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the book in 1598, on title, old calf, morocco back, Neapolis,
1592, small 4to. (559)

Pickering, £7 4124 Columna (Franciscus de). Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, first

edition, woodcuts attributed to Giovanni Bellini, the Priapus
unmutilated, morocco, g.e., by F. Bedford, Venet., in

Ædibus Aldi Manutii, 1499, small folio (560) Pickering, £96 4125 Columna (Franciscus de). La Hypnerotomachia di Poliphilo,

second edition, woodcuts attributed to Giovanni Bellini, the
Priapus unmutilated, calf gilt, g. e., Aldine anchor on sides,
Venet., Figliuoli di Aldo, 1545, small folio (561)

Ellis, £15 5s. 4126 [Combe (William).] Three Tours of Dr. Syntax, 80 coloured

illustrations by T. Rowlandson, 3 vol., calf extra, inside
dentelles, g. e., by Tout, R. Ackermann, 1813-20-21, imperial
8vo. (563)

Sotheran, £7 55. 4127 [Combe (William).] The English Dance of Death, first

edition, frontispiece and engraved title to vol. i., and 72
coloured plates by T. Rowlandson, 2 vol., calf extra, inside
dentelles, g. e., bý Tout, R. Ackermann, 1816, imperial 8vo.

J. Bumpus, £8 155. 4128 Commines (Philippe de). Memoires de Louis XI. et Charles

VIII., ruled in red, ornamental initials, oaken boards, mo-
rocco, elaborately tooled in leafy scrolls and ornaments à
pointillé, with title of book and motto beginning “Custodit
Dominus” in centres, gilt and gauffred edges, perforated
silver clasps, a fine imitation of an ancient binding, by
Hagué of Brussells, Lyon, Jan de Tournes, 1559, small folio

Ridler, 46 155. 4129 Compendium Musices confectum ad faciliorem instructionem

Cantum Choralem discentium, necnon ad introductionem
huius libelli qui Cantorinus intitulatur (Cantorinus Ro.
manus), lit. goth., red and black, with plain chant music,
full-page woodcut, smaller ones and ornamental initials,
contemporary oaken boards, stamped ornamental leather,
clasps (back damaged), Venet., L. A. de Giunta (device in
red), 1513, 12mo. (577)

Cotton, £5 ros. 4130 Concilia Generalia Ecclesiæ Catholicæ Pauli V. Pont. Max.

auctoritate edita, Gr. et Lat., editio princeps, 4 vol., old
French morocco, line tooled, J. A. De Thou's copy, with his
arms and his second wife's on sides and monogram at back
(the Seillière copy, with ex-libris), Romæ, ex Typ: Vat.,
1608-12, folio (579)

Tregaskis, £4 155. 4131 Cook (Captain James). Three Voyages of Discovery in the

Southern Hemisphere, original editions, numerous maps
and charts and plates, 8 vol., calf gilt, g. e., with arms of the
Earl of Clare, by J. Clarke (no atlas), Strahan, etc., 1773-84,
4to. (584)

Ellis, 45 4132 Copernicus (Nicolaus). De Revolutionibus Orbium Cælestium

lib. vi., editio prima, diagrams and ornamental woodcut
initials, morocco extra, inside dentelles, t. e. g., by L. Broca,
Norimberga, Jo. Petreius, 1543, 4to. (592)

Quaritch, £II IOS.

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[This book was placed on the “Index” by the Papal

authorities of the day.—ED.] 4133 Cornelius Nepos. Æmilii Probi de Vita, Excellentium liber,

editio princeps, lit. rom., long lines, 31 to a full page, without marks, morocco, line tooled, g. e. (Roger Payne), Wodhull copy, Venetiis opus impressum per Nicolaum Jenson, 1471, small folio (598)

Leighton, £12 4134 Coryat (Thomas) [Crudities). These Crude Veins are pre

sented in this Booke following (besides the foresaid Crudities) no lesse fowing in the body of the Booke than the Crudities themselves, etc., first edition, wanted engraved title and 3 plates, that of the Heidelberg Tun mended and mounted, 2 leaves of contemporary poetry relating to Coryat, John Bunyan, John Dunton, etc., with signature “E. libris Samuelis Westley (? Sam. Wesley, the poet), e Coll. Exon. Oxon., Dec. '86,” before sheet B, sold not subject to return, morocco extra, g.e., hy Rivière, Printed

by W. G., A.D. 1611, small 4to. (601) Tregaskis, £10 4135 Coryat (Thomas). Thomas Coriate, Traveller for the Eng.

lish Wits, greeting, from the Court of the Great Mogul Resident at the Towne of Asmere in Easterne India, cut on title, leaf with cut on each side (mended), and 2 other cuts in the text, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, W. Jaggard and H. Fetherston, 1616, small 4to. (602)

Cotton, £2 2s. 4136 Coryat (Thomas). Mr. Thomas Coriat to his friends in Eng

land sendeth greeting from Agra, the Capitall City of the Dominion of the Great Mogoll in the Easterne India, the last of October, 1616, first edition, cut on title, repeated in the text, and full-length woodcut figure of the author, morocco extra, joints, g. e., Printed by J. B., 1618, small 4to. (603)

Pickering, £16 4137 Cowley (A.) Poems, viz.: I., Miscellanies—II., The Mistress,

or Love Verses-III., Pindarique Odes—and IV., Davideis, first edition, LARGE PAPER, portrait by Faithorne (cut down) inserted, old morocco gilt, g.e., H. Moseley, 1656, folio (611)

Pickering, £17 1os. 4138 Cowper (William). Poems, with The Task, a Poem in Six

Books (with half title lettered “vol. ii.”), first edition, 2 vol., original pencil drawing of Cowper, and an Essay on Caraccioli, Autograph MS. on 3/2 pp. 4to. by Cowper, written on a business bill of James Nickolls, lace manufacturer of “Qulney," inserted in vol. i., morocco extra, full gilt ornamental backs, line sides, inside dentelles, g.e., by Lortic,

Printed for J. Johnson, 1782-5, 8vo. (613) Cockerell, £14 4139 Cranmer (Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury). A Defence

of the True and Catholike Doctrine of the Sacrament of the body and bloud of our Saviour Christ, black letter, first edition, portrait and woodcut title, old calf with crowned dolphin and fleurs-de-lis (rebacked), cover broken, g. e.,

Reynold Wolfe, 1550, small 4to. (620) Ridler, £3 12s. 6d. 4140 Crescentio (Petrus de). Ruralium Commodorum libri xx.,

editio princeps, lit. semi-goth.. long lines, 35 to a full page,
without marks, morocco extra, g. e., by C. Smith (Syston
Park), Augusta, Joannes Schüszler, 1471, small folio (621)

Pickering, £13 ios. 4141 Cristianus ad Solitarium quendam de Ymagines Mundi (per

Honorium Augustodinensem), lit. semi-goth., long lines, 30
to a full page, 46 leaves, without marks (Hain, 8,800), 2
illuminated initials with marginal decoration on first page,
capitals in blue and red, calf gilt, by Lewis (Wodhull copy),
Absque ulla nota (Nuremb., Koburger, c. 1472), small folio

Cockerell, £6 js. 4142 Crowe (J. A.) and G. B. Cavalcaselle. New History of Paint

ing in Italy, from the Second to the Sixteenth Century,
illustrations, 3 vol., calf gilt, m.e., by Zaehnsdorf, J. Murray,
1864-6, 8vo. (624)

Collinson, £7 4143 Daniell (Samuel). African Scenery and Animals, 30 coloured plates, rough calf, n. d., imperial oblong folio (656)

Quaritch, £10 4144 Daniell (William) and Ayton (R.) Voyage round Great

Britain, coloured plates and a chart of the voyage, 8 vol. in
4, russia gilt, g. e. (cracked), Longman, 1814-25, imperial
4to. (657)

Jackson, £15 5s. 4145 Dante. La Divina Commedia col Commento di Chr. Lan

dino, roman letter, numerous ornamental initials, illu-
minated, old Dutch calf gilt, g. e., ex-libris of William Con-
stable, Vinegia, O. Scot (with device in red), 1484, folio


Isaacs, £10 4146 Dante. Comedia di Danthe Alighieri Poeta divino, title in

red and black gothic within woodcut border, with large head of Dante on reverse, full-page cut before the Inferno and smaller ones in the text, portrait of Dante after Stradanus by C. Galle inserted, old calf, Venet., Jacobo de Burgofranco ad instantia di L. A. Giunta, 1529, tolio (659)

Allatini, £13 5s. 4147 Dante.

La Comedia di Dante Aligieri (sic) con la Nova Espositione di Alessandro Vellutello, woodcuts, wide margins (? LARGE PAPER, 934 by 5/8 inches), ruled in red, contemporary Venetian calf, with interlaced foreate and geometrical scrolls in the Grolier manner, well preserved but the back joints repaired, g. e., enclosed in new morocco slip case lined with chamois, Vinegia, F. Marcolino, 1544, 4to. (660)

Maggs, £27 1os. [The first edition of Dante with Vellutello's explanations.

-- Catalogue.] 4148 Dante. Il Convivio di Dante Alighieri Fiorentino, prima edi

zione, roman letter, without title, long lines, 39 to a page, signatures a-lx in 8's, morocco, Aeurons on back, sides covered in geometrical line frames, with centre line and leafy scrolls, doublé, silk end leaves, uncut edges, by Binda, Milano, Firenze, per Francesco Bonaccorsi, 1490, small 4to.

Allatini, £10 155.


4149 Dante. Le Terze Rime di Dante, prima edizione Aldina,

crushed morocco, plain, with Aldine anchor in gold on sides, inside dentelles, g. e., by Thibaron, Venet. in aed. Aldi, 1502, small 8vo. (665)

Allatini, £11 [The first edition of Dante in a portable form, and the first in which Aldus introduced his device of the anchor.

Catalogue.] 4150 De Bry (T.) Petits Voyages en Latin, parts i.-viii., all first

editions, plates by the Brothers De Bry, 8 vol., half calf gilt, Francof., 1598-1607, small folio (673)

Tregaskis, £14 155. 4151 Dee (Dr. John). A True and Faithful Relation of what

passed for many years between Dr. John Dee and some Spirits, etc., with a Preface by Meric Casaubon, D.D., frontispiece containing 6 portraits by F. Cleyn, morocco gilt, g. e., D. Maxwell for T. Garthwait, 1659, folio (680)

Sotheran, £3 18s. 415 Defoe (D.) Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson

Crusoe, written by himself, 2 vol. (vol. i. third edition, with frontispiece; vol. ii. first edition, with folding map), Printed for W. Taylor at the Ship in Paternoster Row, 1719Serious Reflections during the Life of Robinson Crusoe, written by himself, first edition, folding frontispiece of Crusoe's Island, ib., 1720, together 3 vol., calf gilt, g. e., by W. Pratt, 8vo. (683)

Sotheran, £8 4153 Defoe (D.) Journal of the Plague Year, 1665, first edition, old calf, E. Nutt, 1722, 8vo. (690)

Maggs, £4 os. 4154 Defoe (D.) A Treatise concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marriage Bed, first edition, morocco extra, y. e., 1727, 8vo.

Sotheran, £4 12s. 4155 De Rosoi (M.) Les Sens, Poëme en Six Chants, seconde

édition, revuë et corrigée par l'Auteur, plates, vignettes and culs de lampe after Eisen and Wille, morocco super extra, g.e., by Chambolle-Duru, à Londres (Paris), 1767, 8vo. (710)

Ridler, £4 125 4156 D’Haudricourt (Ternisien). Fastes de la Nation Française et

des Puissances Alliées, 192 vignettes, old morocco gilt, with the arms of the Emperor Napoleon I., g. e. (from Lord Farnham's library), Paris, Gillé Fils, 1807, small 4to. (713)

Magg's, £6 4157 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Typographical Antiquities, begun by

Ames, continued by Herbert and now greatly enlarged, portraits, printers' devices, paper marks and other illustrations, 4 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by J. Wright, Miller,

Longman, etc., 1810-19, 4to. (714) Quaritch, £9 1os. 4158 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Bibliotheca Spenceriana, with Ædes

Althorpianæ and the Cassano Catalogue, facsimiles, 7 vol., vellum gilt, r. e., Longman, 1814-23, super imperial 8vo. (717)

Stechert, £12 ios. 4159 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Bibliographical Decameron, or Ten Days'

Pleasant Discourse on illuminated MSS., etc., numerous


illustrations, 3 vol., morocco extra, g.e., Payne and Foss etc., 1817, imperial 8vo. (718)

Thorp, £!! 155 4160 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Pic

turesque Tour in France and Germany, first edition, with the series of groups of the people of France and Germany etched by George Lewis on India paper inserted, 3 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, Payne and Foss, etc., 1821, imperial 8vo. (719)

Collinson, £8 4161 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) 'The Library Companion, first edition,

illustrated with 639 portraits, views and autograph letters, including a three-page most characteristic, interesting and early letter from S.T. Coleridge, containing an original sonnet, dated October 24, 1794, “Kings, Wolves, Tygers, Generals, Ministers and Hyenas, I renounce them all,” etc. (small hole where the postmark had been torn), all addressed to the Rev. Fr. Wrangham, bound in 2 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., uncut, Harding, etc., 1824, 8vo. (720)

Sotheran, £7 1os. 4162 Dickens (C.) Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by “Boz,"

first edition, portrait and plates by G. Cruikshank, extra illustrated, with portraits of Grimaldi, including original drawings, 3 portraits of Dickens by Cruikshank, D'Orsay and Maclise, coloured scenic plates and views of Sadlers Wells, etc., Grimaldi playbills, etc., in all 38 extra illustrations, 2 vol., morocco super extra, t.e. g., fore and lower edges uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, R. Bentley, 1838, 8vo. (729)

Ridler, £7 4163 Dickens (C.) Christmas Books. Christmas Carol (“Stave

1."), coloured illustrations by John Leech-The Chimes, Battle of Life, Cricket on the Hearth and the Haunted Man, all first editions, illustrations by Leech, Maclise, etc., 5 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, original cover and back of each work bound in, Chapman and Hall and Bradbury, 1844-48, small 8vo. (735)

£7 175. 6d. 4164 Disraeli (Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield). The Rise of

Iskander (a Tale), original Autograph Manuscript complete,
187 pp., written on both sides of the paper, Autograph
Letter of Disraeli, signed “D.," October 7, 1848, to Count
D'Orsay, referring to the latter's portrait of Lord George
Bentinck, inserted, morocco extra, with a top flap, by
Zaehnsdorf, folio (744)

£53 4165 Doyle (Richard). A Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle,

by Dame Juliana Berners, Stock's facsimile reproduction of Wynkyn de Worde's edition of 1496, the first few leaves having to original drawings in colours by Richard Doyle, for a proposed illustrated edition by him, with explanations in capital letters in his hand, the frontispiece the full size of the page, and entitled “Ye King Fisher, little Prince Fishers and rest of the royal Family," on the reverse side in the margin several boys are dragging a huge fish up the river bank, other subjects are “Wynkyn de Worde, his prynters D-1 taking off 'copye' of Dame Berners to be

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