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five Moneths travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia, commonly called the Grisons Country, Helvetia, alias Switzerland, some parts of High Germany and the Netherlands, newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe, in the County of Somerset, etc., first edition, engraved title by Hole, and printed title beginning. "Three Crude Veines," and all the plates, large copy, with some rough bottom edges, the margins of the plates (except a slight piece of the top of the Strasburg clock) intact (measures 8/2 inches by 5% inches), lower plain margin of f and lower corner of f2 cut off, slightly injuring a letter, and the head of the title is a little shaved, old panelled calf, gilt back, sprinkled edges,

Printed by W. S., 1611, 4to. (229) Cartwright, £41 5609 Cotterell (Sir Charles). Cassandra, the fam'd Romance, the

Whole Work, in five parts, written originally in French and now elegantly rendred into English, old calf, H. Moseley, 1661, small folio (233)

Maggs, £3 5610 Cotton (Charles). Scarronides, or Le Virgile Travesty, being

the First Book of Virgil's Æneis in English Burlesque, E. Cotes for H. Browne, 1664-Scarronides, or Virgile Travestie, in imitation of the Fourth Book of Virgil's Æneis, ib., 1665, both first editions, in i vol., old calf, small 8vo. (234)

Maggs, £3 85. 5611 Coverdale (Bp.) A Spiritual and most Precious Perle, teachynge

all men to love and imbrace ye Crosse, as a most Swete and necessarye thinge unto the Soule, etc. (translated from the Latin of Otho Wermylierus by Miles Coverdale, with Preface by the Lord Protector Duke of Somerset], black letter, contains 8 preliminary leaves and pp. 272 (small hole in Q.8), old calf, no name, date or place (printed abroad, 15- ), 24mo. (236)

Sotheran, £5 5612 Cox (Nicholas). The Gentleman's Recreation, in four parts,

viz., Hunting, Fowling, Hawking, Fishing, third edition, with the addition of a Hunting-Horse, frontispiece and 3 plates, wanted plate to Fowling, the plate before Hunting torn and defective, old calf, Fr. Collins for N. Cox; 0.xford,

L. Lichfield for N. Cox, 1685, 8vo. (238) Hornstein, £2 25. 5613 Cox (Robert). Actæon and Diana, with a Pastorall Story of

the Nymph (Enone, followed by the several concerted humors of Bumpkin the Huntsman, Hobbinall the Shepheard, Singing Simpkin, and John Swabber the Seaman, unbound, Printed by T. Newcomb for the use of the author Robert Cox, n. d., small 4to. (239)

Peters, 420 [A second edition, now extremely scarce, was published

in 1566.--Ed.] 5614 Cries of London. The Cryes of the City of London drawn

after the Life (with some Remarkable London Characters), drawn by Mauron, engraved by P. Tempest, 75 plates, including 2 titles, original impressions before the numbers and before the publisher's name on title, text in English, French and Italian, old calf [H. Overton, 1711), small folio (242)

Pickering, £9 5s.


5615 D. (J.). The Knave in Graine, new Vampt, a Witty Comedy,

acted at the Fortune, many dayes together with great applause, written by J. 1). Gent, first edition, half bound, J. o. for J. Nicholson, 1640, small 4to. (243)

Quaritch, £9 55. 5616 Daniel (Samuel). The Civile Wares betweene the Howses of

Lancaster and Yorke, corrected and continued, first edition of the eight bookes complete, engraved title containing portrait by T. Cockson, very clean copy, but 2 or 3 leaves wormed, old calf, S. Watersonne, 1609, small 4to. (245)

Peters, £22 5617 Dante. La Divina Commedia, col comento di Benvenuto da

Imola, lit. goth., double columns of 49 lines, with signatures (the 15 leaves containing the Life of Dante by Boccaccio are not in this copy), old French morocco, full gilt ornamental back, line sides, g.e., fine, clean and sound copy

[Venet., Vindelin de Spira, 1477), folio (246) Sotheran, £32 5618 Dante. La Divina Commedia, cum Commento di Christo

phoro Landino, roman letter, long lines, some plain top margins stained, old English russia extra, full gilt ornamental back, panelled sides with crowned dolphins and Aeurs-de-lis, blue edges, a large and generally sound copy, Firenze, per Nicholo di Lorenzo della Magna, 1481, royal folio (247)

Quaritch, £325 [The first edition of Dante with Landino's Commentary, containing all the nineteen designs for the Inferno by Sandro Botticelli and B. Baldini, being the greatest number ever found in a copy. The first two designs are impressed in the spaces left on the paper for that purpose, the others being impressed separately and mounted on the blank spaces. Eight of the plates slightly damaged, and the lower margin of that to Canto I., as usual, cut into. Copies with all these nineteen original designs are excessively rare, and none have been sold by auction since that of the Duke of Hamilton, which realised £500, and sold again at a later

date for £300.---Catalogue.] 5619 Dante. La Divina Commedia, con Comento di Christophoro

Landino, with 68 full-page Italian outline woodcuts within renaissance borders, vellum, Brixia, B. de Bonninis da Raguxi, 1487, folio (248)

Pickering, £72 5620 Dante. Divina Commedia col Sito et Forma dell'Inferno

tratta dalla istessa Descrittione del Poeta, edizione d’Aldo, 2 woodcuts, headlines shaved, old English morocco, full gilt back, line sides with centre ornaments, g. e., Veneg., Aldo, 1515, small 8vo. (249)

Allatine, £7 5s. 5621 Dante. [Inferno] traducido de lengua Toscana en Verso

Castellano, Comentado allende de los otros Glossadores, y hecha por Don Pedro Fernandez de Villegas Arcediano de Burgos, lit. goth. (title and E i wanting, supplied in MS.), russia extra, m.e., Imprimiose esta Obra en Burgos por Fudrique Aleman de Basilia, 1515, small folio (253)

Quaritch, £19 1os. [The first edition of Dante in the Spanish language.

Catalogue.) 5622 D'Avenant (Sir William). Workes, now published out of the

Author's Original Copies, first edition, portrait by Faithorne (mounted), old calf, T. N. for H. Herringman, 1673, folio (254)

Pickering, £4 16s. 5623 Davenport (Robert). King John and Matilda, a Tragedy, as was acted

by her Majesties Servants at the Cockpit in Drury-Lane, first edition, unbound, Printed for Andrew

Pennycuicke, 1655, small 4to. (255) Pickering, £7 155. 5624 Death. A most Frutefull, Pithye and learned Treatyse

howe a Christen mā ought to behave himself in the danger of death (at end “An Exhortacion wrytten by the Lady Jane the night before she suffred,” etc.), black letter, 8 preliminary leaves and a-Q7 in 8's, old calf, i leaf damaged, no printer's name, place or date (printed abroad, 15–), 24mo. (259)

Pickering, £5 ros. 5625 Decker (Paulus). Architectura Civilis, wie grosser Fürsten

und Herren Palläste mit ihren Höfen, Lust-Häussern, Gärten, Grotten, Orangerien, etc., 132 large architectural plates, 3 parts in i vol.,

old calf gilt, m. e., Augspurg, Peter Detleffsen, 1711-J. T. Lotter, 1716, royal folio (260)

L. Rosenthal, £8 1os. 5626 Decker (Thomas) and John Webster. North-Ward Hoe,

sundry times acted by the Children of Paules, first edition, unbound, clean and perfect copy, Imprinted by G. Eld, 1607, small 4to. (261)

Pickering, 651 5627 Decker (Thomas) and John Webster. West-Ward Hoe, as

it hath beene divers times acted by the Children of Paules, first edition, unbound, fine, clean and perfect copy, Sold by John Hodgets in Paules Churchyarı, 1607, small 4to. (262)

Pickering, £90 5628 De l'Orme (Philibert). Nouvelles Inventions pour bien bastir

et a Petits Fraiz, première édition, ruled in red, large woodcuts and ornamental initials, old Lyonnese calf, with gilt ornamental scroll borders, the panel covered with semis of quatrefoils, with corner ornaments and centre cartouches, the upper cover bearing a cardinal's coat of arms (partly erased), back damaged, Paris, F. Morel, 1561, folio (265)

Leighton, £8 55. 5629 Devonshire Gems. Collectio Figuraria Gemmarum Anti

quarum ex Dactyliotheca Ducis Devoniæ, 99 plates engraved by Gosmond, old morocco extra, g. e., n. d. (17—), upright 4to. (272)

Ridler, 45 [Of this work it is said no more than eight copies exist, and none seems to have been sold by auction since Lord Bessborough's in 1848. It is a presentation copy, as were all the others, from the Duke of Devonshire. Some copies

have a portrait of the Duke, which this wanted.-Catalogue.] 5630 Devotional Books. Crumbs of Comfort and Godly Prayers,

with thankful Remembrances of God's Wonderfull Deliverances of the Land, woodcut title and folding plates at end,


M. Sparke (date cut off)—Steps of Ascention unto God, or a Ladder of Heaven, by E. G., D.D., engraved title by Marshall, R. Meighen, 1636-Du Moulin (P.) The Right Way to Heaven, Prayers and Meditations of the Faithfull Soule, etc., engraved title by T. Cross, G. Edwardes, at the Old Baily, 1637—Foode from Heaven, or Nourishment for the Soule, being Prayers and Meditations for every Day of the Week, engraved title by Marshall, T. Harper, 1639– Bayly (Lewis). The Practice of Pietie, the last edition, dedicated to Charles Prince of Wales, engraved title, Delf, by Abr. Jacobs, n. d.- Private Devotions digested into Six Letanies, frontispiece by T. Cecill, J. Marriott, 1640, together 6 vol., uniformly bound in contemporary English morocco, inlaid in diamond-shape compartments in blue, yellow and red and very richly tooled in acorns, tulips and other floreate and scroll ornaments, the edges gilt and gauffred and richly painted in flowering tulips, etc., enclosed in a contemporary small 4to. wooden case covered in morocco with similar inlayings and rich toolings, 12mo. (273) Tregaskis, £160

[A remarkable set of books, in the richest possible binding of Charles I.'s time. In first-rate preservation, except

one volume, of which a corner is slightly broken.- Catalogue.] 5631 Dialogues. Hereafter followeth a Dyaloge in Englysshe

betwyxt a Doctoure of Dyvynyte and a Student in the Lawes of Englande, etc., first edition (?), black letter, cut of royal arms on title, leaf at end with the same cut and Wyer's device, ornamental initials, Rob. Wyer, n. d.—The Secüde Dyaloge in Englysshe bytwene a Doctour of Dyvynytye and a Student in the Lawes of England, first edition (?), black letter, title within woodcut border, Imprynted in Southwarke by Peter Treverys, 1530, in i vol., sewed together, 12mo. (275)

Leighton, £18 1os. 5632 Dialogues in Englishe betweene a Doctor of Divinitie and a

Student in the Lawes of Englande, newely corrected and imprynted with new additions, black letier, title within woodcut border, MS. notes in end fly-leaves, russia gilt, y.e., In ædibus R. Tottelli, anno 1575, 12mo. (276)

Ridler, £2 12s. 5633 Diaz del Castello (Capitan Bernal). Historia Verdadera de la

Conquista de la Nueva España, sacada a luz par Fr. Alonso
Remon, first edition, half calf, sprinkled edges, Madrid,

impr. del Reyno, 1632, small folio (277) Maggs, £2. 45. 5634 Digges (Leonard). A Prognostication everlasting of right good effect, fruitfully augmented by the Author, containing

Rules to Judge the Weather by the Sunne, Moone, Starres, Comets, Rainbow, etc., lately corrected and augmented by Thomas Digges, his Sonne, black letter (title in roman), woodcuts and diagrams, unbound, Felix Kyngstone, 1605, small 4to. (278)

Quaritch, £5 5635 Diogenes Laertius. Vitæ et Sententiæ eorum qui in Phi

losophia probati fuerunt (e greco in latinum translatæ a fratre Ambrosio ex recens. B. Brognoli), roman letter, wanted a leaf of Brog nolus' preface, old russia extra, ornamental gilt back, frame sides, Venet., Nic. Jenson, 1475, small folio (279)

Ridler, £8 ios. 5636 Donne (Dr. John, Dean of St. Paul's). Letters to Severall

Persons of Honour, published by John Donne, D.C.L., portrait by Lombart, old calf, J. Flesher for J. Sweeting, 1654, small 4to. (282)

Dobell, £2 16s. 5637 Drayton (Michael). Poems, collected into one volume, with

Sondry Peeces inserted never before imprinted, contained engraved title and 3 preliminary leaves (the leaf of dedication to Sir Walter Aston duplicated, and page 487), Printed by John Smethwick, n.d. The Battaile of Agincourt- The Miseries of Queen Margarite-Nimphidia—The Quest of Cinthia—The Shepheard's Sirena-The Moone-Calfe-and Elegies, contained printed title, 5 preliminary leaves, including the Vision of Ben. Jonson and page 218, For William Lee, 1627, in i vol., old panelled calf gilt, sprinkled

edges, no portraits, small folio (286) Edwards, £9 55. 5638 Dryden (John). Miscellany Poems, containing a New Trans

lation of Virgil's Eclogues, Ovid's Love Elegies, Horace's Odes, etc., with Several Original Poems by the most eminent Hands, with Sylvae, or the Second Part of Poetical Miscellanies, with Preface by Dryden, first edition, 2 vol., old calf, J. Tonson, 1684-5, 8vo. (287)

Peters, 46 5639 Du Cerceau (Androuet Jacobus). Quinque et viginti Ex

empla Arcum, Exemplarium Templorum Antiquo, Columnæ, etc., a collection of 127 plates, original impressions, no text, sold not subject to return, in i vol., half russia gilt, Aurelia, 1549, etc., folio (291)

Leighton, £4 155. 5640 Du Cerceau (Androuet Jacobus). De Architectura, Opus,

quo descriptæ sunt ædificiorum quinquaginta plure dissimilium ichnographiæ, etc., editio prima, contained title, 15 pages of letterpress and 70 plates, MS. page headed, “Jacobus Androuetius du Cerceau Lectoribus Salutem, dated Aureliæ, 1549, inserted, Lut. Par., 1559-Serlio (Sebastian). Extraordinario Libro di Architettura, 50 plates of porches, Lione, G. Rovillio, 1558, in i vol., contemporary French calf, with gilt ornaments, folio (292)

E. Parsons, £5 ros. 5641 Du Cerceau (Androuet Jacobus). De Architectura, Opus

alterum, editio prima, 60 plates, old calf gilt, Paris, A. Wechel, 1561, folio (293)

Quaritch, £6 5642 Du Cerceau (Androuet Jacobus). Le Premier (et le Second)

Volume des plus excellents Bastiments de France, édition originale, 127 plates, mostly double, 2 vol. in 1, old Lyonnese calf, with centre and corner gilt ornaments, g. e. (rebacked), rough edges, Paris, pour le dit Jacques Androut de Cerceau, 1576-9, folio (294)

Quaritch, £29 5643 Dugdale (Sir William). Antiquities of Warwickshire illus

trated from Records, Leiger-Books, Manuscripts, etc., first edition, portrait, map, views, coats-of-arms and other en

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