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Press. Only two or three perfect copies known. It is the first English book in which musical notes appeared.— Catalogue.] 1110 Howell (J.) Sober Inspection made into the Consults of the Long Parliament, first edition, dedicated to Cromwell, old binding, 1656, 8vo. (926) Banks, £25s.

[From the library of Isaac Walton, Jun., with his autograph on the fly-leaf. The volume is in its original binding and in beautiful preservation. At page 73 the author speaks of "fishing in troubled waters."-Catalogue.]

IIII Howitt (S.) Eight pleasing Designs of Animals in colours, 8 humorous coloured plates of bear baiting, badger baiting, sporting dogs, foxes and pigs, the publisher's name on one plate cut into, morocco extra, g. e., 1803, 4to. (955) Hornstein, £4 4s. 1112 Jacobus de Cessolis. Libro di guiocho di Scacchi, de costumi degl' huomini et degli ufitii de nobili, spirited woodcuts and initial letters, wanted signatures A, Ci and C 8, last leaf defective and mended, morocco super extra, g. e., sold not subject to return, Impresso in Fireze per Maestro Antonio Miscomini, 1493, 4to. (931) Leighton, £38 1113 Jacques I. Apologie pour le Serment de Fidelité que le S. Roy de la grand' Bretagne requiert de tous ses sujets, portrait of James I. by T. de Leu, morocco, g.e., by S. Smith, Londres, Jean Norton, 1609, 8vo. (932)

Young, £15s. 1114 Jesse (J. H.) London, a Fragmentary Poem, first edition, 130 portraits, views and other engravings inserted, morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, by the Guild of Women Binders, Saunders and Ottley, 1847, 8vo. (933) Harding, £3 1115 Jests. Lilly's Groat's Worth of Wit for a Penny, or the Interpretation of Dreams, calf, n. d. (circa 1670), 8vo. (934) Waring, £1 12s. 1116 [Johnson (Dr. Samuel).] Thoughts on the late Transactions respecting Falkland's Islands, first edition, uncut, T. Cadell, 1771, 8vo. (1005) Maggs, £4 1117 Keats (John). Poems, with Memoir by R. Monckton Milnes, illustrations by Sir G. Scharf, portrait in Indian ink after a drawing by Severn and some verses in the poet's autograph inserted, LARGE PAPER, uncut, 4to. (960) Denham, £10 15s. 1118 Kipling (Rudyard). The Writings in Prose and Verse, édition de luxe, 19 vol., portrait, Macmillan, 1897-1900— Departmental Ditties, and other Verses, Thacker, 1898, silk binding, uncut, limited issue, together 20 vol., 8vo. (1014) Maggs, £9 1119 La Fontaine (J. de). Les Amours de Psyche et Cupidon, first edition, original calf gilt, Paris, 1669, 8vo. (1020) Webster, 10 IOS. [This fine copy measured 180 millimétres. It was in its original calf binding, and had on the sides the arms of Pierre Séguier, Chancelier de France. His cypher is five times repeated on the back.—Catalogue.]

1120 La Fontaine (J. de). Fables, 2 vol., vellum paper, upwards of 200 engravings after the designs of Vivier inserted, original boards, uncut, Paris, Didot, 1789, 8vo. (1022)

Teegaskis, £2 1121 [Landor (Walter Savage).] Guy's Porridge Pot, a Poem, first edition, original half calf, quite uncut (Oxford), printed for the author, 1808, 8vo. (1024) Webster, £2 145.

[One of the rarest of Landor's first editions. Only this first part was issued. Published anonymously.—Catalogue.] 1122 Lamb (C.) The Last Essays of Elia, first edition, clean copy, with half title, in original boards, uncut, Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (1026) Dobell, £21

1123 La Rochefoucauld.

Reflexions ou Sentences et Maximes Morales, in the original calf, John Locke's copy, with his autograph on the fly-leaf, enclosed in a morocco case, first edition, A Paris, chez Claude Barbin, vis à vis le Portail de la Sainte Chapelle, au Signe de la Croix, m.dc.lxv. (1665), 8vo. (1030) Rylett, £15 1124 Law (William). A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, adapted to the State and Condition of all orders of Christians, by William Law, A.M. "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear" (St. Luke viii. 8). "And Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me" (Rev. xxii. 12), first edition, original calf, 1729, 8vo. (1032) Maine, £7 75.

1125 Lays of the Belvoir Hunt, cloth, gilt edges, n. d., 8vo. (1033) Hornstein, £ 5s. 1126 Les Français peints par eux-mêmes, complete set, profusely illustrated, 9 vol., calf gilt, Paris, 1841-2, royal 8vo. (1036) Mason, £2 12S.

[In this set the whole of the full-page plates are in colours. Catalogue.] 1127 Lever (Raphe). Arte of Reason rightly termed Witcraft, teaching a perfect way to Argue and Dispute, black letter, calf, g. e., Imprinted by H. Bynneman, 1573, 8vo. (1040)

Webster, £3

1128 Lily (William). Guillelmi Lilii Angli Rudimenta, black letter, morocco extra, g. e., n. d., 4to. (968) Hayley, £11

[Printed by Richard Pynson, circa 1515. The only copy known. Complete with A-B, two sheets of four. It is a curious school book, and is partly printed in English.Catalogue.]

1129 L'Imitation de Jésus Christ, avec l'Appendice, finely printed within illuminated borders, with full-page miniatures after ancient MSS. and numerous other illustrations, 2 vol., uncut, Paris, Curmer, 1858, 4to. (969) Maggs, £4 2s. 6d. 1130 Livingstone (W.) The Conflict in Conscience of a Dear Christian named Bessie Clerkson, in the Parish of Lanerk, under which she lay three years and an half. With the conference that passed betwixt her Pastor and her, at diverse times, unbound, Glasgow, 1681, 8vo. (1043) Maggs, £125. [This appears to be the only copy known of this edition.

Books printed at Glasgow at this period are exceedingly scarce.-Catalogue.]

1131 Loyer (Peter de). A Treatise of Specters or Straunge Sights, Visions and Apparitions appearing sensibly unto men, wherein is delivered the nature of spirites, angels and divils their power and properties, as also of witches, sorcerers, enchanters and such like; with a Table of the Contents of the severall chapters annexed in the end of the booke, old calf, 1605, 4to. (973) Selby, £5 7s. 6d. 1132 Marguerite de Valois, Reine de Navarre. Heptameron Français Les Nouvelles de Marguerite Reine de Navarre, plates after Freudenberg by Longueil, and vignettes by Düncker, early impressions, some of the numbers remain on the plates in vol. iii. (engraved titles only), 3 vol. (all on thick paper), old French calf gilt, g. e. [Berne, Nouvelle Société Typographique, 1780-81], 8vo. (1048)

Quaritch, £4 6s. 1133 Marguerite Queen of Navarre. The Heptameron, newly translated, with an Essay by George Saintsbury, portrait, engravings after Freudenberg and vignettes after Duncker, 5 vol., cloth, uncut, Society of English Bibliophilists, 1894, 8vo. (1049) Edwards, £ 5s. 1134 Marini (G. B.) The Slaughter of the Innocents, by Herod, with the rare frontispiece not mentioned by Lowndes or Hazlitt, and generally wanting, stained, old calf, 1675, 8vo. (1050) Pickering, 110s. 1135 Markham (Gervase). Hungers Prevention, or the whole Arte of Fowling by Water and Land, woodcuts, first edition, old calf gilt, 1621, 8vo. (1051) B. F. Stevens, £14

[A volume of the highest rarity, 12mo., pp. 285. No copy of this edition, except Strettell's in 1840, can be traced as having occurred for sale.-Catalogue. The edition usually met with is that of 1655, worth about £6 in the original sheep.-ED.]

1136 Marston (John). The Malcontent, augmented by Marston, with the additions played by the Kings Majesties servants, written by Jhon Webster, morocco extra, g. e., 1604, 4to. (978) Pickering, £15 [According to Malone's edition of Shakespeare, 1821 (vol. xvi., page 412) and Dyce, this play is in a large measure a copy of "Hamlet." "The induction in which the Shakespearean actors are introduced is extremely curious. See some remarks on the induction in Collier's Memoirs of Actors, pages 26, 27, 154, 155.”—Note to the Halliwell-Phillipps' copy.]

1137 Memoirs of the Belvoir Hounds, Grantham, 1867, 8vo. (1034) Hornstein, £1 6s. 1138 Mill (Humphrey). A Night's Search, Discovering the Nature and Condition of all sorts of Night Walkers, and their Associates, as also the Life and Death of many of them, Together with Divers fearfull and strange Accidents,

occasioned by such ill livers, engraved title, and the rare leaf of explanation, morocco extra, g. e., 1640, 8vo. (1061) Pickering, £5 5s.

[This very rare poetical volume is divided into fifty-eight sections, and abounds in stories, the incidents of which are drawn from occurrences and adventures in the life of the lowest orders during the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries. The commendatory verses are numerous, and are by Heywood, Nabbes, Thomas Brewer, Richard Brome, and others.-Catalogue.]

1139 Missale ad Usum Cistercieñ. ordinis per quē dā ejusdem ordinis monachū Studiossisime correctu. ac per Johanne Kerbriant alias Huguelin: et Johānē Adã Socios, Pro honesto librario Parisiensi Johannem Petit impressum. Anno domini millesimo quingentesimo decimo Sexto. (1516) (1063)

Venale Parisius reperitur in domo aurei lilij
vici sancti Jacobi.


Hand, £5


[This Cistercian Missal in octavo appears to have escaped the notice of Brunet; but Weale mentions six copies. It is slightly cut in the lower margin of one leaf, and wanted, as usual, the two vellum leaves of the canon, which, to judge by the tightness of the seventeenth century binding, had probably never been supplied. Otherwise perfect, with wide margins, Petit's device and woodcuts on almost every page, musical notation in red and black, and the calendar with St. Thomas (Becket) the martyr, undefaced. An old note on the fly-leaf says: "This book is very scarce. was probably among other things preserved by Mr. William Cooke of Beespon when Kirkstall Abbey was dissolved in 1540. He was father of Robert Cooke and Alan (?) Cooke, who were both vicars of Leedes, of whom see Thorpe's Vicaria Leodiensis and my MS. Hist. Register."-Catalogue.] 1140 More (Sir T.) A Dialogue of Cumfort against Tribulation, black letter, wanted the rare woodcut portrait of More, but another is inserted in its place, calf, Ant., 1573, 8vo. (1067) Maggs, 1 75. 1141 Napoleon. Des progrès de la Puissance Russe, depuis son origine jusqu'au commencement du XIXe Siècle. Par Mr L***, original calf, A Paris, chez Fantin, Libraire, quai des Augustins, No. 55, 1812, 8vo. (1073) Maine, £4 [From the library of Napoleon I. at St. Helena, with his library stamp on the title. Sold by the Colonial Office in August, 1822.-Catalogue.]

1142 New Testament and Book of Psalms (in Dutch), old oak boards, covered with fish-skin, chased corner pieces, with figures of dolphins, back of one of the clasps is the name

silver clasps and engraved on the Sara Rebow," and

on the other "A. J., 1654,” in fine preservation, Amst.,
1653-4, 8vo. (1074)
Richards, £5 10S.

[The family of Rebow were Flemish Huguenots, who settled in Essex in the Seventeenth Century.-Catalogue.] 1143 Oriental Sporting Review, complete set, 26 vol., maps, portraits and plates of Natural History and Sporting, some defective, half bound, Calcutta, 1845-58, 8vo. (1084)

Quaritch, £8 1144 Oriental Sporting Magazine, from 1868 to 1879 [Nos. I to 140], illustrated, some of the titles missing-Oriental Sporting Magazine, Racing Calendar, from 1869 to 1879, together 27 vol., half calf, not uniform, Calcutta, 1868-79, 8vo. (1086) Quaritch, £4 1145 Pompadour (Mdme. de). Suite d'Estampes gravée par Madame de Pompadour, d'après les pierres gravées de Guay, graveur du Roy, frontispiece and 69 plates, morocco, gilt top, uncut, by David, Paris, 1782, folio (1430)

L. Bihn, £19 [This volume had inserted the portrait of Madame de Pompadour, after Boucher, engraved in mezzotint, also a poem in Madame de Pompadour's autograph, eulogistic of the battle of Fontenoy, commencing as follows:

66 Ode sur les Victoires de Maurice de Saxe."
Sanglants théâtres des batailles,
Fontenoy, Lawfeldt et Raucoux,
Fières tours, superbes murailles,
Monuments d'un juste courroux,
Voyés la discorde insensée,
Sous nos coups cent fois terrassée,
A de nouveaux périls voler.
O monstre que la haine inspire,

De Louis respecte l'empire,

Ou son glaive va t'immoler.-Catalogue.]

1146 Psalter or Psalmes of David, after the translation of the great Bible, pointed as it shal be said or Sung in Churches, with the Morning and Evening Praiers, and certaine additions of Collects, with a table declaring the tune for everie Psalme made by Theo: Beza, black letter, Peter Short, 1600 -The Whole Booke of Psalmes in English meeter by Sternhold, Hopkins and others, woodcut title with woodcut arms on last leaf, J. Windet, 1601, the vol. cut into, old morocco extra, tooled back and sides, well preserved, a small vol. (size 3in. by 2in.), 1600-1 (1106) Hazlitt, £1 Is. 1147 Ptolemaeus (Claudius). Geographia Universalis Vetus et nova, complectens Enarrationis libros viii., ex B. Pirckheimeri Translatione, 48 woodcut maps, including America, morocco antique style, rough edges, by Douglas Cockerell, Basil., Henricus Petrus, 1542, small 4to. (1436)

Vivian, £8 15s. 1148 Quinze (Les) Joyes de Mariage, avec des Notes et un Glossaire par D. Jouaust, et une Préface de L. Ulbach, one of 20 copies on Japanese vellum paper, with proofs before

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