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long an appointment with Mr. and Mrs. Lysons. Catalogue.] 4670 Jones (Inigo) and W. Kent. Some Designs, 53 plates of designs for buildings, chimney-pieces, windows, vases, etc. engraved by Vardy, old vellum, Horace Walpole's copy with his ex-libris, 1744, folio (340) W. Brown, £4 12s. 6d. 4671 Keats (John). Poems, first edition, morocco, inside gilt borders, g. e., by Rivière, C. and J. Ollier, 1817, 8vo. (343) Edwards, £25 4672 Kip (I.) Nouveau Théâtre de la Grande Bretagne, 80 plates, coloured by a contemporary hand, with the arms emblazoned, original marbled calf gilt, m. e., Londres, chez David Mortier, 1708, folio (348) Rimell, £8

Good night," another when Mrs. Piozzi, making

4673 Lamb (Charles). Mrs. Leicester's School, or the History of Several Young Ladies, related by themselves, frontispiece, first edition, half calf, the original advertisements preserved at the end, Printed for M. J. Godwin, 1809, 8vo. (353)

Sabin, £35 4674 Latham (Symon). Latham's Falconry, or the Falcon's Lure and Cure, first edition, woodcuts, 2 parts in I vol., original calf, some leaves wormed, otherwise a fine copy, 1615-18, small 4to. (358) Hornstein, £7 15s. 4675 Locker-Lampson (F.) The Rowfant Library. A Catalogue of the Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Drawings and Pictures, collected by Frederick LockerLampson, frontispiece by G. Cruikshank and portrait, original half binding, g. t., uncut, 150 copies printed for sale, Quaritch, 1886, royal 8vo. (366) Cockerell, £6 10s.

[This copy belonged to Richard Herne Shepherd, who corrected it throughout. Inserted was an autograph letter from F. L.-L. to R. H. S., on which the latter had noted the various corrections.-Catalogue.]

4676 [Lyttleton (Lord).] Dialogues of the Dead, the fourth edition corrected, to which are added four new Dialogues, old English morocco, broad gilt borders on sides, with pendants of birds and other ornaments, full gilt back, g. e., 1765 (370) J. Bumpus, £6

4677 Malton (T.) Picturesque Tour through the Cities of London and Westminster, 100 aquatinta plates, 2 vol. in 1, russia extra, g. e., 1792, folio (374) Bain, £12 15s. 4678 Marguerite Reine de Navarre. Heptaméron Français, ou Les Nouvelles de Marguerite, Reine de Navarre, frontispiece by Dunker, 73 plates by Freudeberg, engraved by Guttenberg, etc., 3 vol., old morocco, g. e., numerous uncut leaves, Berne, chez la Nouvelle Société Typographique, 1780-81 (376) Sabin, £21 5s.

679 Martir (P., of Angleria). The History of Trauayle in the West and East Indies and other Countreys lying eyther way towards the fruitfull and ryche Moluccaes, by Richard Eden, newly set in order, augmented and finished by R. Willes, black letter, old calf gilt, r. e., London, R. Jugge, 1577, 4to. (381) Pickering, £17

4680 Marvell (Andrew). Miscellaneous Poems, portrait, first edition, original calf, London, printed for R. Boulter, 1681, folio (382) Sabin, £20 4681 Millais (J. G.) A Breath from the Veldt, illustrations by the author and frontispiece by Sir J. E. Millais, R.A., original cloth, uncut, H. Sotheran and Co., 1895, 4to. (387)

Sotheran, £5 10s.

[Pages x., 236. Published at £3 3s. net, but advanced

to £4 4s. in July, 1897.-ED.]

4682 Nash (T.) Collections for the. History of Worcestershire, with Supplement, map, portraits and plates of views, etc., 2 vol., russia extra, m. e., 1791-82-99, folio (396)

Edwards, 11 IOS. 4683 Newcastle (Margaret Countess of). Poems and Fancies, portrait of the authoress, in a niche, backed, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, London, T. R. for T. Martin and J. Allestrye, 1653, folio (397)

B. F. Stevens, £36

[This copy formerly belonged to the Earl of Westmoreland, author of "Otia Sacra," who had written on the titlepage, "Solus Deus ptector meus W.," and on the fly-leaf a poem of 18 lines in his autograph, addressed to the Countess. -Catalogue.]

4684 Newcastle (Margaret Duchess of).

Nature's Pictures drawn

by Fancies Pencil to the Life, being several feigned Stories, Comical, Tragical, Tragi-Comical, etc., portrait of the Duchess in a niche, and another of the Duchess seated in a chair, both by P. V. Schuppen after V. Diepenbeke, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, London, printed by A. Maxwell, 1671 (398) B. F. Stevens, £9 155. 4685 Newcastle (Margaret Duchess of). Life of William Cavendishe, Duke, Marquess and Earl of Newcastle, portrait by Vorstemans, inlaid and inserted, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1675, 4to. (399) B. F. Stevens, £7 4686 Nichols (John). The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth, 3 vol., 1823-The Progresses, Processions and Magnificent Festivities of King James the First, his Royal Consort, Family and Court, 4 vol., 1828, together 7 vol., plates, calf extra, m. e., royal 4to. (401) Bain, £7 5s. 4687 Nimrod's Northern Tour, descriptive of the Principal Hunts of Scotland and the North of England, original cloth, uncut, W. Spiers, 1838, 8vo. (402) Pickering, £5 4688 Olearius (A.) Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors, sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein to the great Duke of Muscovy and the King of Persia, whereto are added the Travels of John Albert Mandelslo, frontispiece and maps, old English morocco extra, g. e., Charles II. copy, with his crowned cypher at the angles on sides and on back, 1662, folio (408) Maggs, £7 15s. 4689 Omar Khayyám. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, the Astronomer Poet of Persia, translated into English verse (by Edward Fitzgerald), first edition, morocco, richly gilt borders of

roses on sides, the inner compartments filled with gold dots, full gilt back, inside borders, g. e., the original wrappers preserved, by Cobden-Sanderson, the Doves Bindery, 1893, B. Quaritch, 1859, small 4to. (409) Denham, £58 4690 Ovid. Metamorphosis Englished and Represented in Figures. An Essay to the translation of Virgil's Eneis, by G. S(andys), engraved title and plates, old English calf, sides covered with rich gold tooling, Oxford, 1632, folio (414) B. F. Stevens, £60

[On the engraved title: "2nd July, 1675, Given by my Honoured Aunt ye Lady Astely. Nich. Lestrange." The ex-libris of Sir John Fenn, John Frere and the Right Hon. J. H. Frere pasted on fly-leaf.-Catalogue.]

4691 Palmerin of England. The First (and Second) Part of the no lesse rare than excellent and stately History of the famous and fortunate Prince Palmerin of England, translated out of French by A(nthony) M(unday), black letter, 2 parts in I vol., morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1639, 4to. (416) Sotheran, £6

4692 Penny Histories. Famous History of Hector-Don Bellianis of Greece-Life and Death of St. George-Seven Champions of Christendom (2 parts)-Guy of Warwick-Sir Bevis of Southampton-Jack and the Giants (2 parts)Thomas Hickathrift (2 parts), and a large number of other Chap-books, nearly all with woodcuts, published at London and York and bound in 4 vol., half calf, 8vo. (427)

W. Brown, £27

[A note on the title of vol. i. states that these chap-books were collected by Mr. Ritson. Subsequently they passed into the possession of the Duke of Roxburghe, and sold at his sale in 1812 for £5 12s. 6d. ; afterwards in the Heber collection.-ED.]

4693 Piranesi (G. B.) Le Antichità Romana, 202 plates (only), 4 vol. (vol. ii. half bound)-Monumenti degli Scipioni, 6 plates (no text)-Sciographia Quatuor Templorum Veterum, 46 plates-Lapides Capitolini, etc., 46 platesRomanorum Magnificentia et Architectura, 51 platesCampus Martius antiquæ urbis, 49 plates Antichità d'Albano, etc., 53 plates-Vasi, Candelabri Cippi, Sarcofagi, etc., 112 plates, 2 vol.-Colonna Trajana, etc., 29 plates-Ruines extérieures et intérieures de trois Temples Grecs à Pestum, 21 plates-Vedute de Roma, 138 plates, 2 vol.--Statues Antiques, 41 plates-Teatro d'Ercolano, 8 plates-Diverse Manière d'Adornare i Cammini, 69 plates —Raccolta di Alcuni Disegni del Barberi da Cento detto Il Guercino, 28 plates-Schola Italica Picturæ, 40 platesStampe Diverse, 17 plates, together 22 vol., original boards excepting I vol. (sold not subject to return), Roma, v. y., large folio (432) E. Parsons, £24 of 26 lines, com

4694 Pope (Alexander). A Riddle, a poem mencing:

page, 2 half-page outline woodcuts and printer's mark at end, morocco extra, g. e., by Capé, a small hole on first leaf repaired and slightly touching the text, Paris, A. Verard, s. d. (circa 1495), small folio (495) Leighton, £10 4713 Terry (E.) A Voyage to East India, wherein some things are taken notice of in our passage thither, portrait, map and plates, morocco extra, g. e., by Mackenzie, London, 1655, 8vo. (499) Young, £6 5s. 4714 Thackeray (W. M.) The History of Henry Esmond, Esq., a Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Q. Anne, written by himself, 3 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut, Smith, Elder, 1852, 8vo. (501) Denham, £6 15s. 4715 Topsel (E.) History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents, corrected and inlarged by T. R., woodcut illustrations, original calf, re-backed, 1658, folio (507) Tregaskis, £7 4716 Tracts on Witchcraft. Roberts (A.) A Treatise of Witchcraft wherein sundry Propositions are laid downe, plainely discouvering the Wickednesse of that damnable Art, 1616 -A true and exact Relation of the severall Informations, Examinations and Confessions of the late Witches, arraigned and executed in the County of Essex, 1645-Stearne (J.) A Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft, 1648-Magomastix (H.) The Strange Witch at Greenwich, 1650The Devil of Deptford, being a true Relation of the strange Disturbances, etc. of an Evil Spirit in the House of Mr. G., living in Back Lane at Deptford, single sheet, 1693—Tryal of Witches at the Assizes held at Bury St. Edmunds on the tenth day of March, 1664-Relation of the Informations against three Witches, Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susanna Edwards, who were convicted at the Assizes holden at the Castle of Exon, August 14, 1682, with their several Confessions, 1682, all inlaid to quarto size and bound in 1 vol., calf, 4to. (532) Quaritch, £20 55. 4717 Vecellio (C.) Degli Habiti Antichi et Moderni di diverse Parti del Mondo, libri due, upwards of 400 woodcut illustrations of costumes within borders, by Titian, genuine first edition, old morocco gilt, g. e., Venet., presso Damian Zenaro, 1590 (537) Ellis, £5 5s. 4718 Visitation of Lancashire. The Arms and Pedigrees of the Gentry of Lancashire coppied from another Antient Manuscript for Thomas Penson, Arms Painter, a True Copy of Charles Wiseman's Booke of Lancashire, coats-of-arms in trick, half bound, 1696, folio (543) Harding, £4 8s.

4719 Walton (Izaak). Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir H. Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, first edition, 4 portraits, original calf, T. Newcomb for R. Marriott, 1670, 8vo. (565) Edwards, £6 15s. 4720 Webster (J.) Works, now first collected, with Notes by the Rev. Alexander Dyce, 4 vol., morocco, g. on r. e., by F. Bedford, one of 12 copies on thick paper, Pickering, 1830, 8vo. (570) Sotheran, £6 4721 Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of the Deanery of

Hondius's map of the

a delicately contemporary colouring. Fen Country inserted.- Catalogue.] 4702 Scot (R.) Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft, woodcut frontispiece, diagrams, etc., morocco extra, inside gilt borders, g. e., by Rivière, 1651, 4to. (467) Sotheran, £11 4703 Scott (Sir Walter). The Antiquary, 3 vol., first edition, original boards, uncut, with the paper labels, Edinburgh, 1816 (469) Quaritch, £II IOS. 4704 Scott (Sir Walter). Ivanhoe, a Romance, 3 vol., first edition, original boards, uncut, with the paper labels, Edinburgh, 1820 (470) Quaritch, £19 10s. 4705 Scrope (W.) The Art of Deer Stalking, illustrated by a few days' Sport in the Forest of Atholl, engravings and lithographs after paintings by Edwin and Charles Landseer and by the Author, Murray, 1837-Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the Tweed, lithographs and wood engravings, by L. Haghe, T. Landseer and S. Williams, from paintings by Wilkie, E. and C. Landseer, W. Simson and E. Cooke, ib., 1843, first editions, both uniformly bound in morocco extra, g. e., by Hering, from the Perkins Library (£13 175.), royal 8vo. (472) Sotheran, 19 10s. 4706 Several Treaties of Peace and Commerce concluded between the late King of Blessed Memory Deceased and other Princes and States, old English morocco, g. e., Robert Harley's copy, with his name and arms on sides and his exlibris on back of title-page, 1686, 4to. (474)

Pickering, £5 15s. 4707 Smith (J. E.) Natural History of the Rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia, collected from the Observations of Mr. John Abbot, 104 coloured plates, 2 vol., old morocco extra, g.e., 1797, folio (479) Edwards, £5 10s. 4708 Sophocles. Tragœdiæ, Antigone et Trachiniæ, operà T. Johnson, old English morocco, the sides covered with a richly gilt design of flowers and leaves, with centre panel enclosing arabesques and other ornaments, full gilt back, g.e., Oxonia, 1708, 8vo. (482) Denham, £40 4709 Staffordshire. Collections for a History of Staffordshire, edited by the William Salt Archæological Society, vol. i. to xviii., in 20 vol.-New Series, vol. i. to iv., together 24 vol., in original cloth, Birmingham and London, 1880-1901 (485) T. Ford, Lio

4710 [Steele (Sir R.)]

The Tatler, the Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq., first edition, complete in 271 numbers, bound in 2 vol., original panelled calf, 1709-10, 8vo. (487) Quaritch, £11

4711 Sterne (L.) Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, 9 vol., first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1760-67, 8vo. (489) Sabin, £37 10S.

[With Sterne's autograph on the first page of vol. v., vii.. and ix. Catalogue.]

4712 Sydrach. La fontaine de toutes sciences du philosophe Sydrach, gothic letter. double columns, 37 lines to a full



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