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duytsche getranslateert, lit. goth., xylographic woodcuts, cut in two or three different styles, and ornamental initials, the word "Passionel" in large red gothic letters, with cut beneath, second title in large black gothic, with cut beneath, some leaves stained, 2 vol. in 1, half morocco, Tot Antwerpen by mi Henrick Eckert Van Homberch, 1516, Jan. xxv. ende lesten dach in Meye, small folio (2259)

Quaritch, £24 10S. 4444 Waller (Edmund). Poems, etc. written by Mr. Ed. Waller, of Bekonsfield, Esq., and printed by a copy of his own handwriting, first edition (the last of the three editions with the same date), morocco super extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, I.N. for Hu. Mosley, 1645, 12mo. (2265) Pickering, £15 5s. 4445 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, with Introductory Essay and Illustrative Notes, Major's fine edition, LARGE PAPER, India proof plates, morocco, gold (?) medallion portraits of Walton and Cotton in centres, and gold clasp, broad inside gilt borders, joints, g. e., in morocco slip case, J. Major, 1823-4, 8vo. (2274) Pickering, £12 4446 Whitaker (Dr. T. D.) History of Richmondshire, Co. York, numerous views by J. M. W. Turner, pedigrees, coats-of-arms and other illustrations, 2 vol., russia gilt, g. e., Longman, 1823, folio (2297) Halewood, £8 2s. 6d. 4447 White (Rev. Gilbert). Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, Co. Southampton, first edition, plates, the large view of Selborne backed with linen, calf gilt, m. e., T. Bensley for B. White, 1789, 4to. (2301)

Pickering, £9 12s. 6d. 4448 Wouvermans (Philip). Œuvres, gravées d'après ses meilleurs Tableaux qui sont dans les plus beaux Cabinets de Paris et ailleurs, portraits of Wouvermans and Moyreau, engraved title and 109 plates engraved by Moyreau and others, original impressions, a few mounted, and margins cut off, and wanted plate 25 of the Moyreau series, old calf gilt, presented to Edwin Landseer by W. Wells (sold not subject to return), Paris, Moyreau, 1737, folio (2331) E. Parsons, £7 5s. 4449 Zonara (Jo.) In Canones SS. Apostolorum et Sacrorum Conciliorum tam Ecumenicorum quam Provincialium Commentarii à Viris doctissimis Latinitate donati et annott. illustrati, nunc primum ex Regis Christianissimi, etc. Gr. et Lat. conjunctim editi, LARGE PAPER, dedication copy to Louis XIII. of France, in old morocco, Lut. Par., Ant. Stephanus, 1635, folio (2346) Everett, £7 10S. 4450 Conrad von Halberstadt. Concordantiae Bibliorum, lit. goth., printed in triple columns of 66 lines, without marks (Hain *5629), ruled in red, rubricated, oaken boards, pigskin, covered in gold, with elaborate scroll ornaments on back and sides, the arms of Card. de Medici painted in centres, metal bosses and clasps (one missing), a modern imitation of ancient binding (Hagué of Brussels), Absque ulla nota [Argent., Mentelin], folio (2347) Ridler, £15 1OS.



(No. of Lots, 811; amount realised, £581 5s. 6d.)

4451 Art Journal (The), from 1849 to 1869, with the Supplementary vol. for 1851, together 22 vol., morocco super extra, g. e. (6 vol. calf gilt), 1849-69, 4to. (491) Pollard, £5 5s. 4452 Bancroft (H. H.) Works, 39 vol. (wanted vol. 6, 7, 8, 15, 16), cloth, 1883-1890, 8vo. (599) Sotheran, 18 10s. 4453 Boydell (J.) A Collection of Prints from Pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare, portraits of George III. and Queen Charlotte, original impressions of the plates, 2 vol., original half binding, 1803, atlas folio (773) Pollard, £28 4454 Boydell's Picturesque Scenery of Norway from Drawings by J. W. Edy, 2 vol., coloured plates, half bound, 1820, folio (235) C. Jackson, £3 12s. 6d. 4455 Brayley (E. W.) Illustrations of His Majesty's Palace at Brighton, executed by the command of George IV. by John Nash, with History by E. W. Brayley, coloured plates, half morocco, 1838, folio (234) Edwards, £3 3s. 4456 Challenger. Reports of the Scientific Results of the Voyage of the Challenger, 50 vol., cloth, v. y., 4to. (746)

Wesley, £46 4457 Couch (J.) History of the Fishes of the British Islands, 4 vol., first edition, coloured plates, half morocco, 1862-65, 8vo. (590) Briggs, £2 edition, coloured Shepherd, £2 11S.

4458 Dickens (C.) A Christmas Carol, first plates by Leech, 1843, 12mo. (177)

[The original issue in brown cloth and green end papers, "Stave 1."-ED.]

4459 Fielding (Henry). Amelia, 4 vol., first edition, calf, 1752, 8vo. (286) Maggs, £2 12s. 4460 Florist, Fruitist and Garden Miscellany (The), 33 vol., coloured plates, half calf gilt, 1850-82, 8vo. (655)

Gregory, £4 15s. 4461 Garden (The), an Illustrated Weekly Journal, complete from the commencement to vol. 38, in 25 vol., half bound and cloth, 1872-90, 4to. (747) Wesley, £7 4462 Hogarth (W.) Works from the Original Plates restored by Heath (with the 3 extra plates), half morocco gilt, Baldwin and Cradock, n. d., atlas folio (498) Roche, £3 10s. 4463 Law Journal Reports, Chancery and Bankruptcy, new series, vol. 1-70, part 9, 1832 to August, 1901-ditto, Common Law, 1836-1900, 65 vol.-ditto, Statutes, 1832-57, 1865-1900, 43 vol.-ditto, Magistrates' Cases, 1865-1900, 15 vol.ditto, Privy Council, Admiralty, Ecclesiastical, 15 vol., 1866-99-Analytical Index, 8 vol., 1831-70-Law Digest,

pieces and leaflets bequeathed by Horace Walpole to the Honble. Mrs. Anne Seymour Damer at his death in 1797. It will be remembered that Lord Orford appointed Mrs. Damer his executrix, leaving to her Strawberry Hill and its contents. Subsequently, through a relative of Mrs. Damer's, this collection passed into the hands of the present owner. The books were all in fine condition, having been most carefully preserved, and, with one exception, in the original state, several being unbound-folded or in sheets. Particular attention may also be called to the detached pieces and leaflets, which, owing to their nature, are now of extreme rarity. It may be added that the works are, unless otherwise stated, all recorded either in Baker's Catalogue of 1810, in Lowndes, or elsewhere, as having been actually printed at the Strawberry Hill Press. The total amount realised by the sale of this portion of the collection was £700.]

4476 Gray (T.) Odes by Mr. Gray, 21 pp., 4to., original grey wrapper, uncut, Printed at Strawberry-Hill, for R. & J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall, 1757 (121) Sabin, £171

[Horace Walpole's own copy, with his small book-plate on the half-title. Of this, the first work issued from the Strawberry Hill Press, one thousand copies were printed. The above copy is, however, of special interest, in that it contains, on fifteen pages, notes or criticisms in Walpole's handwriting. Among these may be mentioned the note referring to the expression "plung'd" used in the last line of the second ode, as follows:-"In the original this word was 'sunk,' but Mr. Garrick suggested 'plung'd' as a more emphatic word on such an occasion." It may also be remarked that Walpole has added to the vignette on the title-which appears in several of the books and which has been by some authorities described as a book-plate-the name of the designer and engraver. At the end of the odes are to be found two leaves from the Critical Review, No. 19, August, 1757; Literary Magazine, five leaves; and The British Chronicle, August 24-26, 1757, two leaves containing criticisms on these poems, and also the rare leaflet, "To Mr. Gray, on his Odes," on which Walpole had written the words, "By David Garrick, printed at Strawberryhill." It is said that only six copies of this leaflet were printed. -Catalogue.]

4477 Walpole (H.) A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, with Lists of their Works, frontispiece and vignette on titles, 2 vol., original boards, unopened edges, 300 copies printed, Printed at Strawberry-Hill, 1758, 8vo. (122) Dobell, £8 10s. 4478 Walpole (H.) Postscript to the Royal and Noble Authors, folding frontispiece of Christina de Pisan, original wrapper, uncut, 40 copies printed, 1786, 8vo. (123) Dobell, £5 5s. 4479 Walpole (H.) Fugitive Pieces in Verse and Prose, vignette on title, 200 copies printed, Printed at Strawberry-Hill, 1758, 8vo. (124) Denham, 10 5s.

4480 Whitworth (Charles, Lord). An Account of Russia as it was in the Year 1710, by Charles Lord Whitworth, vignette on title, original wrapper, uncut, Printed at Strawberry-Hill, 1758, 8vo. (125) Denham, £4 105.

[Seven hundred copies were printed. This account contains a description of the Russian Naval Yards at the end of the volume, the author having been Ambassador to St. Petersburg in the reign of Peter the Great. The advertisement was written by Horace Walpole.-Catalogue.] 4481 Spence (Reverend Joseph). A Parallel, In the manner of Plutarch, Between a most celebrated Man of Florence, and One, scarce ever heard of, in England, vignette portrait on title, original wrapper, unopened edges, Printed at Strawberry-Hill by William Robinson, and sold by Messieurs Dodsley, at Tully's Head, Pall-Mall, for the benefit of Mr. Hill, 1758, 8vo. (126) Denham, £5

[Seven hundred copies were printed. This Parallel between Mr. Hill, a learned tailor of Buckingham, and the librarian of Florence, Magliabecchi, is referred to in Walpole's "Short Notes of My Life":"1759. Feb. 2nd. I published Mr. Spence's Parallel of Magliabecchi and Mr. Hill, a tailor of Buckingham; calculated to raise a little sum of money for the latter poor man. Six hundred copies were sold in a fortnight, and it was reprinted in London."Catalogue.]

4482 Catalogue of Pictures and Drawings in the Holbein-Chamber at Strawberry-Hill, 8pp., 1760, 8vo. (127)

Sotheran & Co., £28 10s.

[Walpole's first attempt at cataloguing the contents of Strawberry Hill-Catalogue.]

4483 Curiosities in the Glass Closet in the Great Bedchamber, 4pp., original wrapper, n. d. [1772], small 4to. (128)

Robson & Co., £1 16s.

[This and the following pamphlet do not appear to be recorded in Lowndes or elsewhere, but may possibly form part of the "Description" issued in 1772, it is said for the use of the servants in showing the house. The Great Bedchamber was built on in 1770.-Catalogue.] 4484 Pictures, Curiosities, etc. in The Cabinet of Enamels and Miniatures, and in the Glass Cases on each Side of it, 18 pp., original wrapper, n. d., small 4to. (129)

Robson, £110S.

4485 M. Annæi Lucani Pharsalia, cum Notis Hugonis Grotii, et Richardi Bentleii, vignette on title, folded, StrawberryHill, 1760, 8vo. (131) Tregaskis, £6 2s. 6d. [Five hundred copies were issued. "I have delivered to your brother... a Lucan, printed at Strawberry Hill, which, I trust, you will think a handsome edition" (Walpole to Mann, 27 January, 1761). Another copy realised £4 155. (Denham). Apparently presented to Mrs. Damer. It contained her bookplate, designed by Agnes Berry, and on the fly-leaf "e libris Anne Damer, 1779, Nov."-Ed.]

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