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of title and leaf of errata repaired, new boarded vellum extra, gilt frame ornaments, g. e., by F. Bedford, morocco slip case, Venet. in ædibus Aldi Manutii, 1499, small folio (192) Bain, £72 3539 [Columna (Franciscus de).] Hypnerotomachia. The Strife of Love in a Dreame (by R. D.), margins of title and next leaf and plain corner of last leaf mended and leaf 62 mended, numerous woodcuts, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, For S. Waterson, 1592, small 4to. (193)

Quaritch, £65 3540 Columna (Franciscus de). Le Songe de Poliphile, traduction libre de l'Italien par J. G. Legrand, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., morocco extra, full gilt backs and ornamental frame sides, inside dentelles, t. e. g., fore and lower edges quite uncut, by F. Bedford, Paris, Didot l'ainé, 1804, 8vo. (194)

Quaritch, £4 125. 3541 Congreve (William). Works, consisting of his Plays and Poems, Baskerville's edition, portrait, 3 vol., tree marbled calf extra, g. on m. e., by Clarke and Bedford, Birmingham, for Tonson, 1761, imperial 8vo. (197) Edwards, £6 155. 3542 Corneille (Pierre). Le Théâtre, avec des Commentaires, etc. (par Voltaire), frontispiece and 34 plates after Gravelot, 12 vol., old French sprinkled calf gilt, g. e. (Genève, Cramer), 1764, 8vo. (201) Toovey, £2 10S. [An edition published by Voltaire, at Geneva, for the great-granddaughter of Corneille.-Catalogue.]

3543 Coryat (Thomas). Coryat's Crudities, hastily gobbled up in five Moneths Travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia, commonly called the Grisons Country, Helvetia, alias Switzerland, Some Parts of High Germany and the Netherlands, newly digested in the hungry air of Odcombe, etc., with the printed title beginning Three Crude Veins," engraved title, containing a portrait of the author (margins mended) and all the plates by G. Hole, morocco extra, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, restored in some small places by the binder (8% by 64 inches), Printed by W. S., anno domini 1611, small 4to. (202) Sotheran, £37 3544 Coryat (Thomas). Coryatt's Crudities, reprinted from the edition of 1611, plates, 3 vol., morocco extra, fore and lower edges quite uncut, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, LARGE PAPER (?), W. Cater, etc., 1776, royal 8vo. (203) Sotheran, £13 3545 Costumes du Moyen-age Chrétien, d'après des Monumens Contemporains par F. H. de Hefner-Alteneck, 420 coloured plates of costumes, 4 vol., morocco super extra, by F. Bedford, Francf. a M., etc., 1840-54, 4to. (204) Quaritch, £20 3546 Costumes Français depuis Clovis jusqu'au nos Jours, avec un Texte historique et descriptif, publiés par A. Miflies, 640 coloured plates of costume, 4 vol., morocco extra, g.e., Paris, 1835-39, 8vo. (205) Quaritch, £19 195. 3547 Cosway (Richard) and his Wife and Pupils, by George C. Williamson, illustrations in photogravure, 350 copies printed, buckram, uncut, G. Bell, 1897, 4to. (206)

Quaritch, £10

3548 Court of England (Private History of the), second edition corrected, 2 vol., calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, Printed for the author, 1808, small 8vo. (208) Quaritch, £3 3549 Cowper (William). Poems, first edition, For J. Johnson, 1782 -The Task, a Poem in Six Books, ib., 1785, together 2 vol., morocco, line tooled, g.e., 8vo. (210) Pickering, £6 5s. 3550 Crébillon Fils. Collection Complete de Ses Euvres, 14 vol., bright calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, à Londres, 1777, small 8vo. (213) Maggs, £2 10S. 3551 Crébillon (Foliot de). Euvres Complettes, nouvelle édition augmentée et ornée de belles gravures, LARGE PAPER (?), portrait and 9 plates after Marillier, original impressions, 3 vol., old French morocco, Etruscan vases on back, ornamental borders, blue end papers, g.e., Paris, Librairies Associés, 1785, royal 8vo. (214) Sotheran, £11 3552 Cruikshank (George). Wight (John). Mornings (and More Mornings) at Bow Street, 46 illustrations by G. Cruikshank, 2 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Baldwin and Robins, 1824-7, 8vo. (217) Edwards, £5 3553 Cruikshank (George). Life of Sir John Falstaff, with a Biography of the Knight from Authentic Sources by R. B. Brough, first edition, illustrations, calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford, wrapper bound in, Longman, 1858, imperial 8vo. (219) Edwards, £5

3554 Daniel (George). Merrie England in the Olden Time, illustrations by John Leech, etc., thick paper (12 copies printed), George Daniel's own copy, extra illustrated with a complete set of India paper proofs of the woodcuts, India proofs of Leech's designs, a proof portrait of the author, original drawing by T. Stothard, the original sketches of some highly-finished drawings made for the author by Robert Cruikshank to illustrate the work, views, printed ballads, etc., 2 vol., morocco extra, richly gilt, g. e., by Hayday, R. Bentley, 1842, small 8vo. (222) Sabin, £55 3555 Daniel (Samuel). The Whole Workes of Samuel Daniel Esquire in Poetrie, with engraved title, "The Civile Wares (sic) betweene the Houses of Lancaster and Yorke corrected and continued," containing the author's portrait by T. Cockson, morocco extra, full gilt ornamental back, line frame sides with corner fleurons, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford, N. Okes for S. Waterson, 1623, small 4to. (223) Edwards, £18 10s.

3556 Dante. L'Inferno, Il Purgatorio ed il Paradiso, colle figure di G. Doré, first edition, fine paper, a limited number printed, plates, 3 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Paris, Hachette, 1861-68, large folio (224)

Hibbert, £8

3557 Dares Phrygius. Historia Daretis Phrygii de Encidio Troie, per Cornelium Nepotem e Græco in latinum translata, ruled in red, cut on title and 10 full-page cuts in the text, morocco super extra, the sides covered in elaborate geometrical scrolls and leafy branches in compartments, doublé,

g. e., by Lortic, Wittembergæ, Jo. Grunenburgh, 1518, small 4to. (225) Sabin, £55 3558 D'Artagnan. Mémoires de Mr. D'Artagnan Capitaine Lieutenant de la Première Compagnie des Mousquetaires du Roi, édition originale, 3 vol., morocco, plain, inside dentelles, g.e. (Janseniste), by F. Bedford, Cologne, P. Marteau, 1700, 12mo. (226) Denham, £8 3559 Defensorum inviolate perpetueqz Virginitatis Castissime dei genetricis Mariæ, lith. goth.. long lines, 28 to a full page, with signatures a-d6 in 8's, with 53 woodcuts, including the last leaf, morocco gilt, g. e., Absque ulla nota [Eustadii ex typis M. Reyseri, circa 1480], small 4to. (231)

Pickering, £24 3560 [Defoe (Daniel).] The Storm, a Collection of the most remarkable Casualties and Disasters which happened in the late dreadful Tempest by Sea and Land, first edition, old calf (Beckford copy), G. Sawbridge, 1704, 8vo. (232) Leighton, E2 25. 3561 Defoe (D.) Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner-with The Farther Adventures—and Serious Reflections (not by Defoe), first editions of all three volumes, frontispiece to vol. i., map of the world to vol. ii. (soiled), and plan of the island in the "Reflections," 3 vol., uniform sprinkled calf extra, y. e., by F. Bedford, W. Taylor, 1719-20, 8vo. (234) Quaritch, £206 3562 Defoe (D.) Robinson Crusoe, embellished with engravings from designs by Thomas Stothard, LARGE PAPER, proofs, 2 vol., morocco super extra, Cadell and Davies, 1820, royal 8vo. (235) Quaritch, £14 3563 Defoe (D.) Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Major's edition, with illustrations from drawings by G. Cruikshank, LARGE PAPER, India proofs (50 copies printed), 2 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Major, 1831, 8vo. (236) Sotheran, £8 5s. 3564 [Defoe (D.)] Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies, commonly call'd Mother Ross, a Foot Soldier under King William, etc., first edition, sprinkled calf extra, y. e., R. Montague, 1740, 8vo. (237) Leighton, LIIS. 3565 [Defoe (D.)] History of the Great Plague in London in the Year 1665, morocco extra, t. e. g., other edges uncut, F. and J. Noble, 1754, 8vo. (238) Sotheran, £3 8s. 3566 [Defoe (D.)] Memoirs of a Cavalier (Colonel Andrew Newport), new edition, with additions, portrait of the Earl of Essex, morocco gilt, g. e. (Roger Payne), E. Jeffery, 1792, 8vo. (239) J. Bumpus, £3.35. 3567 [Defoe (D.)] Memoirs of an English Officer who Served in the Dutch War in 1672 to the Peace of Utrecht in 1713, by Captain George Carleton, first edition, LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, g. e. (B. M. Pickering), E. Symon, 1728, 8vo. (240) Maggs, £5 10s. 3568 Dekker (Thomas). Dramatic Works, now first collected, with illustrative Notes and Memoir, LARGE PAPER, 4 vol.,

russia, g.e., contents lettered, by F. Bedford, J. Pearson, 1873, royal 8vo. (242) Quaritch, £6 105. 3569 Delaunel (Jean). Le Romant Satyrique, morocco extra, arms of the Baron de Seillière, g. e., by Bauzonnet-Trautz, Paris, Toussainct du Bray, 1624, 8vo. (243) Sotheran, £3 14s. 3570 Denham (Sir John). Poems and Translations, sixth edition, morocco extra, with gilt ornaments, g. e. (Roger Payne), J. Tonson, 1719, 12mo. (245) Pickering, £4 14s. 3571 [De Quincey (Thomas).] Confessions of an English OpiumEater, first edition, calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, Taylor and Hessey, 1822, small 8vo. (246)

Sotheran, £9 10s. 3572 [De Quincey (Thomas).] Walladmor, "freely translated into German from the English of Sir Walter Scott," and now freely translated from the German into English (by Thomas De Quincey), 2 vol., calf extra, y. e., Taylor and Hessey, 1823, small 8vo. (247) Sotheran, £2 8s. 3573 De Quincey (Thomas). Klosterheim, or the Masque, by the English Opium Eater, first edition, calf extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by F. Bedford, Blackwood, 1832, small 8vo. (248) Sotheran, £2 3574 Dickens (C.) Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by "Boz," first edition, the "Last Song" without the Masks, illustrations by G. Cruikshank, 2 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1838, post 8vo. (252) Wise, £5 10s. 3575 Dickens (C.) Great Expectations, first edition, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, Chapman and Hall, 1861, crown 8vo. (254) Maggs, 11 IOS. 3576 Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee, 63 vol., cloth (with Indexes to vol. i-xiv. unbound), and Supplement, vol. i.-ii., Smith, Elder and Co., 1885-1901, 8vo. (255) Loveday, £41 3577 Digby (Sir K.) Private Memoirs, written by himself, with Introductory Memoir (with the suppressed passages), calf extra, y. e., by F. Bedford, Saunders and Otley, 1827, 8vo. (256) Bain, £3 14s. 3578 Dorat (C. J.) Les Baisers, précédés du Mois de Mai, Poëme, first edition, title in red and black, frontispiece and vignettes, etc. after Eisen, morocco extra, g. e., by L. Claessens, La Haye et à Paris, chez Lambert et Delalain, 1770, royal 8vo. (258) J. Bumpus, £28 10s. 3579 Dorat (C. J.) Fables Nouvelles, première édition, LARGE FRENCH PAPER of a bluish tint (9 inches), 2 frontispieces, 99 vignettes and 99 tailpieces after Marillier by various engravers, portrait of Dorat after Denon by St. Aubin inserted, 2 vol. in I, morocco super extra (Derome style), edges gilt on the rough, by F. Bedford, La Haye et se trouve à Paris, chez Delalain, 1773, royal 8vo. (258*)

J. Bumpus, £34 [The work was issued on ordinary paper, on large French bluish paper (ut supra) and on large Dutch white paper, the last being the most desirable.-ED.]

3580 Donne (Dr. John). Poems, by J. D., with Elegies on the Author's Death (second edition?), portrait by W. Marshall (mounted), morocco extra, g. e., M. F. for John Marriot, 1635, 12mo. (260) Sabin, £10 3581 Drayton (Michael). Works, with Life, etc., portrait, 4 vol., old calf, W. Reeve, 1753, 8vo. (261) Quaritch, £5 2s. 6d. 3582 Drayton (Michael). Polyolbion, first edition (?), both parts, with frontispiece by Hole, 2 printed titles and 30 maps, morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Printed for John Marriott, John Grismand and Thomas Dewe, 1613-22, small folio (262) Edwards, £28 10s. 3583 Dryden (John). Works, now first collected, with Notes, and Life by Sir Walter Scott, LARGE PAPER, portrait, 18 vol., russia super extra, g.e., by J. Clarke, W. Miller, 1808, imperial 8vo. (264) Sotheran, £16 3584 Dugdale (Sir William). Monasticon Anglicanum, first edition, plates by W. Hollar, D. King, etc., 3 vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), 1655-73-83, folio (265)

Leighton, £16 3585 Dugdale (Sir William). History of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, first edition, portrait and plates by W. Hollar, an exceedingly large copy, with some uncut leaves, russia super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Printed by Tho. Warren, 1658, folio (266) Young, £7 3586 D'Urfey (Thomas). Songs Compleat, Pleasant and Divertive, set to Musick, portrait, first edition (vol. vi. had title "Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy"), 6 vol., morocco super extra, t. e. g., fore and lower edges uncut, by F. Bedford, W. Pearson for J. Tonson, 1719-20, small 8vo. (268) Quaritch, £49 10s. 358 Duruy (Victor). History of Rome and the Roman People, edited by the Rev. J. P. Mahaffy, engravings, chromos., maps, etc., 6 vol., cloth, uncut, Kegan Paul, 1883-86, 4to. (269) Hatchard, £5 15s. 3588 Edgeworth (Maria). Moral Tales, Popular Tales, Patronage and Tales of Fashionable Life, all first editions (except the last), 16 vol., original calf, 1802-12, crown 8vo. (271)

Quaritch, £7 15s. 3589 English Spy (The), an Original Work, Characteristic, Satirical and Humorous, by Bernard Blackmantle (C. M. Westmacott), 27 coloured plates by R. Cruikshank and numerous woodcuts, 2 vol., half morocco extra, t.e.g., uncut, Sherwood and Co., 1825, imperial 8vo. (276) Hornstein, £51 3590 Erasmus (Desiderius). Paraphrase upon the New Testament, first edition, black letter, woodcut titles and ornamental and figured initials (title of vol. i. repaired), 2 vol., mottled calf extra, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, Edw. Whitechurch, 1548-9, small folio (277) Young, £11

3591 Esquemeling (John). Bucaniers of America, the four parts complete, LARGE PAPER, page 60 cut close and mounted, portraits, maps and plates, russia extra, y.e., W. Crooke, 1684-5, small 4to. (279) Quaritch, £23

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