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in colours—"Fire," " Pubd. by Wm. Blake, 17 May, 1793," on large folio leaf—“The Human Abstract," one leaf plain

-“The Garden of Love," one leaf plain—“The Chimney Sweeper," one leaf plain-."A Divine Image," one leaf plain — three leaves of “Urizen,” beginning “Ethintus Queen of Waters,” printed on both sides in tints, each with different design, and many other pieces by Blake, 52 subjects in all, inserted in a scrap-book, calf, folio (270)

Roberts, £87 [A description of each piece is given in a long catalogue

note.--ED.) 4063 Blake (W.) Young (Dr. Edward). The Complaint and the

Consolation, or Night Thoughts, with 43 full-page illustrations by William Blake, original issue, corner of a leaf mended, mottled calf extra, t. e. g., other edges uncut, by Rivière, R. Edwards, 1797, imperial 4to. (271)

Ridler, £8 1os. 4064 Blake (William). The Grave, a Poem by Robert Blair, illus

trated by 12 etchings executed by L. Schiavonetti from the original inventions of William Blake, proof copy, with the portrait of Blake on India paper, morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf, T. Bensley for R. H. Cromek, 1808, imperial 4to. (273)

Ridler, 45 4065 Blomefield (Rev. Fr.) History of the County of Norfolk,

continued by the Rev. Charles Parkyn, original edition, plan of Norwich (with the reference table), views, pedigrees, etc., perfect copy, 5 vol., panelled calf gilt, r. e., Fersfield and Lynn, 1739-75, folio (281)

Quaritch, £24 ios. 4066 Boccaccio (Jo.) Genealogiæ Deorum Gentilium, etc., edi

tiones principes, roman letter, long lines, 41 to a full page, ruled in red, painted capitals, in i vol., old French morocco, g.e. (Derome), Venet., Vindelin de Spira, 1472-3, small folio (282)

B. F. Stevens, ku 4067 Boccaccio. The Boke of Bochas describing the Fall of

Princes, Princesses and other Nobles, translated into Eng. lishe by John Lydgate Monk, of Bury, English Manuscript on vellum (183 leaves, 1672 by i in.), written in neat English script characters, in double columns, in 7-line rhymed stanzas, 49 lines to a full page, 3 pages illuminated in floreate scrolls, and numerous small illuminated ornamental initials with marginal decorations, ornamental penletters, etc. (2 leaves defective), with armorial bearings of the original owners and their connections, modern boarded russia, with line scroll tooling, inside borders, silk doublures, clasps, g. e., Sæc. XV., large folio (285) Quaritch, £251

[A finely written and interesting manuscript, by an English scribe, probably done at Bury St. Edmunds, apparently for some member of the Cheyney family of Cambridgeshire, the armorial bearings in the MS. being connected with the families of Engaine, Rempston and Cheney. From the Colworth Library, with ex-libris of the Lee family (of Hartwell).—Catalogue.]

4068 Boccaccio. The Tragedies of all such Princes as fell from

theyr Estates, translated into Englysh by John Lydgate, black letter, title within woodcut border, cut of Adam and Eve before the text, ornamental initials, wormed throughout, plain part of leaf xxxvii. cut off, russia gilt, Imprinted by John Wayland, n. d. (1558), folio (287)

Pickering, £4 12s. 6d. [At the end of the vol. was a title, “The Memorial of such Princes... since the time of Richard II.," with Queen Mary's privilege to Wayland to print primers, etc.—Cata

logue.] 4069 Boccaccio. Bocace des Nobles Maleureux (des nobles

Hommes et Femmes infortunez, translate de latin en francoys), nouvellement imprime à Paris, lettres bâtardes, double columns, title within woodcut borders, numerous ornamental woodcut initials, calf extra, plain edges, Paris, imprime par Nic. Couteau, 1538, small folio (288)

Leighton, £5 4070 Boccaccio. Il Decamerone di nuovo emendato secondo gli

antichi esemplari, woodcut head, a coat-of-arms (Louis de Bourbon ?) painted on recto of the same leaf, woodcuts and figured initials, contemporary Venetian calf, the sides having an outside frame of interlaced line scrolls, the panel with line and leafy scrolls, in the Geoffrey Tory manner, with the arms of Cardinal Louis de Bourbon in centres, gilt and gauffred edges (see plate), Vinegia, G. Giolito, 1548, small 4to. (290)

Leighton, £9 55. 4071 Boccaccio. Le Decameron de Jean Bocace, plates and vig.

nettes, 5 vol., calf extra, g.e., by Ribolet, Londres (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (291)

Edwards, £6 Ios. 4072 Brant (Sebastianus). Stultifera Navis, per Jacobum Locher

in latinum traducta, editio prima, woodcuts, morocco gilt, g.e., by F. Bedford, Basil., J. B. de Olpe, 1497, KI. Martiis, small 4to. (313)

Quaritch, £ 17 ios. 4073 Brant (Sebastianus). Stultifera Navis, per Jacobụm Locher

in latinum traducta, lit. goth., woodcuts (colophon damaged), morocco extra, g. e., by De Coverly, Basil., J. B. de Olpe, 1497, KI. Martiis, small 8vo. (314)

Maggs, £7 [ The very rare edition in small octavo, with the same year and month as the small quarto edition described

above, but in gothic instead of roman letter.- Catalogue.] 4074 Brant (Sebastianus). Navis Stultifera, a Jac. Lochero latini

tate donata et ab Jodoco Badio Ascensio Vario Carminum Genere, etc. illustrata, lit. goth., woodcuts, old MS. notes in margins, calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by Tout, Basil., N. Lamparter, mccccvi. (sic pro 1506), small 4to. (315)

Maggs, £7 ios. 4075 Brant (Sebastianus). La Grāt Nef des folz du Môde (Para

phrase en Prose faite sur la Traduction en Vers de P. Riviere), lettres bâtardes, double columns, woodcuts and ornamental initials, some headlines shaved, calf, r. e., Paris,

imprimee pour Geoffroy de Marnef viii. Feb., 1499, small folio (317)

Quaritch, $10 4076 Breviarium juxta Ritum Ecclesiæ Curiensis (Chur) pars

Estivalis, cum Calendario, lit. goth., red and black, large woodcut of the Virgin and Child, with SS. Florinus and Lucius on recto of first leaf, ribbon initials in red, numerous old MS. notes in margins by Melchior Gottfried, whose signature is on title, morocco, with blind stamped antique ornaments, rough edges, inside dentelles, by Zaehnsdorf,

Aug. Vind., G. Ratdolt, 1520, folio (324) Quaritch, £18 4077 Britton (John). Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain,

LARGE PAPER, plates, 5 vol., morocco extra, g. e., Longman, 1807-26, 4to. (328)

Young, £6 155. 4078 Browne (Sir Thomas). Works, first collected edition, portrait

by R. White (backed) and plate, signature of “Samuel Prince" on title, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, T. Bassett, etc., 1686, small folio (339)

Edwards, £4 12s. 6d. 4079 Bryan (Michael). Biographical and Critical Dictionary of

Painters and Engravers, first edition, portrait, 2 vol. extended to 6, and extra illustrated with 477 portraits and specimens of the works of the masters mentioned, with special printed title to each vol., half morocco gilt, t.e. g., uncut, by Worsfold, Carpenter, 1816 [illustrated about 1889), 4to. (345)

W. Carr, £18 1os. 4080 Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, Sayer's original issue, 511

plates, including 83 large views of cities, with portraits of the brothers, frontispiece and index map, 3 vol., russia (broken), R. Sayer, 1774, folio (351)

Ridler, £,42 4081 [Bull (Henry).] Christian Praiers and Holy Meditations, by

H. B., now lately imprinted, black letter, title, calendar and almanack in red and black, old English morocco gilt, g.e., H. Middleton, A.D. 1570, 12mo. (354)

Cotton, £u [An interesting copy, having on the leaf before the title an original moral poem of three stanzas and a moral addressed to Queen Elizabeth, by Thomas Heneage, who was captain of her Guards, Vice-Chamberlain of her Household, and one of her Privy Council, signed, “Your La. moch bound T. Heneage," and some Latin lines on Life, with English translation and inscription, “This above

was written in a booke by the Queenes Matie." - Catalogue.] 4082 Burley (Walter, Anglicus). Expositio in libros viii. Physi

corum Aristotelis, lit. goth. parba, double columns, 66 lines, with signatures (not in Hain), rubricated in blue and red, ornamental pen-letters, first page decorated, with coat-ofarms below (per fess or and arg., with six stars of the same), old MS. notes in margins (plain margins of first few leaves mended), russia gilt, Wodhull copy, with arms on upper cover, Padua impressa, 1476, xviii. Julii, large folio (360)

Leighton, £12 4083 Burton (Robert). The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it is,

with all the Kindes, Causes, Symptomes, Prognostickes and severall cures of it, first edition, calf extra, inside

dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford (short copy), Oxford, J. Lichfield and j. Short for H. Cripps, 1621, small 410. (367)

Roberts, £14 4084 Butler (Samuel). Hudibras, the first part, the spurious first

edition, title and next leaf mended, some corners stained and frayed, Printed in the year 1663, 12mo.—Hudibras, the second part, by the author of the first, genuine first edition, with imprimatur November 5, 1663, signature of Ch. Elstob on title, good copy, J. R. for John Martyn and James Allestry, 1664, 12mo.-Hudibras, the third and last part, first edition (corrected issue), S. Miller, 1678, 8vo., together 3 vol., uniformly bound in morocco, g. e., by Rivière (370)

Thomas, £6 4085 Butler (Samuel). Hudibras, the first part, written in the

time of the late Wars (wanted leaf of imprimatur), J. G. for
R. Marriot, 1663, 12mo.—Hudibras, the second part, by
the author of the first,“ Imprimatur Roger L'Estrange,
November 5th, 1663,T. R. for John Martyn and J. Allestry,
1664, crown 8vo.—Hudibras, the third and last part, S.
Miller, 1678, crown 8vo., all first editions, 3 vol., uniform

calf extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, 1663-78 (372) Pickering, £8 4086 Byron (Lord). Don Juan, Cantos xvi. complete, first edition ;

Cantos i., ii., 4to. ; iii., iv., V., 8vo., T. Davison, 1819-21; Cantos vi. xvi., 8vo., John Hunt, 1823-4, in 3 vol., morocco gilt, t.e. g., uncut, 8vo. and 4to. (382)

J. Bumpus, £3 175. 6d. 4087 Cæsar (Caius Julius). Opera (Joannes Andrea Episc. Aleri

ensis edidit), editio princeps, roman letter (166 leaves), long lines, 38 to a full page, without marks, ruled in red, new outer margins throughout, several leaves repaired and words supplied in facsimile, illuminated initial and painted lower margin on first page, sold not subject to return, old morocco, g.e. (duplicate from the Duke of Devonshire's library, 1815), Romæ in domo Petri de Maximis per C.

Sweynheym et A. Pannartz, 1469, folio (394) Treguskis, £16 4088 Campbell (Lord). Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers

of the Great Seal of England, and Lives of the Chief Justices, library edition, 10 vol., half calf gilt, m. e., J. Murray, 1848-57, 8vo. (410)

Young, £5 4089 (Capgrave (John).] Nova Legenda Angliæ, lit. goth.. double

columns, full-page woodcuts of royal English arms and devices before the first page of text, the last leaf composed of a full-page cut of the Saints in Heaven, with Caxton's device on reverse, ornamental initials, wanted the title, consisting of a similar woodcut to that forming the last leaf, morocco super extra, g.e., Impress. Londonias in domo Winande de Worde, 1516, xxvii. Feb., small folio (418)

Robson, £24 ios. [The first edition of Capgrave's “Lives of the English

Saints.”—Catalogue.] 4090 Caradoc. Historie of Cambria, now called Wales, translated

into English by H. Lhoyd, corrected, augmented and

continued by D, Powell, first edition, black letter (dedicated to Sir Philip Sidney), woodcut title (inlaid) and woodcut heads, ruled in red throughout, the first woodcut initial painted and illuminated, and the coats-of-arms emblazoned, velvet binding, g. e., Rafe Newberie and H. Denham, 1584, small 4to. (419)

Sotheran, £7 155. 4091 Carlyle (Thomas). Collected Works, 16 vol., calf gilt, y.e., by F. Bedford, Chapman and Hall, 1858, crown 8vo. (425)

Thomas, 43 3$. 4092 Catherina da Siena (Sancta). Epistole Devotissime, Editio

Aldina, half morocco, Venet. in Casa di Aldo Manutio

Romano, Sept. xv., 1500, small folio (437) Stechert, £4 4093 Cato. Disticha de Moribus cum commentariis J. Philippi

Bergomensis (Foresti), lit. goth., long lines, 40 to a page, without marks, rubricated, headings written in red, capitals painted in green and red, morocco gilt, g. e., by C. Smith (Syston Park), [Aug. Vind. A. Sorg] Incarnationis saluberrime anno mcccclxxv., die Crastina besti Omnium Sanctorum, small folio (439)

Quaritch, £7 5s. 4094 Caulfield (James). Portraits, Memoirs and Characters of

Remarkable Persons, LARGE PAPER, 111 portraits, R. S. Kirby, 1813— Portraits, Memoirs, etc. from 1688 to 1760, 157 portraits, LARGE PAPER, 4 vol., Young and Whiteley, 1819-20, together 7 vol., uniformly bound in morocco extra, g. e., 4to. (442)

Bull, £7 155. 4095 Caussinus (Nic.) De Eloquentia Sacra et humana, dedication

copy to Louis XIII., in old French calf, the back and sides covered with semis of crowned L's and fleur-de-lis, with the King's arms in centres, g.e. (A. Ruette), well preserved, Lugd., Ant. Valançot, 1643, 4to. (444)

Roberts, £15 4096 Caviceo da Parma (Jacomo). Dialogue Treselegant intitule

le Peregrin, etc., lettres bâtardes, red and black, the woodcut ornamental initials painted and illuminated (wanted 24 leaves and 8 of the initials had been cut out, sold not subject to return), marbled and gilt vellum, g.e., Paris, N. Couteau for G. du Pre, 1527, small folio (448) Thomas, £20

[Printed upon vellum. Only one other copy known, which is in the Harleian Library. The first edition of this trans

lation, by Francoys Dassy.-Catalogue.] 4097 Celsus (Corn.) De Medicina lib. viii. (ex Recogn. B. Fontii

et Saxetti), editio princeps, lit. rom., long lines, with signatures, morocco, with stamped blind and gilt ornaments, some inargins neatly repaired (Lakelands copy), Florentiæ, a Nicolao impressus anno, 1478, small folio (452)

Leighton, £6 155. 4098 Cervantes (M. de). History of the most renowned Don

Quixote of Mancha, by J. P. (John Phillips), first edition of this translation, copperplate engravings in compartments, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by Rivière, T. Hodgkin

for John Newton, 1687, folio (456) Pickering, £4 10s. 4099 Champier (Symphorien). Domini Symphoriani Champerii

Lugdunensi Liber de Quadruplici Vita Theologia Asclepii

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