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Poetry (continued):
Pills to Purge Melancholy (D'Urfey),

Plantagenetts Tragicall Story (Whitch-
cot), 1205

Pleasures of Imagination (Akenside), 1249
Pleasures of Memory (Rogers), 4930
Poem on the Death of Cromwell (Dry-
den), 4171, 6848

Poem Sacred to Newton (Thomson), 5264
Poems and Ballads (Swinburne), 3040
Poems and Fancies (Countess of New-
castle), 4683

Poems by the Way (Morris), 378
Poems by Two Brothers (A. C. and F.
Tennyson), 3866

Poems on Several Occasions (Cotton),

Poems on Several Occasions (Hadding-
ton), 3635

Poems on Several Occasions (Milton),


Poems on Several Occasions (Oldmixon),

Poems on Several Occasions (Shenstone),

Poems on the Death of Priscilla Farmer
(Lamb and others), 4279

Poems on Various Occasions (Byron,
1807), 1226

Poems on Various Subjects (Coleridge),

Poetical Blossoms (Cowley), 6846
Poetical Epistle to Washington (Wor-
cester), 2874

Poetical Pieces on Several Occasions
(John Lamb), 3164

Poetical Sketches (Blake), 793
Poetical Sketches of Scarboro', 2517
Polindor and Flostella (Willan), 5828
Political Ode, A (Byron), 2918
Polyolbion (Drayton), 3136
Posthumous Fragments of Margaret
Nicholson (Shelley), 6305
Posthumous Poems (Shelley), 770
Princess, The (Tennyson), 3870
Prometheus Bound (Mrs. Browning),


Prometheus Unbound (Shelley), 769
Prophecy of André, The (E. B. Green),


Prospect of Society (Goldsmith), 3148
Pucelle d'Orléans (Voltaire), 1198
Purple Island (Fletcher), 3606

Quatre Parties du Jour, Les (Zacharie),


Queen Mab (Shelley), 2361

Qui Hi? in Hindostan, 2518
Rape of Lucrece (title page only), 6301
Rape of the Lock (Pope), 1449
Recantation of an ill-led Life (Clavell),

Recueil de Pièces Nouvelles et Galantes,

Remains (Lord Brooke), 6594
Revolt of Islam (Shelley), 2268
Rifle Clubs (Tennyson), 6701
Rinaldo (Tasso), 467
Ritson (J.) Metrical Romances, Songs,
Garlands, etc., 758

Romantic Ballads (Borrow), 1032
Rosalind and Helen (Shelley), 768
Rowfant Rhymes (Locker), 2342
Rowley Poems (Chatterton), 1055

Poetry (continued):

Rubáiyát (Omar Khayyám), 2117
Sacred Poems (Vaughan), 3076
St. Irvyne (Shelley), 972

St. Peter's Complaint (Southwell), 1172
Sailing of the Swallow (Swinburne), 3039
Sardanapalus (Byron), 2916
School-Mistress, The (Shenstone), 1169
Seasons, The (Thomson), 1423
Sens, Les (Du Rosoi), 2491

Sequence of Sonnets, A (Swinburne), 824
Shepheard's Calendar (Spenser), 443-44
Shepherd's Week, The (Gay), 3617
Shipwreck, The (Falconer), 3595
Sibylline Leaves (Coleridge), 6510
Siege of Corinth (Byron), 3502
Silex Scintillans (1650), 6843
Simonidea (Landor), 1790

Sir Tristram (Thomas of Ercildoun), 6310
Six Poems (W. Combe), 1290
Sleeping Bard, The (Borrow), 1035
Songe de Poliphile (Columna), 3540
Songs before Sunrise (Swinburne), 250
Songs of Innocence and Experience
(Blake), 351

Sonnets and Lyrical Poems (Rossetti),

[blocks in formation]

Task, The (Cowper), 3549

Temple de Gnide, Le (Montesquieu), 1493
Terze Rime (Dante), 4149

Thanksgiving Ode (Wordsworth), 585
Tom Raw, the Griffin, 3299

Tristram of Lyonesse (Swinburne), 3042
Triumphs of Temper (Hayley), 5360
Two Rivulets (Whitman), 6776
Various Poems, 3176

Venerie, La (Fouilloux), 4631-32
Venus and Adonis (Shakespeare), 6299
Verses (C. Rossetti), 760

Verses (D. G. Rossetti), 2267

Verses Written upon Several Occasions
(Cowley), 6225

Vicissitudo Rerum (Norden), 1397
Village, The (Crabbe), 1291
Waggoner, The (Wordsworth), 586
Waltz, The (Byron), 2910
Welcome, A (Mercer), 5370
Wit's Interpreter, The, 5832
Witt's Recreations (Mennis), 5191
Wittes Pilgrimage (John Davies), 2941
Zastrozzi (Shelley), 3809

Zelis au Bain (Pezay), 3757

Political Economy:

Chiarini (G.) Questo di Mercatanti, 1678
Child (J.) Trade and Interest of Money,


Digges (Sir D.) Defence of Trade, 2549
Fielding (H.) Provision for the Poor,

Mill (J. S.) Principles, 472

Political Economy (continued):
Mun (T.) Discourse of Trade, 2556
Mun (T.) England's Treasure, 2557
Overstone (Lord). Tracts on Currency,

Powell (J.) Assize of Bread, 2562
R. (T.) Trade's Increase, 2565
Smith (John). England's Improvement
Revived, 2567

Treaties of Peace and Commerce, 4706
Treatise Touching East Indian Trade,

Sheridan (T.) Rise and Power of Parlia-
ments, 2566

See General Index ("Por-

Armorial China, 5836

Birch (S.) Ancient Pottery, 846
Bowes (J. L.) Japanese Pottery, 2618
Chaffers (W.) Keramic Gallery, 1280
Delange (C.) Euvre de Bernard Palissy,

[blocks in formation]

Registers (Church and Parish).
cords (continued):
Leicestershire. Registers, 5985
Lincolnshire. Registers, 5987-88
Magna Charta (1815), 4291

Parish Registers, Various, in Order,

Reading. St. Mary's, 5842
Record Publications, Various, 239
St. Bartholomew (Smithfield).
Ordre, 5209


Stuart, Charles Edward, the Young Pre-
tender. Orders and Proclamations
(1745); 1054

Suffolk. Registers, 6062-64
Vicars (J.) Jehovah-Jireh, 4970
Westmoreland. Registers, 6087
Weston Underwood. Registers, 5854
Wills. Abstracts and Calendars, 14, 16,
2704, 5933, 6049, 6058, 6088-89
Worcestershire. Registers, 18, 6092
Year Books, 1344, 4729
Yorkshire. Registers, 6095, 6098, 6100,



[blocks in formation]

Woburn Abbey

Sculpture and Marbles:
Bedford (Duke of).
Marbles, 4772.
Lübke (W.) History of Sculpture, 224
Museum of Painting and Sculpture, 561
Perkins (C. C.) Tuscan Sculptors, 2216
Rome. Statuarum Icones, 5783
Ships and Shipping. See Yachting

Alken (H.) A Cockney's Shooting
Season in Suffolk, 6445
Ascham (R.) Toxophilus, 4581
Frankland (R.) Representations of Shoot-
ing, 6942

M. (W.) Shooting by the Duke of
Shoreditch, 4725

Markham (G.) Hunger's Prevention,


Rice (W.) Tiger Shooting in India, 70
Wood (W.) The Bowman's Glory, 4725
Songs. See Music and Musicians
Bold (H.) Latine Songs, 2890

Brome (A.) Songs and other Poems
(1661), 3123

Carmina (Sarbievieus), 3790
Chansons Folles, 813
Clio and Euterpe, 5120
Cromek (R. H.) Select Scottish Songs,
Cunningham (A.) Songs of Scotland,

Farmer (J. S.) Merry Songs and Ballads,

Folio Manuscript (Percy), 3756
Forbes (Jno.) Cantus, 5316

Giblet Pye, The, 1774

Jacobite Songs, 2796-97
Laborde (J. B. de). Choix de Chansons,


Lays of the Belvoir Hunt, 6956

Loyal Garland, The, 2987
Musarum Delicia, 6287

Piis (P. de). Chansons Nouvelles, 6388
Pill to Purge State Melancholy, 2847
Pills to Purge Melancholy (Durfey), 3586
Purcell (H.) Orpheus Britannicus, 2352
Rump, The, 3789

Social Harmony (T. Hale), 3939
Songs Compleat (Durfey), 3586
Songs of the Chace (Nimrod), 6464
Utterson (E. V.) Little Book of Ballads,

Warburton (R. E. E.) Hunting Songs,

Watts (Isaac). Hymns and Spiritual
Songs (1st ed.), 1426
Wits Interpreter, 5832

Sporting. See also under Special Sub-


Advice to Sportsmen, 6988
Alken (H.) See General Index

Annals of Sporting (“Caleb Quizem "), 3
Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette,


Apperley (C. J.) Life of a Sportsman,

Apperley (C. J.) Nimrod's Northern
Tour, 2242

Badminton Library, The, 3114
Baily's Magazine, 694

Beard (J.) Hunting Diary, 1532
Berners (J.) Boke of St. Alban's, 1224
Berners (J.) Gentleman's Academie, 6339
Blome (R.) Gentleman's Recreation, 848

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Theology, Religious Ceremonies, Ec-
clesiastical History (continued):
Catechisme du Diocese de Quebec, 3317
Charnock (S.) Existence and Attributes
of God, 4103

Christian Sacrifice, The, 5598
Christian's Defence, The, 659
Chrysostom (St.) Homiliæ, 4111
Cicero. De Natura Deorum, 4114
Cleri Totius Romanæ (Jost. Amman),

Coleridge (S. T.) Constitution of Church
and State, 6511
Collects (Caradoc Press), 3125
Committee, The, or Popery in Masque-
rade, 13

Virginia's God be

Concilia Ecclesiæ Catholicæ, 4130
Connecticut. Saybrook Confession and
Platform, 5412
Copland (Patrick).
Thanked, 5413
Corpus Juris Canonici, 490
Costeri (F.) Meditations de la Vie de la
Vierge, 3318
Cotton (Jno.)

Abstract of Laws and
Government, 6224
Cotton (Jno.) Bloody Tenant washed
White, 5415.
Coverdale (Miles).
Precious Perle, 5611
Cranmer (Archbishop). Defence of the
Sacrament, 1861

Spiritual and most

Cyrillus (S.) Speculum Sapientiæ, 871
Davies of Hereford (J.) Mirum in
Modum, 2940

Decay of Christian Piety, 5597
Devotional Books. Various, 5630
Doctor and Student, 5631

Downham (Jno.) Concordance, 2880
Ducange (C. D.) Glossarium ad Scrip-
tores, 882

Eikon Basiliké, 532

Eikon Basiliké Deutera, 3524

Ephraim Syrus. Divins Opuscules, 6364
Epistole et Evangelii, 6365

Erasmus (Desid.) See General Index
Eusebius. De Evangelica Preparatione,

Eusebius. Ecclesiastical Histories, 5146
Evangiles des Dimanches et Fêtes de
l'Année, 1079
Evangiles, Les Saints, 3592

Fergusson (J.) Tree and Serpent Wor-
ship, 2323

Fetherstone (Chr.) British Thunderbolt
-Deus et Rex, 5655

Fewterer (John). The Myrrour, or
Glasse of Christe's Passion, 5149
Flechier (E.) Oraisons Funèbres, 2773
Foley (H.) Society of Jesus, 2634
Forlong (J. G. R.) Rivers of Life, 192
Foucquet (J.) L'Euvre, 4191
Fox (Geo.) Battle-Door for Teachers,


Fox (John). Acts and Monuments. See
General Index

Frazer (J. G.) The Golden Bough, 495
Fremiot de Chantal. Canonizatio, 2774
Fuller (T.) Pisgah Sight of Palestine,

Gerhardus (Archiep.) De Vita Cleric,
orum, 197

Gershon (Rabbi). Commentarius, 4201
Golden Legende, The (Kelmscott), 383

[blocks in formation]
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