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woodcut initials, old calf gilt, y. e., a few rust spots on plain margins at end, Imprinted by R. Tottel, Sept. x., 1554, small folio (110)

Cockerell, £18 5561 Boiardo (M. M.) Orlando Innamorato, woodcuts (corners of

some leaves stained), old calf gilt, with arms of the Abbé Estampes de Valençay, rare edition, Venet., P. de Nicolini de Sabio, 1535, small 4to. (113)

Leighton, £2 6s. 5562 Boileau Despréaux (Nic.) Euvres, LARGE PAPER, illustra

tions by B. Picart, with the portrait of the Princess Charlotte after Keneller by Gunst, 2 vol., old English russia extra, g. e., Amst., D. Mortier, 1718, folio (115)

Rosenthal, 44 45. 5563 Boorde (Dr. Andrewe). Here Foloweth a Compendyous

Regimente or Dyetary of Health made in Mount Pyllor, first edition, black letter. sound copy, Printed by Thos. Colwell in the house of Rob. Wyer, 1562—Here beginneth the Seing of Urynes, and of all the Colours that Urynes be of, with the Medicynes annexed, etc., black letter (leaf defective), Imprinted at London for Antony Kitson, n. d.A Briefe Treatise touching the Preservation of the Eiesight, consisting partlie on Good Order of Diet and partlie in Use of Medicines, roman letter, title within woodcut borders, no place or printer's name, 1586-Gyer (Rev. N.) The English Phlebotomy, or Method and Way of Healing by Letting of Bloode, Printed for W. Hoskins and John Danter for Andrew Mansell, 1592, in i vol., old calf, small 8vo. (121)

Quaritch, £30 5564 Borgo. Patiolus de Borgo (Frater Lucas). Divina Pro

portione, lit. goth. et rom., title in red and black, diagrams in the margins and 87 separate plates of proportions (including a whole alphabet) and ornamental woodcut initials, old calf gilt, sprinkled edges, sound and clean copy, many of the designs by Leonardo da Vinci, Venet.,

Paganinus de Paganinis, 1509, small folio (122) Bain, £18 5565 Bourchier (John, Knight, Lorde Bernis (sic)) The Castell of

Love, translated out of Spanishe into Englyshe ... at the instaunce of the Lady Elizabeth Carew . . . black letter, title within woodcut border, unbound, perfect and sound copy, but plain margins cut down and a few letters injured in margins of Hi, Prynted in Paul's Churchyarde by Jokn Turke, at the Sygne of the Byble, n. d., 12mo. (127)

Quaritch, £62 5566 Bowen (Emanuel). Britannia Depicta, or Ogilby Improved,

engraved throughout, old English morocco, full gilt back, g. e., T. Bowles and E. Owen, 1720, small 4to. (128)

Ridler, £3 185. 5567 Brant (Sebastian). Stultifera Navis. The Ship of Fooles,

wherein is shewed the Folly of all States, with divers other workes, translated out of Latin into Englishe by Alexander Barclay, Priest (with the Latin Text), English in black letter, Latin in roman, woodcuts, old calf gilt, r.e., Im

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and illuminated ornamental initials, with marginal decorations, and 3 smaller illuminated initials in the text, rubri. cated in blue and red, half russia, y.e., Venet., Christopherus Arnoldus, s. d. (152)

Maggs, £4.45. 5576 Burney (Dr. Ch.) General History of Music, portrait and

plates by Bartolozzi, etc., 4 vol., old mottled calf gilt, y. e.,

Printed for the author, 1776-89, 4to. (153) Ellis, £3 ss. 5577 Burton (Rob.) Anatomy of Melancholy, etc., with a Satyricall

Preface, the sixth edition, corrected and augmented by the author, old russia extra gilt, m. e., H. Cripps and L. Lloyd, 1652, small folio (154)

Quaritch, £4 185. 5578 (C. (W.)] Polimanteia, or the meanes lawfull and unlawfull

to judge of the Fall of a Common-Wealth, against the frivolous and foolish conjectures of this Age, etc., unbound (contains title, dedication to Robert Devorax (sic) Earle of Essex, signed W. C., Preface to Reader and Latin verses, and text signatures A-Ff4, F-f4 blank), Cambridge, John Legate, 1595, small 4to. (157)

A. Jackson, 131 [This work contained the earliest reference to Shake

speare.- Catalogue.] 5579 Cabinet Crozat. Recueil d’Estampes d'après les plus beaux

Tableaux, etc. qui sont en France dans le Cabinet du Roy, etc., avec une description Historique (par J. P. Mariette), LARGE PAPER, vol. i., in 2 parts, containing 169 plates, original impressions, 2 extra plates inserted, in i vol., half calf, Paris, 1729, imperial atlas folio (158)

Rimell, £5 55. 5580 Caesar (Julius). Opera, LARGE PAPER (25 copies printed),

ruled in red, 87 large plates, with a portrait of the Duke of Marlborough, after Kneller, by Vertue, etc., old English morocco, Tonson, 1712, super imperial folio (159)

Leighton, £3 7s. 6d. 5581 Camöens (Luys de). Los Lusiadas, traduzidos en octava rima

Castellana por Benito Caldera, first edition of the Lusiads in Spanish, cut on title, half russia gilt, y.e., Alcala de

Henares Juan Gracian, 1580, small 4to. (164) Sabin, £13 5582 Caraccio and Titian. A Series of 390 Engravings from the

Works of Ant. Caraccio, Titian, etc., proof impressions, some in two states, bound in 3 vol., “Cabinet de Jabach,"

old calf gilt, r. e., oblong folio (170) Ridler, £5 1os. 5583 Caradoc. History of Cambria, now called Wales, written in

the British Language above two hundredth Yeares past, translated into English by H. Lloyd, corrected, augmented and continued by D. Powell, D.D., first edition, black letter, woodcut title and cuts in the text, old calf gilt, R. Newberie

and H. Denham, 1584, small 4to. (171) Ridler, £6 5584 (Carew (Lady Elizabeth).] The Tragedie of Mariam the

Faire Queene of Jewry, written by that learned, virtuous and truly noble Ladie E. C., first edition, unbound, large copy, slightly stained, T. Creede for Rich. Hawkins, 1613, small 4to. (172)

Sabin, 139 5585 Carion (John). The thre bokes of Cronicles, .. whereunto

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slightly defective), ib., 1639, both first editions, unbound, small 4to. (192)

Sabin, £10 Ios. 5594 Charles I. Eikon Basilike. The Pourtraicture of his Sacred

Majesty in his Solitudes and Sufferings, transcribed by ). Thomasen, Schoolmaster at Tarvin in the County of Chester, written in imitation of old English open-faced type, with a copy of the head of the king (dedicated to Queen Anne), pp. 254, besides portrait, title, dedication and "Contents,” russia gilt, y. e., 1713, small 4to. (196)

Maggs, £5 5s. 5595 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works, compared with the former

editions and many Valuable MSS. by John Urry, with a Glossary and Life, etc., portrait and vigneties, old calf gilt, r. e., B. Lintot, 1721, folio (201)

Pickering, £3 35. 5596 Chess and other Games. Manuscript on vellum in old Nor

man French (182 leaves, 958 by 7 inches). Begins : “ Chil dor traient premiers & vellēt matter des rouges a deus trais ne plus ne mais prenges le ruges a defendre car il ne le puent faire se chius ki trait de celles dor trait seu anfin en a prent seu pannet de teuroc se li donne eskiec si est deffendu,” gothic letter, each page to leaf 146 having a drawing of a chess-board in black and white, with figures in gold and red, folios 146 to 169 are occupied by bagatelle ? problems, and the remainder by a square boarded game in which gold and red counters are used ; several pages have very fine strap and scroll illuminated ornamental initials with marginal decorations containing grotesque figures and animals, birds, spiked foliage, etc., and there are also numerous ornamental pen-letters and other decorations (an initial on folio 170 cut out), old calf, Sæc. xiii.- xiv., 4to. (202)

Quaritch, £800 [A very interesting and uncommon Manuscript, most likely of Anglo-Norman workmanship. The pages are entirely occupied by problems and their solutions in the

three board games which it treats of.--Catalogue.] 5597 Christian Piety (The Causes of the Decay of), Written by

the Author of The Whole Duty of Man, engraving of St. Paul's Burning on title, old English morocco, gilt ornamental back, the sides inlaid with a brown outer frame of cottage roof design and centre ornament of red, surrounded by blind and gilt tooling of flower ornaments, g. e., R. Nor.

ton for R. Pawlett, 1679, 8vo. (204) Pickering, £44 5598 Christian Sacrifice (The), a Treatise shewing the Necessity,

End and Manner of receiving the Holy Communion, etc., 2 frontispieces, old English morocco, g. e., a fine specimen, well preserved, R. N. for R. Royston, 1671, 8vo. (205)

Leighton, L10 gs. 5599 Chronicon. Fasciculum Temporum ad annum 1474 (cum

Tabula), auctore Wernero Rolewinck), lit. goth., numerous architectural and other woodcuts, rubricated in red and blue, illuminated ornamental initial on first page, 72 leaves,

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