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PAPER (50 copies printed), morocco extra, g. t., 1836, folio (106)

Sotheran, £8 155. 4600 Bry (J. T. de). Florilegium Novum, title and 54 plates, first

edition, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, Oppenheim, 1612, folio (109)

Quaritch, £4 155. 4601 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of Bookbindings, 113

coloured facsimile plates of bindings, original cloth, uncut, 1891, folio (11)

Quaritch, £11 4602 Byron (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, genuine

'first edition (water-mark of 1805), original boards, uncut, Cawthorn (1809), 8vo. (117)

Sabin, £7 175. 6d. 4603 Catalogue of Trees, Shrubs, Plants and Flowers, both Exotic

and Domestic, which are propagated for Sale in the Gardens near London, by a Society of Gardeners, frontispiece and 21 coloured plates, original half binding, uncut, Printed in the year 1730, folio (122)

Wesley, £4 ios. 4604 Cervantes (M. de). The History of Don Quixote, the first

part—The Second Part of the History of the Valourous and Witty Knight Errant, Don Quixote de la Mancha, written in Spanish by Michael Cervantes and now translated into English (by Thomas Shelton), first edition, engraved title to the first part and printed title only to the second part, in i vol., original calf, Printed for Ed. Blount (1612), 1620, 4to. (125)

Pickering, £47 4605 Cervantes (M. de). Vida y Hechos del Ingenioso Hidalgo

Don Quixote de la Mancha, plates by Vander Gucht, after
Vanderbank, 4 vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome),
En Londres por J. y R. Tonson, 1738, 4to. (126)

Sotheran, £10 ios. 4606 Charles I. The Kings' Maiesties Declaration to his Subjects

concerning lawfull Sports to bee used, first edition, morocco extra, full gilt back, g. e., by F. Bedford, R. Barker, 1633, 4to. (132)

Edwards, £4 45. 4607 Chaucer (Geffrey). Woorks, newly printed, with divers

( addicions, whiche were never in printe before, woodcut titles, black letter, double columns, original calf, r. e., Imprinted at London by Jhon K'yngston for Jhon Wight, 1561, folio (136)

Quaritch, 230 4608 Chippendale (T.) The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's

Directory, second edition, 160 plates, old rough calf, 1755, folio (137)

Bain, £26 4609 Clutterbuck (R.) The History and Antiquities of the County

of Hertford, map, portrait, piates and views, India proofs, antiquities, seals, monuments, pedigrees, coats-of-arms emblazoned, etc., LARGE PAPER, extra illustrated by the addition of several hundred views, mezzotint and other portraits, many proofs, original drawings, autographs and manuscript matter, county maps and plans, etc., 3 vol., morocco super extra, g. t., uncut, by Rivière, 1815-27, folio (140)

Quaritch, £94 (This was Clutterbuck's own copy, and contained his

original drawings of the churches and houses, also his exlibris.-Catalogue.]

4610 Coryat (Thomas). Crudities Hastily Gobbled up in five Moneths Travels in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia, etc., engraved title, printed title, "Three Crude Veines," plates by Hole and woodcuts, old russia gilt, Printed by W. S., anno Domini 1611, 4to. (151) Edwards, £35 4611 Cowley (A.) Works, portrait by Faithorne (inlaid), old morocco, g. e., 1693, folio (155) Quaritch, £4 4s. 4612 Dallaway (J.) and E. Cartwright. History of the Western Division of the County of Sussex, maps, portraits, views, pedigrees, coats-of-arms, etc., 3 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Mackenzie, 1815, 30, 32, imperial 4to. (163) Edwards, £62

[This was Edward Vernon Utterson's copy, who has extra illustrated it by the insertion of upwards of 70 original drawings, in water-colours, sepia, etc., drawn by himself or by others for him. Most of the arms in the first volume are emblazoned.-Catalogue.]

4613 Danæus (L.) A Dialogue of Witches, in foretime named Lot-tellers, and now commonly called Sorcerers, black letter. old morocco gilt, g. e., by Kalthoeber, the Beckford copy, Printed by R. W., 1575, 8vo. (165) Quaritch, £16 10s. 4614 [Defoe (D.)] The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders, etc., written from her own Memorandum, first edition, morocco extra, gilt panelled back, g.e., by Rivière, 1721, 8vo. (177) Sabin, £35 10S. Plague Year, first edition, back, g. e., by Rivière, 1722, Sotheran, £7 History of the

4615 [Defoe (D.)] Journal of the morocco extra, gilt panelled 8vo. (180)

4616 [Defoe (D.)] The Fortunate Mistress, or a Life, etc. of Mademoiselle de Beleau, known by the Name of the Lady Roxana, portrait, first edition, morocco extra, gilt panelled back, g. e., 1724, 8vo. (181) Sabin, £25 4617 [Defoe (D.)] A Treatise Concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marriage Bed, first edition, morocco extra, gilt panelled back, g. e., by Rivière, 1727, 8vo. (185) Edwards, £5 4618 Dialogus Creaturarum Moralizatus appelatus Jocundus fabulis plenus, first edition, gothic letter, long lines, woodcut border round first page and numerous woodcuts in the text, all delicately coloured by contemporary hand, large capital on page i. of preface illuminated, as well as the numerous initials in the text, russia, full gilt back, g. e., Per Gerardum Leeu in opido goudensi incepto munere dei finitus est Anno domini 1480, folio (201) Quaritch, £100 4619 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania, or Book Madness, a Bibliographical Romance, illustrated with cuts, extra illustrated by the insertion of 214 portraits, fine impressions, and some rare, also 20 original drawings, of portraits and other subjects, in sepia, pen-and-ink, and in water-colours, bound in 4 vol. (with special titles), old morocco, gilt sides, full gilt backs, joints with broad gilt borders, g. e., by C. Smith, 1811, 8vo. (203) Sotheran, £31

4620 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque

Tour in France and Germany, plates, portraits, facsimiles, etc., LARGE PAPER (100 copies printed), 3 vol., russia extra, joints, g. e., by Hering, from the Perkins' library, 1821, super imperial 8vo. (204)

W. Brown, £28 4621 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque

Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in Scotland, plates, India proofs, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol. in 3, morocco extra, g. e., by Clarke and Bedford, 1838, imperial 8vo. (206)

Sotheran, £49 [This copy, which formerly belonged to Mr. Eyton, was illustrated with 6 additional plates, 42 extra proofs of some of the plates, with 13 duplicates, proofs on India paper, 12 other engravings in three different states, 36 vignettes in duplicate, worked separately, and 10 in three different states. On some Dr. Dibdin had made some pencil notes

respecting their rarity, etc.---Catalogue.) 4622 Donne (John). Letters to Several Persons of Honour, por

trait by Lombart, first edition, original calf, R. Marriot, 1651, 4to. (211)

Sabin, £16 gs. 4623 Drake (F.) Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities of the

City of York, plates of views, antiquities, etc., LARGE PAPER, russia extra, gilt sides, full gilt back, joints, g. e., 1736, folio (213)

Young, £6 2s.6d. 4624 Dugdale (Sir W.) The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illus

trated, second edition, revised, by W. Thomas, portrait and plates of views, monuments, coats-of-arms, maps, etc., by Hollar and Beighton, 2 vol., LARGE AND THICK PAPER, old morocco, g. e., from the Merly Library, 1730, folio (219)

Young, £24 4625 Elwes (H. J.) Monograph of the genus Lilium, map, photo

graph, and 48 coloured plates by W. H. Fitch, 7 parts complete in portfolio, 1880, 250 copies printed for subscribers, folio (225)

J. Bumpus, 66 4626 Esquemling (John) and B. Ringrose. Bucaniers of America,

portraits, plates and maps, 4 parts in i vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, a small hole in page 83 of the first part, 1684-85, 4to. (228)

Sabin, £31 1os. 4627 Ferrarius (l. B.) Hesperides sive de Malorum Aureorum

Cultura et Usu, libri quatuor, numerous plates, coloured by a contemporary hand, old English morocco, with the arms of the Earl Somers in centre, g. e., from the Merly Library, Roma sumptibus Hermanni Scheus, 1646, folio (234)

Parsons, £5 55. 4628 (Ferrier (Miss).] The Inheritance, by the Author of Marriage,

first edition, 3 vol., original boards, uncut, fine copy, Blackwood, 1824, 8vo. (238)

Sabin, 49 4629 Flatman (Thomas). Poems and Songs, first edition, original

sheep, fine copy, Benjamin Took, 1674, 8vo. (246) Sabin, £12

[A portrait by White is sometimes found in this edition, but is believed to have been issued for a later one. This copy was in its original binding as published, and clearly

never had a portrait. It possesses the signature A as a flyleaf preceding title.--Catalogue.] 4630 Fletcher (P.) The Purple Island, or the Isle of Man, together with Piscatorie Eclogs and other Poeticall Miscellanies, first edition, with the final leaf so often wanting, Printed by the Printers to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1633-Fletcher (Giles). Christ's Victorie and Triumph in Heaven and Earth, over and after Death, second edition, Cambridge, F. Green, 1632-Fletcher (P.) Locustæ vel Pietas Jesuitica, Latin and English, first edition, T. and J. Bucke, 1627, in i vol., original calf, fine copies, 4to. (247) Sabin, £52 4631 Fouilloux (Jacques du). La Venerie (Poëme), full-page woodcut on reverse of title of the author presenting his book to Charles IX., numerous woodcuts in the text and musical notes, morocco extra, studded with fleurs-de-lis, emblematical tooling at angles and in panels on back, inside gilt borders, g.e., by Lortic frères, A Poitiers par les Marnefz et Bouchetz frères, 1568, 4to. (253) Quaritch, £32

4632 Fouilloux (Jacques du). La Venerie, woodcuts and musical notes, original vellum, with uncut leaves, A Paris en la Boutique de PAngelier, 1624, 4to. (254) Hazlitt, £6 5s. 4633 Franco (Giacomo). Habiti d'Huomeni et Donne Venetiane -La Citta de Venetia, con l'Origine e Governo di Duella, estrate dall' Opere di G. N. Doglioni, engraved title and 43 plates, russia extra, g. e., by Clarke and Bedford, Venetia, 1614, small folio (255) Cotton, £11 4634 Galinard. Architecture des Jardins, engraved title and 68 plates, unbound, Paris, n. d., folio (256) Meuleneer, £5.5s. 4535 Gedde (W.) Booke of Sundry Draughtes, principally serving for Glasiers and not impertinent for Plasterers and Gardiners, woodcut titles and 11 illustrations, morocco, g.e., 1615, small 4to. (259) Maggs, £6 4636 Gibbon (E.) Mémoires Littéraires de la Grande Bretagne pour l'an 1767 et 1768, 2 vol., calf extra, g. t., uncut, Roger Payne style, by F. Bedford, Londres, 1768-69 (260)

4637 Giffard (G.)

Quaritch, £22 A Dialogue concerning Witches and Witchcrafts, vellum, London, printed by R. F. and F. K., 1603, 4to. (261) Pickering, £4 4s. 4638 [Glasse (Mrs.)] The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy, by a Lady, first edition, morocco, janséniste, inside gilt borders, g. e., by Lortic frères, London, for the author, 1747, folio (263) Robson, £32

4639 Goldsmith (O.) An Enquiry into the present State of Polite Learning in Europe, first edition, original boards, uncut, London, R. and J. Dodsley, 1759 (265)

B. F. Stevens, £17 10s. [The chapter xii., "Of the Stage," in this volume gave great offence to David Garrick.-Catalogue.]

4640 Goldsmith (O.) The Citizen of the World, or Letters from a

Chinese Philosopher residing in London to his Friends in the East, first edition, 2 vol., original boards, uncut, London,

printed for the Author, and sold by J. Newbery, etc., 1762, 8vo. (267)

B. F. Stevens, £106 [Copies in boards are very rarely met with, hence the high price. See next entry, which relates to a copy issued

in the usual calf.-Ed.) 4641 Goldsmith (O.) The Citizen of the World, another copy, first

edition, 2 vol., original calf, London, printed for the Author,

and sold by J. Newbery, etc., 1762, 8vo. (268) Cockerell, £9 4642 Goldsmith (0.) Life of Richard Nash, Esq., late Master of

the Ceremonies at Bath, extracted principally from his Original Papers, portrait, second edition, original boards, uncut, J. Newbery, 1762, 8vo. (269)

Denham, £6 4643 (Goldsmith (O.)] The Art of Poetry on a New Plan, frontis

piece, first edition, 2 vol., calf extra, g. t., uncut, by F:

Bedford, J. Newbery, 1762, 8vo. (270) B. F. Stevens, £,20 4644 Goldsmith (O.) The Vicar of Wakefield, a Tale supposed to be written by himself, first edition, 2 vol., original calf

, with the ex-libris of Wadham Wyndham, Salisbury, printed by B. Collins for F. Newbery, 1766, 8vo. (271) Denham, £134

[Record price to date. A copy sold in December last for

£126. See ante No. 1515.-ED.]
4645 Goldsmith (O.) Life of Henry St. John, Lord Viscount

Bolingbroke, first edition, original wrappers, uncut, T.
Davies, 1770, 8vo. (275)

B. F. Stevens, £62
(Very rare in this state.-ED.)
4646 Goldsmith (O.) Life of Thomas Parnell, D.D., Archdeacon

of Clogher, compiled from Original Papers and Memoirs,

first edition, unbound, 1770, 8vo. (276) *Pickering, £5 ros. 4647 Goldsmith (0.) An Enquiry into the present State of Polite

Learning in Europe, the second edition, revised and cor-
rected, original boards, with the paper label, uncut, J.
Dodsley, 1774, 8vo. (277)

B. F. Stevens, 26 4648 Goldsmith (O.) The Comic Romance of Monsieur Scarron,

translated by Oliver Goldsmith, first edition, 2 vol., original
boards, uncut, very rare in this state, London, W. Griffin,
1775, 8vo. (278)

B. F. Stevens, £100 4649 Goldsmith (O.) The Haunch of Venison, a Poetical Epistle

to Lord Clare, by the late Dr. Goldsmith, with a head of the
author drawn by Henry Bunbury, Esq. and etched by
Bretherton, first edition, 1776—Another copy, a new edition,
without the portrait and half title, 1776, in i vol., calf extra,
y.e., by Pratt, 8vo. (279)

Denham, £20 4650 Goldsmith (O.) Poems and Plays, to which is prefixed the

Life of the Author, vignette on title, old calf gilt, y.e.,
Dublin, 1777, 8vo. (280)

Denham, £14 4651 Grelot (M.) Relation Nouvelle d'un Voyage de Constanti

nople, plates, morocco extra, by Roger Payne, the Beckford
copy, à Paris en la Boutique de Pierre Rocolet, 1681, 8vo.

Denham, £u 4652 Hamilton (A.) Memoirs du Comte de Grammont, nouvelle

édition, augmentée d'un Discours preliminaire mêlé de
Prose et de Vers, etc., original calf, Paris, 1746, 8vo. (291)

Denham, £53

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