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coloured plates by Rowlandson, boards (re-papered), uncut, 1813, 8vo. (362)

£1 8s. 5349 Costume of Yorkshire, 40 coloured plates by Havell, after G.

Walker, with descriptions in English and French, half calf, 1814, royal folio (571)

Cartwright, £4 5350 Costume.

A collection of ioi coloured plates of Fancy Female Costumes of Ladies of the Court, from the XIIth to the XVIIIth Century, bound in 4 vol., cloth, 1844-5, folio (572)

Cartwright, £2 45. 5351 Dawe (G.) The Life of a Nobleman, a series of 9 plates in colours, original impressions, folio (579)

Cartwright, £3 155. [Published in three parts, containing title, text and nine

coloured plates, wrappers.—ED.] 5352 Dekker (Thomas). The Belman of London. Bringing to

Light the most notorious Villanies that are now practised in the Kingdom, the third impression, with new Additions, black letter, a few of the headlines shaved (woodcut on the title), London, N. Butler, 1608—Lanthorne and Candlelight, or the Bell-Man's Second Night's-Walke, the second edition, newly corrected and amended, black letter, margins of some leaves wormed, J. Busby, 1609, half bound (with all faults), in i vol., 4to. (536)

Pickering, £ 13 Ios. 5353 F[letcher] (P[hineas].) The Purple Island, or the Isle of

Man, together with Piscatorie Eclogs and other Poeticall Miscellanies, first edition (corner of title in facsimile and mounted, and last leaf mended), morocco, g. e., Cambridge, 1633, 4to. (527)

Cartwright, £2 4s. 5354 Fouilloux (Jacques du). La Venerie, woodcuts, morocco extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, Paris, 1606, small 4to. (525)

Pickering, £6 2s. 6d. 5355 Freshfield (Douglas W.) Across country from Thonon to

Trent, Rambles and Scrambles in Switzerland and the Tyrol, cloth, 1865-Martin (B.) Ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc, plates, boards, 1834-Atkin (H. M.) Ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc, August, 1837, plates, cloth, 1838, all privately printed, 3 vol., 8vo. (486)

F. Hutt, £8 ios. 5356 Gerning (Baron J. J. von). Picturesque Tour along the

Rhine, from Mentz to Cologne, translated by J. Black, coloured plates, half bound, 1820, royal 4to. (531)

Spencer, £3 1os. 5357 Harleian Society. (Visitations), vol. i to 16, cloth, v. y., 8vo. (178)

Quaritch, £14 ios. 5358 Harraden (R.) Costume of the Various Orders in the Uni

versity of Cambridge, 16 coloured plates, boards, 1805, 4to. (535)

Cartwright, £3 5359 Hatton (E.) Philomath, an Index to Interest, with a portrait

by Sherwin, calf, 1711-Cocker (E.) Young Clerk's Tutor, enlarged, plates, 1675, together 2 vol., 8vo. (473)

Quaritch, £2 25.

5360 Hayley (W.) Triumphs of Temper, coloured plates, half bound, 1803, 8vo. (508)

G. H. Brown, £1 4s. 5361 Hearne (Thomas). Antiquities of Great Britain, 2 vol. in 1,

plates, half morocco, 1807, oblong 4to. (187) J. Nield, £1 55. 5362 Heath (W.) The Life of a Soldier, first edition, coloured

plates by Heath, in the original boards, uncut, with label on ack, 1823, royal 8vo. (435)

Hornstein, £8 155. 5363 Hollar (H.) Ornatus Muliebris Anglicanus, or the Severall

Habits of English Women from the Nobilitie to the Country
Woman, as they are in these times, 1640, 26 plates, reprint

of the original, morocco extra, g.e., 8vo. (54) Elliott, £2 6s. 5364 Howitt (William). The Northern Heights of London, woodcuts, cloth, 1869, 8vo. (90)

Maggs, £i 45. 5365 Ireland (S.) Picturesque Views of the Severn, with Historical

Illustrations, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates coloured by hand, cloth, 1824, 4to. (205)

Nield, £2 6s. 5366 Kent. Six coloured plates of Richborough, Broadstairs,

Dover, Pegwell Bay, Sandwich, etc., by A. Noel, wrappers, uncut, 1797 (529)

Pickering, £2 125. 5367 Keulemans (J. G.) Natural History of Cage Birds, coloured

plates, vol. 1, parts i to 4, all published, half morocco, by Zaehnsdorf, 1871, 4to. (526)

Quaritch, £1 135. 5368 Malton (J.) Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of Dublin, 25 coloured plates, half call, 1792, oblong folio (578)

Quaritch, £20 5369 Massuccio. Novellino, now first translated into English by

W. G. Waters, illustrated by E. Hughes, 2 vol., 1895, 8vo. (375)

Sotheran, £i gs. 5370 Mercer (William). A Welcom, in a Poem, to His Excellency

John Lord Roberts, Baron of Truro, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governour of Ireland, my most noble Patron, etc., at his Royal Entry into the Castle of Dublin, by Lieut. Coll. W. M., morocco extra, Dublin, 1669, 4to. (542)

Quaritch, £6 55. [Two leaves were mended. The catalogue states that only two perfect copies are known, one of which is in the

Huth Collection.- ED.] 5371 National Gallery, edited by Sir E. J. Poynter, 3 vol., plates

(limited number printed), uncut, 1899, 410. (210) Rogers, £8 5372 Park (J. J.) Topography and Natural History of Hampstead, map and plates, half morocco, t. e. g., 1814, royal 8vo. (393)

Maggs, £ios. 5373 Park (J. J.) Topography and Natural History of Hampstead,

LARGE PAPER, plates (one of 100 copies), boards, uncut, 1818, 4to. (514)

Edwards, £2 145. 5374 Parkinson (J.) Theatrum Botanicum. The Theatre of Plants,

or an Herball of a large extant, engraved title and woodcuts, rough calf, 1640, folio (585)

Quaritch, £5 5375 Plat (Hugh). The new. and admirable Arte of setting of

Corne, with all the necessarie Tooles and other Circumstances belonging to the same, first edition, woodcut on

title, fine copy, calf gilt, gilt edges, by Pratt, London, P. Short, 1600, 4to. (540)

Quaritch, £3 5376 Prymer of Salysbury use is set out along without any serching,

with many Prayers and goodly Pyctures in the matyns of our Ladye, and newly emprynted at Rouen, printed in red and black, woodcuts (many leaves imperfect), sold not subject to return, calf (one cover loose), Venundantur Rothomagi apud Robertum Valentinsi in particu bibliopolarum prope edem beate Marie, 1555, 12mo. (53)

Quaritch, £7 5377 Richard (Abbé). Description Historique et Critique de l'Italie, 6 vol., calf, Dijou, 1766, 8vo. (361)

£2 [Horace Walpole's copy; with his bookplate in five of the volumes, and annotations and corrections in (French) in his

autograph.- Catalogue.] 5378 [Rowlands (Samuel).) A New Yeeres Gift, the Courte of

civill Courtesie, fitly furnished with a plesant porte of stately phrases and pithie precepts, etc., black letter. large copy, several leaves stained, unbound, London, R. Jhones, 1582, 4to. (543)

Pickering, £41 5379 Sebright (Sir J. S.) Observations upon Hawking, half bound, 1828, 8vo. (371)

Hornstein, £2 18s. 5380 Seymour (R.) New Readings of Old Authors. As You Like

it-Coriolanus—Cymbeline-King Henry IV., parts i and 2-Hamlet-Henry V.-Henry VIII.- Julius Cæsar-King John-Love's Labour Lost-Macbeth— Merchant of Venice

-Othello- Pericles-- Richard II.— Romeo and Juliet Taming of the Shrew—The Tempest—Titus AndronicusWinter's Tale-Rob Roy—The Giaour, 204 coloured plates, bound in 4 vol., half roxburghe, 1830, 12mo. (363)

Shepherd, £2 95. 5381 Street (G. E.) Gothic Architecture in Spain, illustrated, cloth, 1869, 8vo. (334)

Edwards, 12 8s. 5382 Thiers (A.) Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire, 21 vol.,

portraits and plates, half morocco, and 4to. Atlas of Maps, 1874, 8vo. (487)

G. H. Brown, £2 55. 5383 Throsby (J.) Select Views in Leicestershire with Historical Relations, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., plates, calf, 1789, 4to. (222)

Franks, £i 125. 5384 Vues des Ceremonies du Couronnement de l'Empereur

Nicholas I., plates, 1828, atlas folio (309) Rimell, £i 3s. 5385 Wallis (Captain). Australian Views, by Captain Wallis, 12

plates, engraved by W. Preston, half morocco, Ackermann, 1820, folio (573)

Sotheran, £6 ios. 5386 Wedmore (F.) An Exposition of the Work of Turner from

the Writings of Ruskin, edited by F. Wedmore, 2 vol., plates, uncut, 1900, folio (586)

G. H. Brown, £3 155. 5387 Williams (S. W.) The Middle Kingdom, a survey of the

Chinese Empire and its inhabitants, 2 vol., illustrated, 1883, 8vo. (332)

G. H. Brown, £1 is. 5388 Wits' Magazine and Attic Miscellany, vol. I, coloured plates

by Cruikshank and Rowlandson, wanted text after page 288, with all faults, half calf, T. Tegg, n. d., 8vo. (485)

Hornstein, £ir ios. 5389 Woodward (G. M.) Attempts at Humour, Poetical and

Physiognomical, coloured caricature plates, in the original wrapper, 1803, small 4to. (528)

Roche, £5 25. 6d.

(JUNE 9TH AND 10TH, 1902.]


(No. of Lots, 337 ; amount realised, £3,802 5s. 6d.)

5390 Acosta (Joseph). The Naturall and Morall Historie of the

East and West Indies, written in Spanish and translated into English by E. G. (Edward Grimstone), levant morocco, g. e., by Bedford, Val. Sims for Edward Blount, etc., 1604, 4to. (2)

Quaritch, £7 [Had the rare preliminary leaf“A” before the title and blank leaf at the end. The only edition in English of this

scarce and interesting work.- Catalogue.] 5391 Allen (Ethan) and Jonas Fay. A Concise Refutation of the

Claims of New Hampshire and Massachusetts-Bay to the Territory of Vermont, with occasional remarks on the long disputed claim of New York to the same, morocco, t. e. g., by the Club Bindery, uncut, Hartford (Conn.), Hudson and Goodwin (1780), 8vo. (5)

Maggs, £7 125. 6d. [Published by order of the Governor and Council of Vermont. A copy in the Brinley sale (1878) realised 50 dollars.

- Catalogue.] 5392 Belknap (Jeremy). The History of New Hampshire, uncut

copy, 3 vol., map in vol. ii., half blue levant morocco, t. e. g., Philadelphia and Boston, 1784-92, 8vo. (23) Quaritch, 2,5

[First edition of each volume. The imprints are : Vol. i., Philadelphia, for the Author, by Robert Aitken, 1784 ; vol. ii., Boston, for the Author, by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews, 1791 ; vol. iii., Boston, for the Author, by

Belknap and Young, 1792.- Catalogue.] 5393 Beverley (Robert). The History and present State of Virginia,

in Four Parts. By a Native and Inhabitant of the Place, first edition, engraved frontispiece by Gribelin and 14 plates reduced from De Bry, morocco, g. e., by Stikeman, R. Parker, 1705, 8vo. (25)

Brown, £10 25. 6d. 5394 Bible. Eliot (John). The Holy Bible containing the Old

Testament and the New. Translated into the Indian
Language and ordered to be printed by the Commissioners

of the United Colonies in New England, at the charge and with the consent of the Corporation in England for the propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New England, levant morocco extra, g. e., enclosed in a morocco case, lined with velvet, by Francis Bedford, Cambridge (Mass.), printed by Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson, 1663, 4to. (27)

B. F. Stevens, £370 [This is the Bible translated into the Algonquian Indian tongue by John Eliot, “the apostle to the Indians.” It is one of the 20 copies sent to England for presents. Mr. Wilberforce Eames describes it in his Bibliographical Notes on Eliot's Indian Bible (Washington, 1890) as “an unusually large and fine copy, with many rough leaves. It remained in the original binding of dark blue morocco, gilt edges, and in the finest condition until after 1870, when it was rebound in olive (brown] levant gros-grained morocco by F. Bedford. Size of the leaf, 7, by 57 inches. With the diamond-shaped figure on the Indian New Testament title. As originally bound this copy did not contain the leaf of contents, and therefore was, like No. 17 of this list, described as a fifth variety. The leaf, however, was afterwards inserted from another copy, so that it conforms now with the description of the third variety." Collation: Title in English, I leaf; Dedication to King Charles II., 2 leaves ; Contents, I leaf (inlaid); Text, Genesis to Malachi, signatures A-LIIllin 4's; M m m mm, 2 leaves ; New Testament title in Indian, with the diamond-shaped type ornament in the centre, i leaf; Text, New Testament, A2-L and Aa-Xx in 4's, the last leaf blank ; Psalms in Metre, A-N2 in 4's ; “Rules," i leaf , blank leaf. This copy is of the third variety described by Eames, in which the Indian general title-page, the English New Testament title, and the Dedication of the New Testament were

omitted.- Catalogue.] 5395 Bishop (George). New England Judged, not by man's but

the Spirit of the Lord, and the sumine sealed up of New
England's Persecutions, Robert Wilson, 1661-An appendex
to the book entituled New England Judged, together with
a short relation of the Tryal, sentence and execution of
William Leddra, ib., 1661-New England Judged, the
Second Part, being a Relation of the cruel and bloody
sufferings of the Quakers in the jurisdiction chiefly of the
Massachusetts, Printed in the year 1667, Part i. and the
Appendix in one volume, morocco extra, by Pratt ; Part i.,
in separate volume, bound nearly to pattern of Part i., by
Stikeman, title to Part i. mended, and the marginal rules
restored in places, Part ii. few side-notes cut into, and few
letters restored in facsimile (pp. 83, 89, etc.), 1661-1667, 4to.

Quaritch, £17 (A set of the three parts, forming the complete work, is of the rarest occurrence. The Menzies' copy brought $130 in 1875, the Brinley copy $210 in 1880.- Catalogue.]


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