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Country Ad acent, April 18th, 18%, uncut copy, calf, te g. by beufud, ko Oh swe.., Ildy, 410

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1404 Calef Robert More Wonders of the Iryshe Word, or the Wonders of De Invite Word 1 s; ayd in hive To w his added a postser pt relating to a

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Tea, Morocco super extra, ge, by kivJETE,
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(* 13 ́s contains the only copy of the “Þrra'a that has
er my observat on from coat ons given, it
Note by Mr
wi **en n_reply to Cotton
Matters - " Sers of the Invisse Word, being an
Account of the Irva's of Several Witches, Late's Executed
6 New
a! Caef was a merchant n Salem, and
opposed Mainers views in regard to witches His book
was turned at Harvard College by order of President
Increase. Mather

was not nberry, Ives or Menn es coples

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Mirr Worters of the Invis ble World, cest the 'eaf of brata, top margin of f, e, two eaves very v., 5tiy shaved *C, MATHGo extra, by the Club B- jery Nath AMARITA, LA”

A Fretes e pron of the Province of Caro, na on and more flare arly of a New sh at Cape Feare on that hares kiver, the 25th of May, dra mapin perfect cor. 1 ton, bry bestford, n a morDECO Stevens, £47

esa, te

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I'e I wot harters Granted by King Charles II to a West and Last tes of that C... Ghout copy. by Fratt, Érintet and are to be

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Brayton Ives, and passed through their respective sales, but without any mention of the facsimile leaves being made in the catalogues.-Catalogue.]

5409 Casas (Bartholome de Las). The Tears of the Indians, being an Historical and true Account of the Cruel Massacres and Slaughters of above Twenty Millions of Innocent People, Committed by the Spaniards in the Islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, etc. As also, in the Continent of Mexico, Peru, & other Places of the West-Indies, few leaves stained and a few wormed in bottom margin, name on title, otherwise good copy in the original sheepskin binding, frontispiece, J. C. for Nath. Brook, 1656, small 8vo. (60)

Quaritch, £8

[The folding frontispiece is in four compartments, depicting the various tortures applied to the Indians. This copy had the rare end leaf containing the half title in two lines printed up the centre of the page.—Catalogue.]

5410 Castaneda (Hernan Lopez de). The First Booke of the Historie of the Discouerie and Conquest of the East Indias enterprised by the Portingales in their dangerous navigations in the time of King Don John, the Second of that name, which Historie conteineth much varietie of matter, very profitable for all Navigators and not unpleasant to the readers. Translated into English by N. L. (i.e., Nicholas Lichefield), black letter, russia, g. e., Thomas East, 1582, 4to. (62) Quaritch, £7 5411 Castell (William). A petition of W. C. exhibited to the High Court of Parliament now assembled, for the propagating of the Gospel in America, and the West Indies; and for the setling of our plantations there; which Petition is approved by 70 able English Divines. Also by Master Alexander Henderson and some other worthy Ministers of Scotland, fine copy, crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford [London], printed in the year 1641, 4to. (63) Quaritch, £23 5412 Connecticut. "Saybrook Confession and Platform." A Confession of faith owned and consented to by the Elders and Messengers of the Churches in the Colony of Connecticut in New England, assembled by Delegation at Say-Brook, September 9th, 1708, the text in original state, few leaves slightly frayed in the headline, re-sewn into the original wooden boards covered with sheepskin, back mended, preserved in morocco slip case, New London in N.E., Thomas Short, 1710, small 8vo. (69) Quaritch, £36

[The first edition of the Saybrook Platform, and the first book printed in Connecticut.-Catalogue.]

5413 Copland (Patrick). Virginia's God be thanked, or a sermon of Thanksgiving for the Happie Successe of the affayres in Virginia this last yeare, preached before the Honorable Virginia Company, Thursday, 18 of April, 1622, calf, g.e., I. D. for William Sheffard, etc., 1622, 4to. (71)

Quaritch, £22

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alone, or vol. i. of the second edition combined with vol. ii. of the first. This copy was of especial rarity and interest because it contained four leaves bound up at the end of vol. i. which are said to be unique. They are entitled “An Amendment, or Correction of the History of the Bucaniers in relation to the actions of Sir Henry Morgan, Knyght." This is the publisher William Crooke's apology, printed by order of the Court, for calling Morgan a pirate.-Catalogue.] 5420 Florida. A Relation of the Invasion and Conquest of Florida by the Spaniards under the Command of Fernando de Soto, written in Portuguese by a gentleman of the Town of Elvas, now Englished. With some discoveries made by the Spaniards in the Island of California in the year 1683, calf, r. e., John Lawrence, 1686, small 8vo. (100)

H. Stevens, £7 12s. 6d. 5421 Foster (Nicholas). A Briefe Relation of the Late Horrid Rebellion acted in the Island of Barbadas in the West Indies, anno 1650, fine copy, morocco, gilt over marbled edges, by David, I. G. for Richard Lowndes, 1650, small 8vo. (101) Essex, £10 158. 5422 Fox (George, and others). The Secret Workes of a Cruel People made manifest, whose little finger is become heavier than their persecutors the bishops Loyns, who have set up an Image amongst them in New England, which all that will not bow down unto, and worship, must undergo all such sufferings as can be invented and inflicted by the hearts and hands of such men whose tender mercies are cruel. . . . uncut copy, first leaf of text re-margined on the fore-edge, levant morocco extra, by Lortic, Printed in the year 1659, 4to. (103) Quaritch, £29

5423 Fox (George). Cæsar's Due Rendered unto Him according to his Image and Superscription and God and Christ's Due rendered unto their Image, and Superscription, etc., morocco, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, Printed in the year 1679, 4to. (105)

H. Stevens, £19 108.

[Partly an answer to "Roger Williams his Slanderous Book of Lyes concerning Cæsar and of giving Cæsar his due."-Catalogue.]

5424 Fox (George, and John Burnyeat). A New-England Fire Brand Quenched, Being an answer unto a Slanderous Book, Entituled, George Fox digged out of his Burrowes, etc., Printed at Boston in 1676 by Roger Williams, of Providence, in New-England, 2 parts in 1 volume, fine copy, morocco, tooled to a Roger Payne pattern, g. e., by Francis Bedford, Printed in the year 1679, 4to. (106)

Quaritch, £30 [The second part has a separate title dated 1678.-Catalogue.] 5425 Foxe (Luke). North-West Fox, or Fox from the North-West passage... with briefe Abstracts of the voyages of Cabot, Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight, Hudson, Button, Gibbons, Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge . . . Mr. Iames Hall's

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15. Part, printet and foot by by Franklin, ༼༄n-kzei༔ ནས་

vile most elebrated example of Ber an n He wrote the prefa e, and n it says that red the ww»k, In a large and fair Character, rk on the Subiect of O dà ̧r ke's somewhat impair d


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