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5120 Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony, a collection of Celebrated Songs and Cantatas, by the most approved Masters, with the thorough bass for the harpsichord and transpositions for the German flute, etc., the whole engraved on copper, with an engraving illustrative of each song, 4 vol., calf extra, g. e., 1760, 8vo. (827) Till, £10 [This copy had the very rare fourth volume, seldom found with the book. At the end is inserted an engraved catalogue of music.-Catalogue.]

5121 Clutterbuck (Robert). The History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford, the author's own copy, 3 vol., maps and views, India proofs, antiquities, seals, pedigrees, etc., LARGE PAPER, extra illustrated by the insertion of several hundred additional items, including original pencil, sepia and water-colour drawings of Ancient Monuments and Antiquities, etc., numerous shields of Arms emblazoned, a series of Original Drawings for the Brasses, mezzotint portraits, etc., 1815-21-27, folio (495) Dixon, £60 5122 Collier (J. P.) Shakespeare's Library, a collection of the Romances, Novels, Poems and Histories used by Shakespeare as the Foundation of his Dramas, 2 vol., a thick paper copy (only 50 printed), original boards, uncut, Rodd (1843), (279) Pearson, £14

[Payne Collier's own copy, with an autograph note as to the origin of the book on the leaf. Inserted is a letter from Mr. W. C. Hazlitt to Payne Collier asking for permission to reprint. Collier had appended a humorous reply.—Catalogue.] 5123 Comines (Philippe de). Les Memoires de Messire Philippe de Comines, Seigneur d'Argenton, contenant l'Histoire des Roys Louis XI. and Charles VIII. depuis l'an 1446, jusques en 1498, . Aumentez de plusieurs Traictez, Contracts, etc. par Denys Godefroy, morocco, gilt leaves, with the arms of John Sheffield, 3rd Earl of Mulgrave, afterwards Duke of Buckinghamshire and Normanby, impressed on the sides, Paris, 1649, folio (497) Potter, £5 15s. 5124 Constable (John, R.A.) Various Subjects of Landscape, characteristic of English Scenery, from pictures painted by J. Constable, R.A., engraved by David Lucas, plates spotted, 1830, oblong folio (77) Rimell, £20

[This highly interesting copy (No. 1) was specially chosen by Constable for his friend, John Partridge (the portrait painter), and had the plates in proof state, the majority (16) being initialled by Constable as particularly brilliant impressions. Constable's autograph signature is found on the original wrapper, together with Partridge's name.Catalogue.]

5125 [Cooper (John, of Warwick).] The Warwickshire Hunt from 1795 to 1836, with numerous Notes, Anecdotes, etc. by Venator, frontispiece and woodcuts, half bound, uncut, 1837, 8vo. (286) Hatchard, £8 [Presentation copy, with inscription on reverse of half

title, "Presented to his Daughter Emma by the Author November, 1840."-Catalogue.]

5126 Corneille (Pierre). Horace, Tragedie, frontispiece after Le Brun, a large copy, morocco extra, g.e., by Lortic, first issue, Paris, 1641, 4to. (460) Quaritch, £14 5127 Coronation of King George IV. in Westminster Abbey, July 19th, 1821, with large plates in gold and colours, comprising full-length portraits, views of the Coronation, the Banquet, etc., half morocco gilt, g.e., Bohn, 1839, folio (499) Parsons, £9 155.

[With this lot is included: Letters on the Coronation Oath, George III., 4to., 1827-Ceremonies observed at the Coronation of George IV., 4 engravings inserted, folio, 1821 -Form of Marriage Service, Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra, 1863-Baptism of Prince Albert, elder son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, 1864.—Catalogue.]

5128 Cowper (W.) Poems, first edition, morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, pages 59 and 60 in duplicate, one being the suppressed leaf, the other substituted, 1782, 8vo. (302)

Berry, £10 5s. 5129 Cruikshank (George). The Table Book, with Contributions by W. M. Thackeray and others, first edition, complete in the 12 parts with all the wrappers, and illustrations by George Cruikshank, in morocco case, by Rivière and Son, earliest issue of the first edition, 1845, 8vo. (306)

Denham, £8 5s.

5130 Davies (John). Wittes Pilgrimage (Poeticall Essaies) Through a World of Amorous Sonnets, Soule-passions, and other Passages, Divine, Philosophicall, Morall, Poetical and Politicall, morocco extra, g. e. (1605), (471) Tree, £28 [Perhaps the rarest of all this writer's numerous works. The "Amorous Sonnets" are 104 in number, and are followed by 48 "other sonnets upon other subjects." To which succeeds "An amorous colloque 'twixt Dorus and Pamala," consisting of 52 four-lined verses. The remainder of the volume is of a serio-comic description, quaintly expressed. It has been stated that this poetical volume was issued by the author without a title-page.-Catalogue.] 5131 Defoe (Daniel). The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, being the Second and Last Part of his Life, and of the Strange Surprizing Accounts of his Travels, with a map, first edition, soiled, large copy in the original calf, London, W. Taylor, 1719, 8vo. (314) Ellis, £18 5132 Dekker (Thomas). Satiro-Mastix, or the untrussing of the humorous Poet, first edition, calf extra, gilt leaves, 1602, 4to. (475) J. C. Brown, £35 [Contains references to the "Comedy of Errors," and Shallow on the back of A 4 and on E 3. Ben Johnson is ridiculed under the name of Horace. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xv., No. 782.-ED.]

5133 Dekker (Thomas). The Wonder of a Kingdom, Quod non

Dant proceres, Dabit Histrio, first edition, calf extra, gilt leaves, 1636, 4to. (476) Tree, £7 [Some of the top margins of this copy were shaved.-ED.] 5134 Dickens (Charles). Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, first edition, with 43 illustrations by R. Seymour and "Phiz," morocco gilt, g. e., 1837, 8vo. (322) J. Brown, £52 [Presentation copy, with inscription, "William Harrison Ainsworth, Esqre., From his most faithfully, Charles Dickens," and bookplate of W. H. Ainsworth inside cover. -Catalogue.] 5135 Dickens (Charles). Nicholas Nickleby, first edition, portrait, and illustrations by "Phiz," some spotted, morocco gilt, g. e., 1839, 8vo. (323) J. Brown, £39 [Presentation copy, with inscription, "William Harrison Ainsworth, from his friend, Charles Dickens, May, 1841.”— Catalogue.] 5136 Dickens (Charles). Life of Charles Dickens, by John Forster, 3 vol., first edition, enlarged by the insertion of 142 autograph Letters of celebrities mentioned in the book, inlaid and bound by Rivière, in levant morocco, super-extra, gilt edges, 1872-74, 8vo. (62) Leon, £46

[Charles Dew's copy (£34 10s.) The catalogue gives a list of the letters.-ED.]

Leon, £6

5137 Dickens (Charles). A Tale of Two Cities, in the original 8 parts, with all the wrappers and advertisements, illustrations by H. K. Browne, enclosed in a cloth wrapper, 1859, 8vo. (44) Quaritch, £13 5138 Dickens (Charles). Great Expectations, I vol., calf, m.e., frontispiece and vignette title by M. Stone, presentation copy from "Charles Dickens to Edmund Yates, March, 1863," 1862, 8vo. (49) Sabin, £19 5s. 5139 Dickens (Charles). Nicholas Nickleby, in the original 20 parts, with all the wrappers, illustrations by H. K. Browne, in cloth case, 1839, 8vo. (20) 5140 Dickens (Charles). Master Humphrey's Clock, 3 vol., illustrations by H. K. Browne and Cattermole, with a complete set of extra illustrations by H. K. Browne and R. Young, proofs on India paper, bound by Rivière, calf extra, g. t., other edges uncut, with the wrappers at the end of each vol., 1840-41 (25) Leon, £7 [Frederick Burgess's copy with his bookplate. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. viii., No. 5012.-Éd.] 5141 Dickens (Charles). Oliver Twist, first octavo edition, in the original 10 parts, with all the wrappers, in cloth case, 1846, 8vo. (14) Leon, 13 10S. 5142 Dickens (Charles). Sunday under Three Heads, first edition, illustrations by H. K. Browne, morocco extra, t. e. g., by Rivière, 1836, 8vo. (2) Tregaskis, £7 2s. 6d. 5143 Dorat (C. J.) Les Baisers, précédés du Mois de Mai, engraved title, plate, and vignettes and culs-de-lampe by Eisen and Marillier, LARGE HOLLAND PAPER, title in red and black, morocco extra, g. e., La Haye et Paris, 1770, 8vo. (334) Lennox, £13

5144 Douglas (Gawin). The Palis of Honoure [in verse], compeled by Gawyne Dowglas, Bysshope of Dunkyll, black letter. title within woodcut border from a Geoffrey Tory design (wanted Aj, a blank leaf, corner of title mended and a few wormholes filled in, otherwise a perfect copy), morocco extra, gold ornaments on sides, g. e., by Rivière, Imprinted at London in fletstret at the Sygne of the Rose Garland by Wyllyam Copland. God save Queen Marye, n. d., 1553, small 4to. (678) Pickering, £95

[The Earl of Ashburnham's copy, also wanting the blank leaf, sold for £81. This one, in addition to the defects above mentioned, had a portion of the title in facsimile.-ED.] 5145 Dryden (John). The Conquest of Granada by the Spaniards, in two parts, acted at the Theater-Royall, first edition, large copy in old English morocco, back covered with gold tooling, paned sides, with crest and initials "J. L. G." in gold on sides, g. e., T. N. for Henry Herringman, 1672, folio (680) Pickering, £19

[The most popular of all Dryden's plays, and a remarkably fine copy. For a most careful collation, see the Appendix" to the Rowfant catalogue, with which this copy has been compared, and nearly agrees.-Catalogue.] 5146 Eusebius. The Ancient Ecclesiasticall Histories of the First Six Hundred Yeares after Christ, written in the Greeke tongue by three learned Historiographers, Eusebius, Socrates and Evagrius, translated by Meredith Hammer, the Ecclesiasticall Histories of Socrates and of Evagrius have independent titles, black and roman letter, calf, 1585, folio (512) Pearson, £12

[In his "New Illustrations of Shakespeare," vol. i., page 247, Hunter reprints a portion of the Epistle Dedicatory as illustrating a passage in "Much Ado about Nothing."ED.] 5147 Evelyn (John). Sculptura, or the History and Art of Chalcography and Engraving in Copper, first edition, engraved frontispiece by the author, and the mezzotint plate by Prince Rupert, presentation copy from the author, with autograph inscription, to Dr. Thomas Browne (Sir Thomas Browne), the author of Religio Medici, written on fly-leaf: "For my honor'd Friend, Dr. Browne, from his most humble Servant, J. Evelyn," old calf, gilt edges, 1662, small 8vo. (349)

Denham, £69 5148 Famous Victories (The) of Henry the Fifth, containing the Honourable Battell of Agin-court, as it was Acted by the Kinges Majesties Servants, morocco, g. e. (last line of title in manuscript), London, imprinted by Barnard Alsop, and are to be sold by Tymothie Barlow, at his Shop in Paules Churchyard, at the Signe of the Bull-head, 1617, 4to. (685) A. Jackson, 197 [The first edition of this play (1598) exists only in the unique copy bequeathed by Malone to the Bodleian

Library. It is doubtful if more than two or three copies of this edition of 1617 are in existence. Halliwell-Phillipps possessed a copy (edition of 1617), but before he parted with it to the British Museum he caused to facsimile copies to be made. The British Museum Catalogue thus describes this Halliwell-Phillipps copy: "This play furnished Shakespeare with the outline of the two parts of Henry IV. as well as that of Henry V." Reprinted in extenso in Shakespeare's library.-Catalogue.]

5149 Fewterer (John). The Myrrour, or Glasse of Christes Passion, [Colophon]. Thus endeth this lytell treatyse called the Glasse, or Myrrour of Christes passion, Imprynted at London, in Flete Strete, at the sygne of the George, by me, Robert Redman. The yere of our lorde god The xii. day of December. Cum privilegio, morocco extra, the sides blind tooled, g. e., by Bedford, 1534, folio (515) Delaine, £120

[This appears to be the only copy which has occurred for sale for many years. There is none in the British Museum. The title is enclosed by a woodcut border in the style of Holbein, and the volume is illustrated by two large and one small wood engravings.-ED.]

5150 Fielding (Henry). Tom Jones, first edition, 6 vol., calf extra, g.e., by Rivière, 1749, 8vo. (357) Edwards, £8 12s. 6d. 5151 Ford (William). A Catalogue of a Curious and Valuable Collection of Books in various languages and branches of literature, which are now selling for ready money at the prices affixed to each article, half bound, 1805, 8vo. (370) Brewer, £12 5s.

[Ford's own copy, extra-illustrated with a proof portrait of himself from a private plate, his bookplate, various notes in manuscript, etc. It is interleaved throughout, and opposite many of the lots Ford had added interesting notes. Amongst the 3,054 books in this catalogue are Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis," 1593, bound with "Licia, or Poems of Love"; the two were sold to Malone for £25. Messrs. Sotheby's Catalogue contains a long transcript of Ford's notes respecting this book and a copy of a letter from Malone, in which he endeavours to allay some unpleasantness that had arisen between Ford and himself.ED.]

5152 Freer (Miss). Works, comprising Life of Marguerite d'Angoulême, 2 vol., 1852-Jeanne d'Albret, 2 vol., 1855Elizabeth de Valois, 2 vol., 1857-Henri III., 3 vol., 1858Henri IV. and the League, 2 vol., 1860-Henri IV. and Marie de Medici, 2 vol., 1861-Last Decade of a Glorious Reign, vol., 1863-Anne of Austria, both series, 4 vol., 1864-66, together 19 vol., all first editions, in the original cloth, uncut (372) Maggs, £21

5153 Gardiner (Samuel Rawson). History of England (1603-1616), 2 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1863, 8vo. (374)

Sotheran, £16 5s.

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