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Guiana's Plantation, 2532

America. Historia de los Descubri-
mientos (Rodriguez), 960

America, History of (Winsor), 5527
America. History of New Hampshire
(Belknap), 5392

America. History of New Jersey (S.
Smith), 3354

America. History of New York (W.
Smith), 3355

America. History of the First Discovery
and Settlement of Virginia (Stith), 2569
America. History of the Revolution,

America. History of the War, 2600, 6793
America. Indian Wars, 5453, 5480,

America. Jewes in America (Thorow.
good), 3358

America. Joyful Newes out of the New
Found World (Monardus), 5481-82
America. New Discovery (Hennepin),


America. New England's Ensigne, 5486
America. New England's Memorial
(Morton), 5483

America. New England's Prospect
(Wood), 3362

America. New Jersey.

Chancery, 5487

Bill in the

America. Practices of the Churches in
N. England, 5484

America. Present State of N. England
(Hubbard), 3332

America. Rebellion Record, The
(Moore), 1993

America. Revolution in N. England
(Byfield), 3314.

America. Spanish Conquest (Helps),

America, War in (London, 1780), 5494
America, War in (Entick), 3213

America. War in the Western Country
(1816), 5470

American Indians (Adair), 4753
Anne, Reign of Queen (Mahon), 1320
Antiquity, History of (Duncker), 2585
Assyrian and other Monarchies (Rawlin-
son), 1942

Barbados, The Rebellion in (Foster), 5421
Blair-Adam Garden (Adam), 6403
Boulogne. Précis de l'Histoire (Ber
trand), 2298

Bourgogne, Les Ducs de.
(Barante), 3447


Brazil. Istoria delle Guerre (Gioseppe

de S. Teresa), 2776

Britain, History of (Milton), 1933.
Burnet (Bishop).

Time, 812

History of his Own

Cambria, Historie of (Lloyd), 4090,


Cambridge, University of (Ackermann),


Canada, Histoire (Lescarbot), 3338

Carolina. Brief Description (1666), 5406
Carolina. History (Lawson), 5463
Carolina. History (Martin), 5473

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England, Court of.

Private History,

England, History of (Froude), 285, 2188
England, History of (Gardiner), 663
England, History of (Hallam), 208
England, History of (Hume), 3650
England, History of (Lecky), 6148
England, History of (Lingard), 3682
England, History of (Macaulay), 3690
England, History of (Mahon), 1320
England, History of (Ranke), 672
England, History of (Rapin), 4380
England, Wars in (Burton), 1279

English Catholics, History of the (Gil-
low), 5930

English Crusaders, The (Dansey), 176
English Dramatic Poetry (Collier), 6219
English in Ireland, The (Froude), 194
English People (Green), 35
English Revolutions. See Revolutions
Europe, Illustrated Events in the Annals
of, 3375

Europe in the Middle Ages (Hallam), 208
Fatall Vesper, The (Crawshaw), 1292
Fiction, History of (Dunlop), 4830
Florida. Invasion and Conquest, 5420
France, Civile Warres of (Colynet), 1435
France. Civil Wars and Monarchy
(Ranke), 2146

France. Collection des Mémoires (Peti.
tot), 6158

France. Consulate and the Empire
(Thiers), 5382

France, Histoire de (Martin), 1869
France, Histoire Literaire de, 2405
French Court and Society. Louis XVI.
(Jackson), 3335

French Revolution (Carlyle), 2625

French Revolution, Histoire de la
(Blanc), 4780

French Revolution. History of the
Wars (Nicholson), 3230

Gentibus Septentrionalibus, De (Olaus
Magnus), 4292

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(Aretinus), 4002

Goths, History of the (Cochlaeus), 2762
Gowrie. The Earl of Gowrie's Con-
spiracy, 3151

Great Britain. Estat de la Grande
Bretagne (1648), 1078

Great Britain. History (Slatyer), 822
Great Britain, History of (Wilson), 2851
Great Mogul. Revolution of the Empire
(Bernier), 4775

Greece, History of (Duruy), 1767
Greece, History of (Finlay), 892
Greece, History of (Grote), 1306
Greece, History of (Herodianus), 902
Greece, History of (Herodotus), 4214
Greece, History of (Thirlwall), 4965
Henri III., Reign of (Freer), 2251
Henry VII. History of the Reign
(Bacon), 2878
Henry VIII.
(Brewer), 352
Histoire Politique (Goetzmann), 3623
Histoire Universelle, 4752

History of the Reign

Historical Collections (Hazard), 5443
India. Ancient and Modern (Blagdon),

Indian Mutiny (Kaye and Malleson),

Indies, East. History and Conquest
(Castaneda), 5410

Indies, East and West. History (Acosta),




Historia de las (Gomara), 1703
L'Histoire (Oviedo y Valdes),

Indies, West. Decades of the Newe
Worlde (Martyr), 5474
Indies, West. The Spanish Colonie
(Las Casas), 5408

Ireland, Annals of (Connellan), 4806
Ireland, Annals of (O'Donovan), 6427
Ireland. Material Occurrences (Story),


Ireland. Pacata Hibernia (1633), 2366
Irish Rebellion (Maxwell), 227
Israel, History of (Ewald), 2394

Italy. Description Historique et Critique
(Richard), $377

Italy. Histoire des Republiques Itali
ennes (Sismondi), 4945

Italy. Rerum Italicarum Scriptores
(Muratorus), 6155

James II. Cour de St. Germain and
other Works in French, 2789-90
James II., Reign of (Burnet), 4787
Japan. History of Japan (Adams), 6175
Japan, History of (Kaempfer), 913
Jews, History of the (Milman), 4302
Latin Christianity (Milman), 4302
Laujon (A. P. M.) Précis Historique
de l'Expédition de Saint-Domingue,


London in Jacobite Times (Dr. Doran),

Louis XIV. Médailles sur les Princi-
paux Evenements, 5740

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(Tod), 2370

Annals and Antiquities

Rebellion and Civil Wars, History of the
(Clarendon), 2761

Rebellion, The Great (Ward), 5275
Reformation, History of the (Burnet),

Rennaissance, Studies in the History of
(Pater), 1540

Revolutions (English). Histoire des
Révolutions d'Angleterre, 2815

Roman Empire. Decline and Fall
(Gibbon), 199

Roman Empire. The Provinces (Momm-
sen), 2599

Roman History. Tableaux (Abbé Mil-
lot), 6878

Romans, History of the (Merivale), 4896
Rome, Comic History of (à Beckett),


Rome. De Mirabilibus Urbis Romæ
(Albertinis), 832

Rome. Epitoma (Florus), 1688
Rome. Historia (Appianus), 6335
Rome. Historia (Eutropius), 4182
Rome. History (Goldsmith), 1978
Rome. History (Rollin), 4933
Rome, History of (Duruy), 1569
Rome, History of (Livy), 4276

History (continued):

Horse-Racing (continued):

Rome. Lucan's Pharsalia, 5716
Rome. Res Gestæ (Ammianus), 6333
Saxons in England, The (Kemble), 4865
Scotland (Celtic), 2606

Scotland, Historie of (Holinshed), 4222
Scotland, History of (Burton), 4789
Scotland, History of (Tytler), 6172
Scottish History Society, 2455
Secret Tribunals (Feval), 2280
Seir-Mutaqharin (1789), 6435
Sicily, History of (Freeman), 2591
Spain, Memoirs of (Dunlop), 4831
Spain, Present State of (Lewkener), 5804
Speculum Historiale (Vincentius), 4439
Sprigge (Joshua). Anglia Rediviva, 4407
Suckling (Sir J.) A Letter from France,


Tennessee, History of (Haywood), 5442
Thames, History of the (Boydell), 604
Troy. Hystories of Troy (Le Fevre),

Tudor. Histoire de la Maison (Hume),


United States. History (Gordon), 5429
Venise. Histoire (Daru), 4817
Venise. Histoire (Nani), 2812
Victoires et Conquêtes (Grenier), 202
Virginia, Declaration of the State of,

Virginia. Generall Historie (Smith), 1498
Virginia. History (Beverley), 1558
Virginia. History (Burk), 5401
Virginia, Works relating to, 5511-15,

Westminster Election (Rowlandson),

Whitehall. Secret History (D. Jones),

World, History of the (Pliny), 3758
Wraxall (Sir N. W.) Historical Me-
moirs, 3904

York and Lancaster.

(Daniel), 5616


Civile Warres

D. (W.) Artificial Clock Maker, 2175
Horse-Racing, Horses:
Alken (H.) Grand

Steeplechase, 3111


Alken (H.) Life of a Race horse, 6897
Alken (H.) Specimens of Riding, 7014
Apperley (C. J.) The Horse and the
Hound, 6904

Blew (W. C. A.) History of Steeple.
chasing, 265

Bunbury (H.) Academy, 5109

Cracks of the Day (Wildrake), 6976

D'Eisenberg (Baron). L'Art de Monter

à Cheval, 189

Gambado (G.)

Academy-Annals of

Horsemanship, 961

Guériniére (F. R. de la). Ecole de Cava-
lerie, 1379, 2338

Hunter, The. A Discourse of Horse-
manship, 1443

Markham (G.) Cavalarice, 1795
Newcastle (Duke of). System of Horse-
manship, 5751

Plates of Bits, Bridles, Horse Exercises,
etc., 1390

Race Horses, Portraits of, 2232, 3179,

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Tattersall (G.) Gallery of Race Horses,

Taunton (T. H.) Portraits of Race-
horses, 2232

Hunting. See also Deer-Stalking:
Alken (H.) Analysis of the Hunting
Field, 3110
Apperley (C. J.)

cences, 3113

Hunting Reminis-

Apperley (C. J.) Hunting Tours, 2161
Beard (Jno.) Hunting Diary, 1532
Beckford (P.) Thoughts on Hunting,


Belvoir Hunt. Lays-Memoirs, 6955-56
Berkeley (G. F.) Reminiscences of a
Huntsman, 6907

Cook (Colonel). Fox-hunting, 6641
Cooper (J.) The Warwickshire Hunt,

Essay on Hunting, 4664

Gardiner (J. S.) Hare Hunting, 6461
Jones (T.) Diary of the Quorndon
Hunt, 1635

Lays of the Belvoir Hunt, 1125
Memoirs of the Belvoir Hounds, 1137
Mills (J.) Flyers of the Hunt, 6968
Mills (J.) Life of a Foxhound, 6966-67
Radcliffe (F. P. Delmé). The Noble
Science, 325

Ridinger (J. E.) Various Works, 1495
Scrutator. Recollections of Fox Hunt-
ing, 6954

Smith (T.) Diary of a Huntsman, 6996
Smith (T.) Life of a Fox, 6953
Surtees (R. S.) Analysis of the Hunting
Field, 1645

Vyner (R. T.) Notitia Venatica, 1549
Hymns. See Music and Musicians

Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands,

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Lexicons (continued):

Index of Subjects.

Du Cange (Dom.) Glossarium, 882
English (The Standard), 517
English-Arabic (Badger), 1856
English Dialect (Wright), 888

Florio (Jno.) Queen Anna's New World
of Words, 358

French (Littré), 503

French-English (Cotgrave), 353
Hatton (E.) Philomath, 5359
Johnson (S.) Dictionary, 1384

Johnson (S., of New York). Ethica-
Noetica, 1020

Julian (J.) Dictionary of Hymnology,


Lane (E. W.) Arabic-English Lexicon,

Larousse (P.) Dictionnaire Universel, 501
Lascaris (A.) Anthologia, 4000
Latham (R. G.) Dictionary, 4873
Latin (Forcellini), 2698
Libro de Abbaco, 1701

Lilly (W) Angli Kudimenta, 1128
Murray (J. A. H.) New English Dic-
tionary, 3969

Ogilvie (Dr.) Imperial Dictionary, 2347
Rider (J.) Bibliotheca Scholastica, 1154
Sex Linguarum Dictionarius (1548), 1073
Arte de la Lengua
Totanes (S. de).

Varro. De Lingua Latina, 1734

Voltaire. Philosophical Dictionary, 581
Whittinton (R.), Various Works by,

Williams (R.) Key into the Language
of America, 5005

Yule (H.) Glossary of Anglo-Indian
Colloquialisms, 2375

Zeuss (I. C.) Grammatica Celtica, 2613
Locksmith's Work.

See Cabinet-

Lever (R.) Arte of Reason, 1127
Silvain (A.) The Orator, 5800

Manners and Customs:

Lacroix (P.) XVIIIe Siècle, 4258-59

Manners and Customs of the Russians

Cérémonies et Coûtumes

Taylor (W.) Manners and Customs of

Wilkinson (J. G.) Ancient Egyptians,

Ainsworth (W. H.) Siege of Manchester

(Original MS.), 3993

America, MSS. relating to, 1252
Arabella Stuart (Lady), MS. of, 3268
Besant (Sir W.) Original MSS. of his
Novels, 3250-63

Blagrave (Jno.) Mathematical Jewel,

Burns (R.) Original Holograph Letters,

Disraeli (B.) Rise of Iskander, 4164
Evangelia Quatuor (Original MSS.),

Humphreys (H. N.) Illuminated Books,


Keats (J.) Cap and Bells (MS.), 5007
Keats J. Two Poems (MS.), 5171
Lamb (Mary). Unpublished Poem to
Emma Isola, 1846

Ancient Heraldic

Manuscripts (continued):
Lyndsay (Sir D.)
MS., 747.

Morris (William). Various MSS., 3062-64
National MSS. of Ireland (Facsimiles),


Ottley (W. Y.) Observations on a Manu-
script, 4915

Palæographical Society. Publications,

Pope (A.) A Riddle, 4694

Pope (A.) The Pastorals, 5214
Quaritch (B.) Illuminated Manuscripts,

Rossetti (D. G.) Henry the Lepper, 5228
Shelley (Autograph Letters), 5240
Silvestre (J. B.) Palæographie Univer-
selle, 4402

Stevenson (R. L.) American Rights and
Wrongs, 5252

Swift (J.) Original Papers, 5809
Thane (Jno.) British Autography, 2837
Thompson MSS. Descriptive Catalogue
(M. R. James), 2980

Walpole (H.), Various, by, 4542-5
Warner (G. F.) Illuminated Manuscripts,

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Maps. See Atlases, Charts
Marbles. See Sculpture

Anderson (J.) Constitutions, 156

Desaguiliers (J. T.) Constitutions, 5660
Epistle from Dick Poney, Esq., 1087

Gould (R. F.) History, 200

Hale (T.) Social Harmony, 2939
Secret Revealed, The, 1087
Mathematics :

Cambridge Mathematical Journal, 2388

Cayley (A.) Mathematical Papers, 2389
Cocker (E.) Arithmetic, 6596
Digges (T.) Pantometria, 1764
Euclid. Geometria, 1685-87

Recorde (R.) Whetstone of Witte, 240
Tanner (R.) Mirror for Mathematiques,

Tunstall (C.) De Arte Supputandi, 4426

Alexis of Piemont. Secretes, 3303
Boord (A.) Brevarie of Health, 161
Boord (A.) Various Medical Tracts, 5563
Celsus. Medicina, 4097

Cheselden's Anatomy of the Bones, 1905
Chirurgia è Græco in Latinum Conversa
(1544), 814

Cruveilhier (J.) Anatomie Patholgique,

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