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4486 Walpole (H.) Anecdotes of Painting in England, engraved portraits and plates, 4 vol., Printed by Thomas Farmer and Thomas Kirgate, at Strawberry-Hill, 1762-71-also A Catalogue of Engravers, Digested by Mr. Horace Walpole from the MSS. of Mr. George Vertue, second edition, portraits, Strawberry-Hill, printed in the year 1765, together 5 vol., small 4to. (133) Denham, £32

[The above set is of unusual interest, as containing in volumes 3 and 5 additions and corrections in the handwriting of the author, the cover of vol. 3 bearing the words, "This vol. ready for the new edition." The first two volumes are in unbound condition, the sheets being merely gathered together, and the remaining three volumes are in the original wrappers, uncut. Vol. 3 had only 17 plates out of 36, but the set included the cancelled preface to vol. 4, which differs considerably in text and date [October 18, 1773] from that eventually prefixed to the volume.—Catalogue.]

4487 The Life of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, written by himself, vignette on title, folding portrait and genealogical table, folded, Strawberry-Hill, printed in the year 1764, small 4to. (134) Dobell, £10 10S.

[Two hundred copies were printed, with a dedication, preface and pedigree by Walpole, who subsequently suppressed the latter owing to its inaccuracy.-Catalogue.] 4488 Poems by Anna Chamber, Countess Temple, vignette on title, original wrapper, uncut, Strawberry-Hill, printed in the year 1764, 4to. (135) Tregaskis, £6 12s. 6d.

[One hundred copies were printed. The volume contained verses by Walpole, who had written on the wrapper of this copy, "Lady Temple's poems, the only copy I have left."Catalogue. Nevertheless, a copy appears in the Strawberry Hill Catalogue, and was sold on April 28, 1842.-ED.] 4489 Walpole (H.) The Magpie and her Brood, a Fable, from the Tales of Bonaventure des Periers, Valet de Chambre to the Queen of Navarre, addressed to Miss Hotham, 4pp. [1764], small 4to. (137) Robson, £2 2s. 4490 Hoyland (Rev. Francis). Poems by the Reverend Mr. Hoyland, 24 pages, folded, Printed at Strawberry-Hill, 1769 (140) Denham, £4 4s. [Three hundred copies were printed, with an advertisement written by Walpole, who published these Poems to assist the author.-Catalogue.]

4491 Walpole (H.) A Reply to the Observations of the Rev. Dr. Milles, Dean of Exeter and President of the Society of Antiquaries, on the Wardrobe Account of 1483, 24pp., original wrapper, uncut, dated August 28, 1770, 4to. (141) Sotheran, £45

[Walpole's own copy of this scarce pamphlet, of which only six were printed, and which was written in reply to an attack on his "Historic Doubts." This copy is specially interesting on account of a long note of sixteen lines on

pages 14 and 15 relating to the Coronation of Richard III. in the autograph of the author. The wrapper bears the words, "Reply to the Observations of the Rev. Dr. Milles. Printed Strawberry Hill, only six copies."-Catalogue.] 4492 Copies of Seven Original Letters from King Edward VI. to Barnaby Fitz-Patrick, original wrapper, uncut, StrawberryHill, printed in the year 1772, small 4to. (142) Robson, £4 4s. [Two hundred copies were printed. The advertisement was written by Walpole.-Catalogue.]

4493 Miscellaneous Antiquities; or, a Collection of Curious Papers, either re-published from scarce Tracts, or now first printed from original MSS. Nos. 1 and 2, original wrappers, uncut, Strawberry-Hill, printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1772, small 4to. (143) Robson, £2 17s. 6d.

[Five hundred copies were printed, only two numbers being issued. Catalogue.]

4494 A Description of the Villa of Horace Walpole, at StrawberryHill, near Twickenham, with an Inventory of the Furniture, Pictures, Curiosities, etc., vignette title, original wrapper, uncut, Strawberry-Hill, printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1774, small 4to. (146) Shepherd, L2 12s. 6d.

[One hundred copies were printed. Another copy on LARGE PAPER, with the appendix (1786), vignette title, original boards, uncut, realised £8 17s. 6d. Only six copies so printed.-ED.]

4495 Craven (Lady). The Sleep-Walker, a Comedy in Two Acts, translated from the French [of Count de Pont de Veyle], in March, 1778, original wrapper, unopened edges, Strawberry-Hill, printed by T. Kirgate, 1778, 8vo. (148) Dobell, £19 5s.

[Seventy-five copies were printed to oblige the authoress. Walpole, who wrote a verse "To Lady Craven on her Translation" (printed on the back of the title), calls this one of the rarest of the Strawberry Hill Editions. On the cover of the above copy is written, "But few of these, Kergate," and in another handwriting, "Sleep-Walker, by Ly. Craven." -Catalogue.] 4496 Walpole (H.) A Letter to the Editor of the Miscellanies of Thomas Chatterton, original wrapper, unopened edges, Strawberry-Hill, printed by T. Kirgate, 1779 (149) Denham, £4 17s. 6d.

[The editorship of the volume referred to, which was published in 1778, and the preface of which contained aspersions against Walpole in respect of his behaviour to Chatterton, is generaily attributed to John Broughton.— Catalogue.]

4497 Miller (Charles). To the Lady Horatia Waldegrave, on the Death of the Duke of Ancaster, 3pp., 150 copies printed, dated at end A.D. 1779, 4to. (150) Tregaskis, £2 25. 4498 Jones (Sir William). The Muse Recalled, an Ode, occasioned by the Nuptials of Lord Viscount Althorp and Miss Lavinia Bingham, March 6, 1781, by William Jones, Esq.,

5 leaves, sewed, uncut, 250 copies printed, Strawberry-Hill, printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1781, small 4to. (152)

Denham, £2 125. 4499 A Description of the Villa of Mr. Horace Walpole, at Strawberry-Hill, near Twickenham, Middlesex, with an Inventory of the Furniture, Pictures, Curiosities, etc., frontispiece and plates, in sheets, Strawberry-Hill, printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1784, 4to. (153) Denham, £11 5s.

[Two hundred copies were printed of this definitive edition of the "Description." It contains 27 plates and plans of Strawberry HilÎ. This copy had the two rare leaves of Additions, the outside sheet discoloured.—Catalogue.] 4500 A Description of the Villa of Mr. Horace Walpole. Another copy, with pencil additions and corrections in the author's handwriting, frontispiece in early state without lettering of title, and plates (2 plans wanted), folded, 1784, 4to. (154)

Denham, £6 17s. 6d.

4501 A title page for the above printed in three colours, black, blue and red, 1784, 4to. (155) Denham, L1 16s. [Mr. Grosvenor Bedford had in his collection a richly illustrated copy of the above with a similar title.-Catalogue.] 4502 Walpole (H.) Essay on Modern Gardening. Essai sur l'Art des Jardins Modernes, par M. Horace Walpole, traduit en François par M. le Duc de Nivernois, en 1784, Text in English and French, vignette on title, folded, Imprimé à Strawberry-Hill, par T. Kirgate, 1785, 4to. (156)

Denham, £9 5s.

[Four hundred copies printed, half of which were sent to France. This copy is enclosed in a sheet of grey paper, on which the author had written, "One pick'd Essay on Gardening."-Catalogue.]

4503 More (Hannah). Bishop Bonner's Ghost, vignette on title, 4 leaves, sewed, uncut, 1789, small 4to. (157)

Shepherd, £4 17s. 6d. [Ninety-six copies are said to have been printed, two being on brown paper; but Walpole, in a letter to Hannah More [June 23, 1789], speaks of printing 200 copies. These satirical verses were written by the authoress when on a visit to Dr. Porteus, Bishop of London.—Catalogue.] 4504 Walpole (H.) Works. A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, enlarged with many new Articles and with many other Additions, sewed, uncut, n. d., 4to. (158) Tregaskis, £18

[The above apparently formed a portion of the first volume (pp. 245 to 528) of the complete edition of all his works which Walpole commenced to print at Strawberry Hill in 1770. Only two volumes of this edition were issued, after which he abandoned the idea.—Catalogue.]

4505 Walpole (H.) The Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story, the third edition, original grey wrapper, unopened edges,

[subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed]

Cloaths by the Custom-House Officers, and to Madame de la Vaupaliere, in English and French, on 1 sheet, folio (167) Tregaskis, £9 4514 The Printing-Press at Strawberry-Hill, To the Earl of Chesterfield, 6 lines (168) Sabin, £4 17s. 6d 4515 Vers Presentés à sa Majesté, Le Roi de Suede, A Ruel le Samedy, 9 Mai, 1771, par Madame la Duchesse d'Aiguillon douairiere, en lui montrant le Portrait du Cardinal de Richelieu, 2pp. (169) Robson, £2 7s. 6d. 4516 "The Master of Otranto being in Durance and not able to receive the Fairy Blandina," etc., 8 lines (170) Tregaskis, £5 [An address in prose presented to Lady Blandford on her visiting Strawberry Hill, in 1772, at the age of 78, Walpole being confined to his room with an attack of gout.Catalogue.]

4517 The Press at Strawberry-Hill to Miss Mary and Miss Agnes Berry, Three Stanzas of four lines each, 1 page (171)

Denham, £5 2s. 6d. [Walpole, who wrote these verses, relates the occasion on which they were printed in a letter to the Countess of Ossory, October 19th, 1788.-Catalogue. See ante No. 4507.-ED.] 4518 The Press at Strawberry-Hill to His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence [afterwards William the Fourth], one page [December 22nd, 1790] (173) Tregaskis, Li 16s. 4519 Fox (Charles James). To Mrs. Crewe, 2pp. [1775], 4to. (175) B. F. Stevens, £3

[Three hundred copies of this leaflet were printed, a copy in the Grenville Library being marked "very scarce." Mrs. Crewe was the daughter of Fulke Greville, and was painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds as "St. Geneviève."-Catalogue.] 4520 Verses by T. Pentycross, "Thro' the bosom of yon trees," etc., 20 lines (177) Denham, £21OS.

[These verses were addressed to Horace Walpole.Catalogue.]

4521 Epitaph in the Churchyard of St. Anne, Soho, on Theodore, King of Corsica, 1 page [1757] (178) Denham, £3

[Walpole wrote this Epitaph for a tablet which he erected to the memory of this unfortunate monarch, who died in December, 1756, and for whom he had previously raised a subscription. Catalogue.]

4522 An Epitaph on a Woman who sold Earthenware, a card (179) Robson, I IIS.

4523 Epitaph on a Canary Bird, three verses of four lines (180)

Denham, 18s.

4524 A Song, "There was a little Man, and he woo'd a little Maid," 6 verses of 4 lines (181) Denham, £2 6s. [This and the previous lot were written by Silvester Harding, a miniature painter.-Catalogue.]

4525 Air, in French, “Tristes regrets," etc., Four Verses, with MS. note at foot, "Strawberry” (182) Denham, 10s.

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