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5188 Marie Antoinette. La Mort et l'Apothéose de Marie Antoi

nette d'Autriche Reine de France et de Navarre, par Percy, old French morocco extra, the Duchesse d'Angoulême's copy, with her arms on the sides and fleurs-de-lis on the back, Paris, 1817, 4to. (733)

Lacroix, £20 los. [The unique copy, printed on vellum for the Duchesse

d'Angoulême (daughter of Marie Antoinette).-Catalogue.] 5189 Marvell (Andrew). The Rehearsal Transpos’d, or Animad

versions upon a late Book, intituled, A Preface shewing what Grounds there are of Fears and Jealousies of Popery, London, printed by A. B. for the assigns of John Calvin and Theodore Beza, at the sign of the King's Indulgence, on the south side of the Lake Leman, 1672–The Rehearsal Transpos'd, the Second Part, Occasioned by Two Letters, the first printed by a nameless Author, intituled, A Reproof, etc., the second Letter left for me at a Friend's House, dated November 3, 1673, subscribed J. G., and concluding with these words, “If thou darest to print or publish any lie or libel against Dr. Parker, by the Eternal God I will cut thy throat," answered by Andrew Marvel, London, printed for Nathaniel Ponder at the Peacock in Chancery Lane, near Fleet Street, 1673, first editions, 2 vol., old Eng. lish morocco, panelled sides, gilt back, etc., g. e., sm. 8vo. (635)

Pickering, £10 .[Excessively rare and interesting to the Shakespeare collector for its reference to the fat Sir John Falstaff. See

page 191, vol. i. ; see also page 47, vol. ii., etc.- Catalogue.] 5190 Massinger, Middleton and Rowley. The Excellent Comedy,

called the Old Law, or a New Way to Please You, by Phil. Massinger, Tho. Middleton and William Rowley, acted before the King and Queene at Salisbury House, and at severall other places, with great Applause, together with an exact and perfect Catalogue of all the Playes, with the Authors' Names, and what are Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, Pastoralls, Masks, Interludes, more exactly printed than ever before, first edition, top blank margins of three leaves repaired, otherwise a large and good copy, with some rough leaves, with the original blank before title preserved, morocco extra, t.e. g., by Rivière, London, printed for Edward Archer, at the signe of the Adam and Eve, in Little Britaine, 1656, 4to. (735) B. F. Stevens, £,20

[A practically uncut copy of this important piece, of the utmost rarity with the sixteen-page catalogue of plays intact, as in this copy. In this list will be found a great number of plays now no longer known, and it is also interesting on account of the plays recorded under the name of “Will. Shakespeare," some of which it is not

certain he had a hand in.- Catalogue. 5191 (Mennis (Sir J.) and Smith (James).] Witts Recreations,

Selected from the finest Fancies of Moderne Muses, with a
Thousand Outlandish Proverbs, first edition, frontispiece by

Belin, £29

W. Marshall, russia gilt, g.e., R. H. for Humphry Blunden, 1640, 8vo. (637)

Pickering, £8 5s. 5192 [Mennis (Sir J.) and Smith (James).] Musarum Deliciæ, or

the Muses Recreation, containing severall Select Pieces of Sportive Wit, by Sr. J. M. and Ja. S., first edition, russia,

plain, g.e., H. Herringman, 1655, 8vo. (638) Cotton, £8 ios. 5193 Military Costumes. Uniformes Militaires, dessiné et gravé

par le Sieur de Montigny, 173 (should be 174) coloured plates of infantry and cavalry, old French morocco, gilt ornamental back, line sides, g.e. (Derome), Paris, chez

l'Auteur, 1772, 8vo. (642) 5194 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, with

the Argument, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1669, 4to. (738)

Edwards, £14 [This corresponds with the fifth or sixth issue of the first edition, except in the following points. The word “angel” on the title is in italics, and there is a comma after Brittain. The seven leaves of Argument, etc. are completely reprinted, with many considerable variations. It is sufficient to point out that The Printer to the Reader was omitted completely ; towards the end of the Argument of Book I. "councell” is altered to “councel," "palace” to “pallace." In Milton's note on “The Verse" the last words on the initial page are “longer and shorter works as have,” while in all the preceding issues they are “rejected Rime both in.”

-Catalogue.] 5195 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, with

the Argument, first edition, with the seventh title-page, old calf, 1669, 4to. (739)

Leighton, £16 ios. 5196 Milton (John). Poems, first edition, portrait by Marshall, original calf, 1645, 8vo. (644)

S. C. Brown, £,85 [In this copy the portrait is not cut into by binder as is almost always the case. Some of the pagination numbers are, however, cut into as usual.—Catalogue. A good measurement for this book would be 65 inches by 3 inches.

It was issued in sheepskin as well as in calf.-ED.) 5197 Molière (J. P. de). (Euvres avec des remarques grammati

cales, des Avertissemens et des Observations sur chaque pièce par M. Bret, portrait and plates after Moreau, 6 vol., morocco, g.e., by Derome, best edition, with the starred leaves, La Compagnie des Librairies Associés, 1773 (647)

Maberley, £37 5198 Molière (J. P. de). (Euvres. The complete suite of portrait

and 33 engravings by Boucher to the edition of 1734, proof impressions, with uncut margins, bound in morocco superextra, gilt top, uncut (Paris, 1734), folio (1029)

Frederick, £35 (Excessively rare in this exceptional state. They are evidently trial proofs, being printed on folio size paper. The edition of 1734, for which they were designed, is in 4to. Inserted is the original drawing, being probably the original design for “Les Fâcheux.”Catalogue.)

5199 Molière (J. P. de). Euvres de Molière, portrait after Mig

nard, engraved by Cathelin, 6 fleurons on the titles by Moreau and 33 plates by Moreau, engraved by Baquoy, etc., 6 vol., original calf, g. e., Paris, 1773, 8vo. (648)

Maberley, £7 [The best edition. This copy had inserted a document signed by J. Poquelin, Molière's father, and another signed

by his wife, Armande Béjart.—Catalogue.) 5200 Montesquieu (C. S. de). Le Temple de Gnide, plates after

Eisen, engraved by Le Mire, the text engraved by Drouet, old French morocco, full gilt back, g.e., Paris, ches le Mire, 1772, 4to. (740)

Lacroix, £12 5201 Montesquieu (C. S. de). Le Temple de Gnide, the text

engraved by Drouet, with brilliant proofs before the numbers of the engravings after Eisen, by Le Mire, original French calf gilt, g. e., Paris, chez le Mire, 1772, 4to. (741)

l.acroix, £13 5202 Morris (William). The Story of Gunnlang the Worm-tongue

and Raven the Skald, “Carton" black letter type, half holland, Printed at the Chiswick Press for William Morris, 1891, 4to. (744)

Maggs, £6 8s. 6d. [One of 75 copies, none of which were for sale. See a

note on the Kelmscott Press, p. 10.-Catalogue.] 5203 Morris (William). Works, viz., Story of Grettir the Strong,

translated from the Icelandic by E. Magnússon and William Morris, first printed in 1869—Tale of the House of the Wolfings and all the Kindreds of the Mark, in Prose and Verse—The Roots of the Mountains, first printed in 1890—Volsunga Saga, three Northern Love Stories, first printed in 1875, 4 vol., Printed at the Chiswick Press, with the “Golden” type designed by William Morris, boards, uncut, 1901, 4to. (745)

Tregaskis, £13 1os. [Vol. iv.-viii. to be supplied when issued.-- ED.) 5204 Nayler (Sir George). Coronation of King George the Fourth,

solemnized in the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster, July 19, 1821, coloured illustrations, comprising whole length portraits in Costume and Robes of State, plates of the Coronation and the Banquet, morocco extra, g.e., by Mackenzie, Bohn, 1837, folio (1032)

Edwards, £10 155. [Another copy, in half morocco (loose), realised Z6 5s.

ED.] 5205 Napoleon. Dumérie (A. M. C.) Traité élémentaire d'histoire

naturelle, morocco extra, g. e., by Bozerian, with the monogram of Napoleon, “N. B.," surrounded by a wreath, etc., on sides, Paris, 1804, 8vo. (829)

Symes, £7 ios. [From Napoleon's Library at Malmaison, with a manuscript note on fly-leaf : “Presented to me by Mrs. Home Gordon, bought by her husband at a sale at Malmaison of

the Emperor Napoleon I.'s books."-Catalogue.] 5206 Nimrod (i.e., C. J. Apperley). Memoirs of the Life of John

Mytton, Esq., of Halston, Shropshire, first edition, 12 coloured plates by Henry Alken, original cloth, R. Ackermann, 1835, 8vo. (831)

Hatchards, £14 ios. 5207 Officium Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, pro quatuor Anni temporibus,

etc., 2 plates, contemporary boarded silk binding in an outer silver cover, perforated to a spider-web pattern, with clasps, gold and violet flowered end papers, g. e., in boarded slip case, Paris, M. Daupler, 1673, 32mo. (832)

Quaritch, £ur 5s. 5208 Oldmixon (J.) Poems on Several Occasions, written in the

manner of Anacreon, with other Poems, Letters and Translations, first edition, old calf, R. Parker, 1696, 8vo. (833)

Pearson, £7 5209 Ordre (The) of the Hospital of S. Bartholomewes in West

smythfielde in London, black letter, old calf, London, R. Grafton, 1552, 8vo. (834)

Hazlitt, £14 155. 5210 Ozanne (Ý. M.) Nouvelles Vues Perspectives des Ports de

France, title, map, and 60 plates by Yves Marie Ozanne, morocco, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Paris, 1770 (1038)

Quaritch, £7 5211 Phillips (Stephen). Eremus, a Poem, Privately printed for

presentation to friends, in the original wrapper, The Lillie Press, n. d., 4to. (941)

B. F. Stevens, £7 ios. 5212 Playing Cards. Geographical Cards, a complete set of 52,

with printed descriptions of the Cards, mounted in the original calf, with an engraved title added, Made and sold for Henry Brome, 1676 (841)

Denham, £6 5s. [The American card is very quaint. Not described in Lady Schreiber's book and not in the British Museum. The B. M. has a set wanting title (from the Duke of Sussex's library), evidently copied from this edition, with the spelling modernised and descriptive matter printed from letterpress.

-Catalogue.] 5213 Politique Discourses, treating of the differences and in

equalities of Vocations, as well Publique as Private, with the scopes or endes whereunto they are directed, translated out of French by Egremont Ratcliffe, black letter, half morocco, 1578, 4to. (946)

Pearson, £13 13s. 5214 Pope (Alexander). The Original Autograph Manuscript of

Pope's earliest work, the “ Pastorals,” containing alternated readings, many passages differing largely from the published version, with autograph criticism and suggestions in the autograph of the critic Williain Walsh, 8vo. (842)

Denham, £71 [This manuscript covers four closely written small quarto pages in Pope's neat and very legible hand. It is headed, in Pope's autograph, “Alterations to the Pastorals,” under which he has written ("The Solution of the Queries are written by Mr. Walsh”). Pope submitted the manuscript for criticism to William Walsh, whom Dryden calls “the best critic of the age.” The manuscript consists of suggestions by the author of alternated readings of many passages, arguments and queries concerning the use of certain words and expressions, to all of which Walsh has written in replies stating his views and preferences. Comparison with the printed version shows that Walsh's advice was followed by Pope in all points of importance. The manuscript was presented by Pope to his intimate friend Jonathan Richardson, the portrait painter, and it has remained until recently

in the possession of the painter's family.--Catalogue.] 5215 Pope (Alexander). The Rape of the Lock, an Heroi-Comical

Poem, in Five Cantos, written by Mr. Pope-A tonso est hoc nomen adepta capillo, Ovid., first edition, frontispiece and 5 plates by Lud. Du Guernier inv. et C. Du Bosc sculp., a remarkable copy, being in the original sewn and uncut state as published, in old blue wrappers, preserved in a new morocco slip case with silk linings, Printed for Bernard Lintott at the Cross-Keys in Fleet Street, 1714, 8vo. (843)

Quaritch, 461 5216 Pope (Alexander). The Rape of the Lock, an Heroi-Comical

Poem, in Five Cantos, written by Mr. Pope, frontispiece and 5 plates, first edition, old calf gilt, g. e., 1714 (844)

Quaritch, 451 [A large paper copy, and apparently printed on thicker and better paper than the ordinary ones. Extremely rare

in this state. --- Catalogue.] 5217 Pompadour. Recueil des Comedies et Ballets représentés

sur le Théâtre des petits Appartemens pendant l'Hiver de 1747 à 1748, thick paper, engraved title, old French morocco, elaborately tooled sides and back, gilt on marbled leaves (Paris, 1749), (846)

Quaritch, £29 [These plays, which were acted at Madame de Pompadour's private theatre at Versailles, were printed for presents at her private press in the palace. The binding

was probably by Dubisson.-Catalogue.] 5218 Pyne (W. H.) History of the Royal Residences of Windsor

Castle, St. James's Palace, Hampton Court, etc., 3 vol., original impressions of the coloured engravings, frontispiece and a plate, title and dedication to vol. i., cut round and mounted, a leaf or two soiled and mended, half bound, m. e., sold not subject to return, 1819, imperial 4to. (1021)

Haig, £14 Ios. [Another and a better copy, in russia (rebacked), realised

£18 18s. (Lot 662).-ED.) 5219 Rabelais. (Euvres de Maistre François Rabelais, nouvelle

édition, ornée de Figures de B. Picart, etc., 3 vol., engravings, morocco extra, g. e., 1741, 4to. (954) Quaritch, 419

TA fine old binding. Full gilt in the panels, with multiplications of the whorl or curve moving to the right, in the spaces of which are little dots and Aeurs-de-lis ; on the bands a simple straight line. The title is lettered on a crimson label, the tome-numeration on one of citron, and the latter is fringed with the roulette of alternate fleurs-delis and strawberry leaves. The gilding inside the cover is the Padeloup form of the Boyet roulette. This is a fine

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