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etc. in the Dissenters' Burial Place, near Bunhill Fields,

half bound, E. Curll, 1717, 8vo. (566) Walford, £1 5s. 5998 London. Tombes, Monuments and Sepulchral Inscriptions,

lately visible in S. Paul's Cathedral, 1666, by F. Fisher, half bound (one of 150 copies), Privately reprinted, 1885, 410. (567)

Quaritch, £i 25. 5999 London. Wills connected with Hackney, transcripts with

Index, half morocco, t. e. g., folio (571) Hovenden, £5 5s. 6000 Maire (H.) Arms and Pedigrees of various Roman Catholic

Families in England, neatly written MS., with numerous

tricks of Arms, half morocco, folio (585) Hovenden, 20 6001 Mansell. Genealogy of the Family of Mansell, MSS.,

etc. inserted, collected by the late Sir Thomas Phillipps, n. d., folio (588)

E. L. Jones, £5 55. 6002 Marshall (G. W.) The Genealogist's Guide, cloth, Privately printed, 1893, 8vo. (592)

Bruton, £1 175. 6003 Master (Rev. G.) Notices of the Family of Master, portraits,

half morocco, bookplates, etc. inserted (one of a few copies),

Privately printed, 1874, 8vo. (598) Hovenden, ti 12s. 6004 Maxwell. Seize Quartiers connected with the Royal Descents

of Henry Maxwell, K.P., seventh Lord Farnham, with numerous MS. notes by J. J. Howard, half morocco, Cavan, 1850, 8vo. (601)

Quaritch, £i uis. 6005 Mayo (T.) Genealogical Account of the Mayo and Elton

Families of the Counties of Wilts and Hereford, half morocco, uncut, 1882, 8vo. (602)

Walford, £1 6s. 6006 Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, edited by J. J. Howard, 13 vol., cloth, v. y., 8vo. (620)

Edwards, £8 6007 Monckton (D. H.) Genealogical History of the Family of

Monckton, portraits and plates, cloth (one of 105 copies),
For private circulation, 1887, 4to. (625)

Quaritch, £2 75. 6d. 6008 Montgomery. Reilly (E. G.) Genealogical History of the

Family of Montgomery, half morocco, old document in

serted, Privately printed, 1842, 4to. (626) Gray, £2 6009 Neale and Le Keux's Views of Collegiate and Parochial

Churches in Great Britain, 2 vol. in 1, plates on India paper, proof impressions, morocco, g. e., 1824, 4to. (637)

H. Young, £. i 14s. 6010 Newton Family. Genealogical Memoranda, half bound, extra matter inserted, morocco, Privately printed, 1871, 4to. (644)

Quaritch, £i 5s 6011 Norfolk Antiquarian Miscellany, edited by W. Rye, vol. 1-3,

in 5 vol., half morocco and sewed, Norwich, 1877-85, 8vo. (649)

Hovenden, £5 6012 Norfolk Archæology, vol. 1-12, part 2—and General Index to

vol. 1-10, 9 vol., half morocco, remainder in parts, 1847-94, 8vo. (650)

Levine, £ 5 5s. 6013 Norfolk. Blomefield (F.) Essay towards a Topographical

History of the County of Norfolk, ii vol., plates, calf, 1805-10, 8vo. (651)

Levine, £8 ios. 6014 Norfolk. Carthew (G. A.) The Hundred of Launditch and

Deanery of Brisley, 3 vol., plates, half morocco, Norwich, 1877, 4to. (655)

Levine, £6 5s. 6015 Norfolk. Carthew (G. A.) History of East and West Bradenham, illustrations, boards, Norwich, 1883, 4to. (656)

Sotheran, £r 16s. 6016 Norfolk. Chidwick (J. N.) Index Nominum, an Index of

Names (with Arms), mentioned in Blomefield's Norfolk, half morocco, King's Lynn, 1862 (657)

Quaritch, £4 175. 6d. 6017 Norfolk. Farrer (Rev. E.) The Church Heraldry of Norfolk,

2 vol., plates, half morocco, t. e. g., Norwich, 1887, 8vo. (661)

Edwards, £i 155. 6018 Norfolk. Merchants' Marks of Lynn, etc., facsimiles, 3 vol., half morocco, n. d., 4to. (665)

Quaritch, £2 ios. 6019 Norfolk. Visitation of Norfolk, 1563, edited by the Rev. G.

H. Dashwood, vol. 1 half morocco, vol. 2, parts 2-4 to end, and various duplicate parts, Norwich, 1878, 4to. (675)

Levine, £3 35. 6020 Norfolk and Suffolk. Cotman (J. S.) Engravings of Sepul

chral Brasses in Norfolk and Suffolk, 2 vol., plates, half

morocco, 1839, royal folio (678) Walford, £2 7s. 6d. 6021 Ormerod (G.) Miscellanea Palatina, frontispiece and wood

cuts, cloth, not published, 1851, 8vo. (698) Quaritch, £1 7s. 6022 Oxfordshire. Dunkin (J.) History and Antiquities of the

Hundreds of Bullington and Ploughley, 2 vol. in 1, plates,

half morocco, t. e. g., 1823, 4to. (702) Parker, 12 45. 6023 Oxfordshire. Lee (Rev. F. G.) History and Description of

the Church of the B.V.M. of Thame, illustrations, half bound, uncut, 1883, folio (704)

Walford, £i jos. 6024 Oxfordshire and Sussex Visitations, 1570, half morocco,

Typis Medio-Montanis, 184-, folio (710) Quaritch, tl 16s. 6025 Papworth (J. W.) An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of

Ārms belonging to Families in Great Britain and Ireland, edited from page 696 by A. W. Morant, 2 vol., half morocco, 1874, 8vo. (718)

Bumpus, £4 175. 6d. 6026 Parker's Glossary of Gothic Architecture, 3 vol., plates, cloth, Oxford, 1850, 8vo. (719)

Edwards, £2 25. 6027 Pedigrees. A Collection of neatly written transcripts of Pedigrees, by Dr. Howard, half morocco, t. e. g., folio (725)

Hovenden, £4 ios. 6028 Pedigrees. A Collection of Pedigrees of Bedingfield, Bruning,

Clifford of Ugbrooke Park, Fortescue of Salden, Rookwood of Stanningfield, Simeon of Brightwell, etc., in a volume, half morocco, imperial 4to. (726)

Rimell, £i 5s. 6029 Peel (Jonathan). The Peels, a Family Sketch, cloth, For

private circulation only, 1877, 8vo. (727) Ellis, £1 25. 6030 Peerage. Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland,

Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct, or
Dormant, edited by G. E. C., 8 vol., 1887-98, 8vo. (728)

Quaritch, £33 ios. 6031 Pelham. Lower (M. A.) Historical and Genealogical Notices of the Pelham Family, half bound, ex-libris inserted, Privately printed, 1873, 4to. (729)

Hovenden, £ 1 6032 Percy. Some Notices of the Life of Henry, Lord Percy, and

of the Parish Church of Augustine, afterwards St. John, at

Hackney, 3 vol., Privately printed, 1879, 8vo. (736) £1 12s. 6033 Phelips Pedigree, half bound, extra matter inserted, imperial folio, n. d., 8vo. (738)

Hovenden, £2 2s. 6034 Phelips of Montacute. Genealogies, half bound, Privately printed, nt. d., 4to. (739)

Philips, £i is. 6035 Phillipps (Sir Thomas). Genealogia, a Collection of Privately

Printed Pedigrees, 2 vol., half morocco, plates, etc. inserted, Typis Medio-Montanis, 1850, folio (741)

Hovenden, £10 1os. 6036 Planché (J. R.) Cyclopædia of Costume, 2 vol., coloured plates and woodcuts, half morocco, 1876, 4to: (744)

Sotheran, £5 5s. 6037 Plowden. Records of the Plowden Family, by B. M. P.,

frontispiece and folding pedigrees, numerous bookplates, autograph letters, etc. inserted, cloth, Privately printed, 1887, 8vo. (746)

Hovenden, £5 5s. 6038 Poynton (Rev. F. J.) Memoranda Historical and Genea

logical, relating to the Parish of Kelston, Somerset, 4 parts,

Privately printed, 1878-85, 4to. (751) Quaritch, £ 1 6s. 6039 Poyntz. Maclean (Sir John). Historical and Genealogical

Memoir of the Family of Poyntz, plates, etc., extra matter inserted, half morocco (one of 75 copies), Exeter, 1886, 4to. (752)

Quaritch, £1 6s. 6040 Radclyffe. Ellis (J.). Genealogy of the Family of Radclyffe,

Northumberland, half morocco, ex-libris and autograph

letters inserted, Newcastle, 1850, 8vo. (754) Crocker, EI os. 6041 Rylands (J. Paul). Notes on Bookplates, half bound (numerous

examples inserted), 1889, 4to. (769) Bannerman, £2 6042 Scotland. Jervise (A.) Epitaphs and Inscriptions from

Burial Grounds and Old Buildings in the North-East of
Scotland, 2 vol., portrait, cloth, 1875-1879, 4to. (779)

Sotheran, £2 5s. 6043 Scotland. Paton (Sir Noel). Genealogy of the Celtic Earls

of Atholl with Chart of the Descendants of Conan, cloth, Privately printed, 1873, oblong 4to. (783)

W. Brown, £1_175. 6d. 6044 Scotland. Registrum de Panmure. Record of the Families

of Maule, etc., compiled by Hon. H. Maule, of Kelly, edited by J. Stuart, plates, 2 vol., cloth (one of 150 copies), Edinburgh, 1874, 4to. (786)

Hopkins, £5 155. 6045 Scott (J: R.) Memorials of the Family of Scott, of Scots

Hall, in the County of Kent, illustrations, cloth, old deeds,

autograph letters, etc. inserted, 1879, 4to. (789) Ellis, £2 6046 Shropshire. Leach (F.) The County Seats of Shropshire,

plates, half morocco, t. e. g., Shrewsbury, 1891, royal 4to. (808)

Bumpus, £i 7s. 6047 Smith-Carrington Family. Extracts from County Histories, MSS. in the British Museum, etc., half bound, Privately

printed, Grantchester, 1884, 8vo. (816) Quaritch, £i is. 6048 Smith (H. E.) Annals of Smith of Cantley, Balby and Don

caster, portraits and plates, cloth, Privately printed, 1878, 8vo. (820)

Walford, £2 25. 6049 Somersetshire. Abstracts of Somersetshire, Wilts., etc., copies

from the Manuscript Collections of the late Rev. F. Brown, 6 vol., half bound (one of 150 copies), Privately printed, 1887, folio (821)

Gray, £3 35. 6050 Somersetshire. Lyte (H. M.) Dunster and its Lords, cloth (one of 200 copies), Privately printed, 1882, 8vo. (825)

Franks, £ı 7s. 6051 Spain. Casamayorga Family Descent, printed on vellum, morocco extra, Privately printed, 1871, 4to. (838)

Quaritch, £2 25. 6052 Staffordshire. Grazebrook (H. S.) The Visitation of Staf

fordshire, made by R. Glover, illustrations, cloth, 1883, 8vo. (840)

Gray, £2. 45. 6053 Staffordshire. Grazebrook (H. S.) The Heraldic Visitations

of Staffordshire, made by Sir R. St. George in 1614, and Sir William Dugdale, 1663-1664, cloth, 1885, 8vo. (841)

Gray, £2 6054 Staniforthiana, or Recollections of the Family of Staniforth of

Darnall, Yorks., cloth, numerous cuts of Arms illuminated in gold and colours, Bristol, 1863, imperial 8vo. (848)

Walford, £t 145. 6055 Stansfeld (John). History of the Family of Stansfeld of

Stansfeld in the Parish of Halifax, etchings, etc., extra matter inserted, cloth, uncut, Privately printed, 1885, 410. (849)

Gray, £1 7s. 6056 Streynsham. Stransham (Sir A.) Notes on the Family of

Streynsham of Feversham, Kent, extra matter inserted, cloth (one of 18 copies), Privately printed, 1879, 8vo. (859)

Hovenden, £r 55. 6057 Studley. Walbran (J.) Genealogical Memoir of the Lords of Studley, calf extra, by Rivière, interleaved, 1841, 4to.

Ellis, £i 16s. 6058 Suffolk. Calendar of Wills at Ipswich, 1444-1600, compiled

by F. A. Crisp (one of 100 copies), Privately printed, 1895, folio (862)

Člements, £i 3s. 6059 Suffolk. Cullum (Sir John). Histories and Antiquities of

Howsted and Hardwick, second edition with Notes, portrait and plates, water-colour drawings, pencil sketches, plates, pedigrees, also 13 bookplates inserted, morocco gilt (one of 230 copies), 1813, 4to. (863)

Walford, £2 25. 6060 Suffolk. Hervey's Visitation of Suffolk, 1561, with additions,

edited by J. G. Howard, 2 vol., plates, rubbings, deeds, autographs, etc. inserted, half morocco (vol. I contains the plates afterwards cancelled), Lowestoft, 1866, 8vo. (865)

Walford, £3 75. 6d. 6061 Suffolk Institute of Archæology (Proceedings of the), vol. 1-9,

10 (parts 2 and 3), n (part 1), and Calendar of Fines for


Suffolk, 6 vol., half morocco, 1853-1900—-Suffolk Institute of Archæology and Natural History, vol. 7, 8, 9, 10 (parts 2 and 3), 11 (part 1), and Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Suffolk, by W. Rye, 1900, 1891-1900, 8vo. (868)

Hovenden, £6 6062 Suffolk. Parish Registers of Kelsale, vellum (one of 50 copies), Privately printed, 1887, folio (879)

Walford, £2 ios. 6063 Suffolk. Parish Registers of Pakenham (one of 50 copies), vellum, Privately printed, 1888, folio (880)

Walford, £2 ios. 6064 Suffolk. Parish Registers of Tannington, vellum (one of 15 copies), Privately printed, 1884, folio (882)

Quaritch, £i 125. 6065 Suffolk. Some Account of the Parish of Stutton, near

Ipswich, compiled by F. A. Crisp, drawings of Arms in gold and colours (one of 50 copies), Privately printed, 1881, folio (886)

Crisp, £i 4s. 6066 Suffolk. Torlesse (C. M.) Some Account of Stokeby Nay

land, Suffolk, plates, tricks of Arms, letters, etc. inserted, cloth, 1877, 4to. (888)

Dashwood, £ 1 Ios. 6067 Surrey. Manning and Bray's History and Antiquities of the

County of Surrey, 3 vol., maps and plates, extra plates, old deeds, etc. inserted, calf gilt, 1804-14, folio (896)

Walford, £15 6068 Surrey. Visitation of Surrey made 1623 by Thompson and

Vincent, edited by J. J. Howard, morocco extra (one of 25 copies), n. d., 4to. (899)

Bannerman, £4 5s. 6069 Sussex. Berry (W.) Pedigrees of the Families in the County

of Sussex, cuts of Arms, MS. notes and additions by Dr.

Howard, boards, uncut, 1830, folio (901) Walford, £4 6s. 6070 Sussex. Horsfield (T. W.) The History, Antiquities and

Topography of the County of Sussex, 2 vol., portraits and plates, half morocco, Lewes, 1835, royal 4to. (903)

Edwards, £2 ios. 6071 Sussex. The Antiquities of Arundel, the Peculiar Privilege of

its Castle and Lordship, with the Lives of the Earls of Arundel, by the Master of the Grammar School, russia gilt, by Kalthæber, illustrated with numerous scarce engraved

portraits and views, 1766, 8vo. (907) A. R. Smith, £3 5s. 6072 Taaffe. Memoirs of the Family of Taaffe, portraits, morocco, g. e., not published, Vienna, 1856, 8vo. (912)

Quaritch, £245. 6073 Turner. Genealogy of the Family of Turner, by the Rev.

S. B. Turner, portrait and plates, some extra inserted, morocco, Privately printed, 1884, 4to. (925)

Quaritch, £2 145. 6074 Twemlow. Armorial Bearings of the Family of Twemlow, of

Hatherton, Cheshire, portraits, plates, ex-libris and autograph letters inserted, 2 vol., half morocco, 1855, folio (928)

Rimell, £ 1 16s. 6075 Tyndale. Greenfield (B. W.) Genealogy of the Family of

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