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for himself with his name as binder and his autograph on title, Paris, N. et J. de la Coste, 1648, 8vo. (20)

Sotheran, £39 1os. 3438 Apuleius. L'Ane d'Or, ou la Metamorphose, traduction de

Savalète, Preface de J. Andrieux, designs by A. Racinet et
P. Bénard, morocco, line tooled, g. e., by F. Bedford, Paris,
J. Didot, 1872, imperial 8vo. (21)

Magg's, £18s. 3439 Arabian Nights' Entertainments, translated from the Arabic,

with Notes by E. W. Lane, first edition, woodcuts by W. Harvey, 3 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, C. Knight, 1839-41, imperial 8vo. (22)

Bain, £10 3440 Ariosto.

Roland Furieux, Poëme Héroïque de l'Arioste, Traduction Nouvelle par M. d'Ussieux, LARGE PAPER, portrait and 93 proof plates, original impressions, 4.vol., old French morocco, g.e. (Derome), Paris, chez Brunet, 1775-6, 4to. (23)

Sotheran, £28 ios. 3441 Art of Cuckoldom (The), or the Intrigues of the City-Wives,

frontispiece of “Alderman Whittington afflicted with the Gout,” morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Printed in 1697, small 8vo. (24)

Sabin, £8 155. 3442 Ashmole (Elias). The Institution, Laws, Ceremonies of the

most noble Order of the Garter, LARGE PAPER, portrait of Charles II., etc., morocco super extra, Harleian style, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Macock for N. Brooke, 1672, folio (25)

Edwards, £10 1os. [Presentation copy, with autograph inscription on title : Presented by ye Author to the Royal Society, Oct. 30, 1672," and the Society's stamp on reverse of title.--Cata

logue.] 3443 Assembly Man (The), written in the year 1647, first edition,

with the frontispiece supposed to be a portrait of Hugh Peters, half morocco, R. Farmer's copy, with autograph and MS. note on fly-leaf, R. Marriott, 166, small 4to. (26)

Roberts, £3 ios. 3444 Bacon (Lord). Works, a new edition, by Basil Montagu,

LARGEST PAPER (12 copies printed ?), portraits and frontispieces on India paper (foxed), 16. vol., russia super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, w. Pickering, 1825-34, super imperial 8vo. (29)

Quaritch, £30 3445 Bacon (Lord). Historie of the Raigne of King Henry the

Seventh, first edition, portrait by John Payne and woodcut title, original vellum (? LARGE PAPER), W. Stansby for M.

Lownes, 1622, small folio (30) Pickering, Lio 155. 3446 Baker (Sir R.) Chronicles of the Kings of England, first

edition, portrait of Prince Charles (afterwards Charles II.) by Van Dalen, engraved title in compartments by W. Marshall, morocco super extra, Harleian frame sides, inside

dentelles, g. e., D. Frere, 1643, folio (32) Edwards, £6 3447 Barante (M. de). Histoire des Ducs de Bourgogne, de la

Maison de Valois, 1364-1477, septième édition, maps, portraits and plates, 12 vol., calf extra, inside dentelles,

g.e., by F. Bedford, Paris, Le Normant, etc., 1854, 8vo. (37) Bain, £6 15s. 3448 Barbour (John). The Bruce, or the History of Robert I., King of Scotishe, the first genuine edition published from a MS. dated 1489, with Notes and Glossary by J. Pinkerton, LARGE PAPER, vignette on each title, 3 vol., sprinkled calf extra, inside dentelles, uncut, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, G. Nicol, 1790, 8vo. (38) Bain, £3 3449 Barham (Rev. R. H.) The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and Marvels, first edition of the three series, illustrations by Cruikshank and Leech, 3 vol., calf extra, t. e. g., uncut (Bedford), R. Bentley, 1840-2-7, 8vo. (39)

Quaritch, £7 12s. 6d. 3450 Barham (Rev. R. H.) The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and Marvels, 3 vol. (vol. i. fourth, vol. ii. third, vol. iii. second edition), illustrations by Leech and Cruikshank, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1848-2-7, small 8vo. (40) Tregaskis, £5 3451 Bayard (Chevalier). Right Joyous and Pleasant History of his Feats, Gestes and Prowesses, by the Loyal Servant (translated into English by Miss Sara Coleridge), 2 vol., calf extra, inside dentelles, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, J. Murray, 1825, 8vo. (42) Bain, £2 3452 Bayle (P.) Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 3e édition (with both Lives of David), 4 vol., old French morocco, g. e., by Derome, with his ticket, Rotterdam, 1720, folio (43) Toovey, £5 3453 Beaumont and Fletcher. Works, with Notes and a Biographical Memoir by the Rev. A. Dyce, portraits, 11 vol., russia super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, E. Moxon, 1843-6, 8vo. (45) Hatchard, £19 3454 Beaumont (Francis) and John Fletcher. Comedies and Tragedies, never printed before and now published by the Authours Originall Copies, first edition, portrait by J. Birkenhead (plain margins mended), morocco super extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, large copy, with some rough edges, H. Robinson and H. Moseley, 1647, folio (46) Quaritch, £63 3455 Beckford (William). An Arabian Tale (Vathek), from an unpublished MS., with Notes, critical and explanatory, first edition in English, LARGE PAPER, calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Johnson, 1786, 8vo. (48) Roberts, £9 10S. 3456 [Beckford (William).] Vathek, the extremely rare original Lausanne edition, title within border with a fleuron, morocco, plain, inside dentelles, g. e. (Janseniste), by F. Bedford, Lausanne, chez Isaac Hignon and Co., 1787, small 8vo. (49) Denham, £6 105.

3457 Behn (Mrs. Aphra). Plays, third edition, portrait, 4 vol., old calf, ex-libris of Lockhart of Cleghorn in each volume, Mary Poulson for A. Bettesworth, 1724, small 8vo. (51) Hill, £3 35. History of British Quadrupeds, LARGEST

3458 Bell (Thomas).

PAPER, numerous woodcuts, morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Van Voorst, 1838, super imperial 8vo. (54) Bain, £4 3459 Bellamy (George Anne). Memoirs, by a Gentleman of Covent-Garden Theatre, sprinkled calf extra, inside dentelles, uncut, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, J. Walker, 1785, 8vo. (55) Sabin, £3 25. 3460 Béranger (P. J. de). Euvres Complètes, édition unique, revue par l'Auteur, avec les Chansons Erotiques et Musique, portrait and numerous vignettes and 8 plates to the Chansons Erotiques, 6 vol., morocco, line tooled, g. e., by F. Bedford, Paris, Perrotin, etc., 1834, royal 8vo. (56)

Quaritch, £16 16s. 3461 Béranger (P. J.) Euvres Complètes, nouvelle édition, portrait and 44 steel plates, 2 vol., calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Paris, Perrotin, 1843, small 8vo. (57) Quaritch, £5 105. 3462 Berquin (A.) Idylles (premier et second Recueil), LARGE PAPER, 24 plates after Marillier, those in the first Recueil before the numbers, 2 vol. in 1, morocco super extra, full gilt floreate back, broad and rich side borders, inside dentelles, g.e., by Duru, Paris, Quillau, 1775, 12mo. (58)

Maggs, £4 18s.


3463 Bertandus Petragoricus (Joannes). Encomium trium Marianum cum earundem cultus defensione adversus LutherSolemnique Missa et Officio Canonico, etc.Horarum et Missale earundem Officium, etc., lit. goth. and roman, with woodcuts, "Prelum Ascensianum," on title and last leaf, woodcut borders and large and small woodcuts, some with the Lorraine Cross, the mark of Geoffrey Tory, the two books in 1 vol., morocco gilt, antique style, by F. Bedford, Paris, J. B. Ascensius, 1529, small 4to. (59)

Quaritch, £91

[A large copy (? large paper) of this rare volume, remarkable for its woodcut borders and full-page woodcuts as used by Geoffrey Tory in his Books of Hours.—Catalogue.] 3464 Bewick (Thomas). A General History of Quadrupeds, the figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Newcastle, S. Hodgson, etc., 1790, 8vo. (62) Maggs, £3 15s. 3465 Bewick (Thomas). History of British Birds, first edition, imperial paper, Newcastle, 1797-1804-History of Quadrupeds, the fourth edition, imperial paper, ib., 1800, together 3 vol., woodcuts, uniformly bound in morocco, g.e., the edges of the "Birds" gilt on the rough, by F. Bedford, imperial 8vo. (63) Edwards, £20 3466 Bewick (Thomas). Fables of Æsop and others, with designs on wood by Thomas Bewick, first edition, LARGEST PAPER, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, E. Walker for T. Bewick, 1818, super imperial 8vo. (64) Edwards, £11 155. 3467 Bewick (Thomas). Select Fables, with Memoir and descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs. Bewick, LARGEST PAPER, portrait on India paper and numerous woodcuts,

morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, J. Hodgson for E. Chanley, 1820, super imperial 8vo. (65) Bain, £9 10s. 3468 Beza (Theodore). Icones, id est Veræ Imagines Virorum Doctrina simul et pietate illustrium, quibus adjectæ sunt nonnullæ picturæ quas Emblemata vocant, editio prima, 38 woodcut portraits and 44 cuts of emblems, ruled in red, morocco extra, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, Geneva, Jo. Laonius, 1580, small 4to. (66) Edwards, £11 15s. 3469 Bible (Holy), Genevan or Breeches" Version, black letter, title in red and black roman within a woodcut border, woodcuts and ornamental initials, a few corners neatly mended, morocco super extra, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, Chr. Barker, 1583, large folio (68)


Edwards, £15 15s.

3470 Bible (La Sainte) selon la Vulgate, traduction nouvelle, avec les dessins de Gustave Doré, first edition, 2 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Tours, A. Mame, 1866, folio (70) Sotheran, £5 3471 Blome (Richard). The Gentleman's Recreations, in two parts. Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing, Cockfighting, etc., first edition, numerous plates, morocco super extra, joints, g. e., S. Roycroft for R. Blome, 1686, folio (71) Sotheran, £24 10s. 3472 Blood (Colonel). Remarks on the Life and Death of the fam'd Mr. Blood, giving an account of his Plot to surprize Dublin Castle, seizing on the Crown and Sceptre in the Tower, etc., second edition, with large additions, half bound, R. Janeway, 1680, small folio (72)

Edwards, 1 IIS. 3473 Boccaccio. Le Decameron de Jean Boccace, edition originale, portrait and 110 plates and 97 tailpieces after Gravelot and others, the series of "Estampes Galantes," comprising frontispiece and 20 plates, brilliant original impressions, 5 vol., morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Londres (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (73) Sotheran, £20

3474 Boccaccio. Nouvelles de Jean Boccace, etc., par Mirabeau, plates after Marillier, 4 vol. in 2, morocco, g. e., by Duplanil, Paris, chez L. Duprat, 1802, 8vo. (74) Bain, £6 5s. 3475 Boccaccio. The Decameron, the first English translation, both parts first editions, with the same date, woodcut titles in compartments and numerous woodcuts in the text, 2 vol. in 1, russia super extra, g. e. (margins of titles cut close), by Rivière, Isaac Jaggard, 1620, 8vo. (75) Edwards, £63 3476 Boileau Despréaux (N.) Euvres, plates by B. Picart, 4 vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), La Haye, I. Vaillant, etc., 1722, small 8vo. (78) Sotheran, £4 14S. 3477 Boileau Despréaux (N.) Euvres, édition stéréotype (de Didot), printed upon vellum (only 2 or 3 copies taken), 2 vol., original vellum, in large morocco slip cases, Paris, Didot l'ainé an vii. (1799), small 8vo. (79) Sabin, £7 3478 Bojardo and Ariosto. Orlando Innamorato and Orlando Furioso, with Essay, Memoirs and Notes by Antony Panizzi,

portrait, 9 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by Hayday, W. Pickering, 18 30-34, 8vo. (80)

Maggs, £5 7s. 6d. 3479 Boissardus (J. J.) Icones Virorum illustrium cum eorum

Vitis descriptis, incisa per Theodorum De Bry, original impressions of the engraved titles and portraits by De Bry, the 4 parts complete in 2 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Francof., 1598-99, small 4to. (81)

Maggs, £15 ios. 3480 Brantôme (Seigneur de). (Euvres, nouvelle édition, con

sidérablement augmentée, portrait and frontispieces, 15 vol., old French morocco gilt, g.e., La Haye, 1740, 12mo. (86)

Quaritch, ku 155. 3481 Brathwaite (Richard). The English Gentleman, first edition,

frontispiece in compartments by R. Vaughan, with "the Draught” opposite (wanted the “Three Characters of Marriage” at end), contemporary calf, J. Haviland for R. Bostock, 1630, small 4to. (87)

Edwards, £13 3482 (Brathwaite (Richard).) Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys

to the North of England, in Latin and English Metre, together with Bessy Bell, third edition, proof plates, morocco extra, g.e. (Roger Payne), S. Iidge, 1723, 12mo. (89)

Denham, £2 18s. 3483 Brome (Richard). Dramatic Works, now first collected,

facsimile portrait, LARGE PAPER, 3 vol., russia super extra, contents lettered, g.e., by F. Bedford, J. Pearson, 1873, royal 8vo. (90)

Quaritch, £5 175. 6d. 3484 Browne (Sir Thomas). Works, including his Life and Cor

respondence, edited by S. Wilkin, LARGE PAPER, 50 (?) copies printed, portraits, etc., 4 vol., morocco, with broad gilt line tooling, by F. Bedford, W. Pickering, 1836-5, imperial 8vo. (91)

Quaritch, £i 125. 6d. 3485 Brown (Thomas). Works, Serious and Comical, in Prose

and Verse, with his Remains, with his Life and Character by Dr. James Drake, ninth (and best) edition, copperplate engravings, 4 vol., bright calf extra, l. e. g., other edges uncut, by F. Bedford, A. Wilde, etc., 1760, small 8vo. (92)

B. F. Stevens, ku 3486 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire, grand papier d'Hollande,

tiré à 100 exemplaires, 6 vol. in 12, morocco extra, inside dentelles, uncut, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, Paris, Didot, 1860-65, super imperial 8vo. (93)--Dictionnaire de Géo. graphie ancienne et moderne. Supplément au Manuel du Libraire par Ph. Deschamps, LARGE HOLLAND PAPER, morocco gilt, t. e.g., uncut, by F. Bedford, Paris, Didot, 1870, super imperial 8vo. (94)

Hatchard, £18 5s. 3487 (Buck (Sir George).] AAPNIE DOAYETEPANOE. An Ecglog

treating of Crownes and of Garlandes, by G. B. Knight, original edition (margins of one leaf shaved), calf gilt, G.

Eld for Thomas Adams, 1605, small 410. (97) Pickering, £5 3488 Burnet (Bishop G.) History of the Reformation-and History

of his Own Time, portrait, LARGE PAPER, 50 copies printed,

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