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et Commentariis D. P. Beroaldii, roman letter, long lines, numerous large and small woodcut initials, vellum, Impressis Regii impensis F. Mazali Regien, 1499, folio (402)

Quaritch, £5 5s. 970 Seebohm (H.) History of British Birds, with Coloured Illus

trations of their Eggs, about 70 coloured plates, 3 vol., half morocco, g. t., 1883-5, royal 8vo. (726)

Edwards, £3 ios. 971 Shakespeare (W.) Plays, Pickering's Diamond Edition, 9 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1825, 8vo. (1284)

0. James, £us. 972 Shelley (P. B.) St. Irvyne, or the Rosicrucian, a Romance,

first edition, with a new title, uncut, Stockdale, 1822, 8vo. (510)

Dobell, £10 973 Sibmacher (I.) Schön Neues Modelbuch von allerley lustigen

Mödeln naczunchen zuwurcken und zusticken, gemacht im
Jar Chr. 1597, first edition, 35 plates of designs, old stamped
pigskin, title in facsimile, some leaves mounted and repaired,
Nürnberg, 1597, oblong 4to. (284)

Maggs, £7 ios. 974 Sibmacher (1.) Newes Modelbuch in Kupffer gemacht darin

nen allerhand arth newer Mödel von dün mittel und dick aufgeschnidener Arbeit auch andern Künstlichen Nehwerck zugebrauchen, mit vleiss inn druck verfertigt, engraved title, plate and 58 plates containing about 170 designs, vellum, engraved title and last plate mounted, printed title in fac

simile, Nürnberg, 1604, oblong 4to. (283) Waring, £13 1os. 975 Sibyllarum Vaticinia. Quattuor his Compressa Opuscula Dis

cordantie sanctorum Doctorum Hieronymi Augustini Sibyllarum de Christo vaticinia, etc., 12 full-page woodcuts,

unbound, Venet., B. Benalius, s.a., 4to. (319) Quaritch, £3 976 Sidney (Sir Philip). The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia,

now the sixt time published, woodcut title, original calf,

H. L. for M. Lownes, 1623, folio (1238) Ellis, £1 175. 977 Skelton (John). Engraved Illustrations of the Principal Anti

quities of Oxfordshire, LARGE PAPER, India proof plates, from original drawings by F. Mackenzie, morocco extra, g. e., 1823, imperial 4to. (1282)

Hill, £2 55. 978 Smith (J. T.) Antiquities of Westminster, the Old Palace,

St. Stephen's Chapel, coloured and other plates, half morocco, g. t., 1807, 4to. (902)

Thorp, £l 18s. 979 Smollett (T.) Miscellaneous Works, with Memoirs of his Life

and Writings, by R. Anderson, 6 vol., calf, g. e., 1796, 8vo. (776)

Sotheran, £lios. 980 Soler (A.) Llave de la Modulacion y Antiguedades de la

Musica, en que se trata del fundamento necessario para saber Modular, etc., plates of music, and musical notes in the text, half calf, r. e., Madrid, J. Ibarra, 1762, 4to. (145)

Cornish, £i jos. 981 Sporting Magazine, old series, vol. i. to vii., 1792-5-and vol.

xlv., 1814-New series, vol. i. to xxv., 1817-30, and a dupli

cate of vol. i., 1817--New Sporting Magazine, first series, vol. i. to xix., 1831-40-A portion of vol. xiii., vol. xiv. complete and part of vol. xv., in i vol., 1837-8--New series, vol. i. to lii., 1841-66, together 106 vol., half calf (not uniform) Sporting Magazine, vol. vii. of the old series, wanted the engraved title-New Sporting Magazine, vol. iv., viii. and

xviii., wanted titles, 1792-1866, 8vo. (1267) Spencer, £25 1os. 982 Sterne (L.) Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, 9 vol.,

first editions of vol. iii. to ix., 2 frontispieces by Hogarth, vol. v., vii. and ix. with the autograph of Sterne, original calf, 1760-67, 8vo. (1163)

Bain, £2 45. 983 Stevenson (R. L.) An Object of Pity, or the Man Haggard, a

Romance, by many competent hands (the characters in this romance are Lady Jersey, Captain Leigh, Mrs. R. L. Stevenson, Mr. R. L. S. and Mr. Balfour), Imprinted at Amsterdam (privately printed), Apia, August 2, 1892Answer to the preceding, entitled, Objects of Pity, or Self and Company, by a Gentleman of Quality, ib., Apia, August

20, 1892, parchment, 2 vol., 8vo. (1193) Denham, £27 1os. 984 Stow (John). Annales, or a Generall Chronicle of England,

.. continued and augmented by E. Howes, black letter, large woodcut title containing portraits, original calf, 1615, folio (1237)

Tregaskis, £2 58. 985 Studio d'Architettura Civile sopra gli Ornamenti di Porte,

Finestre, tratti da Alcune Fabbriche insigni di Roma, con le Misure Piante Modini e Profili, Opera de piu celebri Architetti de nostri tempi, upward of 280 plates (wanted plates 80 and 81 in vol. iii.), 3 vol., half calf, Roma, Rossi, 1702, '11,'21, folio (382)

Batsford, E1 12s. 986 Swinburne (A. C.) William Blake, a Critical Essay, illustrations, second edition, original cloth, uncut, 1868, 8vo. (728)

Quaritch, 41 987 Terentius, cum quinque commentis, videlicet Donati, Guidonis

Calphurnii, Ascencii et Servii, 2 full-page woodcuts on reverse of title and woodcuts in the text, vellum, stained, and wanted folio 72 and 73, Venet., L. de Soardis, 1504, folio (239)

Quaritch, £1 5s. 988 Thackeray (W. M.) The Adventures of Philip, 3 vol., first edition, original cloth, 1862, 8vo. (23)

9s. 989 Thackeray (W. M.) Essay on the Genius of George Cruik

shank (Westminster Review), illustrated with a large quantity of additional plates and illustrations, some coloured,

arranged for binding, 1840, 8vo. (506) Maggs, £i jos. 990 Totanes (S. de). Arte de la Lengua Tacala y Manual Tagalog

(y Castellano), in i vol., vellum, Impr. en el Pueblo de Sampaloc extr muros de la ciudad de Manila, 1796, ato. (329)

Spirgatis, kl 125. 991 Vavassore (G. A.) Libro Secondo di bellissime e variate

intitulato Fior de gli Essempi, nuovamente dato in luce, woodcut title, preface and 13 leaves with 26 designs, unbound (Venet.), G. A. Vavassore (circa 1540), oblong 8vo. (267)

Dodd, £,4 992 Vecellio (C.) Habiti Antichi et Moderni di tutto il Mondo,

di nuovo accresciuti di molte figure, second edition, con


taining the American Costumes, 507 woodcuts, original vellum, Appresso i Sessa, 1598, 8vo. (222)

Wickham, 65 7s. 6d. 993 Vigerius (M. Saonensis). Decachordum Christianum Julio

11., P. M. Dicatum, woodcut border round title, 10 full-page woodcuts within borders by Florio Vavassore and numerous smaller ones in the text, original stamped leather, folios 102 and 103 re-margined, Fani, H. Soncinus, 1507, folio (190)

Tregaskis, 24 i8s. 994 Villagomez (P. de). Carte Pastoral de Exortacion e Instruc

cion contra las Idolitrias de los Indios del Arcobispado de Lima, Lima, Jorge Lopez de Herrera, 1649-Avendaño (F. de). Sermones de los Misterios de nuestra Santa Fe Catolica, en Lengua Castellana, y la General del Inca. Impugnanse los Errores particulares que los Indios han tenido, 2 parts (wanted last leaf of the second part), ib. (1649), in i

vol., original sheep, 1649, 8vo. (183) Lightfoot, £3 45. 995 Virgil. The XII. Bukes of Eneados of the famose Poete

Virgil, translated out of Latyne verses into Scottish metir, bi the Reuerend Father in God Maister Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkel and unkil to the Erle of Angus, Euery buke hauing hys perticular Prologe, black letter, top corner of title torn off, stained and wormed, Imprinted at London, 1553—Gravissimæ atqz exactissimæ illustrissimarū totius Italiæ et Galliæ Academiarū censuræ, woodcut border round title, Impress. Londini in officina Thome. Berthleti, 1530, in i vol., rough calf, 4to. (430)

Ellis, £31 996 Walton and Cotton. Compleat Angler, edited by Marston, 2

vol., 54 photogravures and 100 woodcuts, half morocco, g. t., uncut, 1888, 8vo. (601)

Dobell, 175. 997 Watson (J.). History and Antiquities of the Parish of Halifax in Yorkshire, portrait and plates, calf gilt, 1777, 4to. (908)

Maggs, £4 55. 998 Westwood (J. O.) Lapidarium Walliæ, the Early Described

and Sculptured Stones of Wales, 100 plates, original cloth, 1876-79, 4to. (999)

Edwards, £2 155. 999 Wordsworth (William). Poetical Works, 7 vol., portrait, calf gilt, m. e., 1849, 8vo. (1295)

Ellis, £2 125. 1000 Young (E.) Night Thoughts, morocco gilt, g. e., with a

painted view of Waterloo Bridge, with St. Paul's Cathedral in the distance, on the fore-edge, 1812, 8vo. (1249)

Edwards, £6 175. 6d. 1001 Young (G.) History of Whitby and Streonshalh Abbey, map

and plate, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, original boards, uncut, Whitby, 1817, 8vo. (830)

Shepherd, 195.



(No. of Lots, 1475 ; amount realised, £6,216 vis. 6d.)

(a) Mr. Stradling's Collection. 1002 Annals of Sporting, by Caleb Quizem, Esq. and his various

Correspondents, coloured plates by Rowlandson, original

boards, Thomas Tegg, 1809, 8vo. (57) Hornstein, £i 4s. 1003 Beckford (Peter). Thoughts on Hunting, first edition, frontispiece by Bartolozzi after Cipriani, Sarum, 1781, 4to. (83)

J. Bumpus, £6 5s. 1004 Bewick. Select Fables, with cuts, designed and engraved by

Thomas and John Bewick and others, previous to the year 1784. with a Memoir and Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs. Bewick, imperial paper, original boards, uncut, with the paper label, Newcastle, 1820, 4to. (84)

W. Brown, £5 5s. 1005 Charles I. Eikon Basiliké. The Portraicture of His Sacred

Maiestie in his Solitudes and Sufferings, with the erroneous pagination in sheet G, original calf, 1648, 8vo. (64)

Pickering, £1 16s. 1006 Collinson (John). History and Antiquities of Somersetshire,

3 vol., numerous plates (wanted the map), russia gilt, Bath, 1791, 4to. (87)

Edwards, £3 12s. 1007 Donovan (E.) Natural History of the Insects of China and

India, 2 vol., numerous coloured plates, with descriptive text, russia gilt, m. e., uniform, 1798-1800, 4to. (88)

Maggs, £3 125. 1008 Lodge (Edmund). Portraits of Illustrious Personages of

Great Britain, complete in 80 parts, fine impressions of the 240 portraits, with Biographical and Historical Memoirs, 1829-35, imperial 8vo. (70)

Denham, £3 75. 6d. 1009 Napoleon's Own Historical Memoirs, dictated by him at St.

Helena to Counts Montholon and Gourgaud, etc., and published from the Original MSS., 7 vol., maps, plans, etc., 1823–Napoleon in Exile, by B. E. O'Meara, 2 vol., frontispieces, 1822, uncut, together 9 vol., 8vo. (72)

Edwards, £,4 25. 6d. 1010 Nuremberg Chronicle. Liber Cronicarum cum Figuris et

Imaginibus ab inicio Mundi (auctore Hartmano Schedel], first edition, lit. goth., numerous woodcuts by W. Pleydenwurff and M. Wolgemuth, many leaves damaged, mended and stained, old calf, with all faults, Nuremberg, 1493, folio (104)

Thorp, £8 155. 101 Phelps (W.) History of Somersetshire, 8 parts in 4 (all pub

lished), maps, plans, engravings and vignettes, in the

original wrappers, uncut, 1836-39, 4to. (96) Thorp, £2 2s. 1012 Real Life in Ireland, or the Day and Night Scenes of Brian

Boru, Esq. and his elegant friend Sir Shawn O'Dogherty

by a Real Paddy (a Sequel to Egan's Life in London), illustrated with 19 humorous coloured engravings by Heath, Marks, etc., a fine uncut copy in the original pictorial boards, Jones and Co., 1822-24, 8vo. (76)

Robson, £16 1os. 1013 Rhaesus (D.) Cambrobrytanicæ Cymraecaeve Linguæ Insti

tutiones et Rudimenta. . . ad intelligend. Biblia Sacra, with the folded table, russia gilt, g. e., with bookplate of Francis Gwyn of Landanor, T. Orwin, 1592, folio (in)

C. Roberts, 13 1014 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene, London, 1590— The

Second Part of the Faerie Queene, London, 1596, interleaved throughout, old russia, 1590-96, 4to. (98)

Sotheran, £10 155. [Vol. i. wanted title and vol. ii. the last two leaves. Some headlines in the first volume were also cut into. The first issue of the first edition.- ED.)

(B) Other Properties. 1015 A B C Books. Three Swedish A B C Books, illustrated

with singular wood engravings, in 1 vol., calf extra, g. e., Stockholm, 1744-54, 8vo. (1)

Hazlitt, £3 (Books of this class in Swedish literature do not occur of such early date as in English, and it is very difficult to procure satisfactory copies of them even of this late date.

Catalogue.] 1016 Ackermann's Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce,

Manufactures, Fashions, etc., from January, 1814 to December, 1819, 12 vol. in 10, coloured plates of fashions, art furniture, etc., half calf, Ackermann, 1814-19, 8vo. (3)

Spencer, £5 1017 Alciatus. Andreae Alciati Emblematum Libellus, woodcuts,

calf, Parisiis, excudebat Christianus Wechelus, sub scuto Basiliensi in vico Jacobaeo (1534), (9) Webster, £3 35.

["Première Edition des Emblemes d'Alciat publiée par Ch. de Wechel. Les 113 estampes qui s'y trouvent, inventées à Bâle, auprès d'Holbein, se resentent de l'influence du maître, et il est permis de les attribuer à un des artistes

les mieux inspirés de l'école."--Catalogue.] 1018 Alcoran des Cordeliers, c'est à dire Recueil des plus Notables

Bourdes et Blasphemes de ceux qui ont ose comparer Sainct François à Jésus Christ, plates by Picart, 2 vol., Amst., 1734–Legende Dorée, ou Histoire des Frères Mendiants de l'Ordre de S. Dominique et de S. François, ib., 1734, together 3 vol., “Maroquin de Constantinople," g.e., by Bisiaux, with his ticket (11)

Maine, £2 25.

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