed

ings for High Treason, and other Trials and Misdemeanours


(1163-1820), with Notes, etc. compiled by T. B. and T. J.

Howell, 33 vol., half russia, 1809-26, 8vo. (36) Roche, £4 45. 6409 Corneille (P.) Euvres, avec les Commentaires de Voltaire,

12 vol., 2 portraits, and 23 plates after Moreau and Prudhon, engraved by Bosq, Berthet, Simonet, etc., calf gilt, g. e.,

Paris, Renouard, 1817, 8vo. (40) Quaritch, £3 8s. 6410 Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshire, 3 vol., illustrations,

many coloured or tinted, engravings of arms, etc. in the text, half morocco gilt, t. e. g., 1870-81, folio (199)

Edwards, £4 125. 6411 Dennistoun (James). Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, 3 vol.,

first edition, portraits and plates, original cloth, uncut, 1851, 8vo. (50)

Edwards, 12 6s. 6412 Dryden (John). Works, edited, with Notes and a Life of the

Author, by Sir W. Scott, 18 vol., best edition, portrait, calf gilt, Edinburgh, 1821, 8vo. (54)

Quaritch, £7 ios. 6413 Dugdale (Sir W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, per R. Dods

worth et Guliel. Dugdale, 3 vol. in 5, first edition, plates by Hollar, King and others, morocco gilt, g. e., with the arms of Louis Henri Comte de Loménie on sides, over which are the initials s (Sir Mark Masterman Sykes), 1655-61-73, folio (205)

Edwards, 25 6414 Edwards (S.) The Botanical Register of Exotic Plants and

Shrubs, continued by Dr. Lindley, vol. i. to xix., coloured engravings, original impressions, calf gilt, 1815-33, 8vo. (57)

Quaritch, £17 ios. 6415 Félibien (D. M.) Description de la Grotte de Versailles, 37

plates by Le Potre, Edelinck, etc., old morocco extra, g. e.,

Paris, l' Imprimerie Royale, 1679, folio (210) Rimell, 65 5s. 6416 Gould (John). The Birds of Great Britain, 5 vol., large

coloured plates, half morocco gilt, g. e., Published by the author, 1873, folio (217)

J. Bumpus, £.53 6417 Greene (Robert). Dramatic Works, to which are added his

Poems, edited, with Life and Notes, by Alex. Dyce, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., by Hayday, Pickering, 1831, 8vo. (65)

W. Brown, El 16s. 6418 Hood (Thomas). Works, Comic and Serious, in Prose and

Verse, edited, with Notes, by his Son, 7 vol., portrait,

russia gilt, m. e., Moxon, 1862, 8vo. (68) Maggs, £1 8s. 6419 Houghton Gallery. A set of Prints engraved after the most

capital Paintings in the Collection of Catherine II., Empress of Russia, late in the possession of the Earl of Orford, 28 views, plans, etc. of Houghton Hall, fine impressions of the portraits of Catherine II. by C. Watson, and of Sir Robert Walpole by James Watson, 128 (should be 129) engravings, and vignettes on the titles, half bound, binding broken, 1788, folio (222)

Rimell, £II IIS. 6420 Hunter (James). Picturesque Scenery of the Kingdom of

Mysore, 40 plates, engraved under the direction of E. Orme, and coloured like the original drawings, half russia, 1805, oblong folio (223)

Roche, £2 6s.

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