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contemporary Venetian morocco, with gilt scroll and linetooled ornaments, title in centre of upper cover and initials "A. A.” in the under one, g.e. (Maioliesque), Vineg., V. de Roffinelli, 1529 (1539 on title), small 8vo. (817)

Perry, £12 ios. 5808 Swift (Dean). Virgilii Opera, cum Comment. Servii, Donati,

Beroaldi, J. B. Ascensii, etc., 2 vol. in 1, Petit's device on each title, Dean Swift's copy, with his autograph "J: Swift” on title, presented by him to Sir Andrew Fountaine, old calf gilt, y.e. (last leaf backed), Paris, T. Kerver, 1500, thick 4to. (823)

Pickering, £28 5809 Swift (Dean). Original Papers, consisting of Autograph

Letters, Poems and Essays, a Collection of 23 Papers, mounted and bound in a vol., half morocco, 4to. (824)

Perry, £400 (A unique and interesting collection, most of the items being probably unpublished. The catalogue gives a lengthy resumé of the contents, following the order in which they

occur in the volume.-ED.] 5810 Tanner (Robert). A Mirror for Mathematiques-A Golden

Gem for Geometricians—A Sure Safety for Saylers—and an auncient Antiquary for Astronomers and Astrologians, black letter, title within woodcut border, diagrams and ornamental initials, unbound, Imprinted by J. C. and are to

be sold by R. Watkins, 1587, small 4to. (829) Quaritch, £6 5811 Tasso (Torquato). La Gerusalemme Liberata, con le anno

tationi di Scipion Gentili, e di Giulio Guastavini, e li argomento di Oratio Ariosto, 2 engraved titles and 20 full-page engravings by B. Castello, old French morocco,

g. e., Geneva, B. Castello, 1617, small folio (836) Greene, £6 5812 Tasso (Torquato). Il Goffredo, overo la Gierusalemme

Liberata, engraved title, vignettes and figured initials, old French morocco, full gilt ornamental back with crowned fleurs-de-lis, broad gilt ornamental borders, with arms of Queen Christina of Sweden, inside dentelles, g. e., Parigi, nella Stamperia Reale, 1644, folio (837) Perry, £8 1os.

[Presentation copy from Cardinal Mazarin to Queen Christina of Sweden, with inscription on title, “Presenté à sa Majesté la Reine de Suede par Monsieur l’Eminentissime Cardinal Mazarini premier Ministre du Roy tres Chrestien

le 2 Janvier, 1647."-Catalogue.] 5813 Tasso (Torquato). Godfrey of Bulloigne, or the Recoverie of

Jerusalem, done into English Heroicall Verse by Edward Fairfax, first edition, title within woodcut border, signature of “Frances Dormer” on first page of text, old calf, A. Hatfield for J. Jaggard and M. Lownes, 1600, small folio (838)

Sabin, £20 ios. 5814 Taylor (John). A Famous Fight at Sea, where Foure Eng

lish Ships under the Command of Captain John Weddell and foure Dutch Ships fought three dayes in the Gulf of Persia neere Ormus against 8. Portugall Gallions and 3.

Friggots, etc., original edition, cut on title, unbound, John
Haviland for Henry Gorson, 1627, small 4to. (842)

Ellis, £24 5815 Teniers (David). Theatrum Pictorum, LARGE PAPER 2,

245 proof plates and a portrait of Teniers, title and preliminary leaves in Latin and French, old Dutch vellum, Antw., sumptibus Vidua A. Teniers, 1673, folio (8.46)

Maggs, £475 5816 Testament (The Newe), both in Latine and Englyshe, trans

lated by John Hollybushe (Miles Coverdale), black letter and roman, woodcut title, top corner defective, wanted ded:cation and “To the Reader” (6 leaves), old MS. notes in margins, old calf, Prynted in Southwarke by James Nicolson, 1538, small 4to. (857)

Bull, £7 55 This is Nicolson's second edition of Coverdale's New Testament. It had the Table to find the Epistles and

Gospels (2 leaves) at end. ---Catalogue.] 5817 Tourneur (Cyril). The Revengers Tragedie, as it hath beene

sundry times acted by the King's Majesties Servants, fors: edition, some leaves stained, the last defective, Printed by G. Eld and sold at his shop in Fleet Lane, 1607-- The Atheist's Tragedie, or the Honest Man's Revenge, writtes by Cyril Tourneur, first edition, Printed for J. Stepneth ani R. Reamer, 1611, both unbound, small 4to. (869)

Pickering, £39 Ios. 5818 Turnier Buch Herzogs Wilhelm des Vierten von Bayern vor

1510 bis 1545, nach einem gleichzeitigen Manuscript der Konigl. Bibliothek zu München, treu in Steindruck pacbgebildet von Th. u. Cl. Senefelder, mit Erklärungen begleitet von Fr. Schlichteroll, 31 large illuminated plates. morocco extra, München, 1817, oblong folio (873)

Eduards, £1 5S 5819 Vecellio (Cesare). De Gli Habiti Antichi et Moderni di

Diverse Parti del Mondo, libri due, prima edizione, woodcut title and numerous full length woodcut figures within ornamental borders attributed to Titian, clean copy, half russia gilt, y. e., Venet., D. Zenaro, 1590, 8vo. (880)

Quaritch, 44 4s. 5820 Vega Carpio (Lope Felix de). Las Comedias, recopiladas

por Bernardo Grassa, agora nuevamente impressas y emendadas, Amberes, Mart. Nucio, 1607-Segundo Parte de las Comedias de Lope de Vega Carpio, corner of leaf defective Amberes, biuda de P. Bellero, 1611, in i vol., old calf, thick 12mo. (882)

Maggs, £3 155. 5821 Verien (Nicolas, Maistre Graveur). Livre Curieux et l'úle

pour les Sçavans et Artistes composé de trois Alphabets de Chiffres, simple, double et triples, fleuronnez et au premier trait, etc., portrait of Verien, frontispiece and plates, dedıcation copy to the Dauphin of France (son of Louis XIV.. old French morocco, the Dauphin's arms in centres, y.e. (Du Seuil), Paris, N. Verien, 1685, 8vo. (889)

Peters, £24 los 5822 Virgilius. Opera, cum Commentariis Servii Honorati et

Variorum, castigationibus et annotationibusque, etc. (edidit
Seb. Brandt), full-page and smaller German woodcuts, title
in red and black within woodcut compartmental border
(coloured by hand), the last preliminary leaf and the leaf
with colophon at end defective and mended, old Lyonnese
calf, back and sides covered in semis of triple dots, the
sides with inlaid cornerings and large centre ornamental
cartouches in red and blue, with coat of arms in centre of
upper cover, edges gilt and gauffred, with arabesque orna-
ments, Paris, venundatur via Jacobæa ap. Jo. Parvam
[Petit's device on title), 1529, folio (901) Leighton, £70

[The xiii. Book of the Æneis has separate pagination and signatures, and the colophon bears the imprint of “Jo. Grüninger, Argent., 1502." Sold not subject to return.

Catalogue.] 5823 Virgil. The Nyne Fyrst Bookes of the Eneidos converted into

Englishe Vearse by Thomas Phaer, Doctour of Phisike, with so muche of the tenth Booke as since his death could be founde in imperfite papers at his house in Kilgarran Forest in Pembroke Shyre, second edition, black letter, Rowland Hall for Nicholas Englande, 1562, small 4to. (904)

Quaritch, £31 5824 Vitruvius. De Architectura lib. X., woodcuts and figured

initials, contemporary Venetian morocco, y.e., illuminated shield of arms on fly-leaf, Lugd. Jo. Tornaesius, 1552, small 4to. (908)

Maggs, £3 18s. 5825 Voragine (Jac. de). Legenda Aurea, that is to saye in Eng

lish the Golden Legende, translated by John Capgrave, black letter, double columns, small woodcuts, De Worde's large device at end, wanted all before folio xxii., also folio cccxlvi., 5 leaves supplied from a shorter copy, corners of two or three leaves defective, sold not subject to return, old calf, old signatures (Elizabethan), Thomas Smythe, Henry Holdiche, 1590, on last leaf, etc., old calf, Imprynted in Flete Strete at the Sygne of the Sonne by Wynkyn de Worde, 1527 (914)

Leighton, £14 55. 5826 Webster (John). The Devil's Law Case, or When Women

goe to Law the Devill is full of Businesse, the true and perfect copie from the Originall, first edition, a few leaves stained, otherwise a good large copy, A. M. for John Grismand, 1623–The Dutchesse of Malfy (margins shaved), J. Raworth for J. Benson, 1640—Appius and Virginia (soiled), 1655–Cure for a Cuckold, by Webster and W. Rowley (margins cut into), 1661-The White Devil, G. Miller for John Playfere, 1665, all unbound, together 5 pieces, small 4to. (920)

Sabin, £30 ios. 5827 Wesley (Samuel, A.M.) History of the Old and New Testa

ment attempted in Verse, adorned with 330 sculptures by J. Sturt, 3 vol., old English morocco, gilt ornamental backs, line sides, with corner and centre ornaments, g.e., C. Harper, T. Ward, etc., 1704-17 (engraved titles, J. Hooke, 1716, etc., small 8vo. (921)

Pickering, £8 ios. 5828 Willan (Leonard). Astræa, or True Love's Myrrour, a Pas

toral, first edition, portrait by T. Cross (mounted), some margins shaved, R. White for H. Cripps and L. Lloyd, 1651 [Harington (Sir John).] The History of Polindor and Flostella, with other Poems, by J. H., first edition, frontis. piece by Droeshout, T. Roycroft for Tho. Dring, 1651, in i vol., calf extra, g. e., 8vo. (926)

Sabin, £15 Tos 5829 Wine, Beer, Ale and Tobacco, contending for Superiority, a

Dialogue, woodcut frontispiece (corners of 2 leaves slightly defective), J. B. for John Grove, 1658-Swetman, the Woman-bater, Arraigned by Women, cut on title, poor copy much cut down, R. Meighen, 1620— The Valiant Scot, by T. W. Gent, T. Harper for J. Waterson, 1637— Tom Tyler and his wife, an Excellent Old Play, 1661, 4 pieces, al! unbound, small 4to. (931)

Sabin, £29 Ios. 5830 Wither (George). "Abuses Stript, and Whipt, or Satyrical!

Essayes devided into two Bookes, reviewed and enlarged. with Prince Henry's Obsequies and the Scourge (with cu: of a satyr), old panelled calf, H. Lownes for F. Burton, 1617, small 8vo. (932)

Sotheran, 46 155 5831 Wither (George). The Schollers Purgatory, discovered to the

Stationers' Commonwealth and described in a Discourse Apologeticall, etc., first edition, Imprinted for the Honest sationers, n. d. (1625-6]—Wing (V.) and Leybourn (W. Ens fictum Shakerlæi, or the Annihilation of Mr. Jeremiah Shakerley, his in-artificiall Anatomy of Urania Practica, R. Leybourn, 1649--The Rebellion of Naples, or the Tragedy of Massenello, folding frontispiece, 1649–Religio Jurisconsulti (by J. Botrie), (not in Lowndes), Henry Hood,

1649, in i vol., old calf, small 8vo. (933) Pickering, €31 5832 Wits Interpreter. The English Parnassus, containing Love

Songs, Epigrams, Drollery, etc. The Muses Elizium, Games and Sports used among the Gentry of England, etc., the third edition, with many Additions by J.C., frontispiece in compartments, a few headlines shaved, old calf, X Brook, etc., 1671, 8vo. (934)

Pickering, £5 155. 5833 Wycherley (William). Miscellany Poems, as Satyrs, Epistles

Love Verses, Songs, Sonnets, etc., first edition, LARGE PAPER, mezzo portrait after Lely, J. Smith fecit, 1703. old calf, gilt back and frame sides, g. e., C. Brome, etc., 1704. folio (938)

Pickering, £105 [Presentation copy, with inscription on fly-leaf, "For ve Right Honble. The Earle of Radnor, from his most obligd

and most humble servant, W. Wycherley." -Catalogue) 5834 Zeiller (Mart.) Typographia Galliæ, oder Beschreibung

und Contrafaitung der vornehmbsten und bekanntisten Erter in Frankreich, maps, plans and views of Parisian cities, old calf gilt, Franckf. a M., C. Merian, 1655, small folio (940)

E. Parsons, 46


(No. of Lots, 1063; amount realised, £1,387 198.)

5835 Amhurst and Osbaldeston Inscriptions, facsimiles, half morocco, n. d., 8vo. (6)

Gray, £i 18s. 5836 Armorial China. Illustrations of Armorial China, plates in

gold and colours, half bound (one of 100 copies), Privately printed, 1887, imperial 4to. (14)

Thorp, £i 195. 5837 Arundel. Yeatman (J. P.) Early Genealogical History of

the House of Arundel, cloth, 1882, folio (16) Quaritch, £i 5838 Bagshawe (W. H.) The Bagshaws of Ford, a Biographical

Pedigree, plates, cloth (extra matter inserted), For private circulation, 1886, 4to. (21)

Gray, £4 5839 Barton Family Pedigree, compiled by Rev. T. S. Hill, half

bound, Privately printed, 1888, 4to. (27) Walford, £1 5840 Bedfordshire. Blaydes (F. A.) Genealogia Bedfordiensis,

1538-1700, facsimiles, half bound, uncut (one of 100 copies),

Privately printed, 1890, imperial 8vo. (32) Gray, £ 1 4s. 5841 Berkshire. Ashmole and Bysshe. The Visitation of Berk

shire, 1664-6, edited by W. Metcalfe, cloth, 1882, imperial 8vo. (35)

Gray, £i 7s. 5842 Berkshire. Registers of St. Mary, Reading, transcribed by

G. P. Crawfurd, 2 vol., half vellum, Reading, 1891, imperial 8vo. (37)

Walford, £ I is. 5843 Berry (William). Pedigrees of Families of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey, boards, uncut, 1837, folio (41)

Walford, £ 5 125. 6d. 5844 Bewick Gleanings, edited by Julia Boyd, plates and woodcuts,

morocco, g. e., presentation copy from the authoress, on

LARGE PAPER, Newcastle, 1886, 4to. (42) F. C. Smith, £? 5845 Blount and Croke Pedigrees, in a volume, half vellum, imperial folio (49)

Bumpus, fi 18s. 5846 Blore (E.) Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent

Persons, with Historical and Biographical Illustrations, plates on India paper, proof impressions, morocco, g. e., 1826, 4to. (50)

Hornden, £1 12s. 5847 Bolles (J. A.) Genealogy of the Bolles Family in America,

half morocco, Boston, 1865, 4to. (55) Quaritch, £i is. 5848 Bolton (R.) Genealogical Account of the Family of Bolton, woodcuts, New York, 1862 (56)

Essex, £ 5849 Boutell (Rev. C.) The Monumental Brasses of England,

plates on India paper, half morocco, LARGE PAPER, 1849, royal folio (62)

Thorp, £2 is. 5850 Bright (J. B.) The Brights of Suffolk, England, represented

in America by the Descendants of Henry Bright, jun.,

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