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black letter, woodcut titles and woodcuts in the text, the first title had woodcut border only, the text being written in facsimile, New Testament title mounted, margins of 2 leaves in Genesis and of 14 leaves at end mended, a few leaves stained and scribbled on, not subject to return, old russia gilt, Daye and Seres, 1549, small folio (220) Ridler, £6 15s. [Mathewe's version, revised by Becke, with the "Bugges" reading in Psalm xci. 5.—Catalogue.]

4046 Bible. The Byble in English, black letter, woodcut titles in compartments to all the five parts, title to Old Testament mounted, that to New Testament mended, the others all intact, margins of several leaves mended, morocco, covered with antique blind stamped ornaments, g. e., Edw. Whytchurche, 1553, folio (221) Higham, £13 4047 Bible. The Holie Bible, contayning the Olde Testamente and the Newe, black letter, woodcuts within ornamental borders by Virgil Solis, with his mark, portrait of the Earl of Leicester to title of part 2, and one of Burleigh before the Psalms, woodcut initials of subjects and ornaments, first title in facsimile, margins of preliminary leaves mended, 2 leaves at end mended, old calf, the first edition of the "Bishop's " Bible, R. Jugge [1568], folio (222)

4048 Bible.

Tregaskis, £8 2s. 6d. "The Holi Bible" (these three words in a blank space of a large woodcut representing Queen Elizabeth being crowned by Mercy and Justice), with Calendar, Proper Lessons, Morning and Evening Prayer, etc. (margin of first leaf of Genesis mended), black and roman letter, double columns, woodcuts, title to each part except Joshua, which has leaf with printer's device only, at the end the Table, followed by a leaf of "faultes escaped in the printing," R. Jugge, 1569-The Whole Booke of Psalmes in English Metre, by Sternhold and Hopkins, with apt notes to sing them withal, black letter, J. Daye, 1569, in 1 vol., old calf (Ashburnham copy), the second edition of the Bishop's Bible, and the first in 4to., small 4to. (223)

Higham, £14 IOS. 4049 Bible (Holy). The Bishops' Version (revised by Archbishop Parker), Genealogies, Calendar (in red and black), etc., black letter, woodcut titles, full-page cut of the Creation and ornamental initials, margin of leaf before Genesis mended, morocco super extra, g. e., C. Barker, 1585, large folio (224) Maggs, 13 5s.

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4050 Bible (The) and Holy Scriptures (Genevan or Breeches Version), maps and woodcuts, thick paper, ruled in red, title repaired, some headlines cut into, two or three corners mended, modern oak boards, morocco, with antique ornaments, g. e., At Geneva, printed by Rowland Hall, 1560, 4to. (225) K. Roberts, £17

[First edition of the Genevan or "Breeches version; rare, especially on thick paper.-Catalogue.] 4051 Bible (The) and Holy Scriptures

(Genevan or

"Breeches Version), with Calendar, Historical Table, Whole Booke of Psalmes in Meetre (with Notes), and Catechism, ruled in red, woodcuts and maps (coloured), margins of last 2 leaves mended, Family Register of Thomas Person, 1651-63, on fly-leaf before New Testa ment, vellum, gilt and gauffred edges (Ashburham copy), Geneva, John Crespin, 1569, small 4to. (226)

4052 Bible (Holy). Genevan or "Breeches" Version, translated Tregaskis, £4 7s. 6d. according to the Ebrue and Greeke, with most profitable Annotations, a Table, etc., maps and woodcuts, Geneva, John Crispin, 1570-The Whole Booke of Psalmes, collected into Englishe Metre by T. Sternhold, J. Hopkins and others, with apt Notes, with a Calendar containing woodcuts, ib., 1569, in 1 vol., morocco extra, g. e., small 4to. (227) 4053 Bible. The Bible and Holy Scriptures Bull, £10 55. according to the Ebreue and Greeke, with most profitable translated Annotations, etc. (Genevan or 66 title in facsimile, preliminary leaves stained, margins cut Breeches" Version), first down, woodcut maps inserted, Third Book of Machabees inserted from a black letter English edition (sold not subject to return), calf, rebacked, g.e., Edinburgh, A. Arbuthnot, 1579 (New Testament, Thomas Bassandyne, 1576), folio (228) Tregaskis, £8 12s. 6d.

[First edition of the Bible in English printed in Scotland. -Catalogue. The Bassandyne Bible is a verbatim reprint of the second Genevan edition published in 1561, which formed the "copy" furnished to Thomas Bassandyne by the Kirk.-ED.]

4054 Bible. The Bible (Genevan or "Breeches" Version), black
letter, woodcut titles and woodcuts, the fly-leaves and some
margins filled with learned contemporary MS. notes,
chiefly on the chronology and genealogy of the Bible,
oaken boards, stamped ornamental leather, metal bosses
and clasps (Ashburnham copy), C. Barker, 1583, large folio
4055 Bible (The), that is the holy Scriptures conteined in the Olde
Tregaskis, £6 5s.
and Newe Testament (Genevan or Breeches" Version),

woodcut titles and cuts in the text, Deputies of C. Barker,
1599-Whole Booke of Psalmes in Metre, by Sternhold and
Hopkins, with apt notes (no imprint), in 1 vol., old English
morocco (XVIIth Century), fleurons on back, line sides
with corner fleurons, silver corners and centre-pieces, with
crowned initials "E. E." and clasps, g. e., with a loose silk
cover embroidered in silver and various coloured threads in
flowers and other ornaments, probably the work of the
Little Gidding Nuns, small 4to. (232)
Roberts, £25

[The initials on the silver shields in centres are probably
those of Arthur, Earl of Essex, who was popularly supposed
to have been assassinated in the Tower in 1683.-Cata-

4056 Bible (The), translated according to the Ebrewe and Greeke, etc., with most Profitable Annotations, and Two Tables (Genevan or "Breeches" Version), roman letter, woodcut titles and cuts in the text, Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1599The Booke of Psalmes, collected into English Meeter by T. Sternhold and J. Hopkins, with apt notes to sing them withal (with Prayers, etc.), n. d., p. or name of printer, in 1 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by R. De Coverly, 4to. (233) Thomas, £7

4057 Bible (The Holy) .. newly translated out of the Originall Tongues, etc. (King James's or Authorised), with Speed's genealogies and map, black letter (preface in roman), ruled in red, titles within woodcut borders in compartments, margins of title and preliminary leaves mended ("He" reading in Ruth iii. 15), modern morocco extra, inside gilt borders (Ashburnham), R. Barker, 1613, small 4to. (235) Gilbert, £4 15s.

4058 Bible. The Holy Bible (King James's), roman letter, engraved title (inlaid), Cambridge, T. Buck and R. Daniel, 1629-Book of Common Prayer (corner of title mended), ib., T. and J. Buck, 1629—Whole Book of Psalmes in Meeter, with Apt Notes, ib., 1629, in 1 vol., old calf, with gilt ornaments (repaired), (Ashburnham copy), folio (240) Tregaskis, £13

[In the cover was pasted an original inscription, "The Gift of my Father, Sir Oliver Cromwell, to Eliza Ferrers." This was the first Cambridge Bible, and the first in which the erroneous reading "thy" for "the" doctrine appears in Timothy iv. 16.—Catalogue.]

4059 Bible (The Holy), newly translated out of the Original Tongues (King James's or Authorised Version), woodcut titles, R. Barker and Assignes of John Bill, 1637-Speed's Genealogies, n. d.-Book of Common Prayer, ib., 1638Whole Booke of Psalmes in Metre, by T. Sternhold, etc., G. M. for Stat. Co., 1637, in I vol., ruled throughout in red, vellum binding, embroidered in silver and other threads, with centre full-length figures of warriors, g. e., silver clasps, small 8vo. (244) Maggs, £7 10S. 4060 Bible. The Holy Bible (King James's or Authorised), the "Vinegar" Bible, frontispiece by Du Bosc after Thornhill, copperplate vignettes by Vander Gucht, and large figured initials, old russia gilt, vellum fly-leaves, g. e., Oxford, John Baskett, 1717 (New Testament, 1716), super imperial folio (249)

4061 Birmann (Sam.) Souvenirs de la Vallée coloured views, half morocco gilt, Basle,

Gilbert, £3 10s. de Chamonix, 26 1826, folio (268) Quaritch, £6 5s.

4062 Blake (William). Collection of Original Engravings and Sketches, comprising Proof Sheets and Unpublished Trial Plates, titles and engravings of the Book of Thel, title "The Author and Printer, Willm. Blake, 1789," and first leaf, headed, "Thel i." (2 leaves)-I., Urizen; chapter ii., printed



in colours-" Fire," "Pubd. by Wm. Blake, 17 May, 1793," on large folio leaf-"The Human Abstract," one leaf plain "The Garden of Love," one leaf plain-"The Chimney Sweeper," one leaf plain-"A Divine Image," one leaf plain three leaves of "Urizen," beginning "Ethintus Queen of Waters," printed on both sides in tints, each with different design, and many other pieces by Blake, 52 subjects in all, inserted in a scrap-book, calf, folio (270)

Roberts, £87

[A description of each piece is given in a long catalogue note.--ED.] 4063 Blake (W.) Young (Dr. Edward). The Complaint and the Consolation, or Night Thoughts, with 43 full-page illustrations by William Blake, original issue, corner of a leaf mended, mottled calf extra, t. e. g., other edges uncut, by Rivière, R. Edwards, 1797, imperial 4to. (271)

Ridler, £8 10s. 4064 Blake (William). The Grave, a Poem by Robert Blair, illustrated by 12 etchings executed by L. Schiavonetti from the original inventions of William Blake, proof copy, with the portrait of Blake on India paper, morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf, T. Bensley for R. H. Cromek, 1808, imperial 4to. (273) Ridler, £5

4065 Blomefield (Rev. Fr.) History of the County of Norfolk, continued by the Rev. Charles Parkyn, original edition, plan of Norwich (with the reference table), views, pedigrees, etc., perfect copy, 5 vol., panelled calf gilt, r. e., Fersfield and Lynn, 1739-75, folio (281) Quaritch, £24 10S. 4066 Boccaccio (Jo.) Genealogiæ Deorum Gentilium, etc., editiones principes, roman letter, long lines, 41 to a full page, ruled in red, painted capitals, in I vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), Venet., Vindelin de Spira, 1472-3, small folio (282) B. F. Stevens, £11 4067 Boccaccio. The Boke of Bochas describing the Fall of Princes, Princesses and other Nobles, translated into Englishe by John Lydgate Monk, of Bury, English Manuscript on vellum (183 leaves, 161⁄2 by 11 in.), written in neat English script characters, in double columns, in 7-line rhymed stanzas, 49 lines to a full page, 3 pages illuminated in floreate scrolls, and numerous small illuminated ornamental initials with marginal decorations, ornamental penletters, etc. (2 leaves defective), with armorial bearings of the original owners and their connections, modern boarded russia, with line scroll tooling, inside borders, silk doublures, clasps, g. e., Sec. XV., large folio (285) Quaritch, £251 [A finely written and interesting manuscript, by an Eng lish scribe, probably done at Bury St. Edmunds, apparently for some member of the Cheyney family of Cambridgeshire, the armorial bearings in the MS. being connected with the families of Engaine, Rempston and Cheney. From the Colworth Library, with ex-libris of the Lee family (of Hartwell). Catalogue.]

4068 Boccaccio. The Tragedies of all such Princes as fell from theyr Estates, translated into Englysh by John Lydgate, black letter, title within woodcut border, cut of Adam and Eve before the text, ornamental initials, wormed throughout, plain part of leaf xxxvii. cut off, russia gilt, Imprinted by John Wayland, n. d. (1558), folio (287)

Pickering, £4 12s. 6d. [At the end of the vol. was a title, "The Memorial of such Princes since the time of Richard II.," with Queen Mary's privilege to Wayland to print primers, etc.—Catalogue.] 4069 Boccaccio. Bocace des Nobles Maleureux (des nobles Hommes et Femmes infortunez, translate de latin en francoys), nouvellement imprime a Paris, lettres bâtardes, double columns, title within woodcut borders, numerous ornamental woodcut initials, calf extra, plain edges, Paris, imprime par Nic. Couteau, 1538, small folio (288)

Leighton, £5 4070 Boccaccio. Il Decamerone di nuovo emendato secondo gli antichi esemplari, woodcut head, a coat-of-arms (Louis de Bourbon?) painted on recto of the same leaf, woodcuts and figured initials, contemporary Venetian calf, the sides having an outside frame of interlaced line scrolls, the panel with line and leafy scrolls, in the Geoffrey Tory manner, with the arms of Cardinal Louis de Bourbon in centres, gilt and gauffred edges [see plate], Vinegia, G. Giolito, 1548, small 4to. (290) Leighton, £9 5s.

4071 Boccaccio. Le Decameron de Jean Bocace, plates and vignettes, 5 vol., calf extra, g. e., by Ribolet, Londres (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (291) Edwards, £6 10s. 4072 Brant (Sebastianus). Stultifera Navis, per Jacobum Locher in latinum traducta, editio prima, woodcuts, morocco gilt, g. e., by F. Bedford, Basil., J. B. de Olpe, 1497, Kl. Martiis, small 4to. (313) Quaritch, £17 10S. 4073 Brant (Sebastianus). Stultifera Navis, per Jacobum Locher in latinum traducta, lit. goth., woodcuts (colophon damaged), morocco extra, g. e., by De Coverly, Basil., J. B. de Ölpe, 1497, Kl. Martiis, small 8vo. (314) Maggs, £7

[The very rare edition in small octavo, with the same year and month as the small quarto edition described above, but in gothic instead of roman letter.--Catalogue.] 4074 Brant (Sebastianus). Navis Stultifera, a Jac. Lochero latinitate donata et ab Jodoco Badio Ascensio Vario Carminum Genere, etc. illustrata, lit. goth., woodcuts, old MS. notes in margins, calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by Tout, Basil., N. Lamparter, mccccvi. (sic pro 1506), small 4to. (315) Maggs, £7 10S.

4075 Brant (Sebastianus). La Grat Nef des folz du Môde [Paraphrase en Prose faite sur la Traduction en Vers de P. Riviere], lettres bâtardes, double columns, woodcuts and ornamental initials, some headlines shaved, calf, r. e., Paris,

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