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Scholiis Græcis-antiquis, editio princeps, red letters at the beginning of the Pythia, old morocco gilt, g. e., by Roger Payne (Syston Park), Roma, 2. Calliergus, 1515, small 4to. (1703)

Pickering, £4 4355 Plato. Opera Omnia Græcè, editio princeps, ruled in red and

bound in 2 vol., old French morocco, rosettes on back, etruscan borders, g. e., Venet. in æd. Aldi, 1513, small folio (1708)

Pickering, £12 1os. 4356 Plinius. Epistolarum lib. x., cum Comment. J. M. Catanaei,

old French morocco, covered with semis of a monogram F. C. E. V. and $'s and arms of a Count-Archbishop in centres, g. e., ex-libris of Lord Orford in cover (Geneva), P.

et J. Chouët, 1625, small 4to. (1712) L. Rosenthal, £3 4357 Plot (Dr. R.) Natural History of Staffordshire, LARGE PAPER,

folding map (backed with linen), wanted slip of arms omitted, morocco extra, g. e., Oxford, at the Theater, 1686, folio (1715)

Bull, £5 12s. 6d. 4358 Plutarchus. Vitæ Parallelæ, Illustrium Virorum Græci nominis

ac Latini, Græcè, editio prima Aldina, signature of “Joannis Jacobi Ammiani” on title, and numerous old MS. notes in margins in red and black, morocco extra, antique style, g.e., by Rivière, Venet. in ad. Aldi et Andrea Soceri, 1519, folio (1718)

Pickering, £3 4359 Plutarchus. Vitæ Comparatæ illustrium Virorum Græcorum

et Romanorum, ita digestæ, Hermanno Cruserio, interprete, contemporary French morocco, back and sides covered in gilt leafy scrolls and other ornaments, g.e., with the arms of J. F. de Madruze, Comte d'Avì, Marquis de Sorian (Clovis Eve), well preserved, Lugd., A. Gryphius, 1566, 12mo. (1719)

Leighton, £4 125. 4360 Plutarchus. Les Vies des Hommes illustres Grecs and

Romains, comparées l'une avec l'autre, translatées par
Jaques Amyot, second edition, reveuës et corrigées, ruled in
red, old French morocco, g.e., with ties, neatly repaired in
several places and new ovals in centres, but otherwise in
good state (Paris), F. Perrin pour J. Le Preux and Jean
Petit, 1567, folio (1722)

L. Rosenthal, 10 4361 Pomponius Mela. Geographia, una cum Prisciani ex Dionysio

de Orbis Situ interpretatione, lit. goth., long lines, with
signatures Aj forms a full-page woodcut semi-sphere, orna-
mental woodcut initials, half morocco, clean copy, Venet.,

Er. Ratdolt, 1482, small 4to. (1731) Pickering, £4 4s. 4362 Pomponius Mela. Geographia, Prisciani ex Dionysio de Situ

Orbis Interpretatio, lit. goth., map and ornamental woodcut initials, Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1482--Liber Abrahamio Judei de Nativitatibus, lit. goth., diagrams and ornamental woodcut initials, ib., 1485-Rufus Festus Avienus. Opera, Arati Phænomena latinis versibus reddita, etc., roman letter, rubricated, astronomical woodcuts, Venet., A. de Strata, 1488—Hyginius. Poeticon Astronomicon Opus, roman letter, astrological woodcuts and ornamental initials (last 5 leaves stained), Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1485, in 1 vol., with

signature of M. Nicolaus Leopoldus, tutor to the Infanta of Spain, morocco extra, by L. Broca, small 4to. (1732) Pickering, 10 IOS. 4363 Pontificale Romanum, emendatum diligentia R. P. Jacobi de Lutiis Epi. Caiacens, et D. Joannis Burckardi Capelle S. D. N. Papæ Cerimoniarum Majistri, printed in lit. goth. magna, red and black, double columns, with square musical notes, contains ccxxvi. leaves numbered in red and leaf of errata (wanted the 4 preliminary leaves), the first page of text had illuminated ornamental border with an historiated miniature of two saints, 10 illuminated initials in the text, 3 figured, morocco extra, g. e., by R. De Coverly, Impressus Roma per Stephanus Planck, 1497, xvi. Aug., folio (1734) Bull, £5 4364 Pontificale Secundum Ritum Sacrosanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ cum multis additionibus opportunis ex apostolica bibliotheca sumptis et aliis non impressis, per Albertum Castellanum ordinatus, lit. goth., red and black, square musical notes, title within woodcut border, large cut of Crucifixion within compartmental borders, with another border to the opposite page, and woodcuts in the text, oaken boards, leather, with blind stamped frame ornaments (rebacked), gilt and gauffred edges, 2 leaves of an ancient MS. vellum Lectionarium as fly-leaves, Venet., L. A. de Giunta, 1520, folio (1735)

Bull, £9 15s.

[The first, and perhaps the finest, Pontificale issued from the Giunta press in Venice.-Catalogue.]

4365 Pope (Alexander). The Rape of the Lock, an Heroi-Comical Poem in Five Cantos, first complete edition, 6 plates, portrait of Arabella Fermor mounted on back of title and original advertisement, ex-libris of Earl De la Warr and Colonel Grant, morocco gilt, g. e., B. Lintott, 1714, 8vo. (1746) Pickering, £25s. 4366 Pope and Swift. Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, first edition, 3 vol., old calf, Benjamin Motte, 1727, 8vo. (1749) B. F. Stevens, £4 14s. Prayer and Adminis

4367 Prayer. The Booke of the Common tracion of the Sacramentes after the Use of the Churche of England, black letter, title within woodcut border, ornamental woodcut initials (with the leaf at end with order as to prices), (title and several leaves washed, mended, some headlines shaved, sold not subject to return), morocco extra, antique style, g. on r. e., ex-libris of Birket Foster in cover, a rare issue of the first Prayer Book of King Edward VI., In officina Edw. Whitchurche, 1549, Mense Junii, small folio (1765) Quaritch, £44 4368 Prayer. A Booke of Christian Prayers, collected out of the Ancient Writers, and best learned in our time, worthy to be read with an earnest mynde of all christians, etc., black letter, printed within woodcut borders of Biblical subjects and the Dance of Death, after A. Dürer and Hans Holbein, woodcut title with figure of Queen Elizabeth on reverse

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(inner margin mended), morocco, line tooled, g.e., the third edition of "Queen Elizabeth's" Prayer Book, John Day, 1581, small 4to. (1766)

Maxim, £30 4369 Prayer. A Booke of Christian Prayers, black and roman

letter (the fourth edition of Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book), printed within woodcut borders after Dürer and Holbein of Biblical subjects, Dance of Death, etc., portrait of Queen Elizabeth on reverse of title, some lower borders shaved, otherwise perfect, morocco, antique gilt ornaments, inside dentelles, g. e., by L. Broca, R. Yardley and P. Short for

assignes of R. Day, 1590, small 4to. (1767) Edwards, & 12 4370 Prayer. A Booke of Christian Praiers, collected out of the

Ancient Writers, etc., black and roman letter, within woodcut borders of Biblical subjects, the Dance of Death, etc., after A. Dürer and H. Holbein, portrait of Queen Elizabeth on reverse of title, a good and generally sound copy, with wide margins, but the title inlaid and 2 plain margins mended, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford, R. Yardley and P. Short for the assigns of R. Day, 1590 [title, Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1608), small 4to. (1768)

Leighton, £6 6s. [The fourth edition of “Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book," with the title to fifth and last of the old editions.--Cata

logue) 4371 Prayer. The Booke of Common Prayer, black letter, ruled in

red, woodcut titles, ornamental initials and ornaments, contemporary English morocco, covered with rich ornamental gilt tooling in frame and diagonal compartments, with the arms of King Charles I. in centres, g. e. (S. Mearnes), slightly rubbed in places, but generally well preserved, R. Barker and Assigns of John Bill, 1636, folio (1772)

Everett, £61 4372 Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer . . . and other parts

of Divine Service for the use of the Church of Scotland, with the Psalter according to the last Translation, black letter, first edition of Archbishop Laud's Scottish Prayer Book, ends with the catchword "certaine,” title within woodcut border, and numerous woodcut initials, calf gilt, r. e., exlibris of J. Douglas, A.M. in cover, Edinburgh, R. Young, 1637 (Psalter, 1636), folio (1773)

Maggs, 45 4373 Psalterium Hebræum, Græcum, Arabicum, et Chaldæum,

cum tribus latinis interpretationibus et glossis, edidit A. Justinianus, title in red and black within woodcut border, morocco gilt, Genua (Genoa), P. P. Porrus (with device), 1516, small folio (1789)

Stechert, £5 5s. [The first Polyglott Psalter, containing in the Gloss on Psalm xix. the earliest life of Christopher Columbus.

Catalogue.] 4374 Psalterium Davidis Græcum et Latinum (ex recensione

Joannis Crastoni), (some plain margins repaired), morocco super extra, with antique gilt ornaments by R. De Coverly,

Impressum Mediolani anno mcccclxxxi. die xx. Septembris, small folio (1790) Bull, £3 14s. 4375 Psalterium. The Latin Psalter in the University Library of Utrecht (formerly Cotton MS. Claudius c. viii.), photographed and produced in facsimile by the Permanent Autotype Process of Spencer, Sawyer, Bird and Co., morocco joints, r. e., n. d., folio (1796) Quaritch, £5 10S. 4376 Psalterium, cum Hymnis, lit. goth. magna, red and black, with musical notes, long lines, 22 to a full page, with signatures, contains title, clvi. folioed leaves and 4 leaves of register, many of the staves for music are left blank, contemporary Netherlands binding, in oaken boards, leather, with small stamped ornaments in diagonal and frame compartments, well preserved, "Liber Conventus Sanctæ Cecilia in Hanau" (?), s. 1. et nom. imp. [last line of Hymnarius, "Amen mcccclxxxi."], small 4to. (1797) Leighton, £24 10s. 4377 Psalterium et Cantica Canticorum et alia Cantica Biblica, Æthiopicè, et Syllabarium seu de legenda oratione (in fine Cantica Simeonis), [Edente Joanne Potken], printed in Coptic or Ethiopic characters in red and black, the first book printed in these characters, full-page woodcut in red of David playing on the harp, morocco extra, y. e., by H. Stamper, Roma, impensis Jo. Potken Præpositi Ecclesiæ Sancti Georgii Coloniensis per Marcellum Silber al's Franck die ultima Junii [et die x. Septembris], 1513, small 4to. (1799) Maggs, £3 15s. 4378 Quaritch (B.) Facsimiles of Choice Examples selected from Illuminated Manuscripts, Unpublished Drawings and Illustrated Books of early date, numerous chromos, 1889, etc., imperial 8vo. (1814) Maggs, £5 55. 4379 Rabelais (Fr.) Euvres, nouvelle édition ornée de figures de B. Picart, etc., portrait, ornamental frontispieces, views, map and plates, 3 vol., morocco, plain, inside dentelles, g. e., by Capé, Amst., J. F. Bernard, 1741, 4to. (1822)

James, £9

[Seventeen copies on large paper are known.-ED.] 4380 Rapin and Tindal. History of England, printed upon writing paper, portraits by Houbraken and Vertue, plates of coins, seals, monuments, maps, etc., brilliant picked impressions, said to be the publisher's own copy, 5 vol., morocco, line tooled, marbled end leaves, g. e. (Roger Payne), (Syston Park), Knapton, 1732-47, folio (1832) Sotheran, £16 10S. 4381 Recueil de quelques Pièces Nouvelles et Galantes tant en Prose qu'en Vers, 2 parts in 1 vol., old French morocco, with elaborate gilt ornaments and crowned R and double A, the marks of Louis XIII. and Anne of Austria (the book not originally in this binding), Cologne, P. du Marteau (à la Sphère), 1667, 12mo. (1837) Maggs, £4 12s. 4382 Retza (Franciscus de). Comestorium Vitiorum, editio princeps, lit. semi-goth., double columns, 49 lines, without marks, rubricated, capitals painted in red and blue, morocco super extra, with the Seillière arms, g.e., Norembergæ,

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