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folding plan, black letter, 1684, and 3 others, in i vol., old calf, small 4to. (816)

£10 155. [A few leaves in the first-mentioned pamphlet had been

repaired, and the lot was sold not subject to return.-ED.) 5007 Keats (J.). The Original Autograph Manuscript of the “Cap

and Bells,” comprising Stanzas i to 8, 17 to 44, 45 (a portion of), and 52 to 81, written on 24 leaves (498)

£345 [This manuscript is apparently the original rough draft of this poem, and is entirely in the author's autograph, containing throughout numerous alterations and corrections. Several of the stanzas, or portions of them, are re-written, and in the case of stanzas i7 and 74 there are two different versions. A collation with Mr. Buxton Forman's edition of Keats' Works also reveals other variations from the Poem as there printed. It was written during November and December, 1819, but although Keats composed no less than eighty-eight stanzas, he never completed it.-Catalogue. The Athenæum of June 14, 1902, p. 757, contains a letter from Mr. Buxton Forman relative to this manuscript, which he says has been dismembered since he saw and collated

it several years ago.-Ed.] 5008 Poynter (Sir E. J.) The National Gallery, with Reproductions

of Every Picture in the Collection, illustrations (limited to 1,000 copies), 3 vol., sewed, 1900, 4to. (294)

£11 5009 Punch, or the London Charivari, numerous illustrations, from

the commencement in 1841 to 1901, 121 vol., a complete set of the original issue, in clean condition, cloth, 4to. (616)

£16 jos. 5010 Pyne (W. H.) History of the Royal Residences, illustrated

by 100 highly-finished and coloured engravings, facsimiles of original drawings by eminent artists, 3 vol., half russia, g. t., uncut, 1819, 4to. (601)

£31 Ios. 5011 Westmacott (C. M.) The English Spy, being Portraits of the

Illustrious, Eminent, Eccentric and Notorious, drawn from Life by Bernard Blackmantle, first edition, 72 coloured plates by R. Cruikshank and woodcuts by Cruikshank, Rowlandson and Gillray (vol. I wanted title and vol. 2 wanted plate 1), 2 vol., half bound, Sherwood, Jones and Co., 1825-6, royal 8vo. (451)



(No. of Lots, 947 ; amount realised, £1,196 vis.)

5012 A'Beckett (G. A.) The Comic History of England, 2 vol.,

first edition, with 10 coloured etchings and i20 woodcuts, by John Leech, half morocco, uncut, t.e. g., Punch Office, 1847-8, 8vo. (610)

Edwards, £2 75. 5013 Ackermann (R.) The Microcosm of London, 3 vol., upwards

of 100 coloured plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, calf,

rebacked, 1808-10, royal 4to. (204) Spencer, £16 155. 5014 Adventures of a Post Captain, by a Naval Officer, 24 coloured plates by Williams, half bound (1817), 8vo. (1)

Sabin, £1 198. 5015 Arts en Italie (Les). Iconographie des Chefs-d'Euvre de la

Peinture, la Sculpture et l'Architecture Italienne, 45 eauxfortes, 2 planches sur cuivre et 325 illustrations, one of 25 copies, with the plates in duplicate, half morocco, g. t., Paris, 1888, folio (212)

Batsford, £2 25. 5016 Audubon (J. J.) and the Rev. John Bachman. The Vivi

parous Quadrupeds of North America, complete, with numerous very large coloured engravings of Quadrupeds, chiefly of their full natural sizes, 3 vol., balf morocco, g. e., Published by J. J. Audubon, New York, 1845-8Descriptive Text to the Work, 3 vol., cloth, super imperial 8vo., 1847-53, enclosed in a rosewood cabinet, fitted with boarded compartments, and lined with green baize, with lock and key (650)

Sabin, £59 Ios. 5017 Belle Assemblée, La, or Bell's Court and Fashionable Maga

zine, from 1806 to 1820, 30 vol., numerous coloured fashion plates, portraits, designs, etc., half calf, clean set, 1806-20, 8vo. (688)

Rimell, £5 125. 6d. 5018 Bentham (1) History and Antiquities of the Conventual and

Cathedral Church of Ely, with Supplement by Stevenson, second edition, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, best edition, numerous plates, russia, g. e., Norwich, 1812-17, imperial 4to. (221)

Ridler, £2 ios. 5019 Black (W. H.) History and Antiquities of the Company of

Leathersellers of the City of London, facsimile of the Charter and other illustrations, some in colours, morocco, g. e., 1871, folio (223)

Walford, £2 145. 5020 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Catalogue of a Collection of

European Enamels from the Earliest Date to the end of the XVII. Century, frontispiece in colours and 72 plates, uncut, 1897, folio (231)

Tregaskis, £9 5021 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of Chased and Em

bossed Steel and Iron Work of European Origin, 70 plates, 1900, folio (232)

Quaritch, 25 5s. 5022 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of a Collection of

Silversmiths' Work of European Origin, 120 plates, 1901, folio (233)

Wesley, £8 8s. 5023 Burton (W.) Description of Leicestershire, inlaid through

out, and illustrated with 240 additional plates from Nichols'

Leicestershire, half morocco, 1622, folio (234) Ridler, £9 55. 5024 Burns (Robert). Works, edited by William Scott Douglas,

6 vol., LARGE PAPER, with portrait and plates on India paper, half morocco extra, uncut, g. t., Edinburgh, 1877, 8vo. (515)

J. Bumpus, £2 6s. 5025 Connoisseur (The), a Magazine for Collectors, No. I to 7,

édition de luxe, Japanese vellum paper, one of 50 copies only, numerous facsimile and other illustrations, some in colours, original wrappers, 1901-2, 4to. (636)

Pickering, £7 125. 6d. [Contributed to by Cyril Davenport, J. H. Slater, Algernon Graves, L. Ingleby Wood, W. C. Hazlitt, J. Grego and

others.- Catalogue.] 5026 Dickens (Charles). Christmas Books, frontispiece, present

ation copy, with inscription, “Mrs. G. L. Banks, from Charles Dickens, Second February, 1853," a short letter from Dickens to Mrs. Banks, dated from the Office of “All the Year Round," inserted, calf gilt, g. e., 1852, 8vo. (613)

Sabin, £10 1os. 5027 Doran (Dr.) In and about Drury Lane, and other Papers,

2 vol., illustrated with 134 additional portraits, calf extra, g. t., uncut, by Rivière, 1881, 8vo. (64)

Maggs, £ 5 5028 Dugdale (Sir W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, a History of the

Abbies and other Monasteries, Hospitals, Frieries and
Cathedral and Collegiate Churches in England and Wales,
8 vol., portrait and numerous plates, half morocco, g. t.,
Bohn, 1846, folio (265)

Hamilton, £15 5029 Duruy (V.) History of Greece, with Introduction by Dr.

Mahaffy, 4 vol., in 8 sections, plates and illustrations, roxburghe, 1892, 8vo. (166)

Thorp, £3 16s. 5030 Förster (E.) Monuments d'Architecture, de Sculpture et de

Peinture de l'Allemagne, 8 vol., plates, half morocco, g. t.,
Paris, 1859-66, folio (272)

Batsford, £3 3s. 5031 Gillray (J.) Works, including the suppressed plates, 2 vol.,

portrait and plates-also Wright and Evans's Descriptive Account of same, 1851 (8vo.), half morocco, 3 vol., folio (276)

Quaritch, £4 125. 5032 Gould (John). The Birds of Australia and the adjacent

Islands, parts i. and ii. (all published), with 20 coloured plates, in the original wrappers, Published by the Author, 1837-8, folio (651)

J. Bumpus, £6 15. Presentation copy from the author to Mr. Dring, an officer on H.M.S. Beagle, with two letters from Mr. Gould. This work was cancelled, and is therefore scarce. It is a distinct publication from “The Birds of Australia," published in 1848.- Catalogue.]

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5033 Grandes Peintres Français et Etrangers, 2 vol. in 8 portfolios, proof plates on India paper, Paris, 1884, folio (280)

Batsford, £2 2s. 5034 Hamerton (P. G.) Etchings and Etchers, third edition, etch

ings, roxburghe, uncut, 1880, folio (287) Edwards, £2 195. 5035 Hassell (J.) Aqua Pictura, Illustrated by a Series of Original

Specimens from the Works of Payne, Varley, Wheatley,
Cox, Prout, Dewint, etc., plates, many in colours, morocco

(rubbed), g. e., n. d., oblong folio (290) Thorp, £2 ios. 5036 Hoffbauer (M. F.) Paris à travers les Ages. Aspects

successifs des Monuments et Quartiers Historiques de
Paris, Texte par MM. E. Fournier, P. Lacroix, etc., 2 vol.,
plates and illustrations, half morocco, g. t., uncut, Paris,
1875-82, folio (296)

Batsford, £3 14s. 5037 Hogarth (W.) Works, Restored by Heath, with Explanation

of the Plates by Nichols, plates, half morocco, g. e., n. d.,
folio (297)

Roche, £3 ios. 5038 Hutchins (1.) History and Antiquities of the County of

Dorset, corrected, augmented and improved by R. Gough
and J. B. Nichols, with Appendix, 5 vol., LARGE PAPER
(except vol. ii.), portraits, maps and plates, half buckram,

uncut (vol. ii. stilted), 1796-1803-13-15, folio (300) Ridler, £5 5039 Kitton (F. C.) Charles Dickens by Pen and Pencil, including

Anecdotes and Reminiscences collected from his Friends
and Contemporaries, 3 vol., plates on India paper and
other illustrations, including the 70 additional illustrations,
1890-92, folio (302)

Thorp, £3 4s. 5040 Landseer (Sir Edwin). Selections from the Works of, Library

Edition, plates on India paper, stamped proofs, in 4 port-
folios, Graves, n. d., folio (307)

Parsons, £2 16s. 5041 Lenoir (A.) Statistique Monumentale de Paris, 2 vol., plates,

some in colours, half morocco, g. t., uncut-Explication des

Planches, uncut, Paris, 1867, 4to. (310) Ridler, £2 ios. 5042 Le Pautre (P.) Les Plans, Profils et Elevations des Ville et

Château de Versailles, avec les Bosquet et Fontaines,
plates by Cochin, Baquoy, Herisset, Menant, etc., half calf,

Paris, Vanheck, s. d., royal folio (805) Parsons, £3 5s. 5043 Malton (James). A. Picturesque and Descriptive View of the

City of Dublin, with the series of views coloured, original
boards, uncut, with paper label on side, 1792, etc., folio (564)

É. Parsons, £17
[Only a few coloured copies were issued.

This one belonged to a noted Dublin collector, Dr. Joly, and was

presented by him to Dr. R. R. Madden.- Catalogue.] 5044 Muther (R.) The History of Modern Painting, 3 vol., numerous illustrations, 1895-6, imperial 8vo. (200)

Braun, £2 16s. 5045 Nayler (Sir George). The Coronation of King George the

Fourth, in the Church of St. Peter, Westminster, July 19,
1821, large coloured plates, comprising whole length
portraits, the Coronation, the Banquet, etc., morocco extra,
g. e., by Wright, Bohn, 1839, folio (647) Tregaskis, £19 ios.

5046 Nodier (C.) Taylor et Cailleux. Voyages Pittoresques et Ro

mantiques dans l'Ancienne France. Normandie, 2 vol.Languedoc, 4 vol., together 6 vol., plates on India paper and illustrations, half morocco, g. t., uncut, Paris, Didot, 1822-37, folio (328)

Herman, £7 155. 5047 Ogilby (J.) Africa, an accurate Description of, map and

plates, old calf, re-backed, 1670, folio (943) Edwards, 13 35. 5048 Palæographical Society. Facsimiles of Ancient Manuscripts,

part i.-xiii., first series, 1873-83, and part i.-ix., second series, 1884-92, in the original paper covers, 1873-92, folio (331)

Quaritch, £18 5049 Palmer (S.) St. Pancras. Antiquarian, Topographical and

Biographical Memoranda, 1 vol. in 2, LARGE PAPER, plates, with 156 additional ones inserted (some scarce), half morocco, g. t., uncut, 1870, 4to. (202)

Ridler, £3 155. 5050 Phelps (Rev. W.) History and Antiquities of Somersetshire,

2 vol. in 1, plates, half calf, 1836-9, 4to. (410) Walford, £2 5051 Phillips (Stephen). Christ in Hades, and other Poems, first edition, in the original wrapper, uncut, 1896, 8vo. (571)

Longhurst, £3 5052 Phillips (Stephen). Paolo and Francesca, a Tragedy, in four acts, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1900, 8vo. (595)

Longhurst, ki jos. 5053 Rhys (E.) Sir Frederick Leighton, Bart., P.R.A., an Illus

trated Chronicle, by Ernest Rhys, with Prefatory Essay by F. G. Stephens, LARGE PAPER, 85 copies printed, proof plates on India paper, in two states, half vellum, g. t., uncut, 1895, folio (343)

Batsford, £2 ios. 5054 Rossi (D. de). A New Book of Ornaments, Decorations of

Theatres, Ceilings, Chimney Pieces, Doors, etc., useful to Painters, Carvers, Engravers, etc., 24 engraved plates, including title, half calf, 1753, folio (842)

Batsford, £6 175. 6d. 5055 Sander (F.) Reichenbachia. Orchids Illustrated and Des.

cribed, first and second series, 4 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, g. t., 1888-94, folio (349)

Hill, £16 5056 Schreiber (Lady C.) Playing Cards of various Ages and

Countries, facsimiles, 3 vol., half morocco, g. t., 1892-5, folio (353)

Edwards, £3 18s. 5057 Shakespeare (W.) Works, edited by W. A. Wright, “Cambridge edition," 40 vol., uncut, 1893-5, 8vo. (377)

Quaritch, £8 5s. 5058 Sheraton (T.) The Cabinet Maker's and Upholsterer's

Drawing Book, with Appendix, numerous plates, uncut, 1791-3, 4to. (725)

Magg's, £8 155. 5059 Smith (J. T.) Antiquities of London and its Environs, 2 vol.,

LARGE PAPER, plates (unbound), uncut, 1791-1805, extra imperial folio (451)

Braun, £3 8s. 5060 Société d'Aquarellistes Français, 2 vol. in 8 parts, plates on

India paper and numerous illustrations, tirage de grand luxe, rio copies printed, Paris, 1883, folió (452)

Rimell, £2 125.



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