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Tennyson (Lord). School Atlas, 1188
Autography. See Penmanship

Ballads. See Music and Musicians

Allibone (S. A.) Dictionary of English
Literature, 474

Almack (E.)

Basiliké, 523

Bibliography of Eikon

Ames (Jos.) Typographical Antiquities,

Beloe (W.) Anecdotes of Literature and
Scarce Books, 4773

Bibliophiles Contemporains, Les, 1354
Bibliotheca Americana, 2537

Bigmore and Wyman. Bibliography of
Printing, 2615

Book-Prices Current (Slater), 10
Bradshaw Society. Publications, 481
Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire,

Brydges (Sir E.) Censura Literaria-
British Bibliographer, etc., 484
Catalogue of Early English Literature
(Collier), 6217

Fry (F.) Editions of the N. Testament,

Gay (J.) Bibliographie des Ouvrages
relatifs à L'Amour, 2494

Griffiths (A. F.) Bibliotheca Anglo-
Poetica, 6250

Harrisse (H.) Notes on Columbus, 5438
Heron-Allen (E.) De Fidiculis Biblio-
graphica, 293

Humphreys (H. N.) Works on Typo-
graphy, 3333

Huth (H.) Prefaces, Dedications, etc.,

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Bindings (continued):

Holmes (R. R.) Bindings at Windsor,

Quaritch (B.)

Catalogue of Books
remarkable for their Bindings, 322
Wheatley (H. B.) Remarkable Bindings,

Agrippa (Julius). Vita (Tacitus), 731
Anne of Austria. Memoires (Motte-
ville), 2811

Apostolic Fathers (Lightfoot), 502
Artists of Spain (Stirling-Maxwell), 1332
Asclepius. Vita (Champier), 4099
Bellamy (G. A.) Memoirs, 3459
Biographie Universelle, 4779

Blake (W.) Life of (Gilchrist), 1091
Blake (William). An Essay (Swinburne),

Blood (Col.) Life and Death of, 3472
Bolingbroke (Viscount). Memoirs (Gold-
smith), 4645

Bourgogne, Les Ducs de. Histoire
(Barante), 4769

Brandon (Richard, the Executioner).
Confessions, 3522

Bruce (Robert), Life (Barbour), 3448
Bucaniers of America (Esquemeling),


Burne-Jones (Edw.)

A Record and

Review (Bell), 705
Byron (Lord). Life (Moore), 272
Camoens. Life of (Adamson), 1891
Carew. Bampfylde-Moore, Life of, 50
Caroline (Queen). Memoirs (Adolphus),

Casanova (Jacques). Memoirs, 3507
Caxton. Life (Lewis), 3510

Cellini (Benvenuto). Life, by J. A.
Symonds, 1829

Chancellors, Lives of the (Campbell),

Charles I. (Skelton), 334

Charles V. Cloister Life (Stirling.
Maxwell), 1332

Charles VIII. Memoires (Commines),

Charles Edward, Prince (Lang), 6664
Christian Biography (Smith), 84
Clarendon, (Earl of). Life, 4804
Clarke (Mrs.) Authentic Memoirs
(Taylor), 92

Colet (Dr. J.) Life of (S. Knight), 4866
Condé (Prince de). Life of, 4885
Constable (Jno.) Memoirs (Leslie), 1316
Cosway (Richard, R.A.) Memoir (Wil-
liamson), 2272

Cox (David). Memoir (Sally), 2364
Cresap (M.) Biographical Sketch, 5416
Cromwell (Oliver). Life (Gardiner), 287
Cruikshank (G.) Life (Jerrold), 6523
D'Artagnan. Mémoires, 3558

Davies (Mrs. C.) Life and Adventures
(De Foe), 3564


Declaration of Independence.
graphies of the Signers, 5499
D'Eon de Beaumont (Chevalier). Let-
tres, Memoires, 1201

Dibdin (C.) Professional Life, 179
Dickens (C.) By Pen and Pencil (Kitton),

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Biography (continued):

Digby (Sir K.) Private Memoirs, 3577
Diodorus Siculus. Historiarum libri,

Diogenes Laertius. Vitæ Philosophorum,

Don John of Austria (Stirling-Maxwell),

(Strype), 4956

Memorials and Lives

Elizabeth (Queen). England's Eliza-
beth (T. Heywood), 3644
Elliston (R. W.) Memoirs (Raymond),

English Humourists (Thackeray), 1421
English Martyrologie (J. Watson or
Wilson), 1202

Erasmus, Life of (Knight), 4866
Essex (Robert, Earl of). Apologie of,
Practices and Treasons (Lord Bacon),

Evelyn (Capt. W. G.) Memoir (Scull),

Fairfax (Lord). Memorials, 4833

Fathers. Vite de Santi Padri (St.
Jerome), 903, 1693

Faustus (Dr.), Damnable Life of, 3596
Friedrich II., History of (Carlyle), 6121
Fuller (Thos.) Abel Redivivus, 3613
Fuller (Thos.) Worthies of England, 3614
Garrick (David). Memoirs (Davies), 4198
George III. Memoirs (Walpole), 4973
Georges, The Four (Thackeray), 1422
Gibbon (Edward), Life of (Milman), 4839
Gordon (John, of Glencat) Memoirs,


Grace (G. D.) Journal during the French
Revolution, 1372

Grammont (Count).

Hamilton, 2282

Memoirs, by

Granger (J.) Biographical History, 34
Greville Memoirs, 203

Grimaldi (Joseph). Memoirs (Dickens),

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Memoirs of


Monk (Maria). Awful Disclosures, 6283
Monks of the West (Montalembert), 560
Montespan (Madame de). Memoirs
(Ducrest), 2732.

More (Sir T.), Life of (Cresacre More),

More (Sir T.), Life of (Roper), 3726
Moreland (Henry, Earl of). The Fool
of Quality (Brooke), 482
Morland (Geo.) Life (Hassell), 1309
Mytton (John). Memoirs, by Apperley,

Journal (Las Casas), 3732
Life (Hazlitt), 548

Napoleon I.
Napoleon I.
Napoleon I.
Napoleon I.

Life (Sloan), 3734

Life (W. H. Ireland), 174,

Napoleon I. Mémoires (Bourienne), 851
Napoleon I. Memoirs (Montholon), 1009
Napoleon I. Napoleon in Exile
(O'Meara), 1009

Nash (Richard). Life (Goldsmith), 3625
Nelson (Lord). Life (Clarke and
McArthur), 3208

Nelson (Lord). Memoirs (Pettigrew),

Newcastle (Duke of). Life (Duchess of
Newcastle), 4685

Newport (Colonel). Memoirs (De Foe),

Nollekins and his Times (J. T. Smith),


Norths, Lives of the (Hon. R. North),

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Rowlandson, the Caricaturist (Grego),

Russell (John, R.A.) Memoir (William-
son), 2271

Russell (Rev. J.) Life, 6991
Saint-Simon (Duc de). Mémoires, 962
Saints. Catalogus Sanctorum (Natalis),

Saints. Flowers of the Lives of the
Saints (Porter), 1811

Saints, Lives of the (Baring-Gould), 2379
Saints, Lives of the (Capgrave), 4089
Saints. Vita Sanctorum Hiberniæ (Mes-
singham), 3343

Sanderson (Bp.), Life of (Walton), 3897
Scanderbeg, Life of, 839

Scott (Sir Walter). Life, by Lockhart,

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traliensis, 2008

Genera Plant-

Flores Aus-

Bertolonius (A.) Flora Italica, 2163
Besler (B.) Hortus Eystettensis, 6633
Blume (C. L.) Rumphia, 2009
Boissier (E.) Flora Orientales, 2164
Botanical Register, The, 3911
Brookshaw (G.) Pomona Britannica, 268
Buchoz (P. J.) Collections des Fleurs,

Catalogue of Trees, Shrubs, etc. in the
Gardens near London (1730), 4603
Columna (F.) Plantarum Historia, 4123
Cooke (M. C.) British Fungi, 2173
Fresh Water Algæ, 2174
Grevillea, 2172

Cooke (M. C.)
Cooke (M. C.)
Curtis (W.) Botanical Magazine, 2012
Curtis (W.) Flora Londinensis, 2013
Desfontaines (R.) Flora Atlantica, 2180
Edwards (S.) Botanical Register, 2015
Elwes (H. J.) The Genus Lilium, 2016
Evelyn (Jno.) Sylva, 1080

Florist, Fruitist and Garden Miscellany,
The. 4460

Fuchsius (L.) De Historia Stirpium,

Garden, The (Journal), 2017
Gardener's Chronicle, The, 3912
Gaudin (J.) Flora Helvetica, 2189
Gerarde (J.) Herball, 896

Greville (R. K.) Scottish Cryptogamic
Flora, 2195

Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Australica,

Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Britannica,


Herbal, The Great, 5682

Herbarius Germanicé, 6608

Herbert (W.) Amaryllidacæ, 2018
Herbolarium de virtutibus herbarum,

Hooker (Sir W. J.) See General Index
Hortus Floridus, 1923

Hussey (T. J.) British Mycology,


Ledebour (C. F.) Flora Rossica, 2199

Le Maout and Decaisne. General System
of Botany, 123

[blocks in formation]

Veitch (J.) Orchidaceous Plants, 578
Wallich (N.) Plantæ Asiaticæ, 2026
Willkomm (M.) Flora Hispaniæ, 2236
Wilson (W.) Bryologia Britannica, 2374
Wolle (F.) Fresh Water Algæ, 4474

Egan (P.) Boxiana, 280
Chippendale (T.)

Director, 1282

Cabinet Maker's

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Chronicle begynnynge at the VII. Ages
of the Worlde. 5601

Chronique de Normandie, 4109

Chroniques Nationales Françaises, 6113
Cronica Cronicarum, 4110

Cronica del Rey Rodrigo, 1367
Eusebius. Chronicon, 4181

Fabian's Chronicles, 5652

Froissart's Chronicles, 193, 359

Grafton (R.) Chronicle, 1758
Halle (Ed.) Chronicle, 1758
Hardyng's Chronicle, 1230

Hearne (T.) Ancient Monkish Chron.
icles, 5680

Heimskringla, The (Laing), 915
Higden (R.) Polycronycon, 1109
Holinshed's Chronicles, 1758

Lanquet's Chronicle, by Cooper, 1237
Monstrelet's Chronicles, 4325
Nuremberg Chronicle, The, 638

Recuyell of the Histories of Troye (Kelms-
cott), 384-85

Rolewinck (W.) Fasciculus Temporum,

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Coaching (continued):

Reynardson (C.) Down the Road, 6980
Roadster's Album, The, 6915

Tristram (W. O.) Coaching Days, 649

Jeffreys (J. G.) British Conchology,

Reeve (L.) Conchologia Iconica, 138
Reeve (L.) Elements of Conchology, 139

Delices de la Campagne, Les, 660
English and French Cook, The, 1768
Glasse (Mrs.) Art of Cookery, 4638
Platina. Opusculum de Obsoniis, 1408
Coronation Literature:

Charles II., Coronation of (1651), 2107
George IV., Coronation of (1823), 1536
George IV., Coronation of (Nayler), 2142,

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Cruising. See Yachting

Customs. See Folk Lore, Manners

Britannica, 1571

Of Painters (Champlin), 1434


Ballets et Mascarades de Cour de Henry

III. à Louis XI., 2296

Caroso (F.) Il Ballarino, 5321

Dansomanie, La, 6931

Negri (C.) Inventioni di Balli, 5330
Tabourot (Jean) Orchesographie, 5256
Decorative Art. See Architecture,
Fine Art

Deer-Stalking, etc. :

Collyns (C. P.) Chase of the Wild Red
Deer, 1534

Grimble (A.) Deer-Stalking, 2330
Lyddeker (R.) Deer of all Lands, 6462
Russell (R. F.) Deer-Stalking, 6475
Scrope (W.) Deer-Stalking, 1544
Shirley (E. P.) Deer and Deer Parks,
Designs. See also Cabinet-Making,
Fine Art
Berain (Jean).


(Euvre d'Ornemens,

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