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666 Johnston (C.) Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea, 3 vol., coloured plates, boards, uncut, 1822, 8vo. (176)

Shepherd, £3 35. 667 Johnson (Dr.) The Rambler, complete set of the original 208

numbers, 2 vol., half bound, March, 1750 to March, 1752, folio (273)

Shepherd, £1 4s. 668 Kipling (R.) Under the Deodars, first edition, wrappers, Allahabad, n. d., 8vo. (21)

Pitcher, £i is. 669 Kipling (R.) Soldiers Three, first edition, wrappers, Allahabad, 1888, 8vo. (22)

Denham, £2 670 La Fontaine (J. de). Fables Choisies mises en Vers, vignettes, first edition, unbound, à Paris, 1668, 4to. (236)

Pearson, £3 18s. 671 Musée Français et Musée Napoléon, plates and vignettes

(some stained), morocco inlaid, Paris, 1803-22, atlas folio (261)

Bull, £5 125. 6d. 672 Ranke (Leopold Von). History of England, principally in the Seventeenth Century, 4 vol., cloth, 1875, 8vo. (406)

Sotheran, £2 4. 673 Rhys and Evans. The Text of the Mabinogion and other

Welsh Tales from the Red Book of Hergest, 2 vol., half morocco (one of 500 copies), Oxford, 1887, 8vo. (440)

Quaritch, £2 125. 674 Rocque (I.) Survey of London and Westminster, plans, half bound, 1748, imperial folio (267)

Quaritch, £4 45. 675 Rowlandson (T.) The English Dance of Death, by the

Author of Dr. Syntax, 2 vol., coloured plates by Rowlandson, calf (wanted 2 leaves in vol. 2), 1815-16, 8vo. (461)

Cogswell, £5. 155. 676 Ruskin (J.) The Seven Lamps of Architecture, first edition,

illustrations, cloth, 1849, 8vo. (460) A. Jackson, £3 6s. 677 Smith (J. T.) Antiquities of London and its Environs, plates, calf, 1791, folio (523)

Cogswell, £5 678 Swinburne (A. C.) Atalanta in Calydon, a Tragedy, first edition, cloth, uncut, Moxon, 1865, 8vo. (200)

Dobell, £375. 6d. 679 Tennyson (A.) In Memoriam, printed in red and black,

morocco, blind tooled to a special design, t. e. g., uncut, by the Guild of Women Binders, Unicorn Press, 1900, 8vo. (81)

Thorp, £1 14s. 680 Thackeray (W. M.) The History of Henry Esmond, 3 vol.,

first edition, cloth (name cut from half titles), 1852, 8vo. (463)

Cogswell, £2 6s. 681 Wales. Bye-Gones, relating to Wales and the Border Coun

ties, from 1875 to 1900, 18 vol. half calf and i vol. unbound, 1875-1900, 4to. (502)

Cogswell, £8 682 Wordsworth (William). Poems, 2 vol., first edition, half calf, 1807, 8vo. (451)

Dobell, £i ios. [NOVEMBER 18TH, 19TH AND 20TH, 1901.]


(No. of Lots, 898 ; amount realised, £1,853 45. 6d.)

683 Ames (J.) and W. Herbert. Typographical Antiquities, with

Notes by T. F. Dibdin, portraits, woodcuts, facsimiles, etc., 4 vol., LARGE PAPER, with additional portraits, 66 copies

printed, half vellum, uncut, 1810-19, folio (233) Maggs, £7 684 Apperley (C. J.) Memoirs of the Life of John Mytton, of

Halston, Shropshire .. with Notices of his Hunting,
Shooting, etc. by “Nimrod,” first edition, illustrations by
Alken, coloured by hand, original cloth, R. Ackermann,
1835, 8vo. (809)

Amos, £19 685 Arabian Nights' Entertainments, now entitled the Book of the

Thousand Nights and a Night, a plain and literal translation, with explanatory Notes, etc. by Sir R. F. Burton, 10 vol., Benares, privately printed, 1885–Supplemental Nights, with Notes Anthropological and Explanatory, 6 vol., ib., 1886, together 16 vol., original cloth, 1885-6, 8vo. (677)

Denham, £34 ios. 686 Archäologia Cambrensis. The Journal of the Cambrian

Archæological Association, numerous plates and woodcuts, from the commencement in 1846 to 1897, Supplement to 1850, Index, series i. to iv. and 6 extra parts, 13 vol. original cloth, remainder in parts, 1846-97, 8vo. (5)

Quaritch, £26 ios. 687 Archæologia Cantiana, being Transactions of the Kent Archæ

ological Society, numerous illustrations, vol. i. to xvii.,

original cloth, uncut, 1858-87, 8vo. (6) Edwards, £6 6s. 688 Archæological Association (British). Journal, numerous plates

and woodcuts, vol. i. to xxxi., half morocco, g. t., and Index vol. i. to xxx., publisher's cloth, 1846-75, 8vo. (7)

Quaritch, £4 155. 689 Archæological Journal, published under the direction

of the Central Committee of the Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, illustrations, vol. i. to xxviii.,

half morocco, g. t., 1845-71, 8vo. (8) Quaritch, £4 8s. 690 Arnold (Matthew). The Strayed Reveller, and other Poems,

by A., first edition, original cloth, uncut, B. Fellowes, 1849, 8vo. (798)

Dobell, £3 ios. 691 Atkyns (Sir R.) Antient and Present State of Glocestershire,

map, portrait, plates of views, etc. by Kip, morocco extra, g.e., folio (235)

Walford, £14 14s. 692 Atkyns (Sir R.) The Ancient and Present State of Glocester

shire, second edition (a great part of which was destroyed by fire), map, engravings of arms and engraved plates, chiefly by J. Kip, russia gilt, 1768, folio (884) Thorp, £5 155. 693 Audsley (G. A.) The Ornamental Arts of Japan, 2 vol.,

plates, many in gold and colours, morocco extra, symboli

cally tooled, g. e., 1882-84, folio (895) Maggs, £13 155. 694 Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, numerous portraits,

plates and other illustrations, vol. i. to lxxiii., part 1 (wanted 9 parts), 6 vol. cloth, remainder in parts as issued, 1860-1900, 8vo. (13)

Thorp, £6 125. 695 Baker (G.) History and Antiquities of the County of North

ampton, views, coats of arms, etc., India proofs and woodcuts, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, calf gilt, g. e., 1822-38, folio (236)

W. Daniell, £9.55. 696 Behn (Mrs. Aphra). Plays, Histories and Novels, with Life

and Memoirs, 6 vol., LARGEST PAPER, 10 copies printed, calf extra, g. t., uncut, by F. Bedford, J. Pearson, 1871, imperial 8vo. (138)

Maggs, £5 175. 6d. 697 Bewick (T.) General History of Quadrupeds, the figures

engraved on wood by T. Bewick, first edition, morocco extra, joints, g. t., 1790, 8vo. (19)

Young, £1 175. 698 Bewick (T.) History of British Birds, the figures engraved on

wood by T. Bewick, 2 vol., royal paper, calf gilt, m. e., 1821, 8vo. (24)

Thorp, £3 3s. 699 Bewick (T.) Fables of Æsop and others, designs on wood by

T. Bewick and thumb-mark receipt, first edition, imperial paper, morocco extra, gold tooled sides, g. e., 1818, 8vo. (25)

£6 6s. 700 Bewick (T.) Select Fables, portrait, India proof, and cuts

designed and engraved by T. and J. Bewick and others, first edition, imperial paper, morocco extra, g. e., in drop case, by Tout, 1820, 8vo. (26)

Sabin, £5 75. 60. 701 Bible. The Holy Bible Faithfully Translated into English by

the English Colledge of Douay, 2 vol.—The New Testament, Faithfully Translated into English, by the English Colledge then Resident in Rhemes, together 3 vol., morocco, g. e., by Clarke and Bedford (Rouen), printed by John Cousturier, 1635-33, 4to. (144)

Bull, £ 5 25. 6d. 702 Blair (R.) The Grave, a Poem, portrait of Blake on India

paper and 12 etchings by L. Schiavonetti, after W. Blake, proofs, uncut, 1813, folio (237)

Ridler, £2 145. 703 Book of Scotch Pasquils, 1568-1715, edited with preface by J.

Maidment, in 2 vol., printed on vellum, special title-pages, morocco extra, uncut, by Grieve, Edinburgh, Paterson, 1868, 8vo. (31)

Walford, £7 os. 704 Booth (Ē. T.) Rough Notes on the Birds observed during

twenty years shooting and collecting in the British Islands, complete in the original 15 parts, plates from drawings by E. Neale, coloured, R. H. Porter, 1881-87, folio (728)

Edwards, £12 155. 705 Burne-Jones (Edward). A Record and Review, by Malcolm

Bell, illustrations, uncut, t. e. g., limited issue, 1892, imperial 4to. (888)

Thorp, £2 175. 706 Byron (Lord). Mazeppa, a poem, 1819-Manfred, a dramatic poem, 1817–Werner, a tragedy, 1823, first editions, original

wrappers, together 3 vol., 8vo. (44) Pickering, £2 25. 707 Cervantes (M. de), Don Quixote de la Mancha, translated

from the Spanish, plates and vignettes after Smirke, 4 vol., russia gilt, m. e., 1818, 8vo. (48)

Maggs, £i 14. 708 Clutterbuck (R.) History and Antiquities of the County of

Hertford, map, plans and plates, 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, half calf, 1815, folio (249)

Rimell, £5 155. 709 Coleridge (S. T.) Poetical and Dramatic Works founded on

the Author's latest edition, with many additional pieces now first included, and with a collection of various readings, 4 vol., Whatman paper, one of 24 copies, half vellum, uncut, Pickering, 1877, 8vo. (55)

Maggs, £2 6s. 710 Collier' (J. P.) Shakespeare's Library, a Collection of the

Romances, Novels, Poems and Histories used by Shakespeare as the Foundation of his Dramas, 2 vol., thick paper, original boards, Rodd, n. d., 8vo. (61) Richards, £2

[A letter from Mr. W. C. Hazlitt to J. P. Collier and an

autograph respecting the work inserted.-Catalogue.] 711 Coningsby (Earl). Collections Concerning the Manor of

Marden, in the County of Hereford, russia gilt, m. e., 1813 (250)

Ridler, £10 5s. Written by Thomas Earl Coningsby, and printed at his own expense, 1722-7, with a view to support his right to the lands at Amberley. As copies vary in collation, this was

sold not subject to return.- Catalogue.] 712 Cotman (J. S.) and Mrs. D. Turner. "Etchings adapted to

illustrate Dibdin's Tour, 37 plates, India proofs, unbound, n. d., imperial 8vo. (200)

Maggs, £l 155. 713 Cruikshank (G.) My Sketch Book, 37 plates, proofs on India

paper, complete in 9 parts, in the original wrappers as published, C. Tilt, 1834-6, oblong 4to. (179)

Sabin, £5 125. 6d. 714 Cruikshank (G.) Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson

Crusoe, frontispieces on India paper, and woodcuts from drawings by Ġ. Cruikshank, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, half

morocco, g. t., uncut, Major, 1831, 8vo. (71) Maggs, £2 145. 715 Cruikshank (G.) Comic Almanack, numerous etchings and

other illustrations by G. Cruikshank, 19 vol. complete, in the original wrappers, original set, clean, 1835-53, 8vo. (74)

Hornstein, £7 155. 716 Cruikshank (G.) The Humourist, a Collection of Entertaining

Tales, Anecdotes, Epigrams, etc., 40 illustrations by G. Cruikshank, coloured by hand, 4 vol., uncut, 260 copies printed, 1892, 8vo. (80)

Shepherd, £2 717 Cruikshank (G.) Fairy Library. Hop o' my Thumb-Puss in

Boots- Jack and the Bean Stalk, illustrations by G. Cruikshank, 3 vol., first editions, original wrappers, very clean,

Bogue, Routledge and Arnold, n. d., 8vo. (82) Hornstein, £7 718 Cuvier (G. L.) Animal Kingdom, with additional descriptions

by E. Griffith, numerous coloured plates, 16 vol., LARGE PAPER, original boards, uncut, 1827-35, royal 8vo. (90)

Jameson, £2 2s. 719 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque

Tour in the Northern Counties of England and Scotland, plates and vignettes, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, g. e., an autograph letter from the author inserted, 1838, 4to. (198)

Hopkins, £16 1os. 720 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania, or Book Madness, portrait and

illustrations, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, 55 copies printed, morocco extra, g. e., by Hayday, Bohn, 1842, imperial 8vo. (199)

Hopkins, £5 os. 721 Dibdin (T. F.) The Lincolne Nosegay, 16 pages, all issued, unbound, 36 copies printed, 1811, 8vo. (95)

A. Jackson, 63 12s. 6d. 722 Dickens (C.) Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by “ Boz,"

portrait, and illustrations by G. Cruikshank, 2 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1836, 8vo. (103)

Thorp, £2 6s. 723 Dickens (C.) Oliver Twist, or the Parish Boy's Progress, by

“Boz," plates by G. Cruikshank, 3 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1838, 8vo. (108)

Williamson, £2 55. 724 Dickens (C.) Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby,

illustrations by “ Phiz,” first edition, complete in the original

parts as published, 1839, 8vo. (111) Walford, £2 nos. 725 Díckens (C.) The Pic-Nic Papers, by various hands, edited

by Charles Dickens, illustrations by Cruikshank, “Phiz,” etc., 3 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1841, 8vo. (115)

Walford, £3 726 Dickens (C.) American Notes for General Circulation, 2 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1842, 8vo. (116)

Thorp, £135. 727 Dickens (C.) Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit

, illustrations by “Phiz," first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1844, 8vo. (117)

Walford, £! 75. 728 Dickens (C.) A Christmas Carol, in Prose, 1843— The Chimes,

a Goblin Story, 1845- The Battle of Life, a Love Story, 1846—The Cricket on the Hearth, 1846—The Haunted Man, 1848, together 5 vol., illustrations by Leech, Maclise, Doyle, Landseer, Tenniel, etc., first editions, original cloth, g.e., 12mo. (18)

Sotheran, £4 Ios. [The “Carol” was the first issue, with the green end

papers and Stave I., brown cloth.—ED.) 729 Dickens (C.) Pictures from Italy, vignette illustrations on

wood by Samuel Palmer, first edition, portrait inserted, morocco extra, joints, g. t., 1846 (119) Shepherd, £! 75.

[Interleaved throughout and collated with the articles that appeared in the Daily News showing numerous and

important alterations.--Catalogue.) 730 Dodsley (R.) A Select Collection of Old English Plays,

fourth edition, now first chronologically arranged, revised and enlarged with notes by W. C. Hazlitt, 15 vol., LARGE PAPER, original boards, uncut, 1874, 8vo. (307)

Sotheran, £6 175. 6d. 731 Doves Press. Cornelii Taciti de Vita et Moribus Julii Agri

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