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French pasted in front cover, Pine's subscription receipt on fly-leaf, old calf, 1730, imperial folio (670) Quaritch, £5 5769 Plays (Old). The Life of the Duchess of Suffolke, as it hath been divers and sundry times acted with good applause (last leaf defective), A. M. for J. Emery, 1631—Fletcher (John). The Faithfull Shepherdesse, third edition, A. M. for R. Meighen, 1634-Cowley (A.) The Guardian, a Comedie acted at Cambridge in 1641, J. Holden, 1650—A Pleasant Comedie called The Two Merry Milkmaids, by J. C., T. Johnson for N. Brook, etc., 1661-The Rewards of Vertue, a Comedie, by J. F. (last leaf defective), J. Cottrel for H. Fletcher, 1661-The Valiant Welshman, or the Valiant Deeds of Caradoc the Great, King of Cambria, as acted by the Prince of Wales his Servants, by R[ob.] A[rmin], W. Gilbertson, 1663-Carpenter (Rich.) A New Play call'd the Pragmatical Jesuit Newleven'd, a Comedy, margins cut close, Printed for N. R., n. d., all unbound, and sold not subject to return, together 7 pieces, small 4to. (674, Perry, £20 5770 Plinius Secundus. De Naturali Hystoria diligentissime castigatus (cura Matthæi Ruffi), printed in roman letter, ruled throughout in red, old English russia extra, with rich gölt ornaments, g. e., Brixiæ, Opera Angeli et Jacobi de Br tannicorum Fratrum, 1496 (with device), folio (675)

Leighton, £3 10s. 5771 Prayer. Le Livre des Prieres Communes, de l'Administration des Sacremens et autres Ceremonies en l'Eglise d'Angleterre, traduit en Françoys par Françoys Philippe, Serviteur de Monsieur le Grand Chancelier d'Angleterre (avec Almanack), roman letter, title within woodcut border, ornamental woodcut initials, top plain margin of title cut off, a few leaves stained, otherwise a sound copy, with some rough lower edges, old calf gilt, sprinkled edges, s. l. de l'imprimerie de Thomas Gaultier, imprimeur du Roy en iz langue Francoise, pour les Isles de sa Magesté, 1553, small 4to. (687) Quaritch, £30

[The first edition of the Reformed Edward VIth Anglican Prayer Book in French.-Catalogue.]

5772 Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer, etc. (Queen Anne', with the Prayers "At the Healing"-The Psalter, etc., frontispiece and woodcut initials, ruled in red, old English morocco, with inlayings and gilt ornaments, the fore-ede painted in roses and thistles, with the royal arms in centre, ties, Assigns of T. Newcomb and Henry Hills, 1710, folo (691) Pickering, £14 5773 Primaleon. Los tres libros del muy esforçado Cavallero Primaleon et Polendos su hermano, hijos del Emperador Palmerin de Olivia, lit. rom. title in red gothic with large woodcut in centre, Italian woodcuts in the text, old French morocco, with arms of Louis-Henri Comte de Loménie Du Seuil), g.e., en Venecia, per F. A. de Nicolini de Sati 1534, small folio (694) Maggs, £28

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letter, title within ornamental woodcut border, somewhat stained and margins cut close, unbound, Perused and allowed, imprinted at London by C. Barker, 1578, small 4to. (730) Pickering, £8 5s. 5783 Rome. Statuarum insigniores Urbis Romæ Icones, antiquitatis Studiosis et Virtutis amantibus, 100 plates, old English morocco, with Prince of Wales's feathers in corners and large feathers in centres, with initials "C. P.," evidently the devices of King Charles I. as Prince of Wales, Roma, J. de Rubeis, 1619, small folio (739) Perry, £25 5784 Rubens (P. P.) Galerie du Palais de Luxembourg dessinée par le Sieur Nattier et gravée par les plus illustres Graveurs du Temps, portraits of Rubens and the Duke and Duchess of Tuscany and 21 plates, first impressions, half morocco gilt, Paris, Du Change, 1710, imperial atlas folio (745)

Maggs, £2 5s. 5785 Salgado (James, a Spaniard). A Description of the Plaza, or Sumptuous Market-Place of Madrid and the Bull Baiting there, etc., folding plate of bull-baiting, Fr. Clark for the Author, 1683-Relazione e Disegno della Fiera e Festa Popolare della Porchetta fatta in Bologna quest' Anno 1702, large folding plate, Bologna, 1702, in 1 vol., old calf, small 4to. (754) Pickering, £8 5786 Salmincio (Andria, Engraver of Bologna). A Series of Woodcuts of the Passion of Christ and other New Testament and Ecclesiastical Subjects, 92 woodcuts printed on one side of the page only, without text, with marks A. S. and I. C. I., with a set of signatures, A.-Z., old English russia gilt, g. e. [16–], small 4to. (755) Greene, £5 15s. 5787 Sallustius. De Catilinæ conjuratione ac Bello Jugurthini Historiæ, etc., ruled in red, wormhole through plain margins, contemporary Lyonnese morocco, g.e., well preserved, Lugd., S. Gryphius, 1545, 12mo. (758)

Leighton, £5 17s. 6d. 5788 Sallustius. Belli Catilinarii et Jugurthini Historiæ, old morocco, line tooled, g. e., Edinburgi, Gulielmus Ged Aurifaber Edinensis non typis mobilibus ut vulgo fieri solet, sed Tabellis seu Laminis fusis, excudebat 1744, 12mo. (759) Quaritch, £2 8s.

[The first specimen of stereotype printing by the inventor of the art.-Catalogue.]

5789 Sandford (Fr.) Genealogical History of the Kings and Queens of England and Monarchs of Great Britain, from the Conquest to 1707, continued with new additions and annotations, etc. by S. Stebbing, LARGE PAPER, 24 copies printed, plates, morocco super extra, g. e., by J. Clarke, M. Jenner for J. Nicholson, etc., 1707, royal folio (762) Blackwell, £4

5790 Scarron (Paul). Comical Romance, or a Facetious History of a Company of Strowling Players, now turn'd into English, first edition, frontispiece (supposed to represent Old

Smithfield), old calf, J. C. for William Crooke, 1676, small folio (768) Maggs, £5 18s. 5791 Scot (Thomas). The Discoverie of Witchcraft, first edition, black letter, woodcuts and ornamental initials, calf gilt, r. e., few leaves stained, William Brome, 1584, small 4to. (771) Pickering, £19 10S. · 5792 Scriptores Rei Rusticæ. Columella, Cato, Terentius Varro, cum Enarrationibus Vocum Priscarum Geo. Alexandrini, etc., 3 vol., old English morocco, g. e., Paris. ex off. R. Stephani, 1543, small 8vo. (772) Greene, £3 155. 5793 Seneca. Scenecæ (sic) Tragœdiæ (cum Prefatione H. Avantii), editio Aldina prima, old French morocco, y. e., Venet., in ædibus Aldi, 1517, small 8vo. (775) Maggs, £2 2s. 5794 Seneca. His Tenne Tragedies, translated into English (by Thomas Newton), black letter, first edition of the first English translation, woodcut title, ornamental woodcut initials, circular head of Seneca mounted on fly-leaf, old calf gilt, r. e., Imprinted in Fletestrete by T. Marshe, 1581, small 4to. (776) Pickering, £16 5795 Shadwell (Thomas). Dramatic Works, portrait, 4 vol., old calf, Knapton and Tonson, 1720, small 8vo. (779)

Quaritch, L2 14s. 5796 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, published according to the True Original Copies, first reprint of the first folio, head by Droeshout on title, modern russia, with blind stamped ornaments, g.e., J. Wright, Printer, St. John's Square (1807), folio (780)

E. Parsons, £2 10s. 5797 [Sharpham (Edw.)] Cupid's Whirligig, as it hath been sundry times acted by the Children of the Kings Majesties Revels, first edition, unbound, E. Allde and solde by A. Johnson, 1607, small 4to. (782) Pickering, £51 5798 Shirley (James). Various Plays, viz., Changes, or Love in a Maze, a Comedie, first edition, G. P. for W. Cooke, 1632The Bird in a Cage, a Comedie, first edition, E. Alsop for W. Cooke, 1633-The Traytor, a Tragedie, first edition (stained), W. Cooke, 1635-The Schoole of Complement (by J. S.), first edition, J. H. for Fr. Constable, 1637-The Example, first edition, J. Norton for A. Crooke, 1637Hide Parke, a Comedie, first edition (date cut off), 1637-The Duke's Mistris, first edition, ib., 1638-The Maide's Revenge, a Tragedy, first edition, T. C. for W. Cooke, 1639 -The Pastorall called the Arcadia, first edition, J. D. for J. Williams, 1640-The Opportunitie, a Comedie, first edition, T. Cotes for A. Crooke, 1640-Love's Crueltie, a Tragedy, first edition, ib., 1640-St. Patrick for Ireland, the First Part, first edition, J. Raworth for R. Whittaker, 1640 -The Humorous Courtier, a Comedy, first edition, T. C. for W. Cooke, 1640—The Constant Maid, a Comedy, first edition, J. Raworth for R. Whittaker, 1640-The Gentlemen of Venice, first edition, H. Moseley, 1655-The Politician, a Tragedy, first edition, ib., 1655-The Wedding, W.

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Locke, 1660-The Grateful Servant, W. Leake, n. d.—The Royal Master (title defective)—The Opportunitie, T. Cotes for A. Crooke, n. d.-and Hide Parke (imperfect), all unbound, 21 pieces, small 4to. (784) Pickering, £43 5799 Sidney (Sir Philip). The Countesse of Pembroke's Arcadia, now the fourth time published, with some new additions, contemporary calf, with centre gilt ornament, H. L. for Mathew Lowndes, 1613, folio (786) Greene, £5 5800 Silvain (Alexander). The Orator, handling a hundred severall Discourses, in forme of Declamations, etc., Englished by L. P. (Preface signed Lazarus Piot, i.e., Ant. Munday), (Bjj defective), half bound, Adam Islip, 1596, small 4to. (789) Pickering, £21

[Declamation 95 treats "of a Jew who would have a pound of a Christian's flesh for his debt."-Catalogue.] 5801 Slezer (John). Theatrum Scotiæ, containing the Prospects of their Majesties Castles and Palaces, Towns and Colleges, Ruins of Abbeys, Churches, Monasteries and Convents within the said Kingdom, with short Descriptions, original edition, 57 folding views, and engravings of arms, old calf, presentation copy from the author to Dr. James Welwood, with autograph inscription in front cover, John Leake for the Author, 1693, folio (790) Blackwell, £19 155. 5802 Slezer (Captain John). Theatrum Scotia, containing the Prospects of his Majesty's Castles and Palaces, third edition, folding view of Edinburgh and 60 views, including 2 of the Bass Rock, 8 mounted, old panelled calf, r. e., D. Browne, etc., 1718, folio (791) Tregaskis, £3 10s. 5803 Smith (John). Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of the Dutch, Flemish and French Painters, with a Description of their Principal Pictures, portraits, 9 vol., half russia, contents lettered, Smith and Son, 1829-42, imperial 8vo. (793) Maggs, £39

5804 Spaine.

The Present State of Spaine, translated out of French (by Sir L. Lewkener), (dedication to Michael Sondes, Esq., signed by the printer, Richard Sergier), unbound, P. S. for R. Serger (sic), 1594, small 4to. (799)

Pickering, £2 18s. [A surreptitiously printed edition, against which the author protests in an authentic edition published in 1595.— Catalogue.] 5805 Spenser (Edmund). Works, with an Account of his Life, and other New Additions never before in print, frontispiece of monument, old panelled calf, H. Hills for Jon. Edwin, 1679, folio (801) Pickering, £2 12s. 5806 Stow (John). Annales, or a Generall Chronicle of England, continued and augmented to 1631, by Edm. Howes, black letter, woodcut title, old calf gilt, R. Meighen, 1631, folio (809) Sotheran, £2 2s. 5807 Suetonius et Herodianus. Vita di dodici Imperatori per Suetonio, novamente tradotta in Volgare. Historia d'Herodiano de lo Imperio dopo Marco, tradotta in lingua toscana,

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