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Kingdom of France, maps, 2 vol., old English morocco, g. e., 1794, 4to. (596)

Maggs, £4 195. [On the fly-leaf of vol. i. is a poem of twenty lines, in

manuscript, signed by the author.- Catalogue.) On May 3rd, 1902, Messrs. Sotheby sold a collection of books from various sources, which included inter alia the following :4731 Burns (Robert). Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect,

second edition, portrait by Beugo, a few leaves soiled, but an uncut copy, in boards, Edinburgh, printed for the author, 1787, 8vo. (406)

£22 55. [Copies in boards are very scarce, nearly all those met

with having been issued in calf.--Ed.] 4732 Lilford (Lord). Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Islands, uncut, 1885-97, 8vo. (201)

£64 [In the 36 parts as issued, with all the covers.-ED.] 4733 Meredith (George). Poems, first edition, with the rare Errata

slip, original cloth, uncut, as fresh as when issued (1851), 8vo. (234)

£32 ios. (A specially attractive copy, as it bore on title-page the inscription, “Tom Taylor, from his ever-loving G. M.” It also had several corrections in the author's autograph (one in Greek).--Catalogue.]

(MAY 14TH, 1902.]


[The catalogue of this sale comprised but 42 entries, most of which related to manuscripts. The total amount realised was £5,219 Is. 6d.)

4734 Bembo (Card. Pietro). Prose, contemporary Italian calf

binding, with scroll inlayings, within outer gilt ornamental borders, g. e., with ex-libris of L. E. Bigot and Gaisford, a fine specimen of binding in good preservation, Fiorenza, L. Torrentino, 1549, small 4to. (2)

Sabin, 487 4735 Breviarium ad usum Carthusiensium, cum Calendario, etc.,

illuminated manuscript on thin white vellum (436 leaves, 958 by 7 inches), gothic letters, in red and black, double columns of 36 lines, every page with a decorative border, the Calendar of scrolls of flowers and fruits, with half-length human figures, and small miniatures of the Occupations of the Months in the outside borders, the chief colours being blue, green, scarlet, pink and slate, with rich and brilliant gold heightenings, 93 remarkable miniatures in the text, the width of the column, but varying in height from 2 to 5 inches, representing the usual subjects connected with the Life of Christ and the Virgin, Figures, Martyrdoms and Emblems of Saints, etc., and there are numerous large historiated and many hundred small illuminated ornamental initials, bound in oaken boards, red velvet, with silver gilt perforated clasps, in half morocco slip case, Sæc. XV., 4to. 16

Quaritch, £1,810 [A fine manuscript, by a first-rate Flemish scribe and illuminator with Italian influence. It appeared to have been executed for the family of Van Egmont and Werdenberg. Before the text was a leaf with the emblazoned arms of George, third son of John Van Egmont and Magdalene Van Werdenberg, Abbot of Saint Amand in 1525 and Bishop of Utrecht in 1531, died 26th September, 1559. This coat was surrounded by 16 escutcheons charged with the arms of his ancestors, a scroll bearing his motto, “Pietatem exerce,” in top margin. It was afterwards in the possession of James West, whose library was sold by Paterson in April, 1773; then in the Rev. T. D. Powell's collection, sold by auction in 1848, and purchased by the

late Earl of Ashburnham for £141 155.- Catalogue.] 4736 Cervantes (M. de). The History of Don Quichote, translated

into English by Thomas Skelton, first edition of both parts together, frontispiece to each part, and printed title to part ii. only, no printed title having been issued to vol. i. in this 1620 edition, 2 vol., Spanish morocco gilt, g. e., by Rivière,

Printed for E. Blount, 1620, small 4to. (9) Pickering, £49 4737 Cicero. Tusculanarum Quæstionum lib. v., printed in roman

letter, long lines, 33 to a full page, without marks, with 5 painted and illuminated scroll initials in red, blue, white, green and gold, morocco extra, inside dentelles, with Baron de Seillière's arms on sides, in boarded cloth case, Venet., per Nicolaum Jenson Gallicum, 1472, small folio (11)

Pickering, £17 4738 Coryat (Thomas). Coryat's Crudities, newly digested in the

hungry aire of Odcombe in the County of Somerset, etc., first edition, engraved and printed title, margins of title mounted and leaves of table mended, plates mounted, but the text large and in good condition, morocco gilt, g. e., by Staggemeir, with ticket, Printed by W. S., 1611, small 4to. (12)

Robson, £18 1os. 4739 Cowley (Abraham). Works, now published out of the Author's

Original Copies, portrait by Faithorne, old English mo-
rocco, g. e., calligraphic inscription on fly-leaf, “Susanna
Turner her Book, Febr. 14th, 1701/2,” H. Herringman and
J. Tonson, 1700, folio (13)

Thomas, £7 ios. 4740 Gerard (John). The Herball, or Generall History of Plantes,

first edition, engraved title and woodcuts (inner margins of title and last leaf mended), calf, William Morris's copy (£13), with his printed label, “ From the library of William Morris, Kelmscott House, Hammersmith,” John Norton, 1597, folio (15)

Edwards, £16 4741 Hieronymus (S.) Epistolæ, lit. goth., 408 leaves, double

columns of 56 lines, without marks, headings of chapters in red, large miniature initial of S. Jerome on first page of text, and 14 painted and illuminated ornamental initials in the text, besides a large number of painted capitals in blue and red, 2 vol. in i, original binding in oaken boards, pigskin, with blind stamped ornaments, metal bosses and corners and leather and metal clasps, remarkably well preserved, with the large woodcut ex-libris of Christophorus, Baro a Wolckhenstein and Rodnegg, etc., dated 1595, Impressum Moguntinæ per Petrum Schoeffer de Gernsheim, 1470 (colophon and shields in red), large thick folio (17)

Quaritch, £202 (Printed upon vellum, of which sort not a dozen perfect copies are known. The volume altogether is in the finest possible condition, exhibiting a very interesting combination of Fifteenth Century printing, decoration and binding.–

Catalogue.] 4742 Horæ. Heures de Nostre Dame a l'usage de Rome, roman

letter, red and black, ruled in red, engraved title, 12 fullpage engravings in the Calendar of the Occupations of the Months, with the Zodiac sign above (that for July printed upside down), and 19 full-page engravings in the text, by Thomas de Leu, old French morocco, back and sides covered in oval laurel wreaths enclosing a monogram of M and Y, the devices of Marie de Medicis (?), Queen of Henri IV., in new lined cloth case, apparently printed on thick paper, Paris, A. L'Angelier, 1584, 8vo. (23) Everett, 652

(At the end of the volume were bound up some printed religious Poems: “Paraphrase sur le Libera me Domine, par Mr. Desportes” “Prieres et Sainctes Doleances de Job, par R. Beleau"; “Hymnes Chrestiens de Joachim Du Bellay,” etc., consisting of 20 numbered leaves without title

or imprint.- Catalogue.] 4743 Northumberland (Robert Dudley, Duke of). Arcano del

Mare di D. Ruberto Dudleo, Duca di Northumbria e Conte di Warvich, diviso in libri sei, impressione seconda, maps (including some of America), spheres, etc. connected with the author's plans for improving navigation and extending commerce, 2 vol. (some plain margins water-stained), vellum gilt, with arms and name Dom. Martius. Pacecco. Carrea. Dux. M. on sides, Fiorenza, G. Cocchini, 1661, atlas folio (26)

Wesley, £7 4744 Officium Beatæ Mariæ Virginis (cum Calendario), roman

letter, red and black, within ornamental woodcut borders, engraved title and full-page engravings, some margins damaged by damp, morocco, inlaid in yellow and red in interlaced scrolls, with gilt floreate ornaments, gilt and gauffred edges, a very singular piece of Italian or French

binding, Venet., ap. Juntas, 1691, 8vo. (27) Everett, £21 4745 Saxton (Chr.) Maps of England and Wales, plate of Queen

Elizabeth enthroned, leaf commencing “Indicem huic opera

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tripartitum adjecimus," double plate of coats-of-arms and

Catalogus Urbium,” and 35 maps coloured by a contemporary hand, old calf, with large centre gilt ornaments

(rebacked), sound copy, 1579, folio (34) Leighton, £48 4746 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies,

published according to the true Original Copies, the second impression, title containing portrait, and leaf with verses mended and inlaid, lower plain margin of third leaf after title mended, last 2 leaves in facsimile (measuring 13/2 by 8%2 inches), modern morocco, g. e., by Rivière, T. Cotes for R. Meighen, 1632, folio (36)

B. F. Stevens, £164 4747 Sheridan (R. B.) The Rivals, a Comedy, as it was acted at

the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden, first edition, wanted half title, calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, J. Wilkie, 1775, 8vo. (37)

Pickering, £5 55. 4748 Sheridan (R. B.) Pizarro, a Tragedy, taken from the German

Drama of Kotzebue and adapted to the English Stage, first edition, uncut, morocco, plain, by Rivière, J. Ridgway, 1799, 8vo. (38)

Muggs, £6 155. 4749 Speed (John). The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine,

engraved title, plate of Arms of the Soveraignes, and 67 maps, calf gilt, rough edges, 1614, imperial folio (39)

Rimell, £2 18s. 4750 Turgot. Plan de Paris, commencé l'année 1734, dessiné et

gravé sous les Ordres de M. E. Turgot, Marquis de Sousmons, etc. par L. Bretez et Claude Lucas, 20 sheets (18-19 joined, should be 21 sheets according to Brunet), old French morocco, gilt ornamental back and borders, with arms of Lutetia (City of Paris) on sides, Paris, 1736, atlas folio (41)

Quaritch, £5 4751 Vetusta Monumenta, published by the Society of Antiquaries,

vol. i. and ii.—and a Volume of Plates, chiefly of London Antiquities, comprising in all 177 plates of views, antiquities, portraits, pageants, etc., with some descriptions, bound in 2 vol., half morocco (sold not subject to return), (42)

W. Daniell, £3 7s. 6d.



(No. of Lots, 1228 ; amount realised, £2,427 12s. 6d.)

4752 Abrége Chronologique de l'Histoire Universelle Sacrée et

Profane, traduction du R. P. Petav, 3 vol., old French morocco extra, with the Colbert arms on the sides, fleursde-lys on the back, and corners, g.e., Paris, C. Barbin, 1682, 8vo. (1)

J. L. White, £3 45. 4753 Adair (J.) History of the American Indians, particularly

those nations adjoining the Mississippi, East and West
Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Vir.

ginia, folding map, old calf, 1775, 4to. (218) Edwards, £3 4754 Al-Makkari (A. I. M.) The History of the Mohammedan

Dynasties in Spain, translated with Notes by P. de
Gayangos, 2 vol., Cambridge calf gilt, r. e., by Hayday,
1840-3, 4to. (214)

Maggs, £2 18s. 4755 Alnwick Castle Museum, coloured plates and illustrations of

the antiquities therein, presentation copy, with autograph
letter, stating that only 4 copies have been put together,

half morocco, g. e., 1871, 4to. (215) Hiersman, £3 5s. 4756 Alnwick, Prudhoe and Warkworth, Illustrations of, numerous

plates, presentation copy from the Duke of Northumber-
land, half morocco, g. e., For private distribution (1857), 4to.

Sotheran, 4 16s. 4757 America, or an Exact Description of the West Indies, faith

fully represented by N. N., folding map mounted on linen,
calf extra, r. e., by F. Bedford, 1655, 8vo. (14)

Maggs, £4 ios. 4758 America. Hennepin (L.) A New Discovery of a Vast

Country in America between New France and New
Mexico, maps and plates, old calf, 1698, 8vo. (16)

Edwards, £14 4759 America. Beverley (R.) History of Virginia, second edition,

revised and enlarged, frontispiece and plates, original calf,
1722, 8vo. (21)

Maggs, £5 5s. 4760 America. Coxe (D.) A Collection of Voyages and Travels

in three parts, James's Voyage to the South Sea, Pointis's
Voyage to America, etc., with maps of Carolina, etc., calf
gilt, by Ramage, 1741, 8vo. (22)

H. Stevens, £5 4761 America. History of the Bucaniers of America, 2 vol., plates, old calf gilt, 1741, 8vo. (23)

Bain, £3 5s. 4762 Archer (J. W.) Vestiges of Old London, a Series of Etchings

from Original Drawings, with Descriptions and Historical
Notices, 37 plates on India paper, russia, back inlaid with
red, panelled gilt sides, g. e., by Hayday, 1851, folio (268)

Young, £3 4763 Archæologia Cantiana, being Transactions of the Kent

Archæological Society, vol. 1.-xxiii., plates, illustrations, etc.,

original cloth, 1858-98, 8vo. (33) Richeford, £8 155. 4764 Ariosto. Orlando Furioso in English Heroical Verse, by Sir

John Harrington, third edition, revised and amended, with
addition of the author's Epigrams, engraved title and plates,
russia, panelled sides, joints, g.e., by Roger Payne, 1634,
folio (271)

Leighton, £ 5 155. 4765 Augustine (St.) Certaine Select Prayers, also his Manuel, or

Booke of Contemplation of Christ, black letter. woodcut
borders, title cut round and mounted, in curious old gilt
stamped binding, g. e., J. Wolfe, 1586, 8vo. (40)

Pickering, £5 155. 4766 Bacon (Francis Lord). History of the Raigne of King Henry

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