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t.e.g., uncut (wanted the half title), London, 1811, 12mo. 1912)

Dobell, £13 5242 Shelley (P. B.) The Cenci, a Tragedy in five Acts, first

edition, uncut, bound by Zaehnsdorf in morocco, t. e. 8., with gilt and inlaid tooling, and a doublé of morocco, enclosed in a morocco case, Italy, printed for C. and J. Ollier, Vere Street, Bond Street, London, 1819, 8vo. (913)

Denham, £40 [Published in boards at 45. 6d. No half-title precedes

title page.-ED.) 5243 Shelley (P. B.) Adonais, an Elegy on the Death of John

Keats, first edition, 4to. cut to an 8vo. size, bound in calf

extra, by Rivière, Pisa, 1821, 8vo. (915) Maggs, £9 155. 5244 Skelton (John). Here after foloweth a litel boke called Colyn

Cloute, compyled by mayster Skelton, poete Laureate, black letter, title and 29 leaves, a large and sound copy, in calf, London, Rycharde Kele dwellyng in the powltry at the long shop under saynt Myldredes chyrche, n. d., 8vo. (918)

Quaritch, £72 5245 Sketchley (W.) The Cocker, containing every Information to

the Breeders and Amateurs of that noble Bird the Game Cock, frontispiece, half bound russia, emblematic tooling on the back, by Gosden, his own copy, with his bookplate,

Burton-on-Trent, 1814, 8vo. (919) Hatchard, £6 ios. 5246 Smith (William). The History of the Province of New York

from the first discovery to the Year 1732, first edition, temporary binding, no folding plate, London, T. Wilcox, 1757, 4to. (188)

Edwards, £29 155. (This interesting copy was the author's own, as will be seen by the long note on the fly-leaf, dated from the Manor

of Livington, 6th December, 1777.--Catalogue.] 5247 Stage-Plays. A Shorte Treatise against Stage-Playes

(London), old calf, Printed in the yeere of our Lord 1625, 410. (1163)

Curliss, £15 ios. (Only three copies appear to be known. The other two are in the British Museum and the Advocates' Library.

Catalogue.] 5248 Sterne (L.) Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, with the

autograph of the author in vol. v., vii. and ix., first edition, 9 vol., 1760-7-Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, first edition, 2 vol., 1768, together ii vol., morocco extra, g. e., 1760-8, 8vo. (1071)

Proctor, £20 5249 Stevenson (Robert Louis). The Pentland Rising, original green wrappers, Edinburgh, 1866, 8vo. (1075)

J. Bumpus, £7 IOS. 5250 Stevenson (Robert Louis). New Arabian Nights, first edition,

2 vol., original cloth, 1882, 8vo. (1079) ). Bumpus, £12 55.

[A second edition appeared the same year in i vol.,

crown 8vo.-Ed.) 5251 Stevenson (Robert Louis). An Object of Pity, or the Man

Haggard, a Romance-with the Reply, Objects of Pity,

first editions, 2 vol., original parchment wrappers, 1892, 8vo.
J: Bumpus, £22 10s.
[Only a few copies privately issued by Lady Jersey, at
Sydney, during the summer of 1892. The "Object of
Pity" has a name written on title, and the "Reply" has
interesting MS. corrections by Bazett Haggard.—Cata-

5252 Stevenson (Robert Louis). Original Manuscript (in form of
a letter) upon "American Rights and Wrongs," one page
folio, signed in full "Robert Louis Stevenson, Sherrydon,
Bournemouth" (1086)
Maggs, £12 5s.

[In the course of this interesting "paper," Mr. Stevenson testifies his appreciation of his fair treatment by a wellknown firm of American publishers.—Catalogue.]

5253 Surtees (R. S.) Complete Set of the Sporting Novels, comprising Mr. Spong's Sporting Tour, 1852-3—Handley Cross, or Mr. Jorrocks' Hunt, 1853-54-Ask Mamma, or the Richest Commoner in England, 1857-58-Plain or Ringlets, 1859-60-Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds, 1864-65, all first editions complete in the original parts, with all the wrappers, advertisements, etc., and all the coloured illustrations by Leech, 1852-60, 8vo. (1088) J. Bumpus, £40 5254 Swift (Dean). Travels into several Remote Nations of the World, in 4 parts, by Lemuel Gulliver, brilliant impressions of the portrait of Swift and of the maps, 2 vol., first edition, calf extra, y. e., 1726 (1089) Denham, £21 [A very fine copy of the genuine first issue, with the double pagination. It contained all five title-pages, three of which were often cancelled by the binders. Catalogue.] 5255 Swift (Dean). A Tale of a Tub to which is added an Account of a Battel between the Antient and Modern Books in St. James's Library, first edition, with the leaf of announcements facing title, often wanting, calf super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1704, 8vo. (762) Denham, £9 5256 [Tabourot (Jean).] Orchesographie et Traicte enforme de Dialogue, Par Thoinot Arbeau demeurant a Lengres, woodcuts and musical notation, old French morocco, gilt leaves, Lengres, Jehan des Preyz, 1589, 4to. (469) Lemon, £15

[The earliest French book relative to dancing. Daniel Demoustier's (celebrated painter of the time of Henri III.) copy, with his autograph signature on the title-page. Douce gives an account of the volume in his "Illustrations of Shakespeare," page 579.-Catalogue.]

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5257 Tasso (Torquato). Godfrey of Bulloigne, or the Recoverie of Hierusalem. An Heroicall poem written in Italian by Seig. Torquato Tasso, and translated into English by R. C., Esquire, and now the first part containing five Cantos, imprinted in both languages, morocco extra, g. e., Imprinted by John Windet, 1594, 4to. (1167) Wood, £10 5s.

[The earliest work of the poet Richard Carew, reprinted by the Rev. A. B. Grosart in 1881.-Catalogue.]

5258 Tennyson (Alfred Lord). Poems by Two Brothers, a LARGE

PAPER copy of the first edition, uncut, London, 1827, 8vo. (1096) Denham, £48 5259 Tennyson (Lord). Helen's Tower (Stanzas by Lady Gifford, with a Poem by Lord Tennyson), vignette of the Tower, morocco, by Rivière, Clandeboye, n. d., large 4to. (1168)

Maggs, £19 5260 Tennyson (Lord). Cornwall (Barry, B. W. Proctor). English Songs, and other small Poems, with inscription on flyleaf, "Alfred Tennyson e dono A. H. Hallam," underneath this the name "Anne Fytche," original boards, uncut, Moxon, 1832, 8vo. (1102) Maggs, £32 10s.

[The inscription is in Tennyson's autograph. So, too, is the name Anne Fytche (the poet's cousin), to whom, no doubt, Tennyson presented the volume.-Catalogue.] 5261 Testament. The Newe Testament both Latine and Englyshe ech correspondent to the other after the vulgare text communely called S. Jerome. Faythfully translated by Myles Coverdale, first edition, black and roman letter, begins A 2, several leaves defective, but had the very scarce end leaves of tables (cut into at top) hardly ever found, generally a large and sound copy, morocco, by Rivière, Printed in Southwarke by James Nicolson, 1538, 4to. (1169)

Cockerell, £6 65.

[The extremely rare first issue of Nicolson's edition of Coverdale's New Testament. The well-known distinguishing mark, "before the cock synge," will be found in Matthew xxvi., letter C. No copy so perfect as this has been offered for sale for some time.-Catalogue.]

5262 Thackeray (W. M.) Works. Comic Almanack for 1839 and

1840, 2 vol.-Paris Sketch Book, 2 vol.-Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank-Comic Tales and Sketches, 2 vol.-Second Funeral of Napoleon, wrappers (original issue)-Irish Sketch Book, 2 vol.-Mrs. Perkins' BallCornhill to Cairo-Vanity Fair (earliest issue)- Our Street -Book of Snobs-History of Pendennis, 2 vol.-Dr. Birch -History of Samuel Titmarsh-Rebecca and RowenaSketches after English Landscape Painters-Kickleburys— Henry Esmond, 3 vol.-English Humourists-Newcomes, 2 vol.- Rose and Ring-Miscellaneous Writings, 4 vol.— Virginians, 2 vol.-Lovel the Widower-Four GeorgesPhillip, 3 vol.-Round About Papers-Denis DuvalThackerayana-Orphan of Pimlico-Sand and CanvasHeads of the People, 2 vol.-Damascus and Palmyra, 2 vol.--Etchings at Cambridge-Extracts from WritingsStudents' Quarter-Men of Character-Shabby Genteel Story-Fitzboodle Papers-Barry Lyndon-Sketches and Travels in London-Memoirs of Yellow Plush-Burlesques -Dinner at Timmins's-Fatal Boots-Adventures of Gahagan Samuel Titmarsh, 1857-Book of Snobs, 1856Novels by Eminent Hands-Ballads-Early and Late Papers--Trollope's Thackeray-Loose Sketches, all first editions, 70 vol., bound from the original parts or cloth as

issued, in full morocco extra, uncut, by Rivière and Son,
with the cloth covers and back and front wrapper bound in
J. Bumpus, £305
issue of the first
uncut, Bradbury,
Denham, £14

5263 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, first
edition, illustrations, publisher's cloth,
1848 (1114)
5264 Thomson (James). A Poem sacred to the Memory of Sir
Isaac Newton, first edition, J. Millan, 1727, folio (1202)
Sabin, £9 15s.
5265 Tour through Paris, illustrated with 21 coloured plates, accom-
panied with descriptive letterpress, original half binding,
g. e., 1822, folio (1203)
Sabin, £10
5266 Verus Pater, or a Bundle of Truths, containing a Prognosti-
cation necessary at all times, with some Astronomical Rules
fit to be observed, curious woodcut on title, black letter,
large copy, morocco extra, g. e., Printed for T. L., 1622,
8vo. (1128)
Sotheran, £9

[Unique. No other copy or edition is known. This little volume was intended as a counterpart to the Error Pater, and purported to contain only true intelligence.-Catalogue.] 5267 Vezzani (A.) L'Esercizio Accademico di Picca, engraved title and plates, morocco extra, g. e., Parma, 1688, 4to. (688) Rosenthal, £6 5268 Viollet-le-Duc (E.) Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture Française du XIe au XVIe Siècle, portrait and illustrations, 10 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., Paris, Bance et Morel, 1858-68, imperial 8vo. (1130) Quaritch, £11 IOS. 5269 Virgilii Opera cura Henrici Justice, 4 vol., engraved throughout with illustrations in imitation of Pine's Horace, subscription copy in morocco extra, with the arms of Consul Smith on the sides, g. e., and his ex-libris in each vol., s. 1. et a., 8vo. (1131) Bain, £8 [This copy sold in the Syston Park sale for £18 10s.— Catalogue.] 5270 Voltaire.

La Henriade, Nouvelle Édition a Paris, chez la
Veuve Duchesne, Saillant, Desaint, Panckoucke et Nyon,
Libraries, m.dcclxx., frontispiece, plates and vignettes after
Eisen by De Longueil, 2 vol., morocco extra, g.l., 1770
Tree, £10 10s.

[Several of the plates in proof state (before the letters) are added, and also a complete set of the vignettes tirage à part. Bound from an uncut copy.-Catalogue.]

5271 Voltaire. La Pucelle, or the Maid of Orleans, a Poem in

xxi. Cantos, with the Author's Preface and Original Notes (by Lady Charleville), 2 vol. in 1, morocco, full gilt back and broad borders of ornamental tooling on sides, g. 1., by J. Wright (Dublin, privately printed), 1796-7 (1134)

Pickering, £9 5s.

[After 50 copies of this edition had been distributed, the remainder were destroyed in consequence of the freedom of the translation.—Catalogue.]

5272 Voragine (Jac. de). Legenda Aurea sive Aores Sanctorum,

full-page woodcut and numerous other cuts in the text, all in outline and free from colouring, begins with A 2 and ends on D 7, small wormholes, morocco, blind tooled to a contemporary pattern, g. e., by Rivière, Impressa Lugduni per venerabilem virum magistrum Mathiam husz 1486 vicessimo mensis Julii, folio (1209)

Quaritch, £18 5273 Walton (Isaac). The Life of Isaac Walton, including Notices

of his Contemporaries, by Thomas Zouch, D.D., F.L.S., Prebendary of Durham, original morocco extra, with Waltonian designs on covers, probably bound by Gosden, 1823, 4to. (181)

Denham, £8 [This was a copy of the largest paper issue, of which only eight copies were done, and was illustrated by proofs of

Gosden's series of illustrations.- Catalogue.] 5274 Walton (Isaac). The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative

Man's Recreation, being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing not unworthy the perusal of most Anglers, engraved title and engravings in the text, first edition, old calf gilt, all leaves much cut into, London, printed by T. Maxey for R. Marriot, 1653, 12mo. (1141)

Pickering, £222 5275 Ward (Edward). History of the Grand Rebellion, with

upwards of 80 portraits from paintings by Vandyck, engraved by Vertue, Sturt and Vandergucht, before the numbers, 3 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1713-5, 8vo. (1142)

Bain, £,8 55. 5276 Warner (William). Albion's England, a continued Historie

of the same Kingdome, from the Originals of the first Inhabitants thereof, original sheep, 1597, 4to. (1182)

Pearson, £12 [A rare volume of Shakesperiana-contains the foundation story of Shakespeare's “King Lear.” Dr. Richard Farmer's (author of an "Essay on the Learning of Shakespeare "") copy, with notes, bibliographical and biographical, in his

autograph and signed by him on the fly-leaves.-Catalogue.] 5277 Whetstone (George).' A Mirrour for Magistrates of Cyties

representing the Ordinances, etc. of the Emperour Alexander (surnamed) Severus, to suppresse and chastise the notorious Vices noorished in Rome by the superfluous Nomber of Dicing-houses, Tavarns and Common Stewes, old morocco, g. e., 1584, 4to. (1184)

Lightfoot, £13 5278 Whitney (Geffrey). A Choice of Emblemes and other Devises,

for the moste parte gathered out of sundrie writers, Eng. lished and Moralized. And Divers newly devised, first edition, numerous emblematical woodcuts, Imprinted at Leyden, 1586--Ferne (John). The Blazon of Gentrie, divided into two parts, the first named The Glorie of Generositie, the second Lacyes Nobilitie, first edition, numerous heraldic engravings, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, in i vol., original calf, John Windet, 1586, 4to. (1185)

Denham, £50 5279 White (Gilbert). Natural History and Antiquities of Sel

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