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Hermetis Trismegistidspule cum (awnmentarus, et ala O ra, Tropheum (valeum quadruplex rm rwundem cum pire trns histwam, ete, lut gott., torst title in rexi within

od ut b ier, (uts in the text and ornamental initials umed, vrilum, I tumi SIA* \/ urinardi et J. Hww.mi arte et trofustria / M ode Camps, 1907", small

4100 (hann 1 1) and ( Perkins (ya berpuardia of Painter

and P* nt ng upuan. 3.4** viustrat one, 4 vol, mermi curar alra) and love, INA, imperial 80 463.


(harlat de Nasike The Beurtram furr of his acred

Marie in hua . Sumbe and Sutte ning's, finding plate by Martha marn ut ( mornio extra inside denörline ke, b 1. Broka, por printers name, 1644


(harins ! kun llasike The Pextracture of his Saared

Mawstie in h. So fun and Sustrans, together with his 1't.sate leasen frunter of fusal arms. portraits of (harlalandi il, ani to ng pate, call extra, Rey by R enr, ne pade e or printers name, ihaA 10 10

In 1111, [2 10%. sth. ed un cementa ns "A Prayer in (aptışity,taken

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lettres bâtardes, double columns, woodcuts and ornamental initials, title within woodcut border in compartments of Biblical subjects with mark M. K., 2 vol. in 1, morocco super extra, y. e., Imprime en Anvers, Martin l'Empereur, 1530, folio (195)

Bull, £20 5s. "[The first complete edition of the Bible in French, separate parts having been published between 1523 and 1528. All the early editions were rigorously suppressed.

Catalogue.] 4031 Biblia. Le Premier (et Second) Volume de la Bible en

Francoys (translatée du latin par Guyard des Moulins), lettres bâtardes, double columns, title in red within woodcut border, woodcuts and ornamental initials, 2 vol. in i, corners of 2 or 3 leaves at end repaired, morocco extra, with antique gilt ornaments, g.e., by R. De Coverly, Imprimée à Lyon pour Pierre Bailly Marchant Libraire, 1531, folio (196)

Leighton, £8 [A rare edition of Guyard des Moulins' French translation, with Comments on Genesis and Maccabees taken from the Latin of Peter Comestor, first printed by Vérard about 1510. Bailly published an earlier edition in 1521, but the woodcuts in the present are mostly different.

Catalogue.] 4032 Biblia. La Bible qui est toute la Saincte Escripture, trans

latez en Francoys, lettres bâtardes, woodcut ornamental initials, title mended, margin of next leaf shaved, corners of 2 leaves at end mended and leaf with colophon inlaid, old French morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, g.e. (Derome), Achever dimprimer en la Ville et Conte de Neuchastel par Pierre de Wingle dict Pirot Picard lan 1535 IIIle de Juing (197)

K. Roberts, £26 [The first edition of the Bible in French for the Reformed Church of Geneva, by P. Olivetan and John Calvin.

Catalogue.) 4033 Biblia. Le Premier et le Second Volume de la Bible en

François, lettres bâtardes, double columns, large and small woodcuts and ornamental initials, 2 vol. in i, morocco extra, g. e., by De Coverly, Imprimée à Paris par Anthoyne Bonnemere, demourant au Mont Saynt Hilaire à l'hostel Dalbret, 1537-8, folio (198)

Bull, £8 5s. 4034 Biblia Sacra Germanica (durch D. M. Luther), (Genesis to

end of Solomon's Song only), lit. goth., numerous woodcuts by Hans Brosamer, painted and heightened in gold, the title to the third part having 14 emblazoned coats-of-arms of the German princely patrons of the Reformation, morocco gilt, inside gilt borders, silk linings, r. e. (Wittemberg, Hans Luft), 1561, folio (201)

Stechert, £21 (Printed upon vellum. No complete copy on vellum known. This had no preliminary leaves or titles to the first and second parts. It began on Aj with the first Book of Genesis, and this part ran to folio cvi., end of Deuteronomy, and wanted folios xvi. and xxviii. The second part

began with Jonhua and ended with Esther, felvons it all
The th red part bean with job and ended with on
S***. Hann lax, 'n lening title remon the Ashurnham
1 bar thema ''KIO (TKRINT, vol mi,. 4467

( 3 4015 Bibi Dp sir, uth der t'thlexx nyr Den tons Martını

Isher, lit gott vele ut title and numerous woxxde uts by | Videntier and black ribbon initiais, contemerary (.riran postnx in uken Paris, leather, stamped with Ornamenti in morders and small xxxmpartments, a few leaves

I I . Dets, 1871folo 200 A* A'. Vt. 11 il bir hosted on a luheis Wuble in the Saxo Low (.riman driest po pagher has a MS note leginning. * louannes dienhagen Bremer 1) am (hrstl. leser, in

4. Hos Is Herbit dat Propeus vader b:ble des Chenetters

te!.. te uplatne, let gott doble columns of lines

mot maks, n in ded, (Tamental pen letters, dus ded ir topars, wh pr yters drier, two shields in red at the moderan part leaf of fruixur wormed, in 1 vol. n min 0.ho le «ail, wth to metal clasps, la "Il. In 11 * 1 s */ s.Vn ente Mountius en inte

daril, , 42 in P !* thop k hie in Dutih Rare in such

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lated from the German of Luther by 0. Petri and L. Petri, Archbishop of Upsala, with Luther's prefaces), lit. goth.. woodcuts, title mounted, some margins mended and cut close, oaken boards, leather, the first edition of the Bible in Swedish, Tryckt I Upsala af Georgen Richolff, 1541, small folio (211)

K. Roberts, 65 4041 Biblia tu je, use suetu pismu, Stariga mu Noviga Testa

menta, Slovenski, tolmazhena skusi Juria Dalmatina, lit. rom., woodcuts, first title mended and backed, first 8 leaves supplied from a shorter copy, 2 leaves defective, contemporary oaken boards, pigskin, with blind stamped ornaments and arms of Wirtemberg in centres, the first edition of the Bible in Windish, Wittemberga, Hæredes Jo. Cratonis, 1584, folio (212)

Tregaskis, £5 jos. 4042 Bible. The Byble in English, black letter, woodcut title by

Holbein and numerous cuts in the text, first title, some inner margins and corners of some leaves repaired, some headlines in the Epistles cut into, morocco extra, antique gilt ornaments, g.e., by Rivière, Prynted by Rychard Grafton and Edward Whitchurch, 1539, fynyshed in April, folió (215)

Bull, £42 10s. [The first authorised edition of the complete Bible in English, called “The Great,” or “Cromwell's," with Cromwell's arms uneffaced and all the titles, those to the Old Testament, the Hagiographia and the New Testament being alike. As one or two of the titles may have been supplied from another edition, this copy was sold not

subject to return.-Catalogue.] 4043 Bible. The Bible in English, black letter, woodcut title to Old

Testament in red and black, title to New Testament in black only, other titles within borders of 25 compartments of Biblical subjects, with initials of J. M. (Jehan Mallart), title to Old Testament defective and mounted, corner torn off that of New Testament, wanted 2 leaves after first title, last 2 leaves defective, some leaves stained, sold not subject to return, calf extra, Rouen, at the Coste and Charges of Richard Carmarden (per C. Hamillon), 1566, folio (218)

Tregaskis, £6 17s. 6d. 4044 Bible. The Byble, whych is all the holy Scripture, truelye

and purely translated into Englishe by Thomas Matthewe, 1537, black letter, woodcut titles and ornamental woodcut initials, Old Testament title in facsimile, margins of many leaves at beginning and end repaired, morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Thos. Raynalde and W. Hyll, 1549, folio (219)

Bull, £12 155. Mathewe's version, with Tyndale's Prologues. This is an accurate reprint of the edition of 1537. The woodcut border of the title page is made up of the same blocks as were used for Coverdale's Bible of 1535. Becke's revision of the same version, though issued the same year, was

printed by John Daye.-E..] 4045 Bible. The Byble, that is to say all the Holy Scripture . ..

Slart letter wodrut titles and wortuts in the trut, the first
ttle had wwe ut border only, the trut being written in fac
i'm ie, New Testament title mainted, marins of a learns
in (ness and of 14 leaves at and mendedi, a few leaves
stained and opbeled on, net sulyorit to trtim, ok russu
Niit, Dave and Setrs, 1049, small fuo 320 Artier, 16 16

Mathrwr irrum, rrused by Bleikr, with the lakers"

read in Mu'm ki ( 8.1. ) 1046 B e the Hole in inglish, Start Intter, woede ut titles in

€1Nartments to all the hip parti, title to (:d Testament muunted, that to Sew Testament mended, the others all 1945 t, marins of sorral leaves mended, morwin, conrred

th ant que l'ed stamped ornaments, ke, Edw. Whyt.

(hur hr. 1661 fio 31 4047 B e The Byle, inntasning the Olde Testamente and

the Veve, Slart Irtor. Nuuts within ornamental borders h 18 I Sobies with his mark, portrait of the Earl of leurster to ttle of quart 2, and one of Burlesh before the Mu'ms, udut in rals of subyerts and ornaments, first

'e in fars trile, martin of preliminan leair mended

legins at pred mesed, o'd ca'l, the first ed.tion of the ** I shops' Bidade, R Jus (15 ) ferito 322

Irekis, (8 34 Ad. 14 #le #The Hel Help" these three words in a bank

ure of a larpe ww. ut representing uren Ebraeth bone X runed try Memes and lustre, wh (alendar, Prvilrus Mornard Pieniny Praser, eto marx n nent leaf or (nr. merded, blart ard man letter,

& Jons, **** ute, ttle to each part europe linnud By has lealth pe store desure on y, at the end the I abs ard by leat of "faultes escaped in the pant*** R Ver.

The Wale luke of Pites 0 ta' Mrtre, lys Serrr hud and Hap69. #th apt Doors to ha t ha, Surt irtier | Dase, 18) in i vol. a'd mit 1 5 29, to , the second as of the Bb. tor, ard the first in 4to, emul 4to 221

B . 14 ton +49 BiH

The Boys' Verso tried to try shop maker. (nr. fperar red ard dark, eti Start Inn ** ditors fu" p entru hp ( rralın ard Peguerimt teftari nofiral therp (nrsmerded ripomen ser entre, K . ( Marker, 175, laror fro 114'

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