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[Although six books are mentioned in the title, only five

were published.- Catalogue.] 842 Bewick (T.) History of British Birds, 2 vol., first edition, royal

paper, numerous woodcuts by T. Bewick, the one at page 285, vol. i., not inked, half russia, 1797-1804 (1257)

Hornstein, £2 135. [Printed on royal 8vo. paper ; 850 copies so struck off.

-ED.] 843 Bewick and his Pupils, comprising Magazine Articles, por

traits, woodcuts, including the Chillingham Bull and other

scarce woodcuts, roxburghe, royal 8vo. (484) Thorp, £1 844 Bible (Holy), with the Apocrypha and Annotations, plates,

bound in old English red morocco, with an elaborate dentelle floral border and a large centre-piece of yellow morocco, inlaid with blue and red morocco, the whole completely covered with delicate gold tooling of flowers and arabesques, inlaid back, g.e., a fine specimen of old English morocco binding, Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1769, folio (1232)

Robson, £6 155. 845 Biblia Græca. Divinæ Scripturæ vet novæque omnia (Gr.)

juxta ed Venetam add. Josippi libro de Machabeis studio Joan. Loniceri, 5 vol. (vol. i. and v. stamped pigskin, vol. ii.-iv. stamped leather), Argent., W. Cephaleus, 1524-6, 8vo. (364)

Quaritch, £1 5s. 846 Birch (S.) History of Ancient Pottery, Egyptian, Assyrian,

Greek, Etruscan and Roman, coloured plates and woodcuts,

calf extra, m. e., Murray, 1873, 8vo. (807) Sotheran, £1 4s. 847 Blagdon (F. W.) Brief History of Ancient and Modern India

from the earliest Periods of Antiquity to the Termination of the late Mahratta War, 68 coloured plates by Daniell, Colonel Ward, Lieutenant James Hunter, half russia, Orme, 1805, folio (1041)

Thorp, £4 175. 6d. 848 Blome (Richard). The Gentleman's Recreation (Horseman

ship, Hawking, Hunting, etc. . . . with a short treatise of Cock-fighting), engraved plates, including numerous coatsof-arms, wanted two or three of the plates and some leaves at the end damaged, sold not subject to return, rough calf, 1686, folio (1211)

Bertolacci, £6 2s. 6d. 849 Blore (T.) History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland,

vol. i., part 2, all published, plates, uncut (loose in binding), Stanford, 1811, folio (664)

Walford, £1 TOS. 850 Bonaventura (S.) Stimulus divini Amoris, woodcut on title,

gothic letter, half calf, Antv. juxta aureu mortareu ipressus (circa 1500), 8vo. (157)

Leighton, £1 25. 851 Bourrienne (M. de). Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, with

Anecdotes and illustrative Notes, portraits and plates, 4 vol., half calf, m. e., Bentley, 1836, 8vo. (814)

Edwards, £i 4s. 852 Brewer (J. S.) Reign of Henry VIII. from his Accession to the Death of Wolsey, portrait, 2 vol., uncut, 1884, 8vo. (731)

Maggs, £3 3s 853 Bridges (John) and the Rev. Peter Whalley. History and Antiquities of Northamptonshire, portrait and plates, half calf, Oxford, 1791, folio (1222)

Hill, £5 5s. 854 Browne (Sir Thomas). Works, first collective edition, portrait

by R. White, original calf, 1686, folio (1279) Pickering, £,5 855 Burney (Miss). Camilla, or a Picture of Youth, 5 vol., first

edition, original calf, 1796, 8vo. (1162) Maggs, £1 35 856 Burns (Robert). Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, third

edition, portrait by Beugo, original calf, London, 1787, 8vo. (1158)

W. Brown, £I. 155: 857 Butler (S.) Hudibras, a Poem, with Historical, Biographical

and Explanatory Notes, etc., coloured plates, 2 vol., old morocco, g. e., 1822, 8vo. (778)

Maggs, £2 25. 858 Calmet (A.) Histoire Généalogique de la Maison du Chatelet

branche puînée de la Maison de Lorraine, heraldic plates, coats-of-arms, old morocco gilt, g.e., Nancy, 1741, folio (398)

Thorne, £i 2s. 859 Canti Carnescialeschi Tutti i Trionfi, Carri, Mascherate •

Canti Carnascialeschi andati per Firenze dal tempo del
Magnifico Lorenzo vecchio de Medici, per infino à questo
anno presente 1559, Italian calf gilt, g. e., in drop case, F.
Fiorenza (Lorenzo Torrentino), 1559, 8vo. (205)

Stone, £i 16s. [Contained the “Canti del Ottonajos “ usually wanting.–

Catalogue.) 860 Carbonell (M.) Chroniques de Espaya fins aci no divulgades

que tracta dels Nobles e Inuictissims Reys del Gots, y gestes de aquells, y dels Côtes des Barcelonz, e Reys de Arago (in Catalan dialect), woodcut title, woodcuts and printer's mark, vellum, stained and wanted two leaves of Table, Barcelona, O. Amoros, 1546, folio (410)

Thorp, £i 5s. 861 Century Dictionary and Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English

Language, prepared under the superintendence of W. D. Whitney, illustrations, 8 vol., half morocco, m. e. (1899), 4to. (928)

Edwards, £7.155. 862 Cervantes (M. de). El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la

Mancha, half bound, headlines shaved and last two leaves defective, Valencia, Pedro Patricio Mey, 1605, 8vo. (213)

Lightfoot, £3 155. [Published immediately after the first Madrid edition of

the same date, and the first in octavo.-Catalogue.] 863 Chaucer. The Works of Jeffrey Chaucer, with the Story of

the Siege of Thebes, by John Lidgate, and a Life of Chaucer, edited by T. Speght, black letter, frontispiece containing portrait, a portrait added, old calf, 1687, folio (1220)

Howell, £2 45. 864 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works, by John Urry, with a Glossary, portrait, calf, 1721, folio (1280)

Howell, £ 1 12s. 865 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Poetical Works, 6 vol., Pickering's

Aldine Edition, portrait, half morocco, m. e., 1845, 8vo. (1288)

Rimell, £3 16s. 866 Chess. Le Palamède, Revue Mensuelle des Echecs, first

series, vol. i. to iv., part 4-second series, 7 vol., together 11

vol., various bindings, Paris, 1836-47, 8vo. (378) Fox, £! 8s. 867 Chess Player's Chronicle, first series, 13 vol.-second series, 4 vol.-third series, 4 vol., together 21 vol., 1841-62, 8vo. (303)

Tyke, £4 868 Columna (F. de). Hypnerotomachia Poliphile, first edition,

the woodcut of the Sacrifice to Priapus intact, vellum, Venet., 1499, folio (401)

Quaritch, £19 Ios. [The four preliminary leaves were missing, and some

were from a shorter copy. Had the leaf of errata.-ED.] 869 Costume of Yorkshire, 40 coloured engravings by Walker and

Havell, with Descriptions in English and French, half morocco, 1814, folio (671)

Trewby, £5 155. 870 Cruikshank (G.) My Sketch Book, 37 plates, proofs on India

paper, half morocco, Myddleton Terrace, Pentonville, 1834-6, oblong 4to. (1001)

Spencer, £3 35. 871 Cyrillus (S.) Speculum Sapientiæ, etc., gothic letter, long

lines, painted capitals, unbound, Absque ulla nota (Basil.,

M. Wenssler, circa 1473), small folio (250) Leighton, £ 1 25. 872 Dante. Divina Comedia col comento di C. Landino, roman

letter, full-page woodcut, woodcut border and numerous woodcuts in the text, half calf, Venet., P. de Zuanne di Quarengii, 1497, folio (403)

Leighton, £7 ios. 873 Dante. Divina Commedia, con suoi comenti recorrecti et con

ogne diligentia novamente in littera cursiva impresse, woodcut title, full-page woodcut and numerous small woodcuts in the text, half bound, Venet., B. Stagnino, 1520, 4to. (335)

Quaritch, £2 ios. 874 Dante. Commedia del Divino Poeta Danthe Alighiere, con

la dotta e leggiadra spositione di Christophoro Landino, aggiuntavi di nuovo una copiosissima Tavola, woodcut portrait on title and woodcuts in the text, engraved initials, old vellum, Vinegia, B. Stagnino, 1536, 4to. (168)

Maggs, £1 25. 875 Defoe (D.) Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 2 vol.,

LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates by Stothard and Medland, original binding, Stockdale, 1804, 4to. (1275)

Tregaskis, £2 IIS. 876 Dickens (C.) Little Dorrit, first edition, complete in the

original numbers, with the wrappers, illustrations by H. K. Browne, 1857, 8vo. (1183)

Macdonald, £I 3S. 877 Dickens (C.) Our Mutual Friend, first edition, complete in

the original numbers, with the wrappers, illustrations by

Marcus Stone, 1865, 8vo. (1184) Macdonald, £t us. 878 Drake (F.) Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities of the

City of York, portrait by Val Green inserted and numerous plates of views, monuments, antiquities, etc., old calf, 1736, folio (1024)

Young, £2 ios 879 Drawings by the Old Masters at Windsor. Lionardo da Vinci,

Raphael and Michael Angelo, Italian, French and German, 176 autotype reproductions in 4 portfolios, Grosvenor Gallery, 1878, folio (1037)

Maggs, £5 880 Drawings by the Old Masters in the Library of Christ Church,

Oxford, 48 autotype reproductions, in portfolio, Grosvenor
Gallery, 1879, folio (1038)

Maggs, £2 145. 881 Dryden (John). Poetical Works, 5 vol., “Pickering's Aldine Édition,” uncut, 1832, 8vo. (1289)

Ellis, £i 18s. 882 Ducange (C. D.) Glossarium ad Scriptores mediæ et infimæ

Græcitatis, engraved frontispiece, original edition, 2 vol. in 1,

old vellum, Lugduni, 1688, folio (394) Maine, £3 is. 883 Dugdale (Sir W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, maps and

numerous folding, and other illustrations, half bound, Coventry, 1765, folio (1281)

Bull, £i 12s. 884 Dumas (Alex.) Celebrated Crimes, translated by J. G.

Burnham, 8 vol., illustrations after Prudhomme, Waagrez, etc., uncut, 1895, 8vo. (1190)

Hill, £i 18s. 885 Duns Scotus (Johannis). Scriptum super Secundo et tertio

sententiarum, 2 vol. in 1, gothic letter, double columns, with the first large letter of each book in gold and colours, the others rubricated, vellum, Nurenberga, A. Koburger, 1481, folio (1145)

Quaritch, £2.145. 886 East Anglian (The), or Notes and Queries on Subjects

connected with the Counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk, edited by S. Tymms, 4 vol. (and two odd numbers)— The Eastern Counties Collectanea, edited by John L'Estrange, together 5 vol., original cloth, Lowestoft, 1864-70, 1872-3, 8vo. (837)

Nattali, £4 16s. 887 Edmondson (J.) and Sir W. Segar. Baronagium Genealogicum,

or the Pedigrees of the English Peers deduced from the Earliest Times, with Supplement, numerous coats-of-arms and pedigrees, 6 vol., marbled calf, m. e., 1764-84, folio (1039)

Harding, £5 1os. 888 English Dialect Dictionary, edited by J. Wright, vol. i. half

morocco, g. t., vol. ii. publisher's cloth, and parts xi. and xii. sewn, 1898-1901, 4to. (953)

Sotheran, £3 105. 889 Erlustierender Augen-Beyde zweite Forsetzung vorstellend die

Weltberuhmt Thur Fürstliche Residenz in München, etc., engraved title and 42 plates, designed by Mathias Disel, engraved by J. A. Corvinus, Augspurg, n. d.-L'Hotel superbe de la Ville d'Augsbourg, engraved title and 16 views after S. Kleiner, ib., 1732, old calf, in I vol., oblong folio (1217)

Ellis, £6 890 Fielding (Henry). Works, with Life of the Author, 8 vol., portrait, calf gilt, 1762, 8vo. (1166)

Maggs, £2 6s. 891 Fielding (Henry). Works, edited, with Life, by A. Murphy,

10 vol., portrait, calf gilt, 1806, 8vo. (1296) Ellis, £3 5s. 892 Finlay (G.) History of Greece, from its Conquest by the

Romans to the Present Time, new edition, revised and edited by the Rev. H. F. Tozer, portrait, 7 vol., original

cloth, Clarendon Press, 8vo. (745) H. Stirling, £3 115. 893 Freeman 'E. A.) History of the Norman Conquest of Eng

land, its causes and its results, 6 vol., uncut, 1870-9, 8vo. '747

J. Bumpus, £9 IOS. 894 Frere 'J. H.) Works, in Verse and Prose, Memoir by the Rt.

Hon. Sir Bartle Frere, portraits, 3 vol., tree-calf extra, g. e.,
Pickering, 1874, 8vo. (737)

Quaritch, £ 1 ios. 895 Gentleman's Magazine, from 1790 to 1843 (some volumes

wanted), 110 vol., numerous plates, half calf, not uniform, 1790-1843, 8vo. (485)

Thorp, £i is. 896 Gerarde (J.) The Herball, or generall Historie of Plantes,

very much enlarged and amended by T. Johnson, engraved title and numerous woodcuts of plants, 1633, folio (1034)

Tregaskis, £9 897 Gregorio (S.) Morali in vulari in Lingua Toscana, large

woodcut portrait of St. Gregory, in facsimile, 2 vol., half vellum, Firenze, N. della Magna, 1486, folio (189)

Selby, £4 45. 898 Grose (F.) Antiquities of England and Wales, with Supple

ment, portrait and numerous plates, maps, etc., 6 vol., russia gilt, 1773-87, 4to. (993)

Ridler, £2 8s. [This copy formerly belonged to R. Bull, of Ongar, a friend of F. Grose. It was selected for him by the author, and contained some additional plans and plates, an original pencil sketch, and two other portraits of Grose ; also a note in his handwriting, and an autograph letter, inserted.

Catalogue.] 899 Guzman (J. de). Curiosidades del Cantollano sacadas de las

Obras del Reverendo Don Pedro Cerone de Bergamo, y de otros Autores, musical notes, half morocco, r. e., Madrid,

imprenta de Musica, 1709, 4to. (138) Carless, £! is. 900 Haines (H.) Manual of Monumental Brasses, numerous

woodcut illustrations, 2 vol., original cloth, Parker, 1861, 8vo. (784)

Quaritch, £2 ios. 901 Hayley (W.) Life of George Romney, plates, calf gilt, m. e., 1809, 4to. (924)

Denham, £6 12s.6d. 902 Herodianus. Historiarum, ex Graeco in Latinum conversam,

roman letter, long lines, first edition, commences with sig. nature a iii., Romae, 1483, folio (404)

Thorp, 1 903 Hieronymus (S.) Vite de Sancti Padri, gothic letter, double

columns, vellum (Hain, 8615), Venet., Gabriel da Treviso, 1475, folio (174)

Hayley, £1 12s. 904 Horsfield (T. W.) History and Antiquities of Lewes and its

Vicinity, map and plates, 2 vol., half calf, m. e., Lewes, 1824, 4to. (937)

Ridler, £! 125. 905 Horsfield (T. W.) History, Antiquities and Topography of

the County of Sussex, numerous plates of views, coats-ofarms, pedigrees, etc., 2 vol., half morocco, Lewes, 1835, 4to. (936)

Ridler, 63 8s. 906 Hyginus. Poeticon Astronomicon, woodcuts, and woodcut initials, unbound, Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1485, 4to. (271)

Leighton, El Tos. 907 Imperatorum Romanorum omnium orientalium et occident

alium Verissimæ Imagines ex Antiquis numismatis quam fidellissime delineatæ addita cuiusque Vitæ descriptione ex Thesauro Jacobi Stradæ, 118 woodcut portraits by R. Wyssenbach, from designs by J. R. Manuel Deutsch, border

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