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pictures and drawings, morocco extra, gilt edges, 1851, large folio (260)

Brown, £25 6315 Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) Annals of the Artists of Spain, por

traits, 3 vol., morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, 1848, 8vo. (617)

Brown, £9 155. 6316 Suckling (Sir John). Fragmenta Aurea, portrait by Marshall, in the original calf, in a morocco case, 1646, 8vo. (618)

Hazlitt, £27 6s. 6317 Taylor (John, the Water Poet). All his Works, being 63 in

number, collected into one volume by the Author, engraved title containing portrait of the Author by Cockson, and woodcuts (title mounted), morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, 1630, folio (263)

Edwards, 19 6318 Thackeray (W. M.) The Paris Sketch Book, illustrations by

the Author on copper and wood, 2 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1840, 8vo. (626)

Maggs, £8 ios. 6319 Trials of Notorious Malefactors at the Old Bailey, for near fifty Years past, 4 vol., old calf, 1721, 8vo. (635)

Thorp, £i iOS. 6320 Trial of Colonel Burr for High Treason and Misdemeaner,

2 vol., fine paper, boards, uncut, Philadelphia, 1808, 8vo. (636)

Sabin, £4 6321 Trials (Celebrated) and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Juris

prudence, portraits, 6 vol., in boards and parts, 1823, 8vo. (637)

Hollings, £6 6322 Voltaire. La Pucelle, or the Maid of Orleans, with the

Author's Preface and Original Notes, 2 vol. in 1, morocco extra, gilt edges (644)

Edwards, £7 [This translation was made by Lady Charleville and was never published. 50 copies on small paper and five on large paper were distributed, and the remainder destroyed

by a relation of the translator.-Catalogue.] 6323 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler, with Notes by Sir

John Hawkins, plates after Wale, title and preface to first edition, and portrait of Housman inserted, morocco extra,

uncut, top edge gilt, 1784, 8vo. (647) Young, £2 tos. 6324 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler, plates, illustrated

with 118 portraits and 22 views, 1823—Lives of Dr. Donne, Sir H. Wotton, R. Hooker and Dr. R. Sanderson, illustrated with 160 portraits and views, etc., fine impressions, 1825, LARGE PAPER, India proofs of the plates, Major's edition, uniformly bound in morocco extra, uncut, top edge gilt

, together 2 vol., 1823-25, 8vo. (648) Brown, £18 18s. 6325 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, with Notes, a

Bibliographical Preface, and Notice of Cotton and his Writings by Dr. G. W. Bethune, plates, 2 vol. in 5, extensively illustrated with 400 portraits and plates, many proofs, including the set after Stothard and Inskipp, India proofs before letters, and the set from Major's edition, in three states, India proofs, proofs before letters, and the etchings, half morocco extra, uncut, top edge gilt, New York, 1880, 8vo. (649)

Sotheran, £19

6326 Walton (Isaac). Life of Richard Hooker, first edition, morocco extra, gilt edges, 1665, 8vo. (650)

Bain, 63 6327 Williams (H. W.) Views in Greece, 2 vol., LARGEST PAPER,

Artist's India proofs before letters, with the etchings, morocco

extra, tooled sides, gilt edges, 1829, folio (266) Sabin, £4 6328 Winchester (Marquis of). The Lord Marques Idlenes, con

cerning manifold Matters of acceptable Devise, morocco

extra, gilt edges, by Pratt, 1587, 4to. (751) Maggs, £6 55. 6329 Wither (G.) Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Modern,

quickened with Metrical Illustrations both Moral and Divine and disposed into Lotteries (in foure bookes), frontispiece by Marshall, portrait and 200 plates of emblems by Crispin de Passe, and woodcut of the lottery at the end, morocco extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis (fore-edge of the title mended), 1635, folio (267)

Bain, £28 6330 Wood (W.) New England's Prospect, a true and lively

experimentall Description of that part of America commonly called New England, map, morocco, gilt edges, 1635, 4to. (753)

Stevens, £23 6331 Yarrell (W.) History of British Fishes, woodcuts, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, cloth, uncut, 1836, 8vo. (668)

Sotheran, £2 18s. 6332 Yarrell (W.) History of British Birds, woodcuts, 3 vol., first

edition, with the 2 supplements, LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, uncut, top edge gilt, 1843, 8vo. (669) Sotheran, £11

[JUNE 20TH, 1902.)

(No. of Lots, 249 ; amount realised, £2,954 14s.)

6333 Ammianus Marcellinus. Rerum Gestarum libri xviii., ruled

in red, contemporary Lyonnese calf, with black and gilt geometrical involved scroll ornaments in the Grolier manner, with date (1552) in each centre, g. e. (well preserved), Lugd., S. Gryphius, 1552, 12mo. (4)

Lindsay, 46 6334 Amours de Mirtil (Les), engraved title by Legrand, and

plates after Gravelot by Legrand, French morocco, inside dentelles, fore and lower edges quite uncut, top edge rough, by Chambolle-Duru, in marble boarded open case, à Constantinople (Paris), 1761, 8vo. (5)

Dawson, £8 6335 Appianus. Delle Guerre Civili et esterne de Romani (da

Alessandro Bruccio), (6 leaves damaged by fire), contemporary Italian morocco, the sides covered with inlaid black and gold interlaced ornamental scrolls in the Grolier manner, with the arms of the Duchess of Bracciano, Isabel de Medicis, wife of Jordano Orsini, stamped in gold in centres, gilt edges gauffred with arabesques (well preserved),

Vinetia, B. Cesano, 1550, small 8vo. (9) Lindsay, £9 6336 Ariosto (Ludovico). Orlando Furioso, nuova edizione corretta

et ricorretta, printed on vellum (originally in 5 vol., 12mo., this copy in 4to. extended to 9 vol.), with a series of 53 original drawings, including portrait, in red and “Camieu," drawn on vellum by Aug. Lapi, from the designs of his father Jean Lapi, in 1787 and 1788, 9 vol., morocco extra, coronetted initials C. G. (C. Gastaldi) in centres, g. e. (Lewis), Parigi, G. Molini, 1788, 410. (12)

Quaritch, £155 [The drawings are very highly finished and have never been engraved. This copy cited by Brunet has passed successively through the libraries of Comte Mac-Carthy Reagh, Hibbert, Hanrott and the Comte Gastaldi.—Cata

logue.] 6337 Ars Memorandi. Rationarium Evangelistarum omnia in se

Evangelia, Prosa, Versu, imaginibus que quam mirifice
complectens, 15 full-page woodcuts symbolical of the Four
Evangelists, morocco, g.e. (Phorca), Thomas Anshelmus
Badensis, 1505, small 4to. (14)

Belin, £6 6338 Augustinus (S.) De Civitate Dei, cum Commento, lit. goth.,

large woodcut on reverse of title (wormhole through a few leaves at end), half vellum, Venet., O. Scotus (with device), 1489, folio (20)

Chadwicke, £3 3s. 6339 Barnes (Dame Juliana). The Gentleman's Academie, or The

Booke of S. Albans, containing three most exact and excel. lent Bookes, the first of Hawking, the second of . . Hunting, and the last of Armorie, all compiled by Juliana Barnes in the yere 1486, and now reduced into a better method by G. M. (Gervase Markham), roman letter (not black as Lowndes says), separate titles to Hunting and Armorie (inscription on title,“ sum e libris Thomæ Martin (of Spalding] ex dono Johannis Lee"), unbound (rather short copy), (Ashburnham copy realised £24 ios.), Printed

for Humphrey Lownes, 1595, small 4to. (24) Pickering, £10 6340 Beresford (James). The Miseries of Human Life, frontis

pieces, one coloured, 2 vol., old calf, small 8vo., W. Miller, 1806, with the 16 humorous coloured plates by H. Atkinson in a small oblong 4to. vol., ib., 1807 (25)

Belin, 12 6341 Bergomensis (J. Phillippus, Foresti). Novissime hystoriarum

omnium repercussiones, que Supplementum Supplementi Cronicarum nuncupantur, ab exordio mundi usque in Annum Salutis nostre 1502, full-page Italian woodcuts, ornamental borders, views of cities, initials, etc., vellum, Venet., A. de Lissona Vercellensis, 1503, small folio (27) Quaritch, £5

[A rare edition, and the first which relates the History of

the Discovery of America by Columbus.- Catalogue.] 6342 Berquin (A.) Les Idylls, thick Dutch paper, frontispiece and

24 plates after Marillier, both parts in i vol., morocco extra, g. e. (Derome style), by Chambolle-Duru (Paris, Praylt, 1775), square 12mo. (29)

Quaritch, £5 58.

6343 Biblia (Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum Prologis S. Hiero

nymi] Cũ Concordantiis Veteris et novi Testamenti et Sacrorum Canonum, etc., lit. goth.. double columns within woodcut borders, title in red within ornamental border and device, with the Giunta fleur-de-lis, woodcuts and ornamental initials throughout, morocco, g. e., by Belz-Niedrée, Lugd., Impressus Jac. Saccon expensis Ant. Koberger Nuremb., 1521, folio (31)

Belin, £4 5s. 6344 Bickham (George). The Musical Entertainer, engraved

throughout on 200 plates, with large vignette at head of each song, after Gravelot, Watteau, etc., 2 vol. in 1 (wanted title to vol. ii., a few leaves stained, hole in inner margins of 2 leaves), half bound (broken), C. Corbett, etc., n. d., folio (33)

Edwards, £5 155. 6345 Boccaccio (Giovanni). Le Decameron de Jean Boccace,

édition originale, portrait and 110 plates, and 97 tail-pieces, after Gravelot, Boucher, Cochin et Eisen--and the Series of “Estampes Galantes," comprising frontispiece and 20 plates, large copy (838 by 54), 5 vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), London (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (36)

Bumpus, £22 ios. 6346 Boccaccio (Giovanni). L'Opera de Misser Giovanni Boc

cacio de Mulieribus Claris, cut on title, woodcuts in the text and ornamental initials, morocco, plain, g.e., by Petit, succesr. de Simier, Venet., per Zuanne de Trino, chiamato Tacuino ano 1506, small 4to. (37)

Falby, £5 5s. 6347 Bonaventura (s. Card.) Incominciono le divote Meditationi

sopra la Passione del nostro Signore, etc., 13 Italian woodcuts within ornamental borders, similar to those used in the tracts of Savonarola, and ornamental initials (42 leaves, signatures A-F), oaken boards, leather, with blind stamped ornaments, Absque nota (Firenze, A. Mischomini, 1490?), small 4to. (40)

Cockerell, £46 6348 Budæus (Gulielmus). Commentarii Linguæ Græcæ, oaken

boards, morocco, full gilt back, with monogram D. H., the sides stamped with elaborate interlaced geometrical scrolls, crescents and large H's and D's, painted in red, green and white, interspersed with small gilt fleurs-de-lis and crowned H's, medallion head of Henri II. in gold in centres, edges gauffred with ornaments and devices, metal bosses and leather clasps, the whole being the devices used for bindings done for Henri II. of France and Diane de Poitiers, in new morocco slip case, and limp morocco wrapper, Paris, R. Stephanus, 1548, folio (44)

Bain, £13 6349 Cabinet Poullain. Collection de Cent-Vingt Estampes

Gravées d'après les Tableaux et Dessins qui composoient le Cabinet de M. Poullain, 120 plates, proofs before letters, calf gilt, g. e., Paris, chez Basan et Paignant, 1781, small 4to. (49)

J. Bumpus, £22 ros. 6350 Calandras (Philippus). De Arithmetrice Opusculum (Italicè),

lit. goth.. woodcuts, some within ornamental borders, small cuts in the text, contemporary Italian binding, oaken boards, leather, with blind stamped arabesque frame sides, Impresso Firenze per Lorenzo de Morgiani et Giov. Thedesco da Magunza, 1491, 12mo. (51)

Quaritch, £25 [The first edition of this rare Italian work on Arithmetic. The first leaf has a woodcut with the words “Pictagoras arithmetrice introductor” above. The Ashburnham copy

sold for £27.- Catalogue.] 6351 Cervantes (M. de). Don Quixote. A Complete Set of the

Illustrations to Don Quixote, by Isidro and Antonio Carnicero, comprising portrait and 28 illustrations, proofs before letters, bound in boards, uncut, from the Beckford sale, where it realised £13 155., Madrid, 1781-82, small 4to. (60)

J. Bumpus, £5 155. 6352 Claudianus. Opera quam diligentissimi castigata, editio

prima Aldina, morocco extra, g. e., by Thompson (Paris),

Venet. in æd. Aldi, 1523, small folio (66) Young, £4 5. 6353 (Columna (] Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, editio prima,

woodcuts attributed to Giovanni Bellino, etc., the Priapus unmutilated, plain margin of title defective, some leaves stained and wormed, leaf with errata and imprint in facsimile, sold not subject to return, limp morocco, Venet. in

æd. Aldi Manutii, 1499, small folio (67) Quaritch, £18 6354 (Combe (William).) Tour of Dr. Syntax through London,

first edition, 19 humorous coloured plates, signature of Lady James Murray on title, half bound, J. Johnston, 1820, imperial 8vo. (69)

Maggs, £2 ios. 6355 Cries of London. The Cryes of the City of London, drawn

after the Life by P. Tempest, 74 plates after Mauron, with 6 extra plates of the Cries by L. P. Boitard at end, all mounted, original impressions, in i vol., calf gilt, H. Overton, 1711, folio (71)

J. Bumpus, £3 6356 Dante. La Divina Commedia, col Commento di Chr. Landino,

roman letter, with engravings to Cantos I. and II. of the Inferno by Sandro Botticelli, the plain margins cut down, some leaves wormed, otherwise a good copy, new boarded vellum, Firenze, Nic. de Lorenzo della Magna, 1481, folio (77)

Cockerell, £29 [The first edition of Dante with Landino's Commentary. Although a short copy, from the margins being cut down, the first plate had the margins unusually large, it having been folded up into the leaf, and both the engravings are

very fine impressions.- Catalogue.] 6357 Dante. La Divina Commedia, col Commento di Christophoro

Landini, Italian outline woodcuts, modern boarded black morocco, blind stamped ornaments, inside dentelles, g.e., Venegia, Petro Cremonense dito Veronese, 1491, small folio (78)

Alatine, £30 Some of the woodcuts in this edition are facsimiled in

Dibdin's “Ædes Althorpianæ.”—Catalogue.] 6358 De Gheyn (Jacques). Maniement d'Armes, d'Arquebuses,

Mousquetz et Piques en conformité de l'Ordre du Prince
Maurice d'Orange et de Nassau, engraved title and 117

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