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(Renouard's copy, with his name in gold on the vellum fly-leaves. Bisiaux was noted for his most curious and rare bindings in "Maroquin de Constantinople.”— —

Catalogue.] 1019 Altdorfer (Albert). Historia Redemptionis, complete set of

the 48 woodcuts, with good margins, mounted in a volume, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière (14)

Loftie, £4 1020 America. Johnson (Dr. Samuel, First President of Kings

College, New York). Noetica, or the First Principles of Human Knowledge, being a Logick, including both Metaphysics and Dialectic, or the Art of Reasoning, first edition, Philadelphia, printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1752— Ethica, or the First Principles of Moral Philosophy, second edition, ib., 1752, with a general title as follows, “ Elementa Philosophica, containing chiefly Noetica, or Things relating to the Mind, or Understanding ; and Ethica, or Things relating to the Moral Behaviour, Philadelphia, printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1752," clean copies, in i vol., old calf, with the ex-libris of the Duke of Sussex, 8vo. (19)

Adams, £3 5s. [A few manuscript notes and corrections, evidently intended for a new edition. Both pieces had the half-title.

-Catalogue.] 1021 America. Apocalypse de Chiokovhikov, chef des Iroquois,

Sauvages du Nord de l'Amérique, écrite par lui-même vers l'an 1305, uncut, Philadelphie, chez W. Roberdson, 1777, 8vo. (22)

Maggs, £2_125. 1022 Apollonius Rhodius. Argonautica, Gr. cum Notis R. F. P.

Brunckii, fine paper, Brunck's own copy, and subsequently
Renouard's, morocco extra, g. e., Argent., 1780, 8vo. (30)

Maggs, £i 16s. 1023 Bacon (Francis). The Essaies of Sir Francis Bacon, Knight,

the King's Attorney Generall. His Religious Meditations, Places of Perswasion and Disswasion ; (Colours of Good and Evil), Seene and allowed, large copy, original sheepskin, John Jaggard, 1613, 8vo. (38)

Ellis, £12 155. 1024 Bailey (P. J.) Festus, a Poem, first edition (published anonymously), original cloth, uncut, W. Pickering, 1839, 8vo. (39)

Spencer, 42 1025 Barclaii (Jo.) Argenis. Editio novissima, cum Clave, hoc

est, nominum propriorum elucidatione hactenus nondum edita, engraved title, original calf, Lugd. Bat. Ex. officina Elziviriana, anno M.DC.XXX., 8vo. (42) Maine, £ 3 155.

(Alexander Pope's copy, with his signature on the fly

leaf. Enclosed in a morocco case.Catalogue.] 1026 Beckford (W.) Vathek (en Français), first edition, original

boards, uncut, à Lausanne, 1787, 8vo. (46) Sabin, £7 155.

[It is uncertain whether the first edition (in French) was printed at Paris .or Lausanne. There was no copy of

either issue in the Beckford sale.-Catalogue.] 1027 Beham (H. S.) Catalogue of Prints by, morocco extra, g. e., by Leighton, in a satin cover, 1877 (49) R. Gutekunst, £24 35.

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[Interleaved and illustrated with 3 engravings by Albert Altdorfer, i by Barthol. Beham, and 38 by H. Sebald Beham, including the “Lady with Death” (Bartsch, 148), “Infortuniam” (B. 141), the “Naked Woman and Death (B. 150), the “Prodigal leaving Home” (B. 31), the

Marriage Feast” (B. 23), all in first states ; and the rare "Forteza" (unknown to Bartsch), the “Cimon and Pers' (B. 74), and the “Imaginary Arms” (B. 255), fine impres

sions.- Catalogue.] 1028 Bible (The Holy), containing the Old and New Testament,

engraved title, Oxford, 1679—The Whole Book of Psalms, ib., 1679, in i vol., ruled with red lines throughout, and cut close for convenience, original morocco, the sides tooled all over to an elegant design in compartments, composed of flowers, etc. worked upon a closely ruled ground, the whole executed in blind, a most unusual specimen, Oxford, 1679, 8vo. (311)

J. L. White, £3 5s. 1029 Book of Common Prayer, with the Rites and Ceremonies of

the Church of England, with the Psalter or Psalms of
David, pointed as they are to be sung, Sturt's edition,
engraved throughout, within borders, and numerous
engravings, with the revolving table (but no pointer), old
English morocco extra, g. e., with autograph on fly-leaf :
"Ed. Rudd Rector de N. Rington in Com. Norfol. 1723
pret on : 10:09," J. Sturt, 1717, 8vo. (319)

1. L. White, £5 $s. 1030 Borrow (George). The Zincali, or an Account of the Gypsies

of Spain, the Author's own copy, with his manuscript corrections and alterations for a fourth edition, uncut, 1846, 8vo. (320)

Maggs, £4 1031 Borrow (George). Targum, or Metrical Translations from

Thirty Languages and Dialects (the notes in pencil copied from the author's own copy, where they were made in his handwriting, that copy being now in an American private

library), calf, St. Petersburg, 1835, 8vo. (321) Dupre, 45 1032 Borrow (George). Romantic Ballads, translated from the

Danish, and Miscellaneous Pieces, first edition [previous to the London imprint), calf gilt, m. e., Norwich, 1826, 8vo. (322)

Eames, £2 18s. 1033 Borrow (George). Embéo e Majaró Lucas (the Gospel of

St. Luke, in Romany), with dedication in Borrow's handwriting, calf, 1837, 8vo. (323)

Maggs, £4 18s. 1034 Borrow (George). The Talisman, from the Russian of

Alexander Pushkin, with other Pieces (with a translation into Russian in the autograph of a famous Borrow scholar], St. Petersburg, 1835, 8vo. (324)

Denham, £4 6s. 1035 Borrow (George). The Sleeping Bard

by Elis Wyn, translated from the Cambrian British, original cloth, 1860, 8vo. (325)

Dupre, £i 16s. 1036 Borrow (George). Romano Laso-lil: Word-Book of the

Romany, proof sheets, with 13 lines in manuscript and a




few corrections by George Borrow, half morocco, uncut, 1874, 8vo. (326)

Maggs, £4 1037 Borrow (George). The Romany Rye, 2 vol., first edition,

with 4 pages of manuscript notes by George Borrow and one or two marginal corrections, original cloth, 1857, 8vo. (327)

Maggs, £4 1038 Borrow (George). Life, a Drama, 3 vol., the author's own

copy, original revise proofs of Lavengro, under the title of · Life, a Drama" (as above), with numerous MS. notes and

alterations by him, uncut, 1849-51, 8vo. (328) Maggs, £u 1039 Brathwaite (R.) A Spiritual Spicerie, containing Sundrie

Sweet Tractates of Devotion and Piety, in Prose and Verse (General Rules of Living Well, The Sorrowfull Soules Solace, The Passionate Pilgrim, etc.), no frontispiece and two or three leaves defective, sold not subject to return, old calf, 1. H. for G. Hutton, 1638, 8vo. (336)

D. Steeves, £3 35. 1040 Brome (Richard). Dramatic Works, now first collected,

LARGE PAPER, portrait, 3 vol., morocco extra, g. on m. e.,

by F. Bedford, J. Pearson, 1873, 8vo. (340) Wise, £2 16s. 1041 Browning (Robert). Strafford, an Historical Tragedy, first

edition, clean copy in the original stiff paper covers, with the label on the sides, uncut, in perfect condition, 1837, 8vo. (344)

Browning, £,5 7s. 6d. (Collation : Title page, dedication to Macready, preface, “Dramatis Personæ" and text, pages 1-131.

Another edition appeared in 1884, and there is an “acting edition," printed for the pupils of the North London Collegiate

School for Girls, small 8vo., 1882, buff paper covers. -Ed.] 1042 Bryan (Michael). Dictionary of Painters and Engravers,

biographical and critical, new edition, revised and enlarged, edited by R. E. Graves, extra illustrated with upwards of 1,000 engravings, consisting chiefly of portraits of artists and examples of their works, 2 vol. extended to 6, buckram,

uncut, Bell, 1886, imperial 8vo. (346) Brunning, £12 1043 Bulwer (E., Lord Lytton). Devereux, a Tale, first edition, 3 vol., original boards, uncut, with labels, 1829, 8vo. (347)

Lightfoot, £3 5s. [Presentation copy, with inscription in the autograph of the author : “To A. A. Watts, Esqre., with the author's

best compts.”—Catalogue.] 1044 Bunyan (John). A Discourse upon the Pharisee and the

Publicane, first edition, with the rare engraved frontispiece containing a portrait of Bunyan at the age of 57, beneath a representation of the Pharisee and the Publican in the temple, a fresh and clean copy, in the original sheepskin binding, Printed for Joh. Harris, 1685, 8vo. (348)

Ellis, £7 ios. (The engraved frontispiece to this volume is of great rarity, and is wanting in the copy in the British Museum. At the back of the title is written : “Anne Herbert, Her Book, December the 13th, 1737."--Catalogue.]

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1045 Bunyan (John). The Work of Jesus Christ, as an Advocate,

clearly explained and largely improved, for the benefit of all believers, first edition, with the rare portrait of the author by F. H. Van Hove (inner margin repaired), calf extra, g. e., Printed for Dorman Newman, 1688, 8vo. (349)

Eames, £3 75. 6d. [Mr. Offor's copy of this book wanted the scarce portrait. At the end is a list of other works by Bunyan sold by Dorman Newman, including the First and Second Parts of the Pilgrim's Progress, price is. each. A few headlines

shaved. - Catalogue.) 1046 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to

that which is to come, eighth edition, with additions, frontis. piece (defective), with the advertisement on the back relating to the sale of the seventh edition, some of the marginal notes cut into, calf gilt, N. Ponder, 1682, 8vo. (350)

Leighton, £ 1 ios. 1047 Burney (Miss). Camilla, first edition, 5 vol., original boards,

all edges entirely uncut, 1796, 8vo. (354) Denham, £4 1048 Byron (George Gordon, Lord). Hours of Idleness, a Series

of Poems, original and translated, first edition, pale russia, Newark, 1807, 8vo. (356)

Dobell, £2 8s. 1049 Byron (George Gordon, Lord). English Bards and Scotch

Reviewers, first edition, original boards, uncut, London, for
Jas. Cawthorn, n. d., 8vo. (357)

Dobell, £1 18s. 1050 Byron (George Gordon, Lord). Letter to **** ****** (John

Murray) on the Rev. W. L. Bowles' Strictures on the Life and Writings of Pope, with the Addenda, first edition, in the original wrappers, uncut, Murray, 1821, 8vo. (359)

Quaritch, £2 6s. 1051 Byron (George Gordon, Lord). The Age of Bronze, or

Carmen Seculare et Annus haud mirabilis, first edition, morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, with the wrapper bound in, 1823, 8vo. (361)

Denham, £2 145. 1052 Byron (George Gordon, Lord). The Age of Bronze, another copy, in the original wrappers, uncut, 1823, 8vo. (362)

Quaritch, £5 1053 Certaine Worthye Manuscript Poems of great Antiquitie

(The Tragedie of Guistard and Sismond) reserved long in the Studie of a Norfolke Gentleman and now first published by J. S., title in facsimile, Imprinted at London for K.D., 1597—The Northern Mothers Blessing. The Way of Thrift, written nine yeares before the death of G. Chaucer, Printed by R. Robinson for R. Dexter, 1597, fine copies, with ornaments at the top and bottom of each page, half calf, first edition, dedicated to Edmund Spenser, 1597, 8vo. (692)

B. F. Stevens, £3 12s. 1054 Charles Edward Stuart. A Full Collection of All the Pro

clamations and Orders published by the Authority of Charles Prince of Wales, Regent of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, and Dominions thereunto belonging, since His Arrival in Edinburgh the 17th Day of September, till the 15th of October, 1745, morocco, 1745, 8vo. (696)

Doig, £i is. 1055 Chatterton (T.) Poems, supposed to have been written at

Bristol, by Thomas Rowley and others, in the Fifteenth Century, with Glossary, first edition, original boards, uncut, 1777, 8vo. (697)

Maggs, £i 125. [This volume contained the Tournament between the Kyng, Sir Simon de Bourtonne, Sir Hugo Ferrers, Sir Randulph Neville, Sir Lodovick de Clynton ; also the Bristowe Tragedy, or Death of Sir Charles Baudin; Ælla, a tragedy acted before John Howard, Duke of Norfolk ; the Battle of Hastings ; Epitaph on Robert Canynge ;

Story of William Canynge.--Catalogue.] 1056 (Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Canterbury Tales), black letter,

double columns, with woodcuts and ornamental initials, commenced a 11., title “The Caunter/bury Tales" within a Holbein border, inserted from another edition, wanted Bi. and Si., otherwise a sound and good copy, but sold not subject to return, red morocco, ornamental frame sides, g. e., Thus endeth the boke of Caunterbury tales.

Imprinted at London in flete streete by me Rycharde Pynson prynter unto the Kings Noble Grace, 1526, June 4,” folio (746)

Quaritch, £19 155. (An exceedingly rare edition, which sometimes has Troilus, The Boke of Fame and other works printed in the same type added. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xi.,

Nos. 4814-15) 1057 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Workes, newely printed with dyvers

additions which were never in print, with the Siege and Destruction of Thebes, by John Lydgate (edited by John Stow), black letter, woodcuts and ornamental initials (wanted all before folio i of text, last few leaves wormed), calf, John Kyngston for John Wight, 1561, folio (747)

Tregaskis, £3 35. 1058 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Workes, newlie printed, with divers

addicions, whiche were never in print before : with the siege and destruccion of the Citie of Thebes, compiled by Jhon Lidgate, Monke of Berie, black letter, woodcuts, title mounted, margin defective, last two leaves supplied in MS., old calf (rebacked), with all faults, 1561,, folio (748)

Toplady, £4 55. 1059 Civil War. The Kingdom of England and Principality of

Wales. Exactly described in 6 maps by Hollar, original half calf, 1645 (reprinted 1752), 8vo. (701) Webster, £i 5s.

[This set of maps, called “ The Quarter Master's Map,” was issued about 1645, for the use of Cromwell's troops during the Civil War; it was reduced, it is said by his order, from Saxton by Hollar; and the plates were long supposed to be lost, till they were recovered in the last century by Roque, chorographer to the Prince of Wales, and re-issued in 1752. The volume is of considerable

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