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portraits and plates, 6 vol., old calf gilt, Jer. Batley, 1725-6, 8vo. (409)

Pickering, £7 155. 5684 Heywood (Thomas). The Iron Age (Part i.), containing the

Rape of Helen, etc., first edition (corner of title torn off and margins cut into), N. Okes, 1632--A Pleasant Comedy, called a Maydenhead Well Lost, first edition, cut on title (repeated in the text), margins cut into, N. Okes for ]. Jackson, etc., 1634-A Challenge for Beautie, first edition (good copy), R. Raworth, 1636—The Royall King and the Loyall Subject, first edition, N. and J. Okes for J. Becket, 1637—Loves Mistresse, or the Queenes Masque, J. Raworth for J. Crouch, 1640, together 5 pieces, all unbound, sold with all faults, small 4to. (412)

Pickering, £19 5685 Holbein (Hans). Imagines Mortis, 51 woodcuts, including

the cuts of cupids playing, etc., a small original (?) drawing by Holbein of 4 figures inserted in Aly-leaf, old morocco, gilt ornamental back, line frame sides, red paper doublures with gilt flower scrolls, g. e., Lugd., sub scuto Coloniensi, 1547, 12mo. (415)

Edwards, 421 5686 Holbein (Hans). Imitations of Original Drawings in the

Collection of his Majesty, for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII., with biographical tracts, published by John Chamberlaine, 80 portraits, with those of Holbein and wife, and 2 coloured miniatures of the young Dukes of Suffolk, chiefly by Bartolozzi, original impressions on full-size tinted paper and tinted paper of a smaller size mounted on thick white paper, russia extra,

y.e., W. Bulmer, 1792, atlas folio (416) Sabin, £43 Ios. 5687 Holinshed (Raphael). Chronicles, comprising the Descrip

tion and History of England, Ireland and Scotland, now newlie augmented and continued to the year 1586 by John Hooker, (John Stow) and others (second edition, supervised by A. Fleming, with Castrations), black letter. woodcut initials and ornaments, 3 vol. bound in 4, old calf, r. e., Harrison, Bishop, Newberrie, etc., 1586-87, folio (418)

Edwards, £10 ros. 5688 Homerus. Opera Omnia, cum Vita ex Herodoto, Dione et

Plutarcho, Græcè, Editio Aldina Prima, with numerous painted and illuminated ornamental initials, modern morocco extra, g. e., Venet., Aldus, 1504, small 8vo. (421)

Riglett, £42 [John Grolier's copy, and evidently illuminated for him. The lower margin of A iii. in each volume had his arms and device painted upon it, with an inscription round the shield, “Jehan Grolier Conseillier du Roy, Tresorier," etc.

It was originally bound in green velvet, but much worn.- Cata

logue.] 5689 Homer a la Mode, a Mock Poem upon the First and Second

Books of Homer's Iliads, by James Lord Scudamore, original calf, Oxford, H. H. for R. Davis, 1664, 12mo. (422)

Sulim, £5 5690 Hopton (Arthur). Baculum Geodæticum, sive Viaticum, or the Geodetical Staffe, containing eight Bookes, newly devised, practised and published, black letter, title within woodcut border, cuts of dials, spheres, folding tables, etc., N. Okes for S. Waterson, 1610-Digges (Leonard). A Booke Named Tectonicon published in 1556, black letter, tables, diagrams, etc., F. Kyngston, 1630, in i vol., old calf, small 4to. (424)

Quaritch, £4 4s. 5691 Horæ. “Ces presentes Heures a l'usaige de Rõme sont tout

au lög sans riens requerir, lit. goth.. red and black, printed upon vellum, device of Johan de Brie on title, above which are the words quoted above in red and black, 12 circular woodcuts in the calendar, 12 full-page woodcuts, and woodcut hieroglyphic sentences on last leaf, and numerous ornamental initials, the whole painted and richly illuminated, wanted b iii. and F 6, otherwise perfect and in good condition, old russia gilt, g.e., Horæ ad usum Romanum totaliter ad longum Parisius impressæ per Johannem de

Brie (Almanach 1512-23), 8vo. (434) Leighton, £14 5692 Horæ. Heures a l'usaige de Romme tout au long sans riens

requerir, lit. goth., printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders of the Dance of Death, the Siege of Jerusalem, figures of prophets and saints, arabesques, etc., with 19 full-page woodcuts within architectural borders, painted and richly illuminated, Hardouin's device on title and reverse of last leaf (the former illuminated, the latter plain), astrological man on a blue ground, several small illuminated figures of saints in the text, and many illuminated ornamental initials (apparently wanted D 5 and R 1), contemporary binding, oaken boards, leather, covered with blind stamped ornaments of fleurs-de-lis and other foreate designs, gol clasps, with rose and portcullis, g. e., “ Ces presentes Heures a l'usuige de Romme. ont este achevees a Paris le huitiesme jour de Mars lan mil cinq cēs et neuf par Gillet Hardouyn, Imprimeur demourant au bout du pont au change a l'ensigne de la Rose," etc. (1509), small 4to. (435)

Cockerell, £68 5693 Horatius. Opera, æneis Tabulis incidit Johannes Pine, first

or “post est” edition, engravings, 2 vol., old English morocco, full gilt ornamental backs, and broad and rich borders, inside dentelles, g.e., original subscriber's copy (Sir Andrew Fountaine's), Jo. Pine, 1733, royal 8vo. (437)

Quaritch, £ 16 1os. 5694 Horatius. Horace, his Arte of Poetrie, Pistles and Satyrs

Englished and to the Earl of Ormounte by Tho. Drant addressed, black letter, title within woodcut border, old calf, sprinkled edges, Imprinted in Flete Strete by Thomas Marshe, 1567, small 4to. (438)

Sabin, £37 ios. [The first edition of the “Ars Poetica” in English, by the

first English translator of Horace.- Catalogue.] 5695 Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons of

Great Britain, with their Lives and Characters by Thomas
Birch, LARGE PAPER (vol. i.), containing 80 portraits, half

bound, uncut, J. and P. Knapton, 1743, super imperial folio (443)

Sabin, 65 5696 Hurtado de Mendoça. Lazarillo, or the Excellent History of

Lazarillo de Tormes, the Witty Spaniard, both parts, the first translated by David Rowland, and the second by Jean de Luna, and done into English by the same Authour, old calf gilt, W. Leake, 1653, 12mo. (449)

Sabin, £3 5697 Hutten (Ulrich von). Of the Wood Called Guaiacum that

healeth the French Pockes, and also helpeth the goute in the feete, the stoone, the palsey, lepree, dropsy, fallynge evyll and other dyseases (translated by Thomas Paynell Chanon of Martin Abbey), black letter, ornamental woodcut initials, old calf gilt, T. Berthelet, 1539, small 8vo. (450)

Pickering, X7 1os. 5698 Jonson (Ben). Works, first collected edition in 8vo., portrait

and plates, 6 vol., old russia gilt, sprinkled edges, J.

Walthoe, etc., 1716, imperial 8vo. (464) Pickering, £13 5699 Jovius (Paulus). A Shorte treatise upon the Turkes Chronicles,

drawen out of the Italyen tong into Latyne by Franciscus Niger Bassianates, and translated into Engly'sh by Peter Ashton, black letter, ornamental woodcut initials, old calf

gilt, E. Whitchurche, 1546, 12mo. (465) Leighton, 4 5700 Kaempfer (Eug.) History of Japan, written in High Dutch

and translated from the Original MS. by J. G. Scheuchzer, with Life of the Author, plates, 2 vol., old calf gilt, r. e., T. Woodward, 1728, folio (470)

Hill, £4 5701 Kirkman (Fr.) The English Rogue continued in the Life of

Meriton Latroon and other Extravagants, first edition, “Licensed February 22, 1668," 2 plates, old calf, Printed

for Fra. Kirkman, 1668, small 8vo. (473) Maggs, £3 35. 5702 Knevet (Ra.) Rhodon and Iris, a Pastorall as it was pre

sented at the Florists Feast in Norwich, May 3, 1631, unbound, good copy, M. Sparke, 1631, small 4to. (474)

Pickering, £7 ios. 5703 Knight (R. Payne). Account of the Remains of the Worship

of Priapus lately existing at Isernia in the Kingdom of Naples, etc., original edition, plates, half russia, y. e., Privately printed, T. Spilsbury, 1786, 4to. (475)

Tregaskis, £2 18s. 5704 Lactantius.

De Divinis Institutionibus adversus gentes, roman letter, long lines, 38 to a full page, without marks (Hain *9809), 9 painted and illuminated scroll initials, contemporary MS. notes in margins in purple ink, painted red and blue capitals, old russia extra, large copy with rough edges, mcccclxxi. Adam, folio (478)

Maggs, 25 5705 Lambard (William). A Perambulation of Kent, first edition,

black letter, title within ornamental woodcut border, and woodcut initials, map, large copy, old calf gilt, H. Middleton

for R. Newberie, 1576, small 4to. (482) Quaritch, £9 ros. 5706 Latham (Simon). Falconry, or the Faulcons lure and cure,

in two Books, woodcuts, 2 vol. in 1, old calf, T. Harper for John Harrison, 1633, small 4to. (489)

Pickering, £8

5707 Latimer (Bishop Hugh). The Fyrste (to the Seventh) Ser

mon, Preached before the Kynges Maiestie (Edward VI.), first edition, black letter (woodcut title to first and second Sermons), margin of one leaf defective, old calf gilt, Day and Seres, 1549, small 8vo. (490)

Maggs, £2 155. 5708 Lavater (J. C.) Essays on Physiognomy, translated from the

French by H. Hunter, engravings, chiefly by T. Holloway, complete in 3 vol., subscriber's copy, russia extra, g. e., J.

Murray, 1789-98, royal 4to. (492) E. Parsons, £4 145. 5709 Legende (La) des Flamens, Artesiens et Haynuyers, ou

autrement leur cronique abregee, première édition, lettres bâtardes, title in red and black, woodcuts and ornamental initials, old calf, Paris, en la rue Sainct Jacques a lenseigne Sainct Claude (Fr. Regnault), 1532, May 24, small 4to. (495)

Pickering, £13 135. 5710 Lilly. Lyllie (John, Master of Arts, Euphuist). The Woman

in the Moone, as it was presented before her Highnesse, first edition, unbound, title soiled, last leaf defective, Wm. Jones, at the Signe of the Gun neere Holborn Conduict, 1597, small 4to. (506)

Maggs, 120 5711 Liturgia Græca. Leitourgikon sun Theo Agio, printed in red

and black, engraved title and ornamental woodcut initials, old Italian morocco, with the arms of Card. Fr. Maria de Medicis in centres, g.e., Roma, J. B. Bussottus, 1683, folio (509)

Leighton, £6 5712 Loggan (David). Oxonia Illustrata, engraved title, 4 engraved

plates of letterpress and 40 plates, early impressions, old French morocco, g.e., Oxon., 1675, folio (514)

Leighton, £14 5713 Longus. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et de Chloë, an

original set of the 29 illustrations of the Regent Philippe d'Orleans, engraved by Audran, taken on LARGE PAPER, old English morocco, g. e., Paris, 1718, small 4to. (515)

Edwards, £9 5714 Louis XIV. La Guerre des Suisses traduite du I Livre de

Jule Cesar par Louys XIV. Dieu-Donné, Roy de France et de Navarre (age de treize ans), LARGE PAPER, 4 plates, old French morocco, Aeurs-de-lis and crowned double L on back, line sides, with royal French arms in centre, r. e. (probably bound for a present from the King), Paris, de l’Impr. Royale, 1651, folio (5:19)

Quaritch, £10 5715 Lower (Sir William). The Phaenix in her Flames, a Tragedy,

T. Harper for M. Young, 1639—Horatius, a Roman
Tragedy, G. Bedell and T. Collins, 1656—Polyeuctes the
Martyr, T. Roycroft for G. Bedell (date cut off), (1655), all

first editions, unbound, small 4to. (522) Pickering, £7 5716 Lucanus. De Bello Civili lib. X., King Edward VIth's copy,

old English calf, with royal arms and initials E. R. on sides, plain edges, rebacked and worn, signatures of Roger North, 1724 and 1727, on fly-leaf and title, Paris, S. Colin, 1543, 12mo. (523)

Pickering, £13 ios. 5717 Lycosthenes (Conr.) Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon, quæ præter naturæ ordinem motum et operationem, etc., cuts of Monsters, extraordinary Occurrences, etc., old sig. nature of W. Stonehouse on title, old calf, Basil., Henricus Petrus, 1557, small folio (531)

Pickering, £4 155. 5718 Magna Charta. The Artycles of the Chartoure and lybertyes

of Englande called Magna Carta, that is to saye the Great Chartour, with the Chartour of Foresta, black letter (16 leaves), cut of royal arms on title, and ornamental initials, unbound, Imprynted by me Robert Wyer, n. d., 12mo. (534)

Cotton, £14 ios. 5719 Manwood (John). Treatise of the Lawes of the Forest,

a Treatise of the Pouralee, the Statutes of the Forest, etc., black letter, limp vellum, Printed for the Society of Stationers, 1615, small 4to. (538)

Quaritch, £10 5720 Marguerite de Valois, Reyne de Navarre. L'Heptameron,

title within ornamental borders, ornamental woodcut initials, etc., old English russia gilt, m. e., Paris, pour Gilles Gilles, 1560 (a printed colophon pasted on last leaf, Imprimé à Paris par Benoist Prevost,etc., 1560), small 4to. (541)

Cotton, 14 5721 Markham (Gervase). Hungers Prevention, or the whole

Arte of Fowling by Water and Land, first edition, woodcuts (some leaves wormed), old calf, A. Math. for Anne Helme,

1621 (date cut off), 12mo. (544) Hornstein, £4 Iós. 5722 Markham (Gervase) and William Sampson. The True

Tragedie of Herod and Antipater, with the Death of faire Miriam, first edition, G. Eld for M. Rhodes, 1622Pleasant Conceited Comedy, wherein is shewed how a man may choose a Good Wife from a Bad, as it hath beene sundry times acted by the Earle of Worcester's Servants (attributed to Markham and Sampson), both unbound, J. Norton, 1634, small 4to. (545)

Pickering, £4 145. 5723 Marlowe (Chr.) Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta (title

defective), J. B. for N. Vavasour, 1633-Mason (John). Mulcasses the Turke, T. P. for F. Falkner, 1632— The Religious-Rebell, or the Pilgrim-Prince, Printed 1671– The Ungrateful Favourite, a Tragedy, written by a Person of Honour, J. Cottrel for Sam. Speed, 1664—The Unfortunate Usurper, a Tragedy, 1663, 5 pieces, unbound, small 4to. (546)

Pickering, £12, 55. 5724 Marmion (Shackerley).

Holland's Leaguer, an Excellent Comedy, acted by Prince Charles his Servants at the Private House in Salisbury Court, first edition, J. B. for John Grove, 1632—A Fine Companion, acted before the King and Queene at Whitehall, etc., first edition, A. Mathewes for R. Meighen, 1633–The Antiquary, a Comedy, acted by her Majesties Servants at the Cock-pit, F. K. for J. W. and F. E., 1641, all unbound, small 4to. (547)

Pickering, £12 155. 5725 Marot (Jean). Le Magnifique Chasteau de Richelieu, en

General et en particulier, ou les Plans, les Elevations et
Profils Generaux et Particuliers du dit Chasteau, etc., 20

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