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Husenbeth (F.) Emblems of Saints, 5961
Reusner (N.) Emblemata, 3775

Whitney (G.) Choice of Emblems, 5278
Wither (Geo.) Collection of Emblemes,


Barrett. Lepidoptera, 1896

Buckler (W.) Larvæ of Butterflies and
Moths, 102

Butler (A. G.) Lepidoptera Exotica,

Curtis (J.) British Entomology, 106
Donovan (E.) British Insects, 28

Donovan (E.) Insects of China, 1007
Donovan (E.) Insects of India, 1007
Drury (D.) Exotic Entomology, 2318
Fowler (Canon). Coleoptera, 1915
Humphreys and Westwood. Moths and
Butterflies, 120

Lang (H. C.) Butterflies of Europe, 122
Moore (F.) Lepidoptera of Ceylon, 132
Morris (F. O) British Moths, 1602
Saunders. Hemiptera of the British
Islands, 1946

Smith (J. E.) Lepidopterous Insects of
Georgia, 4707

Wilson (O. S.) Larvæ of British Lepi-
doptera, 150

Ethnology. See Anthropology
Fables. See Folk Lore


Arcussia (C. D.) Fauconnerie, 5343
Belamy (J. C.) Treatise on Falconry,

Berners (Juliana). Booke of Haukyng,
Hunting, etc., 5543

Latham (S.) Faulcon's Lure and Cure,
Observations on

Sebright (Sir J. S.)
Hawking, 5379.

Turberville (Geo.) Book of Falconrie,

Farming. See Agriculture

Angelo (H.) Fencing Positions, 5342
Angelo (H.) School of Fencing, 1346
Capoferro (R.) Lo Scherma, 5114
De Liancourt (S.) Le Maistre d'Armes,

Fabris (S.) De lo Schermo, 3137
Hope (Sir W.) Fencing Master, 212
Rowlandson (T.) Hungarian and High-
land Broad Sword, 2000

Vezzani (A.) L'Esercizio di Picca, 5267

Abbot, The (Scott), 6691

Actæon and Diana (R. Cox), 5613

Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys
(Mayhew), 2041

Adventures of Philip (Thackeray), 576

Alice's Adventures Underground (Fac-
simile MS.), 2921

Amelia (Fielding), 3602

Amyntas (Leigh Hunt), 551

Anne of Geierstein (Scott), 1163
Antiquary, The (Scott), 4703

Arabian Nights. See General Index
Arthur O'Leary (Lever), 744
Ask Mamma (Surtees), 1183
Battle of London Life, 1070
Camilla (Burney), 855
Cassandra (Cotterell), 5609
Castle of Otranto (Walpole), 3892
Cecilia (Burney), 1998

Charles O'Malley (Lever), 2072
Christmas Carol (Dickens), 25

Christopher Tadpole (Albert Smith), 6995

Chronicles of the Canongate (Scott), 1163

Chrysal (Johnston), 666

Clarissa (Richardson), 5225

Comédie Humaine, La (Balzac), 264

Comic Tales and Sketches (Thackeray),
783, 1825

Daltons, The (Lever), 1793
Davenport Dunn (Lever), 2073

David Copperfield (Dickens), 2055
Deacon Brodie (Stevenson), 3030
Débacle, La (Zola), 2376
Decameron (Boccaccio), 266
Desperate Remedies (Hardy), 1539
Devereux (Lytton), 1043
Diablo Cojuelo, El (Guevara), 5675
Doctor Birch (Thackeray), 93

Don Quixote (Cervantes), 707
Emile (Rousseau), 3788
Emma (Austen), 3306
English Rogue (Head), 5701

English Spy, The (Westmacott), 807
Evelina (Burney), 6911

Fabliaux, or Tales (Le Grand), 3674
Felissa, or a Kitten of Sentiment, 4556
Ferdinand, Count Fathom (Smollett),

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Fiction (continued):

First Day's Entertainment at Rutland

House (Davenant), 1067

Fortunes of Glencore (Lever), 2260
Fortunes of Nigel (Scott), 6694
Frank Fairleigh (Smedley), 2522

George à Greene. Pindar of Wakefield,

George St. George Julian (Cockton), 2470
German Popular Stories (Grimm), 1441
Gil Blas (Le Sage), 2201

Great Expectations (Dickens), 3575
Greatest Plague of Life (Mayhew), 1066
Greenwich Hospital (Barker), 6630
Gulliver Revived, 3729

Gulliver's Travels (Swift), 1185

Gunnlang the Worm Tongue (Morris),

Guy Mannering (Scott), 3352
Handley Cross (Surtees), 2526
Handy Andy (Lover), 922
Hans of Iceland, 22

Headless Horseman, The (Mayne Reid),


Henry Esmond (Thackeray), 680
Heptameron, The (Marguerite de Na-
varre), 308

History of an Atom (Smollett), 2150
History of a Woman of Quality (Smol-
lett), 3836

House of the Wolf (Weyman), 95
Humourist, The (Cruikshank), 716
Humphrey Clinker (Smollett), 3835
Hundred Merry and Delightsome Stories,
A, 87

Inheritance, An (Ferrier), 4628

Irish Sketch Book (Thackeray), 826
Ivanhoe (Scott), 4704

Jack Sheppard (Ainsworth), 2029
James the Second (Ainsworth), 2032
Jealous Lovers, The (Randolph), 5224
John Inglesant (Shorthouse), 1950
Jonathan Wild (Fielding), 3603
Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities (Surtees),

Joseph Andrews (Fielding), 3599
Journal of a Landsman from Portsmouth
to Lisbon, 911

Julie (Rousseau), 3787
Kenilworth (Scott), 6693

King and Queen of Hearts, The (Lamb),

King Florus (Kelmscott), 300
Lancashire Witches (Ainsworth), 1849
Lazarillo, History of (Hurtado de Men-
doça), 5696

Lewis Arundel (Smedley), 1526

Life in London (Egan), 1537

Life in Paris (Carey), 274

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Fiction (continued):

Munchausen. Surprising Adventures,
2734, 6987

Munchausen at the Pole, 2505

Munchausen in Russia, 3728
Mysteries of Paris (Sue), 3851

Mysteries of the Court of London (Rey-
nolds), 2508

Mysteries of Udolpho (Radcliffe), 3772
Mysterious Mother, The (Walpole), 3055
New Arabian Nights (Stevenson), 3027
Newcomes, The (Thackeray), 1527
Nicholas Nickleby (Dickens), 724
Novelists' Library (Roscoe), 71
Old St. Paul's (Ainsworth), 1507
Oliver Twist (Dickens), 723

Original Stories of Real Life (Wool-
stonecraft), 1213

Orphan of Pimlico, The (Thackeray),


Our Mess (Lever), 2597

Our Mutual Friend (Dickens), 877
Parish Sketch Book (Thackeray), 6318
Pendennis (Thackeray), 2094
Peregrine Pickle (Smollett), 1171
Peter Schlemihl (Fouqué), 3291
Peter Wilkins (Paltock), 3759
Peveril of the Peak (Scott), 6684
Pickwick Papers (Dickens), 537
Pic Nic Papers, 725

Pilgrims of the Rhine (Lytton), 6272
Pirate, The (Scott), 6696

Plain or Ringlets (Surtees), 2092
Points of Misery (Westmacott), 94
Pride and Prejudice (Austen), 1740
Prince Dorus (Lamb), 6615

Prince of Abyssinia (Johnson), 2647
Professor, The (Bronte), 2304
Queen of the Fishes (Rust), 5312
Quentin Durward (Scott), 3013
Rasselas (Johnson), 2647
Real Life in Ireland, 1012

Real Life in London (Egan), 1371
Rebecca and Rowena (Thackeray), 2610
Recueil de Romances Historiques, 241
Red Rover, The (J. F. Cooper), 1512
Redgauntlet (Scott), 968
Reynard the Fox (1550), 3006
Reynard the Fox (Kelmscott), 388-89
Rob Roy (Scott), 6689
Robinson Crusoe (De Foe), 613
Roderick Random (Smollett), 1170
Romancero General, 6794

Romany Rye, The (Borrow), 1037
Romford's Hounds (Surtees), 2091

Romola (George Eliot), 1632

Rookwood (Ainsworth), 3427
Rosamond Gray (Lamb), 4994

Rose and the Ring (Thackeray), 1528
Roxana (De Foe), 4616

Saint James's (Ainsworth), 2031

Scaramouche, History of the Life of
(Constantine), 2935

Sentimental Journey, A (Sterne), 806
Serjeant Bell and his Raree Show
(Dickens), 1069

Sir Brook Fosbrooke (Lever), 1867

Sir Charles Grandison (Richardson), 2666
Sir Launcelot Greaves (Smollett), 3833
Sketches by "Boz" (Dickens), 2050
Soldiers Three (Kipling), 669

Specimens of German Romance (Soane),

Sponge's Sporting Tour (Surtees), 2089-90

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Sylvie and Bruno (Carroll), 2922-23
Tale of a Tub (Swift), 5255

Tale of Beowulf, 302

Tale of the Emperor Coustans, 301
Tale of Two Cities (Dickens), 180-81
Tales from Shakespeare (Lamb), 5179
Tales of Humour, 1369

Tales of My Landlord (Scott), 1164
Tales of Other Days (Akerman), 155
Tales of Passed Times (Perrault), 6387
Tales of Terror (Lewis), 2500
Tales of the East (Weber), 1334
Tales of the Hall (Fitzgerald-Crabbe),

Tales of the Trains (Lever), 6785
Talisman, The (Borrow), 1034

Ten Thousand a Year (Warren), 2156
Three Northern Love Stories (Morris),

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Under the Deodars (Kipling), 668

Under the Greenwood Tree (Hardy),

Valentine Vox (Cockton), 4121
Vanity Fair (Thackeray), 636
Vathek (Beckford), 6

Vicar of Wakefield (Goldsmith), 626
Virginians, The (Thackeray), 2096
Wanderer, The (Burney), 6207
Wandering Jew (Sue), 3295

Waverley (Scott), 968

Wild Wales (Borrow), 1747.

Windsor Castle (Ainsworth), 2574

Woman in White, The (Collins), 1511
Woodstock (Scott), 1163
Zapolya (Coleridge), 6500

Fine Art. See also Views

(a) Engraving.

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Cruikshank's Works. Reid's Descriptive
Catalogue, 957
Cupid and Psyche.
Jones) to Illustrate, 455
De Gheyn (Jacques).
Life of Christ, 6359

Scenes in the

Dighton (R.) Prints to illustrate Tris-
tram Shandy, 1974

Dürer (A.) Apocalypsis, 5646
Dürer (A.) Icones Sacræ, 1228

Dürer Society, Reproductions of the, 357
Estampes en Couleurs (1885-88), 6872
Evelyn (Jno.) Sculptura, 5147
Fagan (L.) Engraving in England, 281
Faithorne (W.) Art of Engraving, 6240
Flaxman (J.) Outline Compositions, 4835
Frankau (Julia) Colour Prints, 2397
Goya (F.), Etchings by, 1377-78
Guercino, Prints after (Bartolozzi), 2724
Haden (Seymour). Etudes à l'eau Forte,

Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers,

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Arts en Italie, Les, 5015

Audsley (G. A.) Arts of Japan, 693
Beardsley (A.) Book of Fifty Drawings

-and other Works illustrated by, 2297
Blanc (C.) Histoire des Peintres, 1486
Browne (H. K.) Drawings (the Pope
Collection), 1652-56

Bryan (M.) Dictionary of Painters and
Engravers, 1042

Burlington Fine Arts Club (School of
Ferrara-Bologna), 1433.

Burlington Fine Arts Club. See General

Caldecott (R.) Drawings (the Pope Col.
lection), 1657-58

Champlin (J. D.) Cyclopædia of
Painters, 1434

Chaucer (G.) Works. Burne-Jones's

Designs for the Kelmscott Chaucer,
re-drawn by Catterson-Smith, 439
Claude le Lorrain. Liber Veritatis,

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Museum of Painting and Sculpture, 561
Muther (R.) History of Modern Paint-
ing, 1637

Picture Galleries. See General Index

Plunkett (Count). Sandro Botticelli, 1640
Poynter (Sir E.) The National Gallery,
1638, 5008

Propert (J. L.) Miniature Art, 1450
Prout (S.) Rudiments of Landscape,

Rembrandt. Reproductions of Original
Drawings, 1327

Reynolds (Sir Joshua), (Armstrong), 1622
Rothschild (A. de), Collection of, 6677
Shaw (H.) Illuminated Ornaments, 5001
Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) See General

Symonds (J. A.), Works by. See General


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Fishing. See Angling

Æsop's Fables.

See General Index

Barbazan (E.) Fabliaux, 2461

Baring-Gould (S.) Iceland, 1262

Bewick (T.) Select Fables, and Fables
of Esop, 597, 600

Cabinet des Fées, 2467

Dialogues of Creatures Moralized, 4618
Dorat (J.) Fables Nouvelles, 2632
Esbatement Moral des Animaux, 5647
Fairy Library (Cruikshank's), 717

Folk Lore Society. Publications, 283, 1574
Gay (J.) Fables, 596

La Fontaine (J. de). Fables, 221-22
Lamotte (H. de). Fables Nouvelles,


Lang (A.) Blue Fairy Book, 1791
Northcote (J.) Fables, 3738

Walpole (H.) The Magpie and her
Brood, 4489

Furniture. See Cabinet-Making
Gardening. See Agriculture

Gazetteers. See Geography

Gems. See Precious Stones
Genealogy. See also Heraldry

Arundel Family. History (Yeatman),

Bagshaws of Ford, The, 5838
Barton Family Pedigree, 5839

Berry (W.) Pedigrees, 5843, 5904, 5948,
5969, 6069

Blaydes (F. A.) Genealogia Bedfordi-
ensis, 5840

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Owen (R.) Fossil Reptiles, 1937
Pomponius Mela. De Situ Orbis-
Geographia, 4361-62

Ptolemy (Cl.) Geographia, 955
Shoberl (F.) World in Miniature, 83
Speed (Jno.) Theatre of Great Britain,

Switzerland (Yosy), 97

West Indies, Exact Description of, 4757
Geology and Metallurgy:

Geological Society. Journal, etc., 2191
Lea (Isaac). The Genus Unio, 2699
Palaeontographical Society, 2213
Spargo (T.) Mines of Cornwall, 247

Slade (F.) Collection of Glass, 4947
Westlake (N.) Design in Painted Glass,

Grammars. See Lexicons
Grazing. See Agriculture

Collection of Prints, etc. relating to, 3922
Manuel des Toilettes, 2932
Hawking. See Falconry

Armeria Real de Madrid, 1255
Ashmole (E.) Order of the Garter, 3442
Bath. Statutes of the Order, 2861
Blason des Couleurs en Armes, Les,

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Robson (T.) British Herald, 1815
Segar (W.) Honour, Military and Civill,

Selden (Jno.) Accedens of Armory-
Titles of Honour, 1948
Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) Ornamental
Heraldry, 4562

Vincent (Aug.) Discourse of Errours,

Yorke (Jas.) Union of Honour, 3908
Hieroglyphics. See Egyptology

America, British Empire in, 2535
America. British Plantations, 2533
America. Bucaniers of America (Esque-
meling), 5419

America. Carolina, Province of (S.
Wilson), 5526

America. Chatham's Act, 2542
America. Deplorable State of N. Eng-
land, 5485

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