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in the Autograph of John Keats, the first consisting of three stanzas of six lines each, beginning

"Unfelt, unheard, unseen,

I've left my little Queen,"

the second consisting of three verses of twelve lines each, being his celebrated

"Hymn to Apollo,"

written on three sides of 4pp. 8vo., and enclosed in a morocco case (567) Denham, £69

[From the collection of the late Townley Green, R.A., who had it from his mother, who was a Miss Reynolds, with whose family Keats was very intimate. The "Hymn to Apollo" contains two lines differing largely from the published version.—Catalogue.]

5172 Keats (John). Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes and other Poems, first edition, original boards, uncut, with the paper label, Taylor and Hessey, 1820, 8vo. (568)

Quaritch, £71 5173 Keats (John). Endymion, a Poetic Romance, first edition, an uncut copy, bound by Zaehnsdorf in full Levant morocco, t. e. g., enclosed in a morocco case, 1818, 8vo. (569)

Quaritch, £69

[A complete copy, having the rare Errata slip and the half title.-Catalogue.] 5174 Laborde (J. B. de). Choix de Chansons, Mises en Musique, original issue, LARGE PAPER (9% inches by 61⁄2 inches), plates after Moreau (wanted portrait of Laborde), 4 vol., old French calf, g.e., Paris, 1773, 4to. (721) Quaritch, £57 10s. 5175 Ladies Calling (The), in two parts, by the author of the Whole Duty of Man, frontispiece, a specimen of old English morocco binding in various colours, morocco, sides richly gilt, centre ornament of flowers, urn at top and bottom from which grow flowering branches, large open flowers in each corner, and sides are supported by pointillé scrolls, the whole is most effectively heightened in black, silver and gold, a fine piece of binding (by S. Mearne), and very fresh, At the Theater in Oxford, 1677, 8vo. (576) Denham, £20 5176 La Fontaine (J. de). Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, Édition des Fermiers-Généraux, 2 vol., portraits of La Fontaine and Eisen by Ficquet, 80 plates by Eisen, engraved by Aliamet, Baquoy, Choffard, etc., Le Cas de Conscience et Le Diable Papefiguière, découvertes, vignettes et culs-delampe by Choffard, morocco extra, g. e., by Derome, Amst. (Paris), 1762, 8vo. (578) Lacroix, £38 5177 La Fontaine (J. de). Contes et Nouvelles en Vers (édition des Fermiers-Généraux), portraits of La Fontaine and Eisen, plates and vignettes engraved by Aliamet, Baquoy Choffard, etc., Le Cas de Conscience et Le Diable Papefiguière, découvertes, 2 vol., morocco extra, gilt backs, g. e., by Derome le jeune, with his ticket, the portrait of Choffard in the earliest state, Amst. (Paris), 1762, 8vo. (579)


Quaritch, £46 33

5178 [Lamb (Charles).] The King and Queen of Hearts, with the rogueries of the Knave who stole away the Queen's Pies, illustrated with 15 engravings from the drawings of William Mulready, in the original pink wrappers, a little soiled and with a piece torn out of the title, London, printed for Thomas Hodgkins at the Juvenile Library, Hanway Street, 1806, 12mo. (606) B. F. Stevens, £240

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[The hitherto unknown first issue, the only other known copy of the book being dated 1809, and that copy was sold last March for £222 (see ante No. 2986). The 1809 issue was printed for J. Godwin, and it may be mentioned that Hodgkins published for Godwin before the latter went into business. Catalogue. See Index. ED.]

5179 Lamb (Charles). Tales from Shakespear, designed for the use of Young Persons, 2 vol., first edition, plates after Mulready, engraved by William Blake, in the original half binding, 1807, 8vo. (607) Sabin, £25 105. 5180 Lamb (Charles). Essays of Elia, both series, first editions, 2 vol., original boards, uncut, in morocco case, by Rivière and Son, 1823-33 (608) Quaritch, £59

[Earliest issue of both series, the title of the first series bearing Taylor and Hessey's imprint only, with advertisements dated December, 1822, and label "Elia" on back, in which state it is exceedingly rare.--Catalogue.]

5181 Leeds Pottery. Designs of Sundry Articles of Queen's or Cream Coloured Earthenware, numerous plates, original sheep, Leeds, 1794, 4to. (947) Selby, £6 10s. 5182 Leech. Punch's Pocket Books, complete set, over 300 fullpage engravings by Leech, "Phiz," Tenniel and Keene, of which 76 by Leech and Keene are coloured, and woodcuts by Doyle, 38 vol., original roan, with flaps, Punch Office, 1844-81, 8vo. (616) Maggs, £12 10S. 5183 [Le Fevre (Raoul).] The Recuyles, or gaderige to gyder of ye historyes of Troye how it was destroyed & brent twyes by ye puyssaunt Hercules & ye thyrde and generall by ye Grekes, black letter. double columns, numerous woodcuts, margins of title and next leaf, and plain corners in several leaves, and splits in two leaves mended, old signature of "Mary Heron" on title (sold not subject to return), morocco gilt, broad inside morocco gilt borders, joints, g.e., Imprynted in London in Flete Streete at the Sygne of the Sonne by Wynken de Worde the yere of our lorde god mccccc. and iii. (1503), (device below), small folio (814) Quaritch, £171

[A perfect copy, except the defects mentioned above. This is a reprint of Caxton's Troy Book, the only one issued by Wynken de Worde, and not re-issued until fifty years afterwards in Copland's edition.-Catalogue.]

5184 Lever (Charles). Works, complete set, all first editions, comprising: Harry Lorrequer, parts-Charles O'Malley, parts-Our Mess, Jack Hinton and Tom Burke, parts— Arthur O'Leary, 3 vol., cloth-The O'Donoghue, parts

Tales of the Trains, cloth-Nuts and Nutcrackers, clothSt. Patrick's Eve, cloth-Knight of Gwynne, parts-Horace Templeton, 2 vol., cloth-Con Cregan, parts-Rowland Cashel, parts-Maxims of O'Dogherty, cloth-The Daltons, parts-The Dodd Family Abroad, parts-Maurice Tierney, boards-Sir Jasper Carew, boards-Martins of Cro' Martin, parts-Fortunes of Glencore, 3 vol., clothDavenport Dunn, parts-One of Them, parts-Day's Ride, 2 vol., cloth-Barrington, parts-Cornelius O'Dowd, 3 vol., cloth-Tony Butler, 3 vol., cloth-Luttrell of Arran, parts-— Sir Brook Fosbrooke, 3 vol., cloth-Bramleighs' of Bishop's Folly, 3 vol., cloth-Paul Goslett's Confessions, clothThat Boy of Norcott's, cloth-Rent in a Cloud, morocco, g. t.-Lord Kilgobbin, 3 vol., cloth-Fitzgerald's Life, 2 vol., cloth, in all 55 vol., the parts enclosed in morocco cases, by Rivière and Son (617) Quaritch, LIOI

[Very fine complete set of this novelist's writings, all being in the original parts or cloth as first issued, except "Rent in the Cloud," which is in full morocco to match the morocco cases.--Catalogue.]

5185 Lovelace (Richard). Lucasta: Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs, etc., to which is added Aramantha, a Pastorall, first edition, frontispiece by Faithorne, some margins shaved, old calf gilt, Printed by T. Harper and sold by Tho. Ewster at the Gun in Ivie Lane, 1649 (621)

Pickering, £4 12s. 6d. Letters of Affaires, Love Persons of Honour and Monsieur de Voiture, a

5186 Lovelace (Richard) and Davies (J.) and Courtship, Written to several Quality, by the Exquisite Pen of Member of the Famous French Academy established at Paris by Cardinall de Richelieu, portrait by R. Lovelace, original sheep, 1657, 8vo. (622) Tree, £10 10s.

[This volume has a peculiar interest as presenting beneath the portrait of Voiture eight lines by Lovelace, which are not found in his "Lucasta." These inedited verses show that Voiture was a favourite author of Lovelace, as he was of so many readers of those times. This copy is in the original sheepskin binding, in the finest possible state, with some rough leaves, and the portrait is a brilliant impression. The translation is a perfectly distinct one from that mentioned by Lowndes, who evidently never saw this earlier one "by John Davies of Kidwelly."-Catalogue.]

5187 Magna Carta Regis Johannis XV. Die Junii Anno Regni XVII. A.D. mccxv., edidit Johannes Whittaker, printed upon vellum, in letters of gold, within painted and illuminated ornamental borders, with emblazoned arms, various heraldic devices, orders, flowers, scroll-work and other decoration, produced under the direction of Thomas Willemont, with a large and highly-finished portrait of King John, morocco super extra, London, J. Whittaker, 1815-18, folio (1025) E. Parsons, 24 IOS. [The binding was of very fine quality, and covered with an elaborate tooling of geometrical design.-ED.]

5188 Marie Antoinette. La Mort et l'Apothéose de Marie Antoinette d'Autriche Reine de France et de Navarre, par Percy, old French morocco extra, the Duchesse d'Angoulême's copy, with her arms on the sides and fleurs-de-lis on the back, Paris, 1817, 4to. (733) Lacroix, £20 IOS.

[The unique copy, printed on vellum for the Duchesse d'Angoulême (daughter of Marie Antoinette).-Catalogue.] 5189 Marvell (Andrew). The Rehearsal Transpos'd, or Animadversions upon a late Book, intituled, A Preface shewing what Grounds there are of Fears and Jealousies of Popery, London, printed by A. B. for the assigns of John Calvin and Theodore Beza, at the sign of the King's Indulgence, on the south side of the Lake Leman, 1672-The Rehearsal Transpos'd, the Second Part, Occasioned by Two Letters, the first printed by a nameless Author, intituled, A Reproof, etc., the second Letter left for me at a Friend's House, dated November 3, 1673, subscribed J. G., and concluding with these words, "If thou darest to print or publish any lie or libel against Dr. Parker, by the Eternal God I will cut thy throat," answered by Andrew Marvel, London, printed for Nathaniel Ponder at the Peacock in Chancery Lane, near Fleet Street, 1673, first editions, 2 vol., old English morocco, panelled sides, gilt back, etc., g. e., sm. 8vo. (635) Pickering, £10

[Excessively rare and interesting to the Shakespeare collector for its reference to the fat Sir John Falstaff. See page 191, vol. i.; see also page 47, vol. ii., etc.—Catalogue.] 5190 Massinger, Middleton and Rowley. The Excellent Comedy, called the Old Law, or a New Way to Please You, by Phil. Massinger, Tho. Middleton and William Rowley, acted before the King and Queene at Salisbury House, and at severall other places, with great Applause, together with an exact and perfect Catalogue of all the Playes, with the Authors' Names, and what are Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, Pastoralls, Masks, Interludes, more exactly printed than ever before, first edition, top blank margins of three leaves repaired, otherwise a large and good copy, with some rough leaves, with the original blank before title preserved, morocco extra, t. e. g., by Rivière, London, printed for Edward Archer, at the signe of the Adam and Eve, in Little Britaine, 1656, 4to. (735) B. F. Stevens, £20

[A practically uncut copy of this important piece, of the utmost rarity with the sixteen-page catalogue of plays intact, as in this copy. In this list will be found a great number of plays now no longer known, and it is also interesting on account of the plays recorded under the name of "Will. Shakespeare," some of which it is not certain he had a hand in.-Catalogue.

5191 [Mennis (Sir J.) and Smith (James).] Witts Recreations, Selected from the finest Fancies of Moderne Muses, with a Thousand Outlandish Proverbs, first edition, frontispiece by

W. Marshall, russia gilt, g. e., R. H. for Humphry Blunden, 1640, 8vo. (637) Pickering, £8 5s. 5192 [Mennis (Sir J.) and Smith (James).] Musarum Delicia, or the Muses Recreation, containing severall Select Pieces of Sportive Wit, by Sr. J. M. and Ja. S., first edition, russia, plain, g.e., H. Herringman, 1655, 8vo. (638) Cotton, £8 10s. 5193 Military Costumes. Uniformes Militaires, dessiné et gravé par le Sieur de Montigny, 173 (should be 174) coloured plates of infantry and cavalry, old French morocco, gilt ornamental back, line sides, g. e. (Derome), Paris, chez l'Auteur, 1772, 8vo. (642) Belin, £29 5194 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, with the Argument, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1669, 4to. (738) Edwards, £14

[This corresponds with the fifth or sixth issue of the first edition, except in the following points. The word "angel" on the title is in italics, and there is a comma after Brittain. The seven leaves of Argument, etc. are completely reprinted, with many considerable variations. It is sufficient to point out that The Printer to the Reader was omitted completely; towards the end of the Argument of Book I. "councell" is altered to councel," "palace" to "pallace." In Milton's note on "The Verse" the last words on the initial page are "longer and shorter works as have," while in all the preceding issues they are "rejected Rime both in." -Catalogue.]

5195 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, with the Argument, first edition, with the seventh title-page, old calf, 1669, 4to. (739) Leighton, £16 10s.

5196 Milton (John). Poems, first edition, portrait_by Marshall, original calf, 1645, 8vo. (644) S. C. Brown, £85 [In this copy the portrait is not cut into by binder as is almost always the case. Some of the pagination numbers are, however, cut into as usual.—Catalogue. A good measurement for this book would be 6 inches by 32 inches. It was issued in sheepskin as well as in calf.—ED.] 5197 Molière (J. P. de). Euvres avec des remarques grammaticales, des Avertissemens et des Observations sur chaque pièce par M. Bret, portrait and plates after Moreau, 6 vol., morocco, g.e., by Derome, best edition, with the starred leaves, La Compagnie des Librairies Associés, 1773 (647) Maberley, £37

5198 Molière (J. P. de). Euvres. The complete suite of portrait and 33 engravings by Boucher to the edition of 1734, proof impressions, with uncut margins, bound in morocco superextra, gilt top, uncut (Paris, 1734), folio (1029)

Frederick, £35

[Excessively rare in this exceptional state. They are evidently trial proofs, being printed on folio size paper. The edition of 1734, for which they were designed, is in 4to. Inserted is the original drawing, being probably the original design for "Les Fâcheux."-Catalogue.]

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