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plates, original impressions, vellum, s. l. ou d. [1637], oblong folio (548) Cotton, £2 18s. 5726 Marston (John). The Malcontent, augmented by Marston, with the Additions played by the Kings Maiesties Servants, written by John Webster (dedication in Latin to Ben Jonson), signature of "Kathrene Throckmorton" on reverse of title, unbound, headline cut into (a f), V. S. for William Apsley in Paules Churchyard, 1604, small 4to. (550) Pickering, 18 10s. 5727 Marston (John). What you Will, first edition (headlines cut into), G. Eld for T. Thorpe, 1607-The Insatiate Countess, a Tragedie, acted at White- Fryers, J. N. for H. Perrie, 1631, both unbound, small 4to. (551) Pickering, £6 10s. 5728 Martial. Epigrammata, nova editio, ex Museo P. Scriverii cum animadversionibus, 3 vol., old English morocco, g. e., Lugd. Bat., Jo. Maire, 1618-19, 12mo. (552) Quaritch, £3 His Epigrams translated, with Sundry Poems and Fancies, by R. Fletcher, first edition, portrait of Martial by Vaughan (small hole in it), original calf, T. Mabb for W. Sheares, 1656, small 8vo. (553) Sabin, £10 5730 Mary Queen of Scots. Collections relating to the History of, containing a great number of Original Pieces never before printed, etc., revised and published by James Anderson, LARGE PAPER (oval head by Vertue pasted on fly-leaf of vol. i.), 4 vol., old calf gilt, r. e., Edinburgh and London, J. Mosman, etc., 1727-8, 4to. (558) J. Bumpus, £6

5729 Martial.

5731 Massinger (Philip). The Picture, a Tragecomedie, as it was often presented with good allowance at the Globe and Black-friers Play-houses by the Kings Maiesties Servants, first edition, unbound (wanted A j, a blank), J. N. for Thomas Walkley, 1630, small 4to. (563) Pickering, £3 10s. 5732 Massinger (Philip). The Maid of Honour, as it hath beene often presented with good allowance at the Phoenix in Drurie-Lane, by the Queenes Majesties Servants, first edition, unbound, J. B. for R. Allot, 1632, small 4to. (564) Jackson, £18

5733 Massinger (Philip). The Emperour of the East, a TragæComoedie, as it hath bene divers times acted at the Blackfriers and Globe Playhouses by the Kings Maiesties Servants, first edition, unbound, T. Harper for J. Waterson, 1632, small 4to. (565) Pickering, £4 2s. 6d. 5734 Massinger (Philip) and N. Field. The Fatall Dowry, a Tragedy, as often acted at the Private House in Blackefryers by his Majesties Servants, written by P. M. and N. F., first edition, unbound, J. Norton for F. Constable, 1632, small 4to. (566) Sabin, £14 5s.

5735 Massinger (Philip). A New Way to pay Old Debts, a Comœdiæ, as often acted at the Phoenix in Drury-Lane by the Queenes Maiesties Servants, first edition, unbound, E. P. for H. Seyle, 1633, small 4to. (567) Sabin, £20 5736 Massinger (Philip). The Great Duke of Florence, a Comicall Historie, as often presented with good allowance by her



Maties Servantes at the Phoenix in Drurie Lane, first edition (Aj and 4, blanks, wanting), unbound, J. Marriot, 1636, small 4to. (568) Maggs, £3 75. 5737 Massinger (Philip). The Unnaturall Combat, a Tragedie, as it was presented by the Kings Majesties Servants at the Globe, first edition, unbound, E. G. for John Waterson, 1639, small 4to. (569) A. Jackson, 19 5738 Massinger (Philip), Thomas Middleton and William Rowley. The Excellent Comedy called The Old Law, or a New Way to Please you, with a Perfect Catalogue of Playes, unbound, E. Archer, 1656, small 4to. (570) Pickering, £19 10s. 5739 Mayne (Jasper). The Amorous Warre, a Tragi-Comedy, first edition (lower margins uncut), Printed in the yeare 1648 -Two Plaies, The City Match and the Amorous Warre, both long since written, both unbound, Oxford, H. Hall for R. Davis, 1658, small 4to. (577) A. Jackson, £31 5740 Médailles sur les Principaux Evenements du Règne de Louis Le Grand, avec des Explications Historiques (avec la préface), frontispiece, folding plate of portraits of Louis XIV., 286 plates of medals taken on one side only, and Table, all printed within ornamental borders, old French morocco, with the Royal French arms, g. on m. e., Paris, Impr. Roy., 1702, folio (580) Maggs, £5 5741 Meriton (Thomas). Love and War, a Tragedy, first edition, Printed for C. Webb, 1658--The Wandring Lover, a Tragy Comedie, first edition, T. L. for T. C. and W. Burden, 1658 -May (Thomas). The Heire, a Comedie, as acted by the Company of Revels, 1620, A. Matthewes for T. Jones, 1633 -The Old Couple, a Comedy, J. Cottrel for S. Speed, 1658, four pieces, all unbound, small 4to. (584) Pickering, £23 5742 Merry Devill of Edmonton (The), as it hath beene sundry times acted by his Maiesties Servants at the Globe, on the banke-side, unbound, with the blank leaf forming Aj written on, otherwise a very fine and clean copy, H. Ballard for Arthur Johnson dwelling at the signe of the Whitehorse in Paules Church Yard over against the great North doore of Paules, 1608, small 4to. (585) A. Jackson, £300 [The first edition of a play which has been attributed to Shakespeare. The Perkins copy sold for £14. See BOOKPRICES CURRENT, vol. iii., No. 6520.-ED.]

5743 Middleton (Thomas). Your fine Gallants, as it hath been often in Action at the Blackfriers, first edition, unbound, good copy, Imprinted for Richard Bonian dwelling at the Signe of the Spread Eagle over against St. Paules Church, n. d. (1607), small 4to. (591) Sabin, £100

[At the Roxburghe sale in 1812 a good copy realised Li 6s.-ED.] 5744 Middleton (Thomas). Michaelmas Terme, newly corrected (imprint defective), R. H. for R. Meighen, 1630-The Phoenix (title defective), (1630)—A Mad World my Masters, J. S. for Jas. Becket, 1640-The Mayor of Quinborough, H. Herringman, 1661-The Spanish Gipsie, by Middleton and

Rowley, the second impression, T. C. for R. Crofts, 1661— Anything for a Quiet Life, a Comedy, formerly acted at Black-fryers, never before printed, T. Johnson for F. Kirkman, 1662, 6 pieces, all unbound, small 4to. (592) Maggs, 13 IOS. 5745 Mignerak (M.) La Pratique de l'Aiguille Industrienne, du tresexcellent Milour Matthias Mignerak Anglois, Ouvrier fort expert en toute sorte de Lingerie, etc. (dedicated to Marie de Medicis), title within engraved emblematic border by J. Le Clerc, and 66 plates of lace-work, old calf, sold with all faults, Paris, Jean Le Clerc, 1605, small 4to. (593)

E. Parsons, £11 5746 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, the Author John Milton, first edition (fourth title, with fleur-delis ornaments), title backed, 2 or 3 leaves stained, short copy, half russia, S. Simmons and to be sold by S. Thomson at the Bishops Head in Duck Lane, 1668, small 4to. (596) Steeves, £16 10S. 5747 Mock-Clelia (The), being a Comical History of French Gallantries and Novels in imitation of Don Quixote, translated out of French, engraved frontispiece, old calf, Printed for L. C. and sold by S. Neale and C. Blount, 1678, 8vo. (598) Sabin, £55s. 5748 Mucedorus. A Most pleasant Comedie of Mucedorus the Kings Sonne of Valencia, and Amadine the Kings Daughter of Aragon. With the merry Conceits of Mouse, amplified with new additions as it was acted before the Kings Maiestie at White-hall on Shrove-Sunday Night by his Highnesse Servants, usually playing at the Globe, title within woodcut border, unbound, N. G. for W. Jones dwelling near Holborn Conduit, 1615, small 4to. (608) A. Jackson, £80

[This play was, in some old catalogues (1661), attributed to Shakespeare, and a MS. note on the title is to the same effect. Catalogue.]

5749 Nabbes (Thomas). Totenham-Court, a Comedy, R. Oulton, 1639-The Sophister, a Comedy, J. O. for H. Mosley, 1639 -Covent Garden, a Pleasant Comedy, R. Oulton, 1639— Microcosmus, a Morall Maske, ib., 1637-The Bride, a Comedie acted in 1638, R. H. for L. Blaickelocke, 1640and The Unfortunate Mother, a Tragedie, J. O. for Dan. Frere, 1640, most, if not all, first editions, unbound, small 4to. (610) Pickering, £38 10s. 5750 Nevile (Rob.) The Poor Scholar, a Comedy, T. Johnson for F. Kirkman, 1662-The Ile of Gulls, W. Sheares, 1633Love à la Mode, a Comedy, J. C. for John Daniel, 1663Lady Alimony, or the Alimony Lady (margins shaved), T. Vere and Wm. Gilbertson, 1659, 4 pieces, all unbound, small 4to. (613) Sabin, £18

5751 Newcastle (Duke of). General System of Horsemanship in all its Branches, translated from the French, 43 plates,

figured initials and vignettes, 2 vol., old mottled calf gilt, m. e., J. Brindley, 1743, folio (614) Russell, £55s. 5752 Newport (Maurice). Sereniss. Principi Carolo Secundo Mag. Brit. Fran. et Hib. Regi Votum Candidum Vivat Rex, editio Altera emendatior, contemporary English morocco, g. e., a rich specimen of binding, Typis Newcomianis, 1669, 8vo. (615) Pickering, £13 5753 Nivelon (F.) The Rudiments of Genteel Behavior, engraved ornamental title and 12 plates of full-length female and male figures after P. Dandridge by L. P. Boitard, original calf gilt, n. p. or printer's name, 1737, 8vo. (618) Sabin, £6 155. 5754 Noris (F. Henricus de). Historia Pelagiana, et Dissertatio de Synodo V. Ecumenica, portrait, dedication copy to Card. Franciscus Maria de Medicis, in contemporary morocco, full gilt ornamental back and frame sides, with the Cardinal's arms in centre, g. e., Patavii, J. Corona, 1708, folio (621) Cockerell, £2 145. 5755 Ovidius. Las Transformaciones de Ovidio en Lengua Española repartidas en quinze libros, woodcuts in the style of Le Petit Bernard, signature of "Thomas Knyvett" on title, old calf, with centre gilt ornament, Anvers, P. Bellero, 1595, small 8vo. (635) T. Greene, LA 5756 Ovid. The XV. Bookes of P. Ovidius Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis, translated into English Meeter by Arthur Golding, first edition of the complete translation, blark letter, title cut up and mounted, old calf, Willyam Seres, 1567, small 4to. (636) Edwards, £12 5757 Ovid. The Heroycall Epistles of the learned Poet Publius Ovidius Naso in Englishe Verse, set out and translated by George Turbervile, Gent., wyth Aulus Sabinus answeres to Certaine of the Same, black letter. title within woodcut border, some margins cut close, leaf of colophon defective, old panelled calf, H. Denham, 1569,.small 8vo. (637)

Leighton, £7 10s. 5758 Paradin (Claude, et Gab. Symeon). Heroica. Les Devises Héroiques [Latin and French], woodcuts, 2 vol. in 1, old calf gilt, Antw., C. Plantin, 1562, 12mo. (644) Sotheran, £3 5759 Parkhurst (John, Bishop of Norwich). Johannis Parkhursti Ludicra sive Epigrammata Juvenilia, title within woodcut border, old calf, Jo. Day, 1573, small 4to. (646)

Rylett, £4 55

5760 Parnassus. The Returne from Pernassus, or the Scourge of Simony, publiquely acted by the Students at Saint Johns Colledge in Cambridge, first edition, unbound, G. Eld for John Wright at his Shop in Christchurch Gate, 1606, sma!! 4to. (648) Pickering, 31

[A dramatic satire, in which Shakespeare, Jonson, Marlow, Spenser, M. Drayton and the other chief poets of the time are criticised.-Catalogue.]

5761 Parsons (Colonel). A New Book of Cyphers, more compleat and regular than any yet extant, engraved on 56 copper

plates, old panelled calf, Printed for the author, 1704, oblong 4to. (649) Quaritch, £5 5762 Pasquil and Catherine. Jacke Drums Entertainement, or The Comedie of Pasquil and Katherine, as it hath been sundry times plaid by the Children of Powles, newly corrected, last leaf defective, unbound, W. Stansby for Ph. Knight, 1616-The Weakest Goeth to the Wall, as it hath been plaid by the right honourable Earle of Oxenford, Lord Great Chamberlaine of England, his Servants, unbound, G. P. for R. Hawkins, 1618, small 4to. (650) Maggs, £20 55. 5763 Pembroke. "Wilton Garden," engraved by Isaac de Caus, the above title, description of the Garden in French, folding plate headed "Hortus Pembrochianus," and plans, in all 26 plates, engraved throughout, old calf gilt, n. d. (653)

Quaritch, £42

5764 Perrault (Ch.) Les Hommes Illustres qui ont paru en France pendant ce Siècle, avec leurs Portraits au Naturel, original issue, frontispiece, portrait of Perrault, 100 portraits, and the two suppressed ones, with text, of Pascal and Arnauld, Dutch vellum, m. e. (164 by 111⁄2 inches), Paris, A. Dezallier, 1696-1700, royal folio (655) Leighton, £4

5765 Perry (Hugh). Sir Gyles Goose-Cappe, Knight, a Comedy lately Acted with Great Applause at the Private House in Salisbury Court, Printed for H. Perry and sold by Roger Ball, 1636-Porter (T.) The Villain, a Tragedy, H. Herringman, 1663—The Carnival, a Comedy, by T. Porter, ib., 1664-A Witty Combat, or the Female Victor, as acted by Persons of Quality in Whitson Week, written by T. P. Gent, T. Roberts, 1663, all unbound, but some margins cut into, small 4to. (656) Maggs, £10 5766 Petit (J. F.) The Low Country Commonwealth, containing an exact description of the Eight United Provinces now made free, translated out of French by E. Grimeston, fine engraved border, G. Eld, 1669-Davies (Edw.) Military Directions, or the Art of Trayning, E. Griffin, 1618-Burleigh (Cecil Lord). An Answere to Certaine Scandalous Papers, scattered abroad under colour of a Catholicke Admonition (plain margins of 4 leaves damaged), R. Barker, 1606-King James, his Apophthegmes or Table-Talke, by B. A., Printed by B. W., 1643—Copy of a Letter sent to an Hon. Lord by Dr. Paske, Subdeane of Canterbury, Sept. 9, 1642, in 1 vol., old calf, small 4to. (658) Sabin, £13 10s. 5767 Philips (Mrs. Katherine). Poems, by the Matchless Orinda, to which is added Corneille's Tragedies of Pompey and Horace, with several other Translations out of French, LARGE PAPER, portrait, old russia gilt, sprinkled edges, J. Tonson, 1710, imperial 8vo. (665) Cotton, LI 18s. 5768 Pine (John). The Procession and Ceremonies Observed at the Installation of Knights of the Bath, upon Thursday, June 17, 1725, etc., titles and text English and French, 20 plates of pageantry, ornamental vignettes, prospectus in

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