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3754 Pennant (Thomas). History of the Parishes of Whiteford and Holywell, Journey to Snowdon and History of Holywell Parish, LARGE PAPER, 204 portraits, views and other plates, including many extra, and 124 original water-colour drawings, chiefly by J. Ingleby, 3 vol., morocco extra, g. e., B. and J. White, 1796, 4to. (622) Quaritch, £11 3755 Pepys (Sam.) Diary and Correspondence, with Life and Notes by Lord Braybrooke, fourth edition, portrait and plates, 4 vol., calf extra, y. e., by F. Bedford, H. Colburn, 1854, 8vo. (623) Maggs, £2 10S. 3756 Percy (Bishop). Folio Manuscript (with the loose and Humorous Songs), edited by Hales and Furnivall, LARGE AND THICK PAPER (50 printed), bound in 3 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, Trübner, 1867, super imperial 8vo. (624) Quaritch, £6 15s. 3757 [Pezay (Marquis de).] Zelis au Bain, Poëme en quatre chants, LARGE PAPER, plates, vignettes and culs de lampe after Eisen, old calf, Genève (Paris), (1763), royal 8vo. (627)

Sabin, £4 6s. 3758 Plinius. Historie of the World, translated into English by Dr. Philemon Holland, 2 vol. in 1, first title backed, some leaves wormed, King James I.'s copy, in old calf (repaired), with his arms on sides, and a note on 2 pages said to be in his handwriting, Printed by A. Islip impensis G. B., 1601, folio (635) K. Roberts, 14 10s. 3759 [Poltock (Rob.)] Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish Man, in the Flying Island, etc., by R. S., a Passenger in the Hector, first edition, plates, 2 vol., calf extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford, J. Robinson and R. Dodsley, 1751, small 8vo. (638) Sabin, £9

3760 Pontificale Secundum Ritum Sacrosanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ, Iit. goth.. printed in red and black, title within woodcut border, woodcuts in the text, modern calf antique, r. e., Venet., L. A. de Giunta, 1520, folio (639) Ellis, £10 [A very rare edition, containing the Episcopal Benedictions during the Mass. The Rubric states that these had long been disused in the Roman Church, and very few of the later editions repeated them.-Catalogue.] 3761 Pope (Alexander). Poetical Works, with Homer's Iliad and

Odyssey, Du Roveray's edition, LARGEST PAPER copy, with 10 original drawings by F. Burney, a triple set of the fine plates, comprising artist's proofs and etchings and ordinary proofs, 9 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Hering, Du Roveray, 1804-6, imperial 8vo. (641) Quaritch, £80

3762 Powerscourt (Viscount). Ye Kinges offe Cairnlochan Forreste offe Glenisla, plates of deer horns (foxed), morocco extra, g. e. (Privately printed), Dublin, 1858, super imperial 8vo. (643) Leighton, £1 IOS. 3763 Prayer. A Booke of Christian Prayers, black letter, printed within woodcut borders after A. Dürer and H. Holbein, portrait of the Queen on back of title, the third edition of Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book, morocco super extra, with



inlaid mosaics in red, covered in elaborate and rich gilt ornaments, vellum linings, g. e., by F. Bedford, Printed by R. Yardley and Peter Short for the Assignes of Richard Day, 1591, small 4to. (644) Quaritch, £80 for the Use

3764 Prayer. The Booke of Common Prayer

of the Church of Scotland-and the Psalmes (in Metre), translated by King James (with Musical Notes), contemporary signature of Robert Wood on title, Archbishop Laud's Scottish Prayer Book, in the original calf, Edinburgh, R. Young, 1636-London, T. Harper, 1636, small folio (645) Hopkins, £15 10s. 3765 Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer, etc., black letter, the "Sealed" Book of Charles II., LARGE PAPER, engraved title by D. Loggan, sprinkled calf extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford, inscription on fly-leaf "Ex dono D. Regis," Printed by His Majesties Printers, 1662, folio (646) Young, 11 10s. 3766 Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer, printed within ornamental woodcut borders, morocco super extra, the sides tooled in the Grolier manner, g. e., by F. Bedford, Longmans, 1864, small 4to. (647) Young, £4 8s. 3767 Prior (Matthew). Poems on Several Occasions, portrait, 2 vol., old English morocco, full gilt ornamental backs, borders and centre ornaments, in the Harleian style, g.e., Tonson and Barker, 1725, small 8vo.


Sabin, £4 17s. 6d. 3768 Rabelais (Fr.) (Euvres, avec une Vie de l'Auteur, des notes et un glossaire, illustrations de Gustave Doré, première tirage sur papier d'Hollande de deux cents exemplaires seulement (No. 93), avec les planches sur papier de chine, 2 vol., morocco super extra, by F. Bedford, in the style of Derome, g. e., Paris, Garnier Frères, 1873, large folio (655) Sabin, £16 155. 3769 Rabelais (Fr.) Works, done out of French by Sir Thomas Urchard and P. Motteux, Books i.-v., first edition of all the Books and second edition of Book i., portrait, 5 vol., calf extra, y. e., by F. Bedford, R. Baldwin, 1664-1694-93-94, 12mo. (656) Pickering, £12 5s.

3770 Racine (Jean). Euvres, avec des Commentaires par Luneau de Boisjermain, des Notes et des Préfaces, portrait after Santerre by Gaucher, and 12 plates after Gravelot by Le Mire, etc., brilliant impressions, 7 vol., old French morocco, gilt ornamental backs, line sides, g. e. (Derome), Paris, impr. de L. Cellot, chez Pancoucke, 1768, 8vo. (657)

Sotheran, £38 3771 Racine (Jean). Euvres, imprimé par Ordre du Roy pour l'Éducation du Dauphin, Printed by Didot sur papier de Johannot d'Annonay, tirage de 100 exemplaires seulement, 3 vol., old French morocco, g. e., by Derome le Jeune, with ticket, Paris, Didot, 1783, 4to. (659) Bain, £8 10s.

3772 Radcliffe (Ann). The Mysteries of Udolpho, first edition,

4 vol., mottled calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, Robinson, 1794, small 8vo. (660) Sabin, £15 5s. 3773 Ramsay (Allan). Poems, 2 vol., first edition, portrait by Vercruysse, calf extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Edinburgh, T. Ruddiman for the author, 1721-8, small 4to. (662) Young, £3 3774 Restif-de-la-Bretonne (N. E.) Le Paysan Perverti et la Paysane Pervertie, avec le Supplément, edition originale, plates, proofs without letters, 9 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, à La Haie, 1776-84, small 4to. (669) Sotheran, £18 3775 Reusner (Nic.) Emblemata, etc., in quatuor libros digesta, woodcut title and woodcuts in the text, contemporary German pigskin, with stamped ornaments and representations of David playing the harp, and Susannah and the Elders on sides, presentation copy from the author to Ludwig Duke of Wirtemberg and third Count of Mompelgardico, with long autograph note on fly-leaf, old ex-libris of the Freiherr von Delssenhausen in cover, Francof., Jo. Feyerabend, 1581, small 4to. (673) Bain, £8 3776 Richardson (Samuel). Works, edited with Notes and Life by the Rev. E. Maginn, portrait, 19 vol., old calf, Carpenter, 1811, 8vo. (674) Bain, £4 17s. 6d. 3777 Reynolds (John). The Triumphs of God's Revenge against the Crying and execrable Sin of Murther, the sixth edition, to which is added God's Revenge against the Abominable Sin of Adultery, containing ten several Histories, never printed before (by Sam. Pordage), title in red and black, frontispiece by Van Hove and copperplate engravings, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Bennet for Thomas Lee, 1679, folio (675) Bain, £9 10s. 3778 Ritson (Joseph). Works, viz., English Songs, 3 vol.-Caledonian Muse, 1783-(1821)—Ancient Songs-Criticisms on Shakespeare, 1792- English Anthology, 3 vol., 1793Scotish Song, 2 vol., 1714 (thus for 1794)-Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry, 1791–Robin Hood, 2 vol., 1795-Poems of L. Minot, 1795-Bibliographia Poetica, 1802-English Metrical Romances, 3 vol., 1802-Northern Garlands, 1810 -Life of King Arthur, 1825-Annals of the Caledonians, 2 vol., 1828-Ancient Ballads and Romances, 2 vol., 1829 -Letters to George Paton, 1829-Fairy Tales, 1831Letters with Memoir, 2 vol., 1833, together 29 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 8vo. (676) Sotheran, £23

3780 Robinson (Mrs. Mary,


3779 Robertson (Dr. William). Works, "Oxford Classic" edition, LARGE PAPER, 50 copies printed, India proof portrait, 8 vol., russia super extra, g. on m. e., by F. Bedford, Oxford, Talboys, 1825, imperial 8vo. (683) Sotheran, £45s. Memoirs, written by herself, with some Posthumous Pieces, portrait by Hopwood, 4 vol. in 2, calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, R. Phillips, 1801, small 8vo. (684) Bain, £3 35. 3781 Rochester, Roscommon and Dorset (Earls of), etc. Works, with Memoirs, the rare uncastrated edition, portraits and

plates, 2 vol. in 1, russia gilt, g. e., from G. Daniel's library, Printed in the year 1758, 12mo. (685) Bain, £5 5s. 3782 Rochester (Earl of). Works of the Earls of Rochester, Roscommon and Dorset, the Dukes of Devonshire, Buckinghamshire, etc., with Memoirs, portrait and plates, 2 vol. in 1, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Printed in the year 1777, small 8vo. (686) Pickering, £2 145. 3783 Rogers (Samuel). Poems, portrait and illustrations by Turner and Stothard, original drawing in water-colours and an autograph letter of the author inserted in vol. i., 2 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., Cadell and Moxon, 1834, 8vo. (687) Tregaskis, £20 [A specially picked copy of the first and right edition for George Daniel, whose initials are on the binding, and a note by him in fly-leaf of vol. i.-Catalogue.]

3784 Rogers (Samuel). Poems, portrait and vignette illustrations by T. Stothard, 2 vol., calf extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, presentation copy to "Lady Rathbone from her friend, Samuel Rogers, 1852,” P. Moxon, 1852, small 8vo. (688)

Denham, £4

3785 Ronsard (Pierre de). Les Euvres, redigées en Six Tomes (avec les quatre premiers livres de la Franciade), bound in 5 vol., woodcut heads of the author, etc., engraved portrait by Cl. Mellan inserted in vol. i., original limp vellum gilt, g. e., Paris, G. Buon, 1572-3, 12mo. (692) Quaritch, £7 3786 Rousseau (J. B.) Euvres diverses, plates by G. F. L. Debrie, 5 vol., Amst., Fr. Changuion, 1729—Portefeuille de J. B. Rousseau, 2 vol., ib., M. M. Rey, 1751, together 7 vol., old French morocco, g. e., by Derome le Jeune, with his ticket (Pixérecourt's copy), small 8vo. (695) Bain, £12 3787 Rousseau (J. J.) Julie, ou la Nouvelle Heloïse, first edition, plates by Gravelot, 6 vol., morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Amst., M. M. Rey, 1761, small 8vo. (696)

Roberts, £24

Sotheran, £6 3788 Rousseau (J. J.) Émile ou de l'Éducation, LARGE PAPER, 9 plates by Delvaux, 4 vol., old French morocco, g.e., à Londres (Paris, Cazin), 1781, 8vo. (697) 3789 Rump Songs. Rump, or an exact Collection of the Choycest Poems and Songs (edited by F. Head), first edition, both parts, both frontispieces, russia extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, H. Brome and H. Morse, 1662, small 8vo. (701)

Sabin, £11 15s. 3790 Sarbievius (M. C.) Carmina, nova éditio, old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), Paris, J. Barbou, 1759, 12mo. (706) Sabin, £9 10s. 3791 Scarron (Paul). Euvres, nouvelle édition, portrait and proof frontispieces, by Folkema, 7 vol., morocco extra, uncut, t. e. g., by Müller, successor of Thouvenin, Amst., J. Wetstein, 1752, 12mo. (708) Sotheran, 11 IOS. 3792 Scottish Pasquils, etc. (Three Books of), edited chiefly from original MSS. by John Maidment and privately printed in a limited number, 2 parts (should be 3) in 1 vol., calf extra,

m. e., by Clarke and Bedford, Edinburgh, 1827-8, small 8vo. (712) Denham, £10 [An interesting copy, being presented by Sir Walter Scott to J. H. Markland in 1828. Inserted is a long and very interesting autograph letter of Sir Walter (2 pages 4to., signed "Walter Scott, Edinburgh, December, 1828 "), relating to some of the pieces in the volume, and referring to the sources of his "Bride of Lammermoor."-Catalogue.] 3793 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, 48 vol.-Prose Works, 28 vol.-Poetical Works, 12 vol.-Lockhart's Life, 10 vol. --and Waverley Anecdotes, 2 vol., together 100 vol., numerous illustrations, calf extra, g. e., uniform set, Edinburgh, 1829-39, post 8vo. (714) Quaritch, £70 3794 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, Abbotsford edition, 12 vol., morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by Bedford, some original covers bound in, 1842-7, imperial 8vo. (715)

Maggs, £37 3795 Scrope (William). The Art of Deer-Stalking, first edition, engravings and lithographs after the Landseers and the author, morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, presentation copy to Sir E. Landseer from the author, with autograph letter, J. Murray, 1838, imperial 8vo. (717)

Pickering, £20 3796 Scrope (William). Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the Tweed, first edition, illustrations after Wilkie, Landseer, etc., morocco, with gilt emblems, g.e., J. Murray, 1843, imperial 8vo. (718) Pickering, £16 3797 Seven Wise Masters. The History of Prince Erastus, son to the Emperor Dioclesian, and those famous Philosophers called the Seven Wise Masters of Rome, written originally in Italian, then into French, and now translated into English by F. K(irkman), copperplates in compartments, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Anne Johnson for Fr. Kirkman, 1674, small 8vo. (720) Roberts, £15 10S. 3798 Shadwell (Thomas). Dramatick Works, portrait, 4 vol., sprinkled calf extra, y. e., contents lettered, by F. Bedford, Knapton and Tonson, 1720, small 8vo. (722) Maggs, £3 3799 Shaftesbury (Anthony, Earl of). Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, fifth edition, Baskerville's edition, portrait and decorations by S. Gribelin, 3 vol., old English morocco, g.e., Birmingham, 1773, imperial 8vo. (724) Sabin, £7 3800 Shakespeares (Mr. William) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies. Published according to the true originall copies, the first folio edition, leaf of verses much washed, as well as the title containing the portrait (the latter very much so), and is by no means of a satisfactory character, the 3 next preliminaries are neatly repaired in the plain margins, a small portion of the text erased on G 2, corners of 3 leaves split and neatly repaired, one or two rust holes and stains, otherwise perfect and a good copy, measuring close on 13 by 8 inches, but sold not subject to return, morocco

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