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Greene, second impression, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford, Oxford, L. Lichfield, 1651, small 4to. (357) Edwards, £5 10s. 3632 Grimm (MM.) German Popular Stories, plates by G. Cruikshank, first edition of vol. i., with the brown plates, second edition of vol. i. with the plates in black, and first edition of vol. ii., together 3 vol., morocco extra, g.e., autograph of Cruikshank inserted in vol. i., Baldwin and Robins, 1823-4-6, small 8vo. (358) Sotheran, £30 3633 Grote (George). History of Greece, library edition, portrait and maps, 12 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Murray, 1854-6, 8vo. (360) Quaritch, £13 3634 Gunpowder Plot. A True and Perfect Relation of the Proceedings at the Several Arraignments of the late most barbarous Traitours, original edition, morocco plain, broad inside gilt ornamental borders, rough edges, R. Barker, 1606, small 4to. (365) Young, £65s. 3635 H*******n (Earl of). Forty Select Poems on Several Occasions to which is added the Duke of Argyll's Levee, a Poem, written by the late Lord Binning and spoken by Colonel Charteris, 2 vol. in 1, old calf, J. H. Bell, 1769, 12mo. (366) Pickering, £2 13s. 3636 Habington (Wm.) Castara, the third edition corrected and augmented, frontispiece by W. Marshall, woodcut borders, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, T. Cotes for W. Cooke, 1640, 12m0. (367) Bain, £5 3637 Hakluyt (Richard). Principal Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English Nation, first edition, with both versions of Sir Jerome Bowes's voyage, and the original of Drake's suppressed voyage to Cadiz, title repaired, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford, G. Bishop and Ralfe Newberie, 1589, small folio (369) Sotheran, £30 3638 Hallam (Henry). Europe during the Middle Ages, eighth edition, 1841-Constitutional History, third edition, 1832and the Literature of Europe, first edition, 1837, together Io vol., calf super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 8vo. (372)

Hatchard, £9 9s. 3639 Head (Richard) and Fr. Kirkman. The English Rogue Described in the Life of Meriton Latroon, a Witty Extravagant, etc., original edition, frontispiece to vol. i. (margins mended), and plates in compartments, the four parts complete, in 2 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Fr. Kirkman, 1668-71-80, small 8vo. (380) Edwards, £9 15s. 3640 Heath (H.) Illustrations to the Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, 16 coloured plates, original impressions, bound in a vol., half morocco, Fores, 1825, 4to. (382) Spencer, £8 15s. 3641 Herbert of Cherbury (Lord). Life, written by himself, folding portrait and genealogical table, original head of Lord Herbert by Hollar inserted, morocco, line tooled, g. e. (Roger Payne), Strawberry Hill, printed 1764, small 4to. (386) Toovey, £5

3642 Herrick (Robert). Works (edited, with biographical Notice,

by T. Maitland), LARGE PAPER, 25 copies printed, portrait, 2 vol., calf extra, g. on m. e., by F. Bedford, Edinburgh, Tait, 1823, 4to. (387) Hopkins, £5 3643 Heywood (T.) Dramatic Works, now first collected, with illustrative Notes and Memoir of the Author, LARGE PAPER, 6 vol., russia super extra, contents lettered, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Pearson, 1874, royal 8vo. (389) Quaritch, £6 15s. 3644 Heywood (T.) England's Elizabeth, her Life and Troubles during her Minority, from the Cradle to the Crown, frontispiece (mended), morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Cambridge, P. H. Waterhouse, 1632, 12mo. (390) Young, £5 3645 Hissey (J. J.) A Drive through England, and a Tour in a Phaeton through the Eastern Counties, numerous illustrations, 2 vol., Bentley, 1885-9, 8vo. (393)

Shepherd, £5 7s. 6d. 3646 Holinshed (Raphaell). Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland, the first or Shakespearian edition, black letter. woodcut titles and numerous cuts in the text, a few plain margins mended and some cut into, 2 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by Rivière, Lucas Harrison and George Bishop, 1577, small folio (396) Leighton, £60

3647 Hollar (W.) Views of London, 8 plates, original impressions, proofs before the numbers, and Blome's Small Map of London-Navium Variæ Figuræ et Formæ a Wenceslas Hollar delineatæ et Aqua forti æri insculptæ Anno 1647, 12 plates, including title, original proof impressions, mounted in a vol. and bound in morocco gilt by Holloway, oblong folio (397) Quaritch, £17 10S. 3648 Horatius. Opera, accedunt nunc Dan. Heinsii de Satyre Horatiana lib. ii., Elzevir Edition, engraved title, 2 vol., morocco, à La Gascon, g.e., Lugd. Bat. ex Off. Elzeviriana, 1629, 12mo. (404) Maggs, £5 10s.


3649 Horatius et Virgilius. Opera, tabulis Æneis Olim a Johanne Pine illustrata, the first or post est" edition of Horace, plates, 3 vol., calf extra, g. on m. e., by F. Bedford, 1733-74, imperial 8vo. (405) Edwards, £1

[The misprint "post est" instead of "potest" occurs on the medal at p. 108, vol. 2.-ED.]

3650 Hume and Smollett. History of England, “Oxford Classic" edition, LARGE PAPER, 50 copies printed, India proof portraits, 13 vol., russia super extra, g. on m.e., by F. Bedford, Oxford, Talboys, etc., 1826-7, imperial 8vo. (411) Quaritch, £16

3651 Hunt (Leigh). Various Works, viz., Juvenilia, fourth edition, portrait, 1803-Critical Essays on the Performers. of the London Theatres, 1807—The Feast of the Poets, etc., 1814 -The Descent of Liberty, 1815-Amyntas, portrait of Tasso, 1820-The Indicator, 2 vol., 1820-22-The Literary Examiner, 1823—The Liberal, 2 vol., 1822-23-Bacchus in Tuscany, 1825-The Companion, 1828-Lord Byron and some of his Contemporaries, second edition, portraits, title of vol. i. mended, 1828-Christianism, presentation copy

"to Mrs. Dashwood, with the cordial respects of Leigh Hunt," original Drawing pasted in cover, not for sale (1831) -Memoir of Sir Ralph Esher, 3 vol., top margins of titles mended, 1832-Poetical Works, presentation copy "to Anna Maria Dashwood, with the grateful affections of Leigh Hunt," 1832-A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla, illustrated by R. Doyle, 1848-Wit and Humour, second edition, 1848-The Old Court Suburb, second edition, 2 vol., 1855-and A Saunter through the West End, in I vol., 1861, together 24 vol., all first editions except where otherwise stated, uniformly bound in mottled calf extra, g.e., 1803-61 (414) Quaritch, £30 3652 Jackson (Lady). Works. The Last of the Valois, The Court of the Tuileries, Old Paris, First of the Bourbons, The Old Régime, and The Court of France, all illustrated, 12 vol., cloth gilt, 1861-83, crown 8vo. (420) Denham, £14 3653 Jefferie the Dwarf. The New Yeeres Gift presented at Court from the Lady Parvula to the Lord Minimus (commonly called little Jefferie), Her Majesties Servant, with a Letter as it was penned in Short-hand, wherein is proved Little Things are Great, written by Microphilus, engraved portrait of Jeffery the Dwarf, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, N. and I. Okes, 1636, 12mo. (421) Sabin, £12

[See the article entitled "Who was Microphilus?" in the Athenæum for August 25th, 1900.-ED.]

3654 Joan of Arc. [Ireland (W. H.)] Memoirs of Jeanne d'Arc, India proof portrait, plates, coloured frontispiece, etc., 2 vol., calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, R. Triphook, 1824, imperial 8vo. (425) J. Bumpus, £4 15s. 3655 Johnson (Charles). General History of the Lives and Adventures of the Most Famous Highwaymen, etc., original edition, 26 plates, morocco super extra, uncut, by F. Bedford (15 by 934 in.), J. Janeway, 1734, folio (426)

Sabin, £33 3656 Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Works, "Oxford Classic" edition, with the Parliamentary Debates, LARGE PAPER, 50 copies printed, portrait on India paper, II vol., russia super extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Oxford, Talboys, etc., 1825, imperial 8vo. (427)—Life, by Jas. Boswell, "Oxford Classic" edition, LARGE PAPER, 50 copies printed, India proof portrait, 4 vol., russia super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, ib., 1826, imperial 8vo. (428) Quaritch, £25 3657 Jonson (Ben). Workes [vol. i.], first folio edition, portrait by R. Vaughan and engraved title by W. Hole, old morocco extra, full gilt ornamental back, ornamental frame sides, g.e., by F. Bedford, W. Stansby, 1616, small folio (434) Quaritch, £61

[A very interesting copy, having formerly belonged to King Charles I., bearing his motto and signature on page 677, "Dum Spiro Spero Ca. R.," in his own hand.-Čatalogue. Autograph not guaranteed.-ED.]

3658 Jonson (Ben). Works, with Notes critical and explanatory,

and Memoir by W. Gifford, portrait, 9 vol., russia super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Nicol, etc., 1816, 8vo. (435) Quaritch, £15 108. 3659 Julius Cæsar. Quæ Exstant Opera, cum A. Hirtii Commentariis, etc., frontispiece, maps and vignettes, thick paper, 2 vol., old French morocco, g.e. (Derome), Paris, Jo. Barbou, 1755, 12mo. (436) Sotheran, £15 3660 Junius, including Letters from the Same Writer under Other Signatures (now first collected), his Confidential Correspondence with Mr. Wilkes and his Private Letters to Woodfall, with Essay and Notes, second edition, facsimiles, 3 vol., calf extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford, Rivington, etc., 1814, 8vo. (437) Bain, £5 155. 3661 Keats (John). Poems, first edition, morocco extra, inside dentelles, t. e. g., others uncut, by F. Bedford, C. and J. Ollier, 1817, small 8vo. (438) Quaritch, £79 3662 Keats (John). Endymion, a Poetic Romance, first edition, morocco extra, inside dentelles, t. e. g., other edges uncut, by F. Bedford, Taylor and Hessey, 1818, 8vo. (439)

Dobell, £28 3663 Keats (John). Lamia-Isabella-The Eve of St. Agnes and other Poems, first edition, morocco extra, inside dentelles, t. e. g., other edges uncut, by F. Bedford, Taylor and Hessey, 1820, small 8vo. (440) Quaritch, £55 3664 Killigrew (Thomas). Comedies and Tragedies, first edition, portrait by W. Faithorne, containing also a head of King Charles I., plain margins repaired, russia super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, H. Herringman, 1664, folio (441)

Leighton, £25 10s. 3665 Lafontaine (Jean de). Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, édition des Fermiers Généraux, unlettered proof impressions of the 80 plates by Eisen (the "Cas de Conscience" and "Le Diable de Papefiguière" découvertes) and the vignettes by Choffard, with portraits of Lafontaine and of Eisen, 2 vol., old French morocco, with the Eagle of Count Hoym, g. e. (Derome), Amsterdam (Paris, Barbou), 1762, 8vo. (452) Quaritch, £49

[Another copy, finely bound, with the ex-libris of Charles de Montlaur Murles, realised £40 at this same sale.-ED.] 3666 Lafontaine (Jean de). Fables Choisies mises en Vers,

portrait of Lafontaine, first issue, frontispieces, 238 plates and 471 head and tail pieces by Fessard-and another Set of 238 Plates after J. Punt and Vinkeles inserted, interleaved, 6 vol., French morocco extra, g. e., by L. Claessens, Paris, chez l'Auteur, 1765-75, 8vo. (454) Young, £40 3667 Lafontaine (Jean de). Fables Choisies, mis en Vers, 248 plates copied or imitated from Oudry by Alard, Bertin, Crescent and Savart, 4 vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), Bouillon aux dépens de la Société Typographique, 1776, 8vo. (455) Sotheran, £24 10s.

3668 Lafontaine (Jean de). Fables, avec les dessins de Gustave Doré, first edition, portrait, 2 vol., morocco, with rich gilt

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