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PAPER copy of the first edition, uncut, London, 1827, 8vo. (1096)

Denham, £48 5259 Tennyson (Lord). Helen's Tower (Stanzas by Lady Gifford,

with a Poem by Lord Tennyson), vignette of the Tower, morocco, by Rivière, Clandeboye, n. d., large 4to. (168)

Maggs, £19 5260 Tennyson (Lord). Cornwall (Barry, B. W. Proctor). Eng.

lish Songs, and other small Poems, with inscription on flyleaf, “Alfred Tennyson e dono A. H. Hallam,” underneath this the name “Anne Fytche," original boards, uncut, Moxon, 1832, 8vo. (1 102)

Maggs, £32 1os. [The inscription is in Tennyson's autograph. So, too, is the name Anne Fytche (the poet's cousin), to whom, no

doubt, Tennyson presented the volume.- Catalogue.] 5261 Testament. The Newe Testament both Latine and Englyshe

ech correspondent to the other after the vulgare text communely called S. Jerome. Faythfully translated by Myles Coverdale, first edition, black and roman letter, begins A 2, several leaves defective, but had the very scarce end leaves of tables (cut into at top) hardly ever found, generally a large and sound copy, morocco, by Rivière, Printed in Southwarke by James Nicolson, 1538, 4to. (1169)

Cockerell, £6 6s. [The extremely rare first issue of Nicolson's edition of Coverdale's New Testament. The well-known distinguishing mark, “ before the cock synge," will be found in Matthew xxvi., letter C. No copy so perfect as this has been offered

for sale for some time. ---Catalogue.] 5262 Thackeray (W. M.) Works. Comic Almanack for 1839 and

1840, 2 vol.—Paris Sketch Book, 2 vol.—Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank-Comic Tales and Sketches, 2 vol.-Second Funeral of Napoleon, wrappers (original issue) Irish Sketch Book, 2 vol.—Mrs. Perkins' BallCornhill to Cairo-Vanity Fair (earliest issue) - Our Street - Book of Snobs-History of Pendennis, 2 vol.—Dr. Birch -History of Samuel Titmarsh-Rebecca and RowenaSketches after English Landscape Painters-KickleburysHenry Esmond, 3 vol. - English Humourists-Newcomes, 2 vol.- Rose and Ring-Miscellaneous Writings, 4 vol.Virginians, 2 vol.— Lovel the Widower-Four GeorgesPhillip, 3 vol.- Round About Papers-Denis DuvalThackerayana--Orphan of Pimlico-Sand and CanvasHeads of the People, 2 vol.—Damascus and Palmyra, 2 vol.--Etchings at Cambridge--Extracts from WritingsStudents' Quarter-Men of Character-Shabby Genteel Story-Fitzboodle Papers-Barry Lyndon-Sketches and Travels in London-Memoirs of Yellow Plush-Burlesques

- Dinner at Timmins's-Fatal Boots-Adventures of Gahagan-Samuel Titmarsh, 1857— Book of Snobs, 1856– Novels by Eminent Hands-Ballads - Early and Late Papers-- Trollope's Thackeray-Loose Sketches, all first editions, 70 vol., bound from the original parts or cloth as

issued, in full morocco extra, uncut, by Rivière and Son,
with the cloth covers and back and front wrapper bound in

J. Bumpus, £305 5263 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, first issue of the first

edition, illustrations, publisher's cloth, uncut, Bradbury, 1848 (1114)

Denham, £14 5264 Thomson (James). A Poem sacred to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton, first edition, J. Millan, 1727, folio (1202)

Sabin, £9 155. 5265 Tour through Paris, illustrated with 21 coloured plates, accom

panied with descriptive letterpress, original half binding, g.e., 1822, folio (1203)

Sabin, £10 5266 Verus Pater, or a Bundle of Truths, containing a Prognosti

cation necessary at all times, with some Astronomical Rules fit to be observed, curious woodcut on title, black letter. large copy, morocco extra, g.e., Printed for T. L., 1622, 8vo. (1128)

Sotheran, £9 [Unique. No other copy or edition is known. This little volume was intended as a counterpart to the Error Pater, and purported to contain only true intelligence.-Cata

logue.] 5267 Vezzani (A.) L'Esercizio Accademico di Picca, engraved title and plates, morocco extra, g. e., Parma, 1688, 4to. (688)

Rosenthal, £6 5268 Viollet-le-Duc (E.) Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture

Française du XIe au XVIe siècle, portrait and illustrations,

10 vol., half morocco gilt, t.e. g., Paris, Bance et Morel, • 1858-68, imperial 8vo. (1130)

Quaritch, £u jos. 5269 Virgilii Opera cura Henrici Justice, 4 vol., engraved through

out with illustrations in imitation of Pine's Horace, subscription copy in morocco extra, with the arms of Consul Smith on the sides, g.e., and his ex-libris in each vol., s. I. et a., 8vo. (1131)

Bain, £8 [This copy sold in the Syston Park sale for £18 10s.

Catalogue.] 5270 Voltaire. Là Henriade, Nouvelle Édition a Paris, chez la

Veuve Duchesne, Saillant, Desaint, Panckoucke et Nyon,
Libraries, m.dcclxx., frontispiece, plates and vignettes after
Eisen by De Longueil, 2 vol., morocco extra, g.1., 1770

Tree, £10 ios. [Several of the plates in proof state (before the letters) are added, and also a complete set of the vignettes tirage

à part. Bound from an uncut copy.–Catalogue.] 5271 Voltaire. La Pucelle, or the Maid of Orleans, a Poem in

xxi. Cantos, with the Author's Preface and Original Notes (by Lady Charleville), 2 vol. in 1, morocco, full gilt back and broad borders of ornamental tooling on sides, g. l., by J. Wright (Dublin, privately printed), 1796-7 (1134)

Pickering, £9 5s. (After 50 copies of this edition had been distributed, the remainder were destroyed in consequence of the freedom of the translation.-Catalogue.]

5272 Voragine (Jac. de). Legenda Aurea sive flores Sanctorum,

full-page woodcut and numerous other cuts in the text, all in outline and free from colouring, begins with A2 and ends on D 7, small wormholes, morocco, blind tooled to a contemporary pattern, g.e., by Rivière, Impressa Lugduni per venerabilem virum magistrum Mathiam huss 1486 vicessimo mensis Julii, folio (1209)

Quaritch, £48 5273 Walton (Isaac). The Life of Isaac Walton, including Notices

of his Contemporaries, by Thomas Zouch, D.D., F.L.S., Prebendary of Durham, original morocco extra, with Waltonian designs on covers, probably bound by Gosden, 1823, 4to. (1181)

Denham, {8 [This was a copy of the largest paper issue, of which only eight copies were done, and was illustrated by proofs of

Gosden's series of illustrations.-Catalogue.] 5274 Walton (Isaac). The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative

Man's Recreation, being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers, engraved title and engravings in the text, first edition, old calf gilt, all leaves much cut into, London, printed by T. Maxey for R. Marriot, 1653, 12mo. (1141)

Pickering, £222 5275 Ward (Edward). History of the Grand Rebellion, with

upwards of 80 portraits from paintings by Vandyck, engraved by Vertue, Sturt and Vandergucht, before the numbers, 3 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1713-5, 8vo. (1142)

Bain, 28 5s. 5276 Warner (William). Albion's England, a continued Historie

of the same Kingdome, from the Originals of the first Inhabitants thereof, original sheep, 1597, 4to. (1182)

Pearson, £12 [A rare volume of Shakesperiana-contains the foundation story of Shakespeare's “King Lear.” Dr. Richard Farmer's (author of an “Essay on the Learning of Shakespeare *) copy, with notes, bibliographical and biographical, in his

autograph and signed by him on the fly-leaves.-Catalogue. 5277 Whetstone (George). A Mirrour for Magistrates of Cyties

representing the Ordinances, etc. of the Emperour Alexander (surnamed) Severus, to suppresse and chastise the notorious Vices noorished in Rome by the superfluous Nomber of Dicing-houses, Tavarns and Common Stewes, old morocco, g.e., 1584, 4to. (184)

Lightfoot, £13 5278 Whitney (Geffrey). A Choice of Emblemes and other Devises,

for the moste parte gathered out of sundrie writers, Eng. lished and Moralized. And Divers newly devised, first edition, numerous emblematical woodcuts, Imprinted at Leyden, 1586--Ferne (John). The Blazon of Gentrie, divided into two parts, the first named The Glorie of Generositie, the second Lacyes Nobilitie, first edition, numerous heraldic engravings, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, in i vol., original calf, John Windet, 1586, 4to. (1185)

Denham, £ 50 5279 White (Gilbert). Natural History and Antiquities of Sel

borne, first edition, original boards (damaged), uncut, 1789, 4to. (657)

Everett, £30 5280 Whittinton (Robert). Declinationes noim tā latinorū quam

grecorū, Caxton's device on title and last leaf, black letter. morocco extra, g. e., by Bedford, Impressa London,

per Wynandi de Worde, 1531, 4to. (1188) Goode, £9 5s. 5281 Whittinton (Robert). Grammatice. Prima Pars, large woodcut

and printer's device on last leaf, black letter, morocco extra, g. e., by Bedford, Petrus Treveris (circa 1530), 4to. (1187)

Goode, £10 5282 Williamson (Captain Thomas). Oriental Field Sports, 40

coloured engravings, after drawings by Samuel Howitt, from the author's designs, russia extra, borders on sides, g. e., 1807, folio (1215)

Parsons, £12 ios.


Kelmscott Press Publications. 5283 Mackail (J. W.) Biblia Innocentium, vellum, with ties, 1892, 8vo. (1253)

£14 5284 Morris (W.). The Defence of Guenevere and other Poems,

vellum, 1892, small 4to. (1254) 5285 Shakspeare (W.) Poems. Venus and Adonis, 1593–. The

Rape of Lucrece, 1594-Sonnets, 1609-—The Lover's Complaint, edited by F. S. Ellis, woodcut borders and initial letters, vellum, 1893, 8vo. (1255)

£12 15s. 5286 Of the Friendship of Amis and Amile, done out of the Ancient

French into English by W. Morris, woodcut borders, etc., 1894 (1259)

Sir E. Sullivan, £2 5287 Shelley (P. B.) Poetical Works, edited by F. S. Ellis, 3 vol.,

borders and woodcut title, vellum, 1894-95 (1260) £29 Ios. 5288 Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Works of, now newly imprinted,

edited by F. S. Ellis, ornamented with pictures designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, woodcut borders and initial letters, 1896, royal folio (1262)

Edwards, £94 5289 Morris (W.) The Well at the World's End, printed in black

and red, with 4 woodcuts by Sir E. Burne-Jones, borders

and initials, vellum, with ties, 1896, 8vo. (1263) 4,12 5290 Morris (W.). The Earthly Paradise, 8 vol., woodcut borders and initial letters, vellum, 1897, 8vo. (1264)

Allatini, £18 5s; 5291 Morris (W.) Poems by the Way, woodcut borders and

numerous large and small initial letters, vellum, uncut, 1891, 8vo. (1266)

Sir E. Sullivan, 8 5292 Poems of William Shakespeare, printed after the original

copies, edited by F. S. Ellis, woodcut borders and initial letters, vellum, uncut, 1893, 8vo. (1269)

Sir E. Sullivan, £14 5293 More (Sir Thomas). Utopia, revised by F. S. Ellis, woodcut border and initial letters, vellum, uncut, 1893, 8vo. (1222)

Bain, £6 155. 5294 Ballads and Narrative Poems, by D. G. Rossetti, woodcut borders and initial letters, vellum, uncut, 1893 (1271)



Soncets and Lecai Poems. bv D. G. Rossett. woodcut borders and nitai etters, veilum, uncut scgecher : voi. 1864. Sro. 1272

Jney. 216 35. 5295 Keats toon. Foems. overseen by F. S. Eis woodcut

borders and numerous nicai etters, veiium, uncut. 1894 8vo. 123

Derium. 23 5296 Caxton W. History of Godefrey of Bclovne and of the

Conquest of lerusalem, done after the first edison, edited by H. H. Scariing, woodcut borders. scroü work ornamentacon and aumerous inicaieters, vežum, uncut, 1893, 8vo. ir

Gibert. {7 5s. 5297 Caxton W. Recuveil of the Historves of Troy, done after

the srst edicon, and edited by H. H. Sparling, 3 vol in 2, woodcut borders. scroil works ornamentacon and numerous inta: erters, reilum, uncut, 1892. 8vo. 170

Sir E. Sultan A11 5298 The Story of the Emperor Ceustans, and of Over Sea, done

out of ancient French by W. Morris, woodcut borders and

intai etters, ancut. 1344. Svo. ro Sir E. Sudur, 42 5299 The Romance of Sir Degrevant edited by F. S. Eliis, wood

cut froncspiece, borders and initai letters. uncut, 1806, 810. (1285

lin, EI ies. 5300 Chaucer Geoffrey. Works. edited by F. S. Eliis, ode of 13

copies printed upon reilum, in the original boards, 1896, foiio 1250

Curitii, 4.520 5301 Psa:mi, edited by F. S. Ellis printed on veilum

in red and biack, woodcut borders and inital letters, 1894. smail 400. 1293

Bikint, £29 1os. 5302 Blunt W.S.

The Love Lyrics and Songs of Proteus, with the Love Sonnets of Proteus, ornamental woodcut border and in:cal letters printed in red, morocco super extra, g. e.,

by Leighton, 1892, smail sto. 1204 Downing: £9 155. 5303 Carton W. The History of Godefroy of Bologne, and of

the Conquest of Jherusalem, woodcut borders and initial letters, veilum, with ties, uncut, 1893, folio 1200

Dennum, £9 155. 5304 Morris W. Love is Enough, or The Freeing of Pharamond,

a Morality, large woodcuts, borders and initial letters, vellum, with ties, uncut, 1897, foiio 1297

Denkam. £9 125. 6d. 5305 Some German Woodcuts of the Fifteenth century, facsimile

woodcuts, uncut, 1897, folio 1298 Cuuritch, £ 2 ios. 5306 Mackail J. W. Bibiia Innocentium, velium, uncut. W. Morris, 1892 1299

J. Bumpus, £14 55. (Another copy sold for £12 55.-ED.) 5307 Morris W. Love is Enough, or the Freeing of Pharamond,

a Morality, with a pictures designed by Sir E. Burne-Jones, elaborate woodcut borders, scroll work and initial letters,

veilum, uncut, 1897, 8vo. 1301 Deniam, £9 75. od. 5308 Ruskin J.) The Nature of Gothic, a Chapter on the Stones of Venice, woodcut, vellum, 1892, 8vo. 1302

Cockerell, £3 3s.

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