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-A Fight at Sea, two Ships taken by Prince Charles, and Prince Charles very ill and in Danger of Death, etc., 1648 --Terrible and Bloudy Newes from Windsor, 1648, and others equally rare, in all 22, MS. list of contents, calf gilt, by Holloway, 4to. (519) D. Thorp, £10 155. 4804 Clarendon (Earl of). History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 8 vol., Oxford, 1826-Life, with Continuation of the Grand Rebellion, 3 vol., ib., 1827, together II vol., portraits, Cambridge calf gilt, g.e., by Hayday, Oxford, 1826-7, 8vo. (179) Sotheran, £9

4805 Collins (A.) Peerage of England augmented, and continued to the present time, by Sir E. Bridges, 9 vol., coats-of-arms, calf gilt, g. e., 1812, 8vo. (190) Maggs, £3 6s. 4806 Connellan (Owen). Annals of Ireland, translated from the original Irish of the four Masters, with annotations by P. MacDermott, autograph letter from Lord Lansdowne inserted, morocco extra, richly gilt sides, g. e., Dublin, 1846, 4to. (526) Maggs, £2 135. 4807 Coryat (T.) Crudities, with his Letters from India, 3 vol., plates, old calf gilt, y. e., 1776, 8vo. (200)

Bain, £10 4808 Cotgrave (J.) The English Treasury of Wit and Language, MS. notes, old calf gilt, H. Moseley, 1655, 8vo. (201) Pickering, £12 10s. 4809 Cotton (C.) Poems on Several Occasions, first edition, morocco extra, panelled sides, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1689, 8vo. (202) Young, £4 4810 Cowley (A.) Works, 3 vol., portraits and plates, old calf gilt, with large ex-libris of Robert Vansittart, of London, merchant, 1707-8, 8vo. (204) Bain, £2 145. 4811 Cowper (W.) Works, with Life by R. Southey, 15 vol., portrait and plates, calf extra, g. e., by Hayday, 1836-7, 8vo. (205) Bain, £3 18s. 4812 Crabbe (Rev. G.) Poetical Works, with Letters, Journal, and Life by his Son, 8 vol., portrait and plates, calf gilt, y. e., by Hayday and Mansell, 1835, 8vo. (209) Bain, £2 7s. 6d. 4813 Cromek (R. H.) Select Scottish Songs, Ancient and Modern, with Observations and Biographical Notices by R. Burns, 2 vol., woodcuts, titles printed on India paper, calf gilt, g.e., by Hayday, 1810, 8vo. (211) Young, £I 4s. 4814 Cruikshank (G.) German Popular Stories, collected by M. M. Grimm from Oral Tradition, 2 vol., first edition, plates by G. C., old calf gilt, Baldwin, 1823—Robins, 1826, 8vo. (213) Edwards, £26 10s. 4815 Dampier (Captain W.) Collection of Voyages, 4 vol., maps and plates, old calf gilt, 1729, 8vo. (313) Bain, £6 4816 Daniel (S.) Poetical Works, with Memoirs of his Life and Writings, 2 vol., calf extra, y. e., by F. Bedford, 1718, 8vo. (314) Bain, £2 4817 Daru (P.) Histoire de la République de Venise, précédée d'une Notice sur sa Vie par M. Viennet, 9 vol., mottled calf extra, by F. Bedford, Paris, 1853, 8vo. (319) Maggs, £3 5s. 4818 Davenant (Sir W.) Works, consisting of those which were

formerly Printed, and those which he design'd for the Press, now published out of the author's original copies, portrait by Faithorne, calf gilt, r. e., 1673, folio (578) Young, £5 5s. 4819 D'Avennes (P.) L'Art Arabe d'apres les Monuments du Kaire depuis le VIIe Siècle jusqu'à la fin du XVIIIe, plates, many in colours, 3 vol. in 20 parts, in portfolio, and 4to. vol. of Text, numerous illustrations, Paris, 1874-7, folio (579)

Rimell, £16 4820 Defoe (D.) Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, engraving after Stothard, morocco extra, g. e., by Hayday, 1820, 8vo. (333) Sotheran, £8

4821 De-Laune (T.) The Present State of London, frontispiece of the Mayor and Court of Aldermen, plates and woodcuts of arms, russia, g. e., 1681, 8vo. (335) Bain, £2 4822 Dodsley (R.) Select Collection of Old Plays, new edition, with Additional Notes by I. Reed, Gilchrist, etc., with Supplement, "Five Old Plays," edited by J. P. Collier, together 13 vol., calf gilt, m. e., contents lettered, by Hering, 1825, Pickering, 1833, 8vo. (345) Sotheran, £4 16s. 4823 Donne (Dr. J.) Works, with Life by Rev. H. Alford, 6 vol., portrait, Cambridge calf gilt, r. e., by Hayday, 1839, 8vo. (346) Bain, £3 4824 Donne (Dr. J.) Letters to Several Persons of Honour, first edition, portrait by Lombart, with autograph on fly-leaf, "Ex libris Tho. Clutterbuck, 1658, pres. 3s.," Cambridge calf extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, 1651, 4to. (542)

Quaritch, £4 4825 Dorset (Mrs.) The Peacock at Home and other Poems, first collected edition, calf gilt, g. e., by Hayday, 1809-The Peacock "at Home," The Butterfly's Ball, and The Fancy Fair, coloured illustrations, 1841-another edition, illustrations by Weir, 1854, in 1 vol., calf gilt, g. e., by Hayday, 2 vol., 8vo. (349) Young, £2 18s. 4826 Drake (Sir Francis) Revived, being a Summary and True Relation of foure several Voyages made by the said Sir Francis Drake to the West Indies, 1653-The World Encompassed, 1652-A Summarie and True Discourse of Sir Francis Drakes West-Indian Voyage, 1652, in 1 vol., portrait, old calf gilt, 1653-2, 4to. (543) Maggs, £5 7s. 6d. 4827 Drayton (Michael). Poems, newly corrected and augmented, engraved title, limp vellum, with ties, W. Stansby for J. Smethwick, n. d., 8vo. (353) Pickering, 14 15s. 4828 Drayton (Michael). Polyolbion, a Chorographicall Description of . . . the Isle of Great Britain divided into two Books, 2 vol. in I, engraved frontispiece by Hole, with leaf in verse facing, printed titles to both parts, portrait of Prince Henry before the inscription, and 30 maps (some leaves repaired, sold not subject to return), scored russia, with ex-libris of the Earl of Derwentwater, dated 1702, on back of frontispiece, 1613-22, folio (585) Pickering, £12 155.

4829 Dryden (J.) Works, with Notes and Life of the Author, by Sir W. Scott, 18 vol., portrait, calf, m. e., Edinburgh, 1821, 8vo. (355) Sotheran, £10 4830 Dunlop (J.) History of Fiction, second edition, 3 vol., calf extra, y. e., by F. Bedford, Edinburgh, 1816, 8vo. (359) Quaritch, £2 4831 Dunlop (J.) Memoirs of Spain during the Reigns of Philip IV. and Charles II., 2 vol., calf gilt, by Ramage, Edinburgh, 1834, 8vo. (360) Pinto, £2 4832 Ellis (Sir H.) Original Letters illustrative of English History, the three series complete, 11 vol., portraits, plates and facsimiles, Cambridge calf gilt, r. e., by Hayday, 1824-46, 8vo. (373) Bain, £3 16s. 4833 Fairfax (Thomas Lord). Short Memorials of, written by himself, with half title, portrait added, morocco, g. e., 1699, 8vo. (379) Eltho&Co., £2 4834 Fielding (H.) Works, with Life of the Author, 8 vol., portrait, old calf, 1771, 8vo. (385) Maggs, £2 10s. 4835 Flaxman (J.) Compositions illustrating the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer and Tragedies of Eschylus, 3 vol., outline plates, half morocco, g. e., 1795-1805—Acts of Mercy, 8 plates by Lewis, half morocco, g. e., 1831-Compositions tirées des Ouvrages des Jours et de la Théogonie d'Hésiode, 37 outline plates, half morocco, g. e., s. d., 2 vol.—Compositions from the Hell, Purgatory and Paradise of Dante, outline plates, half morocco, g. e., 1793, and another in 2 vol., together 5 vol., oblong folio (588) Sotheran, £7 4836 Foss (E.) The Judges of England, with Sketches of their Lives, 9 vol., calf extra, by Hayday, 1848-64, 8vo. (394)

Maggs, £5 155. Conquest of Engmaps, calf extra, Pinto, £11

4837 Freeman (E. A.) History of the Norman land, its Causes and its Results, 5 vol., m. e., Oxford, 1867-76, 8vo. (400) 4838 Froude (J. A.) History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth, 12 vol., with autograph letter (4pp. 8vo.) of the author inserted in vol. i., calf extra, r. e., by Ramage, 1858-70, 8vo. (401) Sotheran, £9 5s. 4839 Gibbon (E.) History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, with Notes by Milman, 12 vol.-Maps, 1 vol.Miscellaneous Works, I vol.-Life, by Milman, 1 vol., together 15 vol., portrait and maps, calf gilt, r. e., by Hayday, 1838-9, 8vo. (417) Pinto, £6

4840 Goldsmith (O.) The Vicar of Wakefield, a Tale supposed to be written by himself, 2 vol., first edition, morocco, g. e., by Holloway, Salisbury, B. Collins, 1766, 8vo. (428)

Edwards, £82 4841 Goldsmith (O.) Miscellaneous Works, with Life by Prior, 6 vol., portrait, etc., calf gilt., m. e., contents lettered, by Hayday, 1837, 8vo. (430) Maggs, £3 10S. 4842 Greville Memoirs, a Journal of the Reigns of George IV. and William IV., edited by H. Reeve, 3 vol., third edition, original cloth, uncut, 1875, 8vo. (440) Bain, £2 105.

4843 Grote (G.) History of Greece, maps bound separately, 13 vol., portrait, calf extra, by F. Bedford, 1854-7, 8vo. (442)

Quaritch, £11 155. 4844 Guest (Lady Charlotte). The Mabinogion, from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest and other Ancient Welsh Manuscripts, with an English Translation and Notes, 3 vol., facsimiles, calf extra, g. e., by Hayday, 1849, 8vo. (445) Young, £4 4s. 4845 Handbook of the Cathedrals of England and Wales, 7 vol., illustrations, original cloth, uncut, 1862, etc., 8vo. (455) J. Bumpus, £3 7s. 6d. 4846 Harleian Miscellany (The). A Collection of Scarce, Curious and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, with Annotations by Oldys and Notes by Park, 10 vol., calf gilt, 1808-13, 8vo. (457) Roche, £3 16s. 4847 Helps (A.) The Spanish Conquest in America, 4 vol., calf extra, by Rivière and Son, 1855-61, 8vo. (471) Quaritch, £4 4848 Herbert (G.) Works in Prose and Verse, 2 vol., portrait and plate, Cambridge calf gilt, g. e., by Hayday, Pickering, 1846, 8vo. (474) Jackson, L1 5s. 4849 Herodotus. Works, translated from the Greek, with Notes by the Rev. W. Beloe, 4 vol., calf extra, y. e., by Hayday, 1821, 8vo. (477) J. L. White, £2 2s. 4850 Herrera (A. de). The General History of the Vast Continent and Islands of America, commonly called the West Indies, translated by Captain J. Stevens, 6 vol., portrait and plates, Cambridge calf extra, r. e., by F. Bedford, 1725-6, 8vo. (478) Edwards, £7 15s. 4851 Herrick (R.) Poetical Works, 2 vol., calf gilt, g. e., by Hayday, Pickering, 1825, 8vo. (479) Hill, LI 12s. 4852 Herring (Dr. F.) Preservatives against the Plague, or

Directions and Advertisements for this time of Pestilentiall Contagion, etc., calf, g. e., by Holloway, 1641, 4to. (824) Maggs, £2 25. 4853 Hervey (Lord). Memoirs of the Reign of George II., edited by Hon. Crofton Croker, 2 vol., portrait, etc., calf gilt, g. e., by Hayday, 1848, 8vo. (480) Maurice, £2 6s. 4854 Homer. The Iliad and Odysseys, Hymns and Epigrams, translated by G. Chapman, Introduction and Notes by Rev. R. Hooper, 5 vol., frontispieces, morocco extra, g. e., by Holloway, Library of Old Authors, 1857-8, 8vo. (494) Maggs, £2 125. 4855 Horatius. Opera, Pine's edition, engraved throughout, illustrated with engravings, head and tail pieces, with the Potest error corrected, old morocco, scroll gold borders on the sides, g. e., J. Pine, 1733-7, 8vo. (499) Belin, £4 18s. 4856 Jenner (T.) Former Ages never Heard of, and After Ages will Admire, or A brief Review of the most Materiall Parliamentary Transactions, beginning November 3, 1640, plates on the text and several portraits inserted, calf extra, 1656, 8vo. (613) Pickering, £2 14s. 4857 Johnson (Captain C.) A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most Notorious Pyrates, 2 vol., folding

map and plates, Cambridge calf gilt, r. e., by Hayday, 1724, 8vo. (615) Maggs, £3 35. 4858 Johnson (Dr. S.) The Prince of Abissinia (Rasselas), a Tale, 2 vol., first edition, original calf, 1759, 8vo. (617)

Pickering, £4 18s. 4859 Johnson (Dr. S.) A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, first edition, original calf, 1775, 8vo. (618)

Pickering, £1 2s.

4860 Johnson (Dr. S.) Works, with Life by Murphy, 12 vol., portrait, calf, 1823, 8vo. (619) Pinto, £1 12s. 4861 Johnsoniana, or Supplement to Boswell, being Anecdotes and Sayings of Dr. Johnson, portraits, plates, etc., morocco extra, g. e., 1836, 8vo. (620) Shepherd, £2 35. 4862 Jones (D.) The Secret History of White-Hall from the Restoration of Charles II., 2 vol., calf gilt, r. e., by Ramage, 1717, 8vo. (621) Young, £175. 4863 Jonson (Ben). Works, with Notes and Memoir by W. Gifford, 9 vol., best edition, portrait, calf gilt, g. e., contents lettered, by Hayday, 1816, 8vo. (622) Sotheran, £6 5s. 4864 Josephus. Works, translated by Whiston, calf gilt, m. e., Oxford, 1839, 8vo. (623) Maggs, 1 6s. 4865 Kemble (J. M.) The Saxons in England, a History of the English Commonwealth, 2 vol., calf gilt, r. e., by Holloway, Young, £I IOS. plates, Cambridge, 1726-Life of Dr. John Colet, portrait and plates, ruled throughout, 1724, both in Cambridge calf gilt, g.e., by Hayday, 8vo. (634)

1849, 8vo. (629)

4866 Knight (S.) Life of Erasmus, portrait and

Bain, £2

4867 Koran (The), with Notes by G. Sale, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., by Hering, 1836, 8vo. (636) Maggs, £175. 4868 La Fontaine (J. de). Fables Choisies, mises en vers, engraved throughout, 6 vol., 238 plates and 471 head and tail pieces by Fessard, first issue, old French calf gilt, g. e., Paris, chez l'Auteur, 1765-1775, 8vo. (639) Edwards, £6 4869 La Fontaine (J. de). Tales and Novels in Verse, 2 vol., 85 engravings by Eisen, and 38 after Lancret, Boucher, Pater, etc., uncut, For the Society of English Bibliophilists, 1896, 8vo. (640) Edwards, £1 18s. 4870 La Motte (M. de). Fables Nouvelles, plates surrounded with ornamental scroll work, morocco extra, g. t., uncut, Amst., 1727, 8vo. (645) Belin, £2 12s. 4871 L'Art de Vérifier les Dates de Faits Historiques, des Chartes, des Chroniques, et autres Anciens Monuments, depuis la Naissance de Jésus-Christ, 10 vol., mottled calf gilt, r. e., by Hayday, Paris, 1818-38, 4to. (842) Quaritch, £7 10s. 4872 Latimer (Hugh). Frutefull Sermons, with others not hitherto set forth in print, black letter, woodcut border to title, fullpage woodcut of Latimer preaching, and printer's device, morocco extra, g. e., J. Daye, 1571, 4to. (843) Young, £4 8s. 4873 Latham (R. G.) Dictionary of the English Language, 4 vol., calf gilt, 1866-70, 8vo. (652) A. Bull, £1 IOS. 4874 Laud (William Archbishop). A Speech delivered in the Starr

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